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39 Different Types of Trousers for Men and Women

Trousers, also known as slacks or pants, is an important article of clothing and a staple in just about everyone's wardrobe. From jeans, khakis, and capris, to suit pants, leggings, and yoga pants, trousers have been worn by men and women alike for centuries and will be for more to come!

A close look at a rack of various colorful trousers.

From jeans and suit pants to leggings and jeggings, trousers, also known as pants, are the anchor of your outfit. Pants can also be a fashion statement which may be the reason that I was so excited to get a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans when I was in junior high. It was the 1980s and all the girls at my school were wearing Jordache, Levi Strauss, and Gloria Vanderbilt at the beginning of my seventh-grade year.

While I had a few pairs of Levi’s and one pair of Jordache jeans, I had my heart set on a certain pair of blue jeans by Gloria Vanderbilt. I had begged my mom for a pair and had started babysitting the neighbor kids to possibly earn the money for the high-dollar trousers. It was almost Christmas time so my mom told me to wait and see what was under the tree on Christmas morning.

You can imagine my excitement that year as I made my way from my bedroom to the living room where our Christmas tree was located. I tore into the package that I thought maybe the treasured pair of jeans and sure enough, it was them. My mom may have regretted it later, though, when I would insist she wash them nearly every night so I could wear them to school the next day yet again.

I am sure it was annoying but those Gloria Vanderbilt jeans will forever be my favorite pair of trousers by far. They still make them today but I currently do not own a pair and had not thought of them in years. It may be time for a little shopping trip.

Trousers, also known as slacks or pants, is an item of clothing that is believed to have originated in Central Asia. People back then began wearing garments from the waist down to their ankles that covered both their legs separately which was different than the usual robes, skirts, and dresses of that time period, which was more than 3,000 years ago.

The oldest pair of pants is 3,000 years old and was discovered in China. One notable person who embraced the new style was Joan of Arc who preferred to wear the traditionally male-dominated garment because she found them to be more comfortable when she rode horses or engaged in combat. Her pants also warded off the advancements of male soldiers who had attempted to grope her.

While people living in the United States tend to use the term pants more often than people in other countries when referring to trousers, that is not the case with people living outside of North America. Many of them use the term pants when describing underwear and even refer to pants as long trousers to distinguish them from shorts.

Trousers have been worn by people since ancient times and have evolved over the decades and centuries in many ways. For instance, Levi Strauss changed the look of pants by making them out of denim, and in 1873, he introduced the jeans he had created to the world. These are not the classic and very popular Levi’s jeans that we wear in today’s world.

Pants have become increasingly more popular since the middle of the twentieth century. From capris to leggings to jeans with rhinestones, women love pants as much as men. They can be worn for a board meeting then on to a bar for after-work drinks.

Trousers are very versatile since they can be worn for just about any occasion since you can dress them up or dress them down, depending on the situation. Whether you prefer a sleek pair of jeans that are name brand or a comfy pair of leggings to lounge around the house in, trousers are a very important part of everyone’s wardrobe. Here is a list of the various styles of trousers for both men and women for you to check out.

Men and their Trousers

Jeans for Men

A man wearing a pair of jeans with his coat.

Jeans are a staple in virtually everyone’s wardrobe. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who does not own a pair of jeans since they are the most popular and widely worn pants throughout the entire world. They fit well and look great on men and women alike.

From blue jeans to white ones and green ones, jeans come in a wide range of colors, washes, and styles to fit everyone’s taste and sense of fashion. The best thing about jeans is that they can be worn as part of a very formal ensemble or a casual one since you can pair them with a nice shirt or blouse with dressy shoes or simply throw on a T-shirt or sweatshirt with a pair of tennis shoes.

Jeans can be purchased at pretty much any store or online shop that sells clothing. A regular pair of jeans will not drain your wallet but if you decide to shop for a high-end pair, you could actually end up spending quite a large chunk of change.

Suit Pants for Men A man wearing a formal suit with slim pants.

Suit pants are worn by many men, especially in the corporate world, normally come with a matching suit jacket. This type of ensemble is great for corporate dinners to board meetings and exude power and prestige.

