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30 Stylish Straight Hair Wigs

Explore the many types of long hair wig styles available for men and women. You can find versatile cuts and styles from human or synthetic hair as well as hybrid wigs that use a blend of hair.

This is a close look at a woman wearing a long and straight brown wig.

Many individuals like to experiment with their hairstyle or hair length. It takes months, sometimes more than a year for a person to grow out their hair from a short cut or shaved head to long hair. You may not want to wait that long and a wig can solve your problem. In fact, you can purchase more than one wig and wear a different one each day to have fun playing with different looks.

You may be in a situation that necessitates you to wear a wig. These can occur to both women and men, such as chemotherapy-induced hair loss, alopecia, male pattern baldness, or simply a bad haircut. You may find yourself shopping at length to find just the right wig for your situation.

If you love long hair and want to wear your hair straight, choose from one of the 25 stylish choices presented here or use this article for a jumping-off point to find the wig for you.

We have included a range of options that includes a multitude of cuts, styles, and hair colors. You can obtain wigs and hairpieces in natural hair, synthetic hair, and hybrid options. The cost range for these wigs spans from $50 to nearly $4,000.

If the latter sounds like a lot of money, that is because it is. The high-cost range typically uses human hair and has a length of 16 inches or longer. You can shop around for sales, but learn what makes a great wig before you spend any money.

Prepare yourself before shopping for these hairpieces because you will quickly discover that some, okay, many, celebrities known for their fabulous hair, actually wear wigs. Beyoncé, Jennifer Anniston, and Sandra Bullock number among the many people who wear wigs. An obvious upside to this exists.

You can have their hair in a very literal sense. How many times have you gone to a stylist, asking for a particular hair cut only to be told that it will not look like the pictures because you have a different hair texture or type? You never have to hear that again. You can have any hairstyle you desire by purchasing a wig.

Wigs give you an instant way of achieving glorious, long hair. You pull it onto your head. You get an easy-to-care-for method of always having the perfect hair. Choose from shoulder length to mid-way down the back. You will need to have your hairstylist wash, dry, and style your wig every few months.

Table of Contents

1. Angie by Jon Renau Remy Human Hair Lace Front Monofilament Wig

Angie by Jon Renau – Remy Human Hair Wig

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Choose this natural look with Remy human hair cut in long layers. Since the cuticles remain intact, the human hair appears healthier because it is healthier. Although a straight hairstyle, some of these wigs do exhibit a slight wave at the bottom of the hair length.

Since it uses human hair, you can style this wig just as you would your own hair, allowing you to use heat styling implements to straighten, wave, or curl it. that does not specify cap design when you want a versatile look for an affordable price.

2. Long Straight Blonde Human Hair Blended Wig

Long Straight Side Fringe Human Hair from WigsBuy.

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Achieve a sexy, vampish look with this long, straight blonde human hair hairpiece with a side fringe bang. You can style this wig in a multitude of ways due to its multiple layers and lengths. This human hair blend wig provides 24 inches of glorious tresses. The capless cap comes in your choice of an open or closed weft style.

3. Free Time by Raquel Welch HD Synthetic Wig with Lace Front, Monofilament Cap

Free Time Raquel Welch from LA Wig Company.

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The Free Time design from Raquel Welch uses HD synthetic hair so you can style it as if it used human hair. The glamourous cut of this long-layered cut skims just past the shoulders. Its lace front, monofilament design provides a natural-looking scalp and hairline.

4. Long 14 Inch Bob Straight Human Hair Blend Wigs With Bangs

Long Bob Straight Human Hair Blend Wigs With Bangs 14Inches from WigsBuy.

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Choose this medium-length bob hair cut wig with bangs when you want versatility. Its shipped style bears resemblance to the hairstyle worn by Holly Marie Combs in “Charmed.” This human hair blended wig provides 14 inches of naturally straight tresses that you can style it any way you like. Since this wig uses real human hair, you can use hot or cold styling implements on it. You can have it permed if you later decide you want it wavy or curly. The capless cap comes in your choice of an open or closed weft style in average size which fits 98 percent of women’s heads. You can also require this wig with an elastic cap.

