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6 Reasons to Wear Sunglasses

Here is a detailed and comprehensive list on the reasons why you should wear sunglasses showcasing safety, comfort, style, fashion and protection from various elements.

This is a close look at a woman wearing sunglasses at the beach.

Everyone knows that sunglasses are an accessory. But did you know they can be beneficial in more ways than one? This article will take you through 6 reasons why you should wear sunglasses, including protecting your eyesight and making you look fashionable!

Sunglasses have been an integral part of fashion for decades, but their role in society has changed over the years. Today, they are more than just something for keeping our eyes safe from sun damage; they are also used to keep us safe from dust and debris while participating in outdoor activities.

WOW, sunglasses have many benefits to offer, but you NEED to stick around because you are about to fall in love with your shades. Not only will you approve of them, but your optometrist will too! So put on your ‘sunnies’ and imagine you are far away on a tropical island, away from all the daily stresses of life.

More Than Just a Stylish Accessory

This is a woman driving a vintage car while wearing sunglasses.

It’s hard to imagine life without sunglasses now but, if you think about it, it was only a few centuries ago that glasses first came into play. Salvino D’Armate invented them in 1284 to magnify small objects like books without damaging his eyesight. Gone are the days where sunglasses are just considered a ‘stylish accessory.’

 For many, they’re a way to enhance their appearance and boost their self-confidence. When you have the perfect pair of shades on, you feel great. Try on different pairs, hold them up to your face, even take pictures of yourself in each pair. Be sure also to check out the look for your specific face shape so that your glasses can accentuate your facial features in all the right ways.

Why are sunglasses so important?

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First, they protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light can harm the eyelid, cornea, lens, and retina, leading to severe eye damage (including cataracts), impaired vision, or even cancer. Second, wearing sunglasses can prevent short-term vision impairment during outdoor activities like hiking or mountain biking.

When should you wear sunglasses?

This is a woman with her bike at the beach wearing sunglasses.

You need them — no matter the season! When it comes to eye protection, there’s no such thing as too much! Think of sunglasses as a shield to help protect your eyes from nasty UV rays and other types of radiation. Of course, they’re also a fashion statement. Fashion-forward sunglasses serve as a conversation starter or a form of self-expression — they can take your outfit from simple to chic in an instant.

Do cheap sunglasses protect from UV?

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The short answer is yes, but it depends on the brand. Cheap sunglasses brands will often meet minimum requirements for sun protection, but the best protection comes from high-end brands. But don’t let price be your guide! Read reviews to find out if a pair of shades offer the level of protection you need.

6 Reasons Why You Should Wear Sunglasses:

Sunglasses are an accessory that almost everyone owns at some point in their life. But do you know why they’re so popular and how they affect your daily life? To prove our point, here are six reasons why you should consider wearing shades, including protecting your eyesight and making you look fashionable!

1. Enhance your appearance

This is a blonde woman wearing a pair of sunglasses.

With the fall season fast approaching, sunglasses are an essential wardrobe staple. Sunglasses can be an excellent foundation for any wardrobe — you can use them to complement your style, and if you’re feeling uninspired, you can choose a pair that’ll give you a classic vibe with just a look.

Match shades to your style, and it could do wonders for your confidence and mood — not to mention your Instagram aesthetic! A white vintage t-shirt is a wardrobe MUST that is so versatile too. Black sunglasses are a powerful styling tool that can update any look while not being too crazy or loud. While you might not believe it at first, wearing these two pieces together makes for a strong fashion statement.

2. Protection from UV Rays

This is a man wearing a pair of sunglasses while out in the sun.

 Sunlight can be damaging, but sunglasses make outdoor trips enjoyable. Sun-exposed skin and errant glints of water and other surfaces can both endanger the eyes. Sunglasses guard against these risks by reflecting harmful light and squinting in harsh conditions. They provide extra protection for the eyes when skiing, biking, or hiking — significantly increasing your chances of enjoying your vacation without damage to your eyes.

3. Protect your eyes from glare

This is a man wearing sunglasses driving a car.

Wearing sunglasses isn’t just a matter of fashion — it’s a matter of safety. For cyclists and drivers alike, the right pair of sunglasses could mean the difference between a good time and a bad one. Additionally, wearing sunglasses can help pick out colors and details that may have gotten lost without them for people who have reduced contrast sensitivity or other vision impairments.

4. Protection from debris

This is a man wearing sunglasses blowing on sand.

What’s most important about sunglasses is their ability to protect your eyes from many things. Different types of glasses will perform better depending on what you need them for, but in nearly all cases, they’ll be capable of preventing flying objects from harming your eyes. Even seemingly harmless snow can be hazardous for your eyes. For this reason, many eye care professionals recommend using protective eyewear to prevent damage.

 It is essential to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, dust, water, animals, and dirt. Depending on what you need them for, different types of glasses will perform better. If you need protection from the sun, it is best to wear glasses specifically designed for that purpose.

Ever been hit in the eye by a sharp object? Then you know just how dangerous it can be! Protecting your eyesight is an easy way to prevent injury and save yourself from possible pain and harm. In a study by the University of Harvard, Dr. Louis Pasquale found that wearing sunglasses can help reduce or prevent damage to your eyes caused by flying debris.

5. Prevent headaches and dizziness

These are women in bathrobes wearing sunglasses with headaches.

On a beautiful hot summer day, the temptation of letting the sun beat down on you is oh so tempting! However, for people with migraine or headache disorders, sunlight can be a significant trigger that leads to extreme pain and discomfort. Sunglasses allow you to absorb those amazing sunshine rays while still protecting your eyes from the painful UV rays.

6. See your best, be your safest

This is a woman in sunglasses carrying a rainbow umbrella.

Sunlight can be a blessing and a curse. You know it’s terrible for your eyes when you’re staring right at the sun, but when you’re outside enjoying a nice sunny day, you may not realize just how much light you’re absorbing. If your eyes are sensitive to light, the chances are that you may have to squint or hold a hand in front of your face just to see usually.

Wear sunglasses every time you step out. They might seem trivial, but they can help you see better and navigate more safely — not to mention that they make you look fabulous! Wearing sunglasses can even help you avoid a severe injury to yourself or others.

Now that you know the reasons for wearing sunglasses, what do you think about it?

A popular trend in accessory fashion, sunglasses are a vital part of a delightfully unique look, which is why people wear them to express a statement on one’s personality or attitude. Or, depending on your preferences, they are just a means to stay safe from harmful lights during outdoor activities. No matter how you wear them, do not ignore sunglasses because they are an essential accessory!

In other words, Many pieces of clothing are an extension of an individual’s personality. A white t-shirt with a message is a clear example of this! Your shirt says something about who you are, what you think about the world, or even where you were that day. Each pair of sunglasses represent a particular attitude or lifestyle, so wear them with pride!