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How to Style Mom Jeans (Outfit Ideas)

Woman wearing mom jeans

Gen Z has made it clear that mom jeans are the new skinny jeans, and they’re here to stay. These stylish, high-waisted jeans have become a staple clothing item in all our closets. The high-rise fit of mom jeans and the roomy slouch at the hips make them the perfect silhouette for all body types.

Truth be told, I’ve always hated skinny jeans for how uncomfortable they make me feel when I wear them. Though mom jeans were invented in the late 80s and 90s, I love the recent comeback they’ve made in the fashion world. The level of comfort they provide is unmatchable!

I get asked very often how to style mom jeans effortlessly, as women find it hard to match their favorite pair of mom jeans with tops, shoes, accessories, and outerwear. While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for styling mom jeans, there are some guidelines that you can follow to stand out from the crowd.

This article will discuss eight ways to style mom jeans and give you an overview of the kind of shoes and accessories you should wear with your favorite pair of mom jeans. Let’s begin!

What are Mom Jeans?

Floerns Women's High Waisted Straight Leg Mom Jeans Black M

Before I begin, let me briefly introduce mom jeans for those who are slightly confused.

Mom jeans are a type of jeans inspired, quite literally, from the jeans our mothers would wear – hence, the name. They are always high-waisted, usually medium-washed, and slightly off-shaped. They feature a long zipper, slightly baggy legs, and a relaxed silhouette. They’re the perfect option for when you want to go about doing chores, hit the club with your friends, or enjoy brunch.

8 Ways to Style Mom Jeans

Styling a pair of mom jeans is no rocket science, but if you want to ace it, there is a method to it. Over the years, I’ve experimented with mom jeans countless times, and honestly speaking, I’ve managed to create a stylish look every single time. That is how versatile mom jeans are.

Let’s discuss eight easy yet stylish ways to style mom jeans. Whether your mom jeans are ripped, baggy, or acid-washed, these eight ways will amp up your look and make you the talk of the town!

1. Style Your Jeans with a Graphic Tee

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A graphic tee is a simple way to style your mom jeans for an effortless and casual look. It is the perfect outfit for when you want to hit the supermarket, pick up dry cleaning or drop your kids at school. Wearing mom jeans with a graphic tee is easy. I believe a tucked-in graphic tee really accentuates the silhouette of the jeans and draws attention to the waist. You can also add a belt as a highlight to your look.

If you are not a fan of graphic tees, you can pair your mom jeans with a classic, plain, white t-shirt. This outfit is super quick to put together, and you can easily accessorize it. Just tuck your white t-shirt into your jeans as you did with your graphic tee, add a belt, put on your sneakers or sandals, and head out!

2. Wear Them with a Crop Top

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If you’re going for a cute look, you should style your mom jeans with a crop top that meets the high waistband of the jeans. If your crop top is solid colored, you should add a belt to draw attention to your waist and create a flattering silhouette.

I like to pair my favorite pair of mom jeans with crop tops that cinch at the waist and create a flowy and flattering cut. You can also pair your mom jeans with a floral crop top to create a casual, daytime summer look. If you want a more detailed look for the night, pair your mom jeans with a fancy (silk or sequined) crop top that will serve as the focal point of your outfit.

3. Pair Them with a Tweed Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Classic Tommy Open Front Band Jacket, Black Multi, XX-Large

I suggest pairing mom jeans with a tweed jacket for a classy and elegant look. A tweed jacket portrays expensive sophistication. It is a clothing item made notable by luxury brands like Chanel. If you cannot afford luxury brands, don’t worry! There are several super affordable tweed jackets on the