5. Jennifer Aniston Long, Messy Straight Full Lace Wig with Silk Top Lace Cap

Jennifer Anison Hairstyle Long Messy Straight Silk Top Full Lace Wig 100% Human Hair 16 Inches from WigsBuy.

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This human hair wig offers 16 Inches of glorious hair in one of the styles the actress popularized. Choose this long, messy, tousled hairstyle with a side-swept bang when you want a sexy look that makes it seem you spent no time putting your look together.

6. Long Straight Human Hair Full Bang Capless Wig

Long Straight Human Hair Full Bang Wigs 16 Inches from WigsBuy.

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Get the look of Debbie Harry, lead singer of Blondie in her neo-punk look, but in a brunette hair color. This shoulder-skimming human hair hairpiece falls 16 inches and features a full bang. You can curl this straight-haired wig to produce many fun looks. Its choppy, razored ends provide a modern look when worn straight. When you curl the ends, you hide the razor portions and soften the ends for a romantic look. Since this wig uses human hair, you can style it with cold or hot styling implements. The capless cap comes in your choice of an open or closed weft style.

7. Wavy with Layers, Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Wavy Layered Human Hair Women Lace Front Wig 22 Inches from WigsBuy.

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Choose this 22-Inch wavy mane of tresses for a quick, sexy look. It achieves the look of waves with its layered lengths. This has a lace front cap.

8. Long Straight Remy Hair Capless Wig

Long Straight Remy Hair Capless Wigs 16 Inches from WigsBuy.

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Choose this human hair 16 Inch long straight hair wig when you want to achieve a versatile number of looks. Remy hair does let you use cold and hot styling implements on it. You can alter this long straight hairstyle by curling it or waving it. The capless cap comes in your choice of an open or closed weft style.

9. Paula Young’s Heidi Lace Front Wig

Heidi Lace Front Wig by Paula Young® from

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Choose from 22 hair colors with the Heidi wig design. Choose this beautiful long-haired wig for feathered and graduated layers. Its chin-length layer provides a face-framing look, while added layers in the back create a sophisticated look. This has a lace front cap with an open or closed weft.

10.  Human Hair Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle Lace Front Wig

Human Hair Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle Lace Front Wigs from WigsBuy.

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Choose this cute but sophisticated bob style wig when you want a versatile human hair wig that lets you style it multiple ways. This champagne blonde eight-inch long hair cut provides a bevy of styling options. Sweep aside its bangs, curl them, or wear them straight. The lace front cap comes in your choice of an open or closed weft style. You can also sweep back the bangs with this type of cap since it will not show the wig’s hairline.

11. Juno WhisperLite Monofilament Wig by Paula Young

Paula Young's Juno Whisperlite from

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Choose this sleek and chic long-haired wig with razor-finished tips and a monofilament crown for a glamourous style. It offers 21 hues from which to choose, each providing a natural look.

12. Kinky Straight Hair Synthetic Headband Wig

Kinky straight hair synthetic headband wig from Fuhsiwigs.

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This afro kinky straight wig includes a sewn-in cotton headband. Its thick, full-body provides a soft look in a sexy, 22-inch length. Ginger color only. This has a non-lace front cap.

13. Blonde Long and Wavy Hair Wig with Lace Front Cap

Blonde long wavy wig from Fuhsiwigs.

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Choose this glueless wig for comfort. Designed for those with natural afro hair, this synthetic wig with long, wavy hair provides two-tone colors and 22 inches of tresses. Its natural black color includes punchy blonde highlights. This has a lace front cap.

14. Jaclyn Smith’s Rodeo Drive Wig with Lace Front Cap

Rodeo Drive by Jaclyn Smith from

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Own the sexy style of a Beverly Hills starlet with this long-hair wig. In 17 natural colors, this wig uses the long hairstyle popularized by actress Linda Evans in the 1980s. This sophisticated, chic look has returned letting you enjoy one of the most glamourous styles in long hair cuts in a wig. Choose from a lace front cap with an open or closed weft.

15. Jaclyn Smith’s Kris Wig with Open Ear Tab Caps

Kris Wig by Jaclyn Smith from

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This sleek, straight-haired look with bangs brushes just past the shoulders for an easy, breezy look. Choose this everyday glamour look in more than 15 colors. open ear tabs in this cap design make it easy for those who wear glasses or sunglasses to wear it.

