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18 Pants Similar to Betabrand

A photo of a jolly women wearing a Beta brand pants.

Betabrand is an online apparel store that has a global footprint. It gives designers a place where they can upload their original designs and get comments on those designs from other users. If you have tried trousers from the beta brand in the past but are seeking options that are similar, the following are some pants that are similar to the beta brand.

1. Nordstorm

A physical store of a Nordstrom brand in Toronto Canada.

When it comes to finding unique companies and fascinating alternatives to Betabrand, Nordstorm is one of many people’s go-to destinations and favorite one-stop shop for pants and other types of apparel.

It is a hassle-free and often cost-free method to check out a variety of new brands at the same time thanks to Nordstrom’s user-friendly and simple-to-navigate online store, free shipping, free returns, as well as, their outstanding customer service.

2. Outerknown

A simple small Outerknown small retail fashion store.

Outerknown is an online retailer that caters to both men and women by providing them with “versatile, simple apparel manufactured using the most environmentally friendly fabrics.” Kelly Slater, a professional surfer, and John Moore, a fashion designer, came up with the idea for the company in 2015 with the intention of “disrupting the fashion scene by forging a real link between sustainability and style.

Outerknown is a great example of a sustainable fashion business since the company places a high priority on fair labor standards as well as ecologically friendly materials and procedures while designing its clothing lines. In addition to this, they provide extremely stylish apparel for men and women that can easily be worn both to work and for leisure. 

3. Club Monaco

A frontview of a fashion store Club Monaco in Toronto Canada.

Club Monaco specializes in affordable luxury items and everyday basics for both men and women. The origins of Club Monaco lie in the entrepreneurial spirit of Canada. Retail entrepreneurs Joe and Saul Mimran and Alfred Sung of Canada founded the brand with the opening of the first retail shop on Queen Street West in the city of Toronto.

When you visit one of Club Monaco’s minimalist retail stores or buy online, you can nearly always discover something fresh to admire, or decent pants or casual pants. Club Monaco is known for experimenting, and this can be seen in the brand’s designs.

4. Boden

A physical store Boden fashion store.

Boden makes extremely fashionable clothing that is “proudly British” and available for both ladies and men. In 1991, Johnnie Boden established his namesake brand with a limited selection of menswear products for sale.

The online and mail-order catalogs that Boden now offers are dominated by brightly colored and contemporary interpretations of traditional women’s clothing. Boden is an unexpectedly rich destination for contemporary menswear, even though the British shop has placed a greater emphasis on the fashionable clothes it offers for women. Consider Boden for a variety of essentials for your work casual wardrobe, including a fantastic selection of pants.

5. Amazon

An Amazon building settled in Seattle USA.

Amazon is a behemoth, but it also has a startup attitude, and it continues to innovate on its apparel brands for women and men. Goodthreads and Buttoned Down are two of Amazon’s house brands that are geared primarily toward customers who are fans of the Betabrand brand.

Take a look at their trousers, which feature a design that is comparable to the ones sold by Betabrand. Betabrand competes with other women’s companies sold on Amazon Prime Fashion, such as Lark & Ro and Daily Ritual, which cater to a similar customer base.

6. Closed Clothing

Interior of the C & A clothing store with fasion clothing stores.

Closed Clothing has been providing men and women with “contemporary” clothing since 1978. A, which is an abbreviation for the French fashion house C’est ca, was founded in 1968 by the designers Marithé and Francois Girbaud. In 1978, after being ordered to alter its name, the corporation decided to go with CLOSED.

After five decades and two changes of ownership, longtime friends Gordon Giers, Til Nadler, and Hans Redlefsen now work together to manage the worldwide fashion company that focuses on accessible luxury and environmentally responsible manufacturing.

They have a good sense of color: For males, think of thick cable crew sweaters, slim-cut chinos, and casual button-down shirts that are perfect for the weekend. Classic denim jackets, turtlenecks with stripes, and cozy winter coats are great options for ladies. 

7. Zaful

A close up photo of the Zaful online store in a phone.

