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Round vs. Square Aviators – What Should You Get?

Square aviators and blue dress

If there is any way to look cooler than cool with one simple accessory it’s with a pair of sunglasses. Not just any glasses though, it really is a pair of aviator sunglasses.

Aviators are rad. Plain and simple and I will fight anyone that begs to differ. Geez, who is this aggressive person??? Hi, my name is Bridgette and I’m addicted to aviators. I like them all. Especially round ones. Especially square ones. I don’t discriminate. Sometimes, I sneak them in the house, so I don’t judge myself. It’s a sickness really. I have them in my glove box. Why do we call it a glove box? I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of gloves in there, but I’ve had sunglasses in there. That’s it I’m renaming it a sunglass box. Right now, I have two pairs of aviators on deck in there, a round classic pair just like Janis Joplin and another round pair framed in white daisies. I got them both off Amazon for like ten bucks. Come to think of it I actually have 3 pairs in my car…the other is a pair of 1971 Square Ray Bans and they are my favorite gift to myself. Just so you know the more I write this the more I realize I probably need help. In my defense sunglasses are the one thing that I use to struggle with. They are a necessity for someone like me that is and huge outdoor adventurist and outdoor patio brunch aficionado, but I was always so particular to how it hit at my eyebrows. The struggle has been a lifelong one.

What is old is actually classic

I mean I don’t really want to shout out Tom Cruise because well he freaks me out, but he didn’t freak me out one bit rocking those aviators in Top Gun. Yeah, I think every chickie was all about that look. It’s true aviators we designed with pilots in mind. They wanted something that they could wear with their helmets that wouldn’t be too intrusive and it makes sense. You’re flying high closer to the sun than down here and well safety first. There isn’t another brand more synonymous with aviators in general than Ray Ban, after all they were the ones to make the first pair technically it was Bausch & Lomb.

Ray-Ban RB3025 Classic Aviator Sunglasses, Gold/Brown Gradient, 58 mm

Round and Round

I didn’t always have a fascination of the round glasses, but I did always have a fascination of those that wore them. I’m a super fan of John Lennon and it probably started because my parents did same with Janis Joplin, Elton John and Andy Warhol. To me the style was a style for those famous people and not for those normal people like me. I tell you what though, round has been waking waves on the trend circuit, but people are still afraid of it. I still get “Those are cute but only you can pull it off” for me that’s the polite way of saying I thought that was ugly when I saw at retail. You know it is too and I’m ok with it, not everything is for everyone and that is what makes us unique. You can find a million different types of round aviators online these days. I am definitely a rose-colored glass kinda gal if we are talking about dispositions, but we aren’t so considering we are talking lenses my favorite-colored lens for a something fun is blue. I love a good silver rimmed glass with a blue lens, it does the job of blocking out that annoying glare, but it also isn’t so dark that I’ve think I’ve suddenly gone blind. When I tell you there are a million, yes I’m lying but there are a lot of varieties, you can get them with American flags, pink, purple, green or any other color your heart desires just like these.  

3 Packs Daisy Flower Sunglasses Daisy Shape Round Glasses Novel Floral Party Sunglasses Eyewear for Women (Light Purple)


If you wanted to go a more classic route a good gold with dark or green lenses are always a good choice. It really exudes that you don’t mess with me look but in the nicest peace love and granola type of way like these.

Round lace aviators

A round glass can complement a more structured jaw line especially it’s squared off.

I’m not a square, you’re a square

Thank for having this conversation about square aviators. That’s right square. Gone are the days when we thought these were only for washed out scary hippies. I know it’s not something everyone can wrap their head around, but I think you should at least try to wrap a pair around your head. I have been through so many pair of aviators in my life, some are at the bottom of lakes and rivers while others are sitting someplace with all the lost socks for the world but I’m not quitter, I keep coming back for more. I had my eye on a pair of the 1971 Square Ray Ban aviators and I tried to talk myself out them because I didn’t really need them…well of course until I did. I gave in I got them, and I love them. Gold rimmed with a soft brown lens, the square shape isn’t one I’m used to seeing but just unique and classic enough to suit my bohemian ways. I feel like when it comes to glasses opposites attract. A square shaped pair of sunglasses balances out a rounder or heart shaped face um can you guess what head shape I have? You got it uh round. Honestly though in my personal opinion it’s less about the shape of your face when you’re contemplating round or square but more about the brows.

Ray-Ban Women's RB1971 Metal Square Sunglasses, Gold/Brown Gradient, 54 mm

I’m sorry but if it doesn’t hit right, it’s like you’re talking to Oscar the Grouch, and it makes you look mad. It does and if you never noticed it before, you’re welcome you’re never going to unsee it again.

Sunglasses are an important accessory. It can hide the deep dark secrets from the night before or make you feel like you’re running from the paparazzi. Remember when it seems like only celebrities could get away with year round sunglasses? It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to enter the world of luxury brands and when you get a good pair it’s worth the investment.

I love the round shape for a good frolicking day in the sun and a square shaped for my statement making days and sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason to what I wear. I don’t make sense all the time, but you know what does? Aviators.

Get ready babes because here comes the sun.