16. Jaclyn Smith’s Bridgette Wig with Open Ear Tab Cap

Bridgette Wig by Jaclyn Smith from

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This chest-length style with tousled layers of waves and feather ends offers an easy-care, sexy look. It provides a brow skimming bang that looks flirty while providing forehead coverage. Cover wrinkles or a missed Botox appointment with these bangs. This hairpiece uses an open ear cap design.

17. Angelica Large by Noriko Synthetic Wig

Angelica Large by Noriko from LA Wig Company.

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Choose Angelica’s long fringe if you have strong cheekbones or an angular face because it will create the illusion of softening your features. The long layers of this synthetic wig provide natural swing and fall to a graduated, natural curve at the mid-back length. The Angelica does not specify a cap design but lets you choose from a partial monofilament cap, basic cap, or large-cap.

18. Paula Young’s Micha Synthetic Hair Wig with Open Ear Cap

Mischa Wig by Paula Young from

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Sexy loose layers and multiple lengths let you frame the face and its Permatease treatment helps it hold the style. This wig brushes the top of the chest at its longest length and provides a sophisticated beauty queen look. Choose from more than ten hair colors.

19. Adriana by Jon Renau with Lace Front Monofilament Cap

Adriana by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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Choose this synthetic wig hand-tied when you want a sophisticated look comprised of sexy waves crafted of synthetic hair. This hand-tied masterpiece creates a natural-looking hairline and scalp to make it impossible for any person to tell you to wear a wig. The Adriana wig comes in 25 colors. This has a lace front cap monofilament cap.

20. Alessandra by Jon Renau Synthetic Lace Front Cap

Alessandra by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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Choose this synthetic wig in an array of 37 color options for a modern, chic layered long hair look. Its hand-tied cap provides a natural, yet sophisticated look. This hairpiece has a lace front cap.

21. Alexis by Jon Renau

Alexis by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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Choose this vampish look with its shaggy bangs when you want an easy to care for, yet sexy style. The synthetic wig uses layers to provide volume. The Alexis uses a double monofilament cap design and ear-to-ear construction to let you wear it in numerous versatile looks. Another plus is its availability in 41 hues.

22. Amanda by Jon Renau

Amanda by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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Choose the Amanda wig when a long, layered look that you can wear numerous ways. This synthetic wig with a hand-tied, double monofilament cap design offers 21 colors from which to choose. Although synthetic, the hair used to craft this wig provides a silky softness that evokes the feel of real hair.

23. Angie Renau Exclusive by Jon Renau – Remy Human Hair Lace Front Monofilament Cap Wig

Angie Exclusive by Jon Renau from LA Wig Copany.

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The Angie Exclusive look merges the long layers and Remy human hair of the Angie with availability in 17 colors developed for their natural look by Jon Renau. With a length that sweeps just below the shoulders, this wig provides styling diversity with a lace front monofilament cap that looks like your own scalp.

24. Blake Petite Renau Exclusive by Jon Renau Human Hair Lace Front Cap Wig

Blake Petite Exclusive by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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This classy wig provides a luxurious 17 inches of hair length with a bevy of styling options since it uses Remy human hair. Choose this natural look with lace front cap design when you want the fabulous sexiness of long layer hair. It also uses the 17 exclusively developed natural looking hair colors from Jon Renau.

25. Camilla by Jon Renau – Synthetic Wig

Camilla by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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The Camilla combines synthetic hair cut into three lengths with cascading layers and side-swept bangs. Choose this essential, face-framing synthetic wig with double monofilament cap when you want a versatile look for an affordable price.

26. Gwyneth by Jon Renau Remy Human Hair Wig with Lace Front, Monofilament Cap

Gwyneth by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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Choose this shoulder-length, long bob crafted of Remy human hair when you want a quick to style, easy-care look. Part your hair and brush or comb it to style this sleek, fashionable look. It uses the hand-tied, lace front, monofilament cap design that Renau favors.

27. Glamour and More by Raquel Welch Remy Human Hair Wig with French Drawn Cap

Glamour and More by Raquel Welch from LA Wig Company.

