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10 Reasons to Wear Foundation

Your makeup can make or break your whole look for the day and it starts with the right foundation, so here are the various reasons why you have to wear a foundation.

This is a close look at a woman putting on foundation.

Foundation is an essential makeup item that is highly popular amongst many people. From runways to YouTube makeup tutorials, you have probably heard many people speaking about it. However, should you follow along and include a foundation in your makeup routine?   

As the basis of your makeup routine, your skin also derives many benefits from the foundation, including protection from environmental pollutants, provides UV protection, and promotes anti-aging properties. Furthermore, it boosts self-confidence, evens out skin tone, and makes pores less noticeable.  

With all these benefits from the foundation, you would swear that it is a magic potion in a bottle for your skin! All makeup lovers will agree with me that we cannot live without it. If you are looking for reasons to wear foundation, well, you are about to find out why the foundation is your best friend.  

Make sure to have a blending brush/sponge on hand because you are about to fall in love with the foundation!

What Is Foundation Makeup?

Before dipping into the reasons to wear foundation, here is what it is and does:

Foundation is skin-colored makeup used on your face (DONT FORGET ABOUT YOUR NECK TOO!).  Foundation’s name describes its purpose — to create an even canvas for the rest of your makeup.  It is offered in cream, stick, or powder form and comes in a wide array of skin shade options. Depending on the kind you buy, they all provide many different types of benefits.

Why Should I use foundation makeup?

A close look at various shades of liquid foundation.

Thanks to modern technology and formulas, the foundation is now a MUST-HAVE product for your skin! You can officially say goodbye to the days where the foundation is just an impurity cover-up and a damaging skin product. Here are ten reasons foundation makeup NEEDS to be a part of your beauty routine:

  1. Boosts your self-confidence, which makes you feel good.
  2. It evens out your skin tone.
  3.  Foundation protects our skin from daily aggressors.
  4. Foundation equals flawless photos every time!
  5. Foundation is so personal because it meets the needs of your skin tone and type.
  6. With so many brands available, it can accommodate any budget.
  7. You can choose your desired coverage
  8. It enhances your appearance.
  9. In addition to anti-aging, it also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  10. Foundation gives that healthy glow.

What Is The Best Foundation For My Skin Type?

Allow your skin to reap the full benefits that foundation has to offer with prioritizing skincare by cleansing, moisturizing, and priming with products that meet your skin’s needs. Read on because you don’t want to miss out on the best foundation for your skin type (with product suggestions, too!).

Dry skin: Say it with me: MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE! Products that contain squalane and hyaluronic acid will do wonders for your skin. Try DD (Dynamic do-all) creams, a type of foundation having 15-in-1 benefits for your skin, including hydrating properties, buildable coverage, and evens out skin tone. It’s time to ditch your matte or powder foundations because an excellent nourishing dewy liquid or cream foundation is the way to go!

Get the hydration flowing with these foundations:

Normal skin:

Just about any kind of foundation will work well with your skin type. The only thing you need to worry about is matching your shade correctly, so consider yourself extremely lucky!

Go wild and experiment with different foundations! Here are some lovely options for you choose from, so pick your favorite kind that works best for you:

Maybelline New York SuperStay Multi-Use Foundation Stick Makeup For Normal to Oily Skin, Porcelain, 0.25 oz.

Combination skin:

You have two focuses, dry and oily skin, so what is your solution? Foundation for combination skin, of course! Cream to powder foundations is an excellent option, too, because they are made specifically for combination skin. Whatever you decide to choose, they both offer coverage that is buildable and has a long-lasting effect.

You’ll love these different options, and so will your skin:

Matte Foundation SPF 15 - Fairly Light (N10) by bareMinerals for Women - 0.21 oz Foundation

Oily/acne-prone skin:

Oily/acne-prone skin feels and looks its best with foundations that do not clog the pores, are full coverage, have oil-free formulas, and contain ingredients like salicylic acid that help with inflammation. Use CC (color correcting) creams and mattifying foundations that are full coverage for best results. Remember that foundation evens out your skin tone, so a concealer over the top is a great choice when it comes to acne for extra coverage!

Let foundation give you that extra VA VA VOOM! These foundations are an oily/acne-prone skin MUST:

It Cosmetics CC Matte Cream Medium 1.08 fl oz

Sensitive skin:

The key to foundations for sensitive skin is to take complete control of it! For the best results, lightweight formulas that allow for easy management of coverage are best. The fact that these are easy to remove also makes them great for preventing skin reactions.

Avoid ingredients like salicylic acid, alcohol (isopropyl and benzyl), fragrances (specifical benzaldehyde), and glycolic acid. Don’t you worry; there are many sensitive skin options available on the market today!

Here are some hypoallergenic options for you; however, you should test them on your face first to ensure you don’t have any reactions to them.

Almay Clear Complexion Makeup, Hypoallergenic, Cruelty Free, Dermatologist Tested Foundation, 1oz

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I apply foundation makeup?

With so many foundation application methods and techniques available, you may ask: which ones should I choose? Take a look at how YouTube personality and makeup artist Wayne Goss applies foundation and which tools he uses. With all his years of experience, he will teach you how to become a pro at foundation application. Take the time to watch, learn and most importantly, have fun!


What Foundation Shade Am I?

The jawline swatch method:

Assess your skin color and determine the shade most likely to resemble it. The magic begins at this step, try ‘swatching’ three similar shades on your jawline and see where “the glass slipper” fits you best. VOULA- a practical yet straightforward jawline method.

The vein method:

The perfect shade that matches your complexion is one of the most important things to know in the world of foundations. There is also the possibility of getting caught between two shades that look similar but have different undertones, which is why this method is a MUST! Look at your wrist and see what color your veins match most from the list:

Blue Tone: fair or lighter complexion, cool undertone.

Green tone: resembles an olive-looking skin or medium complexion, warm undertone.

Blue and green mix: darker complexion, neutral undertone

Haley Kim and Slim Reshae have created very informative further in-depth YouTube videos that you need to watch!

Cinderella Bridez: Tips to Picking the Right Foundation Shade for You

Where can I buy skin foundation?

With all the benefits foundation offers, you probably can’t wait to get your hands on one. Online or in-store, it’s entirely up to you! If you prefer to shop online, all the stores listed below do have an online option available.


  • Nordstrom
  • Ulta Beauty
  • Target
  • Sephora
  • CVS


  • Zitomer
  • Space NK
  • Birchbox
  • Directly on the brand’s website

Wishing you fabulous foundation shopping!

When does foundation expire?

Remember the foundation expiration golden rule: 12 months and then toss it! Don’t let old makeup ruin your day by posing a risk to the health of your skin, not working well, and cause infections. At the back of your foundation, there is usually a tiny logo with a number that says something like “24M,” which means 24 months that you can use as a guideline.

Had a foundation sitting in your drawer unopened for years? THROW IT AWAY! Many people think an unopened product does not expire, but this is not the case; it still does but takes slower than if it was. Besides, who wants to wear a foundation that looks oxidized?

So, go out and rock your foundation with all the added benefits too!