Suit pants can also be worn for formal occasions, including weddings, proms, and award ceremonies. A suit puts off an err of power and style that you do not get from a simple pair of dress pants. Most suit pants come in darker colors to match the jacket and even a vest, including black, brown, navy blue, and gray.

Dress Pants for Men

A man wearing dress pants with his office attire.

Dress pants can be dressed up to look more formal for both men by pairing them with a suit jacket but they can also be worn with a more casual shirt for a more laid-back look and style. They can be purchased at most stores that sell clothing and come in a variety of colors and fashions.

Khakis for Men

Dockers Men's Classic Fit Easy Khaki Pants D3, Timberwolf, 36 32

Khaki is the name of a color that is a dull yellow-brown and the feature color of khaki pants but they also are available in other colors, including khaki beige, khaki green, navy, or black. This style of trouser is popular for men with many men because they can be dressed up with a button-down shirt or worn with a T-Shirt for a more casual look.

They are comfortable since they are normally made of cotton or cotton twill. Khaki pants can be worn for a formal occasion or a very laid-back event because they will look great no matter what shirt you decide to wear with them. Many men opt to wear khakis to a casual event, such as a baseball game or a party at their job.

Pleated Pants for Men

Haggar Men's Premium Comfort Classic Fit Pleat Expandable Waist Pant, Medium Grey, 36Wx32L

Pleated pants exude class and sophistication. They are a great style to wear on any occasion but many men opt to wear them to more formal events. They look great with a suit jacket for a man attending a business meeting.

This type of trousers can boast forward pleats or reverse pleats depending on the look and style you are going for and what your preferences are for that particular look. Pleated pants also hide imperfections which means if you have a belly you want to hide, pleats are the way to go.

Corduroy Pants for Men

Haggar Men's 21 Wale Stretch Corduroy Expandable Waist Classic Fit Plain Front Pant, Brown, 32x32

Corduroy pants for both men and women come in a variety of colors and styles. The pants may be piece-dyed for a brushed look or patterned but either way, corduroy is a very durable fabric and creates a very popular style of pants for both men and women.

Twill Pants for Men

AIMPACT Mens Casual Joggers Sweatpants Twill Slim-Fit Tapered Athletic Jogger Pants for Men(Black 30)

Created from very durable, heavier fabrics, twill pants are great for work or working out. They will keep you warm when working outside but can also be dressed up to wear to an office job. Many manual laborers opt for twill pants since the fabric is so durable and will not tear easily while they are on the job. These pants come in a variety of colors and styles.

Cargo Pants for Men

A close look at a man wearing black cargo pants.

Cargo pants, also known as combat pants, are a great choice for many reasons. If you are a photographer on an assignment in the woods or on a mountain, cargo pants will come in handy because they boast several pockets in which you can use to store extra equipment for your camera, such as extra lenses or flashlights for extra lighting in certain areas.

These pants are also a great option if you are going hiking with your best friend or trekking through the wilderness to do some hunting or sightseeing. Basically, they are a wonderful pair of pants to be worn while engaging in a variety of outdoor activities.

Sweatpants for Men

A close look at a man wearing sweatpants.

Sweatpants are worn by both men and women for leisure, play, or working out at the gym or even in your in-home exercise room. They come in just about any color imaginable and can be purchased with a matching sweatshirt or on their own.

Track pants for Men

Hanes Men's Sport X-Temp Performance Training Pant with Pockets, Stealth/Black, M

Similar to sweatpants, track pants are a cooler version of their counterpart and are often used as a type of warmup pants. They are created from synthetic material, similar to that of a windbreaker jacket, which means that will keep you cool and allow for plenty of movement.

Leggings for Men

TSLA Men's UPF 50+ Compression Pants, UV/SPF Running Tights, Workout Leggings, Cool Dry Yoga Gym Clothes, Active(mup39) - Charcoal, Medium

When many people think of leggings, they think of a pair of pants for women only but that is not the case. There are leggings that are created to be worn by men also. They are very tight-fitting pants that can go all the way to the ankle or just below the knee for a Capri style of trousers. Normally, they are made of breathable and comfortable fabrics, such as cotton or Lycra but can also be purchased in denim.