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Choose this sophisticated extremely long-haired look that stretches 21 inches from crown to tip. You can style it with great versatility since it uses Remy human hair. Available in 14 hues, you can find one that matches your natural hair color. The subtle layers of this cut make it look as if you wear your hair all one length. It uses a French drawn, monofilament cap.

28. Kim Renau Exclusive by Jon Renau Remy Human Hair Wig with Lace Front, Monofilament Cap

Kim Exclusive by Jon Renau from LA Wig Company.

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The extra-long layers of this 20-inch-long wig provide you the ultimate in styling diversity. The longest length on this multi-length cut just reaches the waist. The natural look of Remy human hair provides a healthy head of hair you can style using any type of styling implements. It uses a hand-tied lace front, monofilament cap.

29. FUHSI Kanekalon Fiber Two-tone Ash Blond Wig with Transparency Lace Front Cap

Kanekalon Dark Roots Wig from Fuhsiwigs.

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Choose this 13×6 dark roots wig with two-tone synthetic straight hair wig in ash blonde for 22-inches of glorious mane. By coloring its roots, a different hue than the remainder of the wig, this look provides a natural look. It uses an HD synthetic hair called Kanekalon Futura Fiber for hearty styling options.

30. Sexy Bombshell Wig of Synthetic Hair with Lace Front Wig

Synthetic Hair with Lace Front Wig from Fuhsiwigs.

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This synthetic straight hair wig provides a sexy, voluminous style with a 13 x 6 lace front cap to provide a natural look. Similar to looks worn by Rhianna and Nicki Minaj, this luxurious long-haired look provides sophisticated volume.

Long-Haired Wig FAQs

Why should you choose the long hairstyle wig?

Long hair has many advantages. You can style it in a multitude of ways – curling it, waves, updos, ponytails, pigtails, braids, etc. Long hair provides the greatest versatility. You can choose to wear it all one length, layered, or with multiple lengths. You can have the wig cut and styled just like real hair on your head if you get bored with the wig’s current look.

If you choose a human hair wig, you can also color it to change your look. Take your wig to your stylist for a professional color because there are special considerations to coloring wig hair.

Since hairstyles change, using a wig with long hair gives you versatility. Unlike your actual hair which if you cut and it looks bad, you have to wait to fix it, if a bad cut messes up a wig’s look, just buy a new one. Because the hair is long, you can pin up different sections of it or wear parts of it in clips, so you better frame your face.

Can you straighten a wavy or curly-haired wig?

Theoretically, you could, but it makes more sense to purchase a straight-haired wig. These long hair wigs are already styled straight. A wavy or curly-haired wig of natural hair could lose its curl spring from straightening.

Can you curl a straight hair wig?

You can curl or wave a straight-haired wig with no problem. The hair will hold curl just as the hair on the head, growing from your roots would. Synthetic hair cannot get heat styled. Choose an HD synthetic or human hair wig for heat styling. You can braid the hair on any of these wigs. You can also have these long-haired wigs styled in an updo.

What kind of color can you use on these wigs?

While it may be tempting to use box color on your wig or an at-home temporary wash, you need to take your wig to the stylist for these purposes. Take your owner’s manual or materials with you so your stylist can review them and use only professional products specifically suited to the synthetic, HD synthetic, or human hair used.

When should you purchase multiple wigs?

If you want to frequently change the look you wear, you should invest in multiple wigs. While you can style long-haired wigs, one of the reasons to buy wigs is to save yourself time and to diversify the looks you wear.

You should not frequently color wigs because the chemicals can damage them. If you want to wear a variety of long-haired looks, choose the following at a minimum: – An all-one-length, blunt cut ends wig, – A forehead bangs, a layered wig, – A long shag cut wig, – A multiple lengths, long hair wig.

Many people confuse layers with lengths, and they do not refer to the same thing. A bang consists of one layer, while the remaining hair consists of another. This is the most basic two-length look, and neither necessarily includes layers. Layering and thinning both refer to methods of creating or reducing volume. Fluffy hair often has layers but could be one length.

What is a U-part wig, and why do you only see them sold in long hair wigs?

The U-part actually is not a hair part like you would think of it. This type of wig has an opening at the top shaped like a U. This area lets the wearer’s natural hair at the crown show through. If you want to hide hair loss, it will not work. If you want to have long hair and have cut your hair short, you use this wig to make it seem like you still have long hair.

