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Should You Wear a Bodysuit with Leggings?

A blonde woman stretching her legs while donning a black bodysuit.

Yes, you can wear a bodysuit with leggings. Just snap your suit over your leggings or pull your leggings over your bodysuit. However, you need to know that it depends on the style you are more comfortable with after playing around with it. A bodysuit is a staple item that has transformed our wardrobes since you can wear them year-round.

One thing is that bodysuits are way more versatile than anyone can think because we have a turtleneck, sheer, backless, short-sleeves, and long-sleeved ones, and more. Apart from wearing them with leggings, your bodysuit can pair well with high heels and pantsuit, and you can even get cozy dressing it with slippers and sweatpants.

If you want to avoid the annoying problem of tucking your shirt in every time, a bodysuit is your perfect solution. Though, you won’t find it funny when you need to go to the bathroom. So, how do you wear your bodysuit with leggings?

How to Wear Bodysuit With Leggings

An athletic woman working her fascia on the ground while wearing a white bodysuit.

I want to discuss why you need a bodysuit in your closet before diving into how to wear one. I’ve encountered many people thinking whether to tuck, French-tuck, or half-tuck their shirt wearing a bodysuit. Trust me; you can skip this perplexing phase altogether for a bodysuit.

As I always tell people, a bodysuit is a problem-solving solution wardrobe workhorse that makes it much easier to dress up in the morning. Apart from that, it also has endless versatility as a show-stopping statement piece or a second-skin base layer.

Ultimately, a bodysuit is a classic closet must-have like any of your perfect little black dress or favorite pair of jeans.

So, how do you wear a bodysuit with leggings? Wearing a bodysuit under active leggings is suitable for low-impact activities such as pilates, barre, or yoga. If you are like me, who enjoy comfortable clothes, you will jump at any opportunity to sport a stretchy pair of leggings.

Wearing a bodysuit with leggings is the same as a ballerina wearing a leotard. With that, getting physical can equal being fashionable.

The comfiest trend for women that is here to stay is loungewear. As such, you can create a perfect lounge look using leggings designed with soft materials like jerseys or modal paired with a cotton bodysuit. Cuddle up with fleece socks and a chunky cardigan as you get ready to relax and recline for a night in.

Enjoy athleisure vibes at full effect as you layer with high-top sneakers and a puffer jacket when going out for an ice cream run.

In essence, if you are wondering whether a bodysuit will be perfect for your figure, fret no more! Bodysuit has various colors, necklines, sleeve lengths, and more. Though two bodies are not the same, which poses some possible fit challenges, you don’t need to worry if you have rocking curves or even a long torso.

In fact, it’s such a common combo you can buy leggings/crop top combos

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Common Fit Concerns and Challenges

Have you stopped considering a bodysuit because of some scenarios? Someone with a long torso may be concerned about how they will wear a bodysuit. But do you know that a bodysuit extender provides the added length you need when you cannot get tall sizes?

You can fasten them at the bottom of your bodysuit, allowing more leisurely bathroom breaks. Regarding undergarments, I don’t think you need any underwear. You can eliminate an extra layer because you already have a panty shape with the bottom half of your bodysuit.

You can get a full-coverage option. However, you can prevent visible panty lines, and I recommend using the thong version. With this, you can revel in the line-free, smooth finish. Otherwise, the way to go will be to wear underwear if your bodysuit is not designed with a breathable material.

Ultimately, wearing a bra with your bodysuit depends on your style. You will enjoy the beauty of wearing a bodysuit when it can accommodate your everyday bra. Think about those tricky backless or off-the-shoulder options.

These bodysuits are slim-fitting and provide a compression-like fit that enables you to rock them without a bra. Use the simple solution of nipple covers if you’d prefer a little more coverage. You can also use adhesive bras for extra support and shape.

How to Wear Your Leggings

MOOSLOVER Women Crossover V Waist Butt Lifting Leggings High Waisted Yoga Pants(M,Black-722)

Many people don’t know how to wear leggings properly. Many believe in wearing leggings as part of a layered outfit as a versatile wardrobe piece. However, you can stylishly wear leggings in any season by selecting the right shoes or pairing and mixing colors.

I have put together these tips to know what you should not wear with leggings and how to wear them stylishly.

Leggings and Jeggings Are Not the Same

Yes, let’s begin with this. Your jeggings are not the same as your leggings. You can sport sleek, tight jeggings to spice up an ordinary outfit, and wearing them is the same as pants. Demin blue jeggings can also give you a classic look when worn with loafers and a ‘boyfriend’ cream sweater.

Jeggings are not for everybody as they are pretty tight. You can even match your jeggings with a pair of shorts even though a top that falls to your waist is not ideal with jeggings, in many people’s opinions.