When it comes to buying stylish clothes and accessories online, many people turn to Zaful as their go-to retailer. It is a retail business specializing in quick fashion and is owned by Whiston E-commerce Ltd., which is situated in Hong Kong. This shop has clothing for both men and women, so feel free to browse around.

They provide clothing that is both fashionable and edgy, and the prices are reasonable. Because there is such a large assortment, customers have a wide variety of options to pick from, both in terms of kind and design. This retail establishment is quite well-known in the realm of social media thanks in large part to the many partnerships it forms with well-known influencers to promote new collections.

8. Chic Me!

A logo of he infamous ChicMe online fashion store.

Chic Me has been around for a while, and it’s known for making original and stylish apparel, especially it’s pants. More than a hundred thousand new styles are added daily, bringing the total to over one hundred thousand.

Chic Me typically offers apparel with prices ranging from 50 to 70 percent cheaper than the local competition. They have frequent promotions and provide a variety of discounts to assist customers in saving a few dollars.

9. Rosegal

A photo logo of a Rosegal fashion store isolated in a white background.

Rosegal is a one-stop shop for both men’s and women’s apparel. This shop also has a nice selection of items, each of which comes in a range of different patterns and aesthetics to choose from. A group of pals who were all enthusiastic about the fashion industry came up with the idea for the business and you can bet that they have pants to rival any pair you can find at Beta Brand.

One of the things that set Rosegal apart from its competitors is the provision of unique and stylish plus-sized styles. Women who wear plus sizes often have trouble locating things that are designed just for them and Rosegal aims to close that gap. Keep an eye out for deals and bargains if you want to save even more money on your Rosegal purchases.

10. Dresslily

A Dresslily elastic waist wide leg pants in orange and black colorway.

Dresslily is another excellent option for those looking for reasonably priced pants. At this shop, you may even find some rare vintage finds that look great and are on sale. Additionally, a dedicated space for plus-size clothing has been included to cater to more customers.

Dresslily has a variety of discounts, including areas with prices marked down by 70%, 50%, and 30% respectively. You even have the option of shopping for items that cost less than ten dollars.

What’s more, the assortment of accessories can be found in the shop and includes things like buckles, scarves, and jewelry to provide a nice finishing touch to your outfits. They always offer a specific variety of gowns for each holiday and occasion, such as Christmas dresses, Halloween dresses, etc.

11. Macy’s

A Macy's physical fashion store in Springfield Missouri.

Macy’s is the essence of a brand that has only been more famous with time, especially when you consider that it was formed in 1858. We can’t overlook the elegance and allure that comes with shopping at a traditional Macy’s shop on the streets of New York City, even though new websites are emerging to compete with it.

Macy’s satisfies the preferences of all customers since it sells clothing for men, women, and children. In addition to the typical merchandise such as clothing, footwear, jewelry, and accessories, Macy’s now offers bathroom and body care products in addition to home appliances, furniture, and decorative accessories. 

Macy’s definitely is a universe of its own. You shouldn’t be afraid to give it a go since the price point is cheaper than what you’d find at Betabrand even though the look is rather comparable.

12. Bloomingdale’s

An elegant and luxury Bloomingdale's fashion store settled in Dubai UAE.

The department store Bloomingdale’s, which is currently owned by Macy’s, is the next stop on our tour! No matter where any of us may reside, the term Bloomingdale’s is certainly not foreign to the majority of us! There are those of us who have always been aware of its existence, having seen it in the city.

Generally, Bloomingdale’s has an overall mood that is quite comparable to that of Betabrand, which makes the store’s selection of goods a good substitute for that of Betabrand’s. The pricing point is quite comparable to that of Betabrand, which assures that the quality and style will be just what you’re searching for!

What’s more is that they are taking strides to become more environmentally friendly, and have even developed a special line of clothing made of recycled materials, both of which undoubtedly make us respect Bloomingdale’s even more.

13. ASOS

A close up photo of a ASOS online website store.

As our next recommendation, Asos is yet another well-known and adored online shopping destination that we consider to be an excellent substitute for Betabrand. Asos is a well-known clothes retailer that serves customers all over the world, despite its headquarters being located in the United Kingdom.