Jeggings for Men

Southpole mens Basic Stretch Twill Jogger - Reg and Big & Tall Sizes Casual Pants, Dark Grey, XX-Large US

The word jeggings were created from the combining of the words jeans and leggings and as the name reflects, this pair of pants looks like jeans but is actually leggings with all of the comforts that come with leggings. Jeggings are freedom of movement with more fashion sense to them than regular ones since they look like a pair of jeans.

Yoga Pants for Men

A man wearing yoga pants at the beach.

Yoga pants are worn by women and yes, by men also. While some think you only wear them for a yoga class, that is simply not the case. They are worn for other types of exercise classes as well as informal occasions and events.

Trousers for Men

An old man wearing elegant pants.

Trousers are basically any pair of pants that start at the waist and go all the way down to the ankles. This encompasses most pants which means there are a variety of styles, colors, and fashion trends to consider when purchasing a pair at any shop or store that sells pants.

Chinos for Men

A close look at a man wearing a pair of yellow chinos.

Chinos are created with easy to care for fabrics, such as synthetic fiber, polyester, or cotton, which also makes them comfortable to wear while still being stylish. They can be worn for informal occasions but are most often worn for dressier, more formal ones. Many men opt for the khaki version of chinos.

Carpenter Pants for Men

Dickies Men's Relaxed Fit Straight-Leg Duck Carpenter Jean, Slate, 34W x 30L

Carpenter pants are the working class people’s pants, or at least that is how they originated. They come in different styles, including bibbed overalls and dungarees, and are created with durable, thicker fabrics, such as denim. You can wear them over other clothing to protect the garments underneath or wear them on their own.

Men and women alike enjoy these stylish pants that are also practical because they have plenty of pockets to hold a number of items, including tools. You can find carpenter pants at most places that sell trousers, from Walmart to Amazon to JcPenney’s.

Pants with Flat Fronts for Men

IZOD Men's Regular American Chino Flat Front Straight Fit Pant, Black, 34W x 32L

Flat-front pants are a more formal, dressier style of pants for men that do not have any pleats in the front. They are offered in a variety of styles, colors, and materials to fit with everyone’s taste but work best with people who have a very slim body type.

They have a very modern design and not everyone can pull them off. They can be worn to both dressy and more casual occasions but it is important to ensure you get the perfect fit or these pants may not work for you and will have a messy look rather than a polished one.

Capris for Men

AOYOG Men’s Cargo Shorts 3/4 Relaxed Fit Below Knee Capri Cargo Pants Cotton Khaki

While capris are more popular with women, some men opt for a pair that actually resemble a pair of long shorts. They are comfortable and can be dressed up or down depending on the type of event a man will be attending.

Women and Their Trousers

Joan of Arc may have been one of the first women to wear pants instead of opting for skirts and dresses all the time but she is certainly not the only one. In today’s world of fashion, pretty much anything goes and women can rock nearly any style of trousers that men can wear.

Trousers for Women

A close look at a woman wearing a pair of bright pink trousers.

Women wear trousers as part of their business suits just like men do but the styles can vary. Trousers can be worn with other accessories to make them look dressy and formal or can be dressed down if you are going for a more casual look. They are comfortable but are still classic and timeless. Trousers are a safe bet for virtually any occasion.

Dress Pants for WomenA woman wearing a pair of black dress pants.

Women usually wear a very classy top with suit pants to dress them up, along with a pair of heels. This is a great look for a formal occasion and with a suit jacket, can be an outfit for work in a corporate or office environment.

Khaki Pants for Women

Lee Women's Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean, Biscotti, 12

Khaki pants are popular with women since they are comfortable and can be worn for a casual event or a more formal one. Women can dress them up with a pair of high heels for a formal event or slip on a pair of loafers or tennis shoes for an informal outing.

Pleated Pants for Women

A woman wearing a blazer with her pleated pants.

Many women enjoy wearing pleated pants because they hide imperfections, such as a thicker abdominal area, and can be dressed up easily for a very professional style. They are available in a variety of colors and can be purchased at boutiques, department stores, or women’s clothing shops online.