This type of modified half wig only has hair from just beneath the crown to the tip of the hair length. You can choose this wig if you have healthy hair on top of your head. The hair color diversity ranges widely, so you can easily match the U-part wig to your natural hair color for a seamless look. The cap type of these hairpieces provides an invisible mesh or open crown so people cannot tell you wear a wig.

What long-haired wig hairstyles are there?

You have many looks from which to choose when wearing long hair wigs. These wigs come in the same styles as you would typically get your long hair cut and styled. You can even take your wig into your stylist for a blowout. Wearing your hair long does not mean giving up a face-framing look. You can have your stylist cut the front in a shorter length that frames your face or causes your cheekbones to pop. Choose from the following popular styles:

  • – Highlighted long straight hair in one or multiple lengths,
  • – Feathered layered straight hair,
  • – Choppy layers with bangs,
  • – Long bob in the shoulder- or top-of-the-chest length,
  • – Long shaggy cut,
  • – Swoopy layered, mid-back U-cut,
  • – Short, medium, and long layers,
  • – V-cut layers,
  • – Beachy waves.

Any look you could cut long hair you can also find in these wigs. Choose a long hair wig for maximum styling choices and fashionability. These wigs let you play with styles and haircuts without ever touching your own locks.

What are the parts of a long-haired wig?

Wigs provide a simple solution to a bad hair day. Their uncomplicated construction makes them relatively cheap to construct. A wig designer attaches hair to a cap that fits onto the head and uses elastic, clips, or glue to attach to the existing hair or scalp.

The hair may be hybrid, human, or synthetic. The cap comes in numerous styles with the most common lace front. Other options include the capless cap, hand-tied, and monofilament.

What is the difference between the hybrid, human or synthetic hair in these wigs?

Human hair hairpieces look the most realistic, feel natural to the touch, and cost more than other types. A synthetic wig costs the least, but unless it uses HD synthetic material, you cannot use heat to style it. On an HD synthetic wig, you can use any styling tools because they can handle the heat of a curling iron or flat iron. The materials used for synthetic wigs vary and affect the quality of the wig.

Some hybrid hairpieces use both human and synthetic hair. These have a mid-range cost and you have more flexibility in styling them.

When a wig uses human hair, it comes from a donor who either sold or donated their tresses. Those who do this must-have natural hair, also referred to as virgin hair since it has never been chemically straightened, colored, or permed. This results in a very healthy head of hair.

What does the cap type have to do with the wig and how it fits?

Much variation exists in wig caps. The cap matters to the design because you need a good, natural fit that looks as if it really belonged to you and you grew it from your own scalp. The right wig cap makes wearing what can be a heavy, hot wig comfortable or at least bearable.

Many wig companies offer each hairpiece in more than one cap style. If you already wear wigs, you might have tried each style, but if you just started wearing wigs or you tried before but hated them, then you need to try on each type of cap style because the wrong cap style probably made you hate the wig, not the hair.

Although you should shop online, try each type of cap on at a bricks-and-mortar store so you can feel the cap style before buying. You can get the best deals online, but nothing replaces trying on each type so you know which cap to order.

Lace Front Wig Caps

Beyoncé favors the lace front cap for its natural looking hairline says her hairstylist. You can find lace front caps with a hairline that extends from temple-to-temple or ear-to-ear. The latter provides more coverage and you can wear the hair in updos or swept or slicked back without it being obvious that you wear a wig.

This type of cap does loosen over time so, you will need to take it to your stylist periodically to get the cap tightened. Caps using a lace front require careful handling. You could tear the wig if you handle it too roughly.

Capless Wig Cap

This type uses the wefted or open-cap but gets called capless. It attaches hair to an elastic strip so the top of the head gets to breathe. While it provides the coolest wear, it can be easy to tell that these are fake.

Monofilament Wig Cap

This cap type also uses a lace material and the hair gets hand-tied to the cap. It looks the most like natural hair growth since the crown area resembles a natural head of hair. They usually reserve this for human hair.

Hand-tied Wig Caps

Considered a luxury wig, each hair gets hand-tied to the wig cap. The four-way stretch cap used in these constructions provides flexible wear that looks the most natural of the options. Each of these caps requires about 40 hours to construct, hence the cost