Because of the vast selection that is available to you on Asos, you will be able to discover not only the classic pieces that you are searching for but also the on-trend pieces that are more difficult to locate in shops such as Betabrand. Therefore, if you’re searching for something that’s a little bit of both, you’ll probably be able to find it here.

In addition to the more than 850 brands that they represent, they also highlight select items from brands and shops that have an aesthetic that is quite similar to that of Betabrand. You just have to look around, and you’ll see that there are a ton of different brands that all have a very similar aesthetic!

14. Anthropologie

A simple Anthropologie physical store in St. Albans UK.

Next on our list is Anthropologie, which is a brand that was established much more recently. The apparel, shoes, household goods, and accessories available at Anthropologie are extensive in selection.

It’s possible that their clothing is cut in a way that’s a bit less formal and fussy than what you’d find at Betabrand, but given the breadth of their selection, you’re very certain to come across at least one item that leans toward the dressier end of the range. With the use of pastels, solid colors, and other generally adaptable items that may be incorporated into an ensemble to achieve the aesthetic that you’re going for.

In addition to carrying a broad selection of brands, which guarantees that there is at least a little something for everyone, Anthropologie also carries a significant number of items that are produced by their very own in-house label.

If you like Betabrand, there is a good possibility that you will also like shopping at Anthropologie because of the store’s sophisticated and tranquil aesthetic, which exudes a certain level of refinement that makes the company’s items even more appealing.

15. Revolve

A close up photo of a fashion store brand called Revolve.

Revolve is yet another excellent alternative to Betabrand. It was only in 2006 that Revolve first opened its doors, but the fact that it caters to a younger demographic makes it undeniably more popular among those who do their shopping online. As a result, it has a significant competitive edge over Betabrand.

Because they have curated a selection that spans a huge number of companies, the look of their collection is equally as varied, which is how Betabrand can offer a broad choice of options. Revolve will help you create the same appearance as Betabrand by providing you with loungewear, formalwear, and exquisite evening gowns.

The fact that they have regular discounts and provide customers with promotional coupons more than makes up for the fact that their prices are on the higher end of the range and ensures that you get to take advantage of their clothes. Most importantly, the brand offers high-quality pants that will continue to be cherished components of your wardrobe for a very long time.

16. Net-a-porter

An online shop feed of the Net-a-porter online website.

Net-a-porter is perhaps the online retailer that is most similar to Betabrand in terms of its style and the brands that it carries. It has collections from a vast variety of designers, including Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Zimmermann, Cartier, and many more. Net-a-porter is a mecca for high-end clothes, and in terms of the selection it provides, it is undeniably a website that deserves to be taken seriously.

Because it is a relatively new brand, having been established less than 20 years ago, it has the advantages of being modern and attractive, attracting clients who are interested in trying something new. Nevertheless, although they provide a more contemporary style, the sophisticated allure that they convey via the breathtaking graphics on their website speaks volumes. This is a design aesthetic that you just cannot deny is amazing.

17. TopShop

A physical fashion store of Topshop in Melbourne Australia.

The next company on our list is TopShop, which has an incredible selection of jeans that are among the most figure-flattering you will ever see. TopShop is the place to go if you often have trouble locating items that are a good fit for you in general.

TopShop was established in the United Kingdom in the 1960s. In contrast to Betabrand, which has seen a decline in popularity because of the high-end fashion culture that they promote, TopShop has only seen an increase in popularity by adapting to the shifting buying patterns of its consumers.

TopShop has established itself as one of the most successful and well-liked fashion stores because of the quality of its jeans, the user-friendliness and cohesiveness of its website, the relevance of its products, and its competitive pricing. You may choose from a wide variety of alternatives available at TopShop.

TopShop gives its assortment a little more personality by including items that are influenced by retro fashion. In addition to that, they provide free shipping!

18. Shein

A close up photo of a Shein online website in a smartphone.

Shein is a fashion store that offers reasonable prices and a diverse assortment of options when it comes to a variety of different categories and types of clothing.

Their prices are reasonable and you may discover dress styles that are very comparable to those offered by upscale designer labels. Although the quality may not be the same, you will be able to get it for less than sixty percent of the original cost. In addition to that, Shein offers an excellent returns policy.