Corduroy Pants for Women

Minibee Women's Casual Corduroy Pants Comfy Pull on Elastic Waist Trousers Drawstring Cotton Pants Army Green M

Corduroy pants come in many styles and colors and it is simple for women to make them appear dressier for a more formal occasion by pairing them with a blouse and a pair of heels or stylish boots. They can also be worn with sneakers or loafers for a more casual look.

Twill Pants for Women

Amazon Essentials Women's Straight-Fit Stretch Twill Chino Pant, Black, 0 Regular

Many women wear twill pants to the gym but they can also be worn to their child’s baseball game or out for an evening walk. They are comfortable and are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Cargo Pants for Women

A woman wearing a pair of gray high waist cargo pants.

Cargo pants are not only practical but comfortable too. Their loose-fitting construction is great for both men and women to wear for a variety of occasions. They come in a variety of styles and colors and do not break the bank since you can purchase them at most discount and department stores as well as online at places like Walmart and Amazon.

Sweatpants for Women

A woman wearing a loose pair of gray sweatpants.

Women wear sweatpants to the gym, to lounge at home, or even to the grocery store. They are comfortable, convenient, and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Track pants for Women

adidas Women's Core 18 Training Pants, Black/White, Small

Track pants for women are very similar to sweatpants and can be worn for athletic activities, exercise, or simply as part of a comfortable outfit. They are easy to care for and can be purchased at clothing stores via online women’s clothing stores.

Leggings for Women

Colorfulkoala Women's Buttery Soft High Waisted Yoga Pants Full-Length Leggings (S, Midnight Navy)

Leggings are a very popular choice of trousers for women. They are available in just about every color you think of and are usually worn with a flowing type of top, T-shirt, or blouse. Leggings are usually worn for informal, casual occasions and events. and they are usually made of fabrics such as cotton, denim, or Lycra. Most of the time, leggings look best with a large flowing blouse and they are definitely an item to wear to more casual occasions.

Jeggings for Women

A woman modelling a pair of bright blue jeggings.

Very similar to leggings, jeggings are basically leggings that look like jeans but provide all of the comfort and freedom of movement that leggings provide. They can be purchased at the same places you will find leggings.

Many pregnant women love these pants when they want the look of jeans but not this discomfort. They are made of the same materials as leggings, including Lycra and Spandex, and will hug your figure without being tight and binding like many pairs of jeans can be.

Yoga Pants for Women

A woman wearing yoga pants at the yoga studio.

From an informal meeting to a night out with friends, like leggings they can be worn to a multitude of events. They are very comfortable but do not fit as tightly as leggings and can even be found in some styles that are actually very loose-fitting. They are available in an array of styles and colors.

Capris for Women

Roman Originals Women Capri Pants Cropped Trouser Stretch Legging - Black 12

Many people who were part of the 1950s era remember the very popular style of pants, the pedal pusher. Those pants are basically the original capris as are clam diggers, three-quarter pants, and crop pants. Capris are worn most often by women but there are a few male versions also.

They can be purchased in a variety of colors and styles and are best worn during warmer weather since the calf of your leg is exposed. Since there are so many different designs and styles available, it is pretty easy to find a pair of capris that work best with your body type and will look fabulous on you for any occasion since they can be dressed up or dressed down.

Capris are available in an array of different materials, including but not limited to denim, cotton, polyester, and nylon. Thicker fabrics work better when you need a pair of capris for a dressier, more formal occasion but the thinner fabrics are great for the summertime weather.

Pants with Flat Fronts for Women

Hybrid & Company Super Comfy Womens Flat Front Stretch Trousers Pants PW31200TT White 20

While this type of trouser is more often worn by men, some women can pull the look off with ease. Keep in mind that they wear best on slimmer body types because there are no pleats to be forgiving and flattering in the waist area.

Linen Pants for Women

A lady wearing a pair of light gray linen pants.

Linen has been used as a fabric for centuries and can be traced back to at least 30,000 B.C. when it was used to make ropes and later, clothing. It is the oldest of all woven style fabrics and while it wrinkles easier than other fabrics, it is one of the very most comfortable fabrics to wear. It is very breathable, is easy to care for, is water absorbent, and looks absolutely beautiful while being worn.