Ensure Your Leggings Are Long Enough

Leggings and sneakers should fit long woman's legs.

Once upon a time, your perfect black leggings look great on you. However, you will notice that they have gone saggy at the knee level or risen a few inches above your ankles after running them through the wash several times.

When this nasty phenomenon happens, I will advise saving your leggings to wear them as underpants or trousers on freezing days or wearing them when you won’t be stepping out of the house.

Wearing Leggings With the Wrong Shoes

Have you noticed how people look great wearing leggings with flip-flops, sandals, knee-high boots, and even low-cut boots? Doing this comes with cautions, however. This means you must ensure that pumps or heels match your suit without looking trashy when you wear your leggings with them.

Leggings Are Essentially Pants

Yes, many people believe that leggings are pants and we have to respect their opinion. If they are comfortable stepping out wearing pants and shirts, I’m sure they would also be comfortable wearing their leggings. You can wear what you wish as long as you don’t reveal too much.

With that, you can wear your leggings with a skirt, a dress, or even shots. I’ve seen that matching your leggings with a longer jacket or top looks excellent.

Never Wear Too Loose or Too Tight Leggings

Yoga instruction being practiced by a group of youthful, active folks.

While your leggings must not be too tight that people will see every dimple in your legs, they must be tight enough to cover your legs cozily. What is not even flattering at all is having loose leggings that start to bunch over your legs.

The rule of thumb is to get ones that feel more comfortable and fit well. Leggings can bunch and feel unforgiving, causing unflattering lines on some body types.

How to Wear a Bodysuit

See, you will find a bodysuit perfect for you if you want convenience, style, and comfort in one piece of clothing. Bodysuits are perfect for any weather since they are universally flattering. As such, you can layer your bodysuit with a jacket or sweater to style it. Rock it with some accessories to spice up your look.

Sport a Professional Look By Layer a Button-Down Over Your Bodysuit

Long-haired cocky, gorgeous fashion model posing in a bodysuit and a black cap in a studio.

Well, how do I do that? It is as easy as pairing with a neutral-colored, solid bodysuit like gray, white, or black with a crisp long-sleeved patterned or solid color button-down dress shirt. Make your look more casual by leaving the shirt loose as you unbutton some of the top buttons.

Spice your look wearing dress pants or trousers for work or wear around the house with jeans.

Wear Stretchy Bodysuit

This case is meant for tall people. Look for a bodysuit designed with stretchy material so it can fit comfortably. Taller people can find it challenging to find a bodysuit like this, and they have limited options for fit since bodysuits have no straps for adjustment.

They can get materials with high percentages of spandex, nylon, or rayon for the most stretch. A bodysuit made of rayon is a perfect example. The fabric is a cheaper mockup for cotton, linen, or silk and is extra stretchy.

Sport a Sexier Look Wearing a Sheer-Backed or Backless Bodysuit

Portrait of a beautiful, fit, slim woman posing while sitting in a black bodysuit and sunglasses.

Enjoy a night-out, daring feel wearing a bodysuit with lace or mesh panels. These are also ideal for the part of your daytime outfit for a bit of edge or lingerie. In addition, spice your look by matching a black sheer-backed bodysuit with black leather ankle boots, black tights, and a plaid miniskirt.

Enjoy a More Daring Look With a Deep V-Neck Bodysuit

Look dressed up and sexier in your outfit with this. For extra interest in an otherwise sleek and simple piece, you can even go for a laced-up detail V neckline. For inspiration, wear tall black boots and a camel-colored suede skirt with a black lace-up bodysuit.

Warm Up to the Trend Wearing a T-Shirt Style Bodysuit

If you want to know whether bodysuits are good for you, start with something comfortable, easy, and familiar. You can layer with casual outfits with T-shirt-style bodysuits since they appear seamless and polished. Additionally, these will not come untucked.

Enjoy a more feminine look by choosing a capped sleeve. For inspiration, sport a pair of belted boyfriend jeans and a white shirt-sleeved bodysuit with a pair of suede ankle boots.

Flatter Your Favorite Feature

That’s right. Flatter your favorite features wearing a bodysuit. A bodysuit is universally flattering since it boasts several styles and many great options. Consider the body part you intend to highlight to choose a bodysuit that looks great on you. For inspiration, go for a halter-neck or sleeveless bodysuit if you are proud of your toned arms.

Making a Statement

Bodysuits and leggings have been around for many years, and people use them for different purposes. They have been designed with various materials. These two have been transformed, updated, and adapted into a closet staple.

With all of these transformations, they still hold steady. You can wear classic leggings and bodysuits every year, even as they change colors and material from season to season. So, go forth and spice your look in style with the combination of the two or look up the tips above.