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I Bought Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage Shoes and This is What I Like and Don’t Like

Nike Blazer Mid '77 Vintage High Tops

These are the first high top sneakers I’ve bought since grade 8 basketball, which was a long time ago.  I’ve had them now a few months and have worn them a’plenty.

I guess it was time for me to go old school and buy these vintage high tops.  I’m not the only one… the Nike Blazer Mid ’77s are wildly popular.

On the Nike site here, the customer reviews are very high for pretty much ever Blazer model.  For the Mid 77’s the reviews are nothing but praise.

Distinguishing Mid “77s features

Exposed foam on the tongue:

Exposed foam tongue Nike Blazer Mid '77 Vintage High Tops

You either like it or you don’t… I like it although when they arrived I thought it was a defect… I had missed this when ordering.  Interestingly, one negative review specifically mentioned he didn’t like the exposed foam and goes on to say “I wish they would dispay what they’re going to send you.”  If they had looked at the picture they’d see it has exposed foam and slightly yellowish tongue due to the yellow foam material of the tongue. I like this feature – it makes the shoe more interesting.

Classic all white with black swoosh. If you don’t like this style, there are many Mid ’77s to choose from.

Herringbone sole pattern which is definitely old school.

Close-up of the herringbone pattern of the Nike Blazer Mid '77 Vintage high top sneakers

Close-up of the herringbone sole pattern.

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Folks of all ages buy and love these vintage Nike high tops

This is purely anecdotal but there are many reviews saying “my grandson loved them” or “my daughter is thrilled with them” and so on.  I guess it’s an in-demand shoe for the younger crowd.

While they are definitely a stylish shoe these days, they look great on anyone.  Moreover, they can be worn with all kinds of pants and apparel.  I wear them with athletic wear and jeans.  If I wore a suit, I might even consider that.

Are these shoes comfortable?

If I had to register one complaint, it’s comfort.  They aren’t anywhere close to being so uncomfortable that I won’t wear them.  No, they’re plenty comfortable to wear out for the day.  All I’m saying is they aren’t as comfortable as other more contemporary Nike sneakers.  The Blazer Mid ’77s have a hard sole which is how they made them back in the 1970’s.

What is it like wearing high tops again?

It took a bit getting used to.  I never was a big high tops guy but I’m digging the look with these Nike high tops.  The only problem is putting them on.  I tend to slip on my other shoes but that’s not really possible if you lace up high tops.  I suppose I could loosen up and not lace them up but that’s not my preferred way of wearing them.

Can Nike Blazer Mid ’77s be worn with jeans? Dress pants? Sweat pants? Shorts?

Walking with Nike Blazer Mid '77 Vintage High Tops

With this shoe we’re talking vintage style and fashion which is cool because it can be worn with so many different looks and types of clothing.  I wear them with athletic wear and jeans.  I don’t wear them with shorts but they easily could work with shorts.

Am I glad I bought these shoes?

Let’s face it, these puppies cost well over $100 USD which isn’t chump change.  They’re really fashion shoes, as in not high-performance shoes or dress shoes for work.

In a nutshell, these shoes, for me, are totally worth the $100+ price tag and here’s why.  It adds something unique to my shoe wardrobe.  I’ll have them for years and I have a hunch that because they’re vintage, they’ll be in style for many years.  It’s cool having high tops in the footwear rotation again.

Where did I buy my Nike Blazer Mid ’77 sneakers?

I bought them at  That’s where you’ll get the best selection. There many designs of this iconic shoe.

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More photos of the Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage High Tops

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