Many women opt for linen suits that are very dressy and can be worn to an office job, a big meeting, or out for dinner. Less stylish clothing made of linen can be worn for any occasion. Putting on clothing made of linen gives you that feeling of lying down in freshly washed linen sheets. It is a great clothing experience.

Jumpsuits for Women

A woman wearing an elegant nude jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits originated as an outfit for people who were parachuting but they have evolved over the centuries to a fashion statement piece. Jumpsuits refer to any pants outfit that is one piece from the neck to the ankles or in some cases for women, to the knee.

Jumpsuits can be dressy or casual and women can pull them off much easier, especially for dressier occasions, since there is a much larger variety of styles to choose from for women than men. Women can pull a jumpsuit off for nearly any occasion since there are dressy ones to choose from as well as casual in an array of colors and designs.

Jeans for Women

A woman modelling a pair of tight jeans.

While some women are to wear men’s jeans because they like the fit better, most women pick out a pair in the women’s section of the store and get to choose from a variety of styles, including low-rise jeans and high-rise ones. There is literally a pair of jeans for every woman’s body type.

Flared Pants for Women

SATINA High Waisted Flare Palazzo Wide Leg Pants | Printed & Solid | Reg & Plus (Medium, 1 Black)

Flared pants do just that at the bottom near the ankle, they flare out. There are modern versions of these pants that were all the rage back in the 1970s and for women, the choices are endless. There are a few options for this style of trousers for men but it is mostly women who prefer to wear them. The women’s version of flare pants in today’s market offers a much larger variety in many colors and styles.

Suit Pants for Women

A woman wearing a fashionable set of blue suit pants.

Many women, especially ones who work in a corporate environment, sport suit pants with a matching jacket for board meetings, business lunches, and more. A suit exudes power and control and many women enjoy the look and style of suit pants that flatter their body type. Many of the women’s version of suit pants can be purchased in lighter colors, including pink and light blue.

Carpenter Pants for Women

BenBoy Women's Outdoor Waterproof Windproof Fleece Cargo Snow Ski Hiking Pants,SF1602W Black M

Many women like to wear carpenter pants because of the convenience of the many pockets to carry items in, such as their cell phone, tools, or car keys. The dungaree version of these pants are popular with women and are created with softer materials, including cotton and polyester. They come in darker colors or pastels and can be dressed up with a pair of heels and kept more casual with a pair of sneakers or sandals.

Chinos for Women

A woman wearing a pair of fashionable red chinos.

Chinos are most often worn for dressier, more formal occasions and are easily paired with a dressier blouse and a pair of heels or boots to give them a stylish look. While chinos may remind you of khaki pants, they are not the same in the fact that the stitching of chinos is hidden which provides a more polished and dressier look and feel to the pants. They are also a lighter pair of trousers than khaki ones since they are usually made of cotton or a type of cotton weave with a slimmer cut to them.

Here are Five FAQs You Should Know About Trousers, or Pants, for Men and Women:

What should you know before you buy trousers?

Pants are the anchor of any outfit so you want to ensure they fit properly and that you choose the right one for the look and style you are going for. To achieve this, you should make sure they fit properly, that the cut is flattering for your body type.

What is the difference between male and female trousers?

The largest and most distinctive difference between male and female trousers is the size and cut. Men’s pants tend to be longer in length and are wider than women’s pants while women’s pants tend to be shorter and more narrow.

Can women wear men’s jeans?

Many women opt to wear men’s jeans instead of the female versions for several reasons. One is that they enjoy the original vintage-style fit that men’s jeans provide. They also like the heavier denim material that men’s jeans tend to be created with versus the softer material used for most women’s jeans and they like the plain straight leg cut to men’s jeans over the more tapered look of women’s jeans.

Can a man wear women’s jeans?

Yes, some men prefer to wear women’s jeans because they like the way they taper at the ankle and the cut and fit of the women’s jeans.

How many types of trousers are there?

From jeans to khakis to cargo pants and carpenter pants, there are over 20 different types of trousers for both men and women to wear. They come in an array of styles, colors, and cuts to fit any body type and to wear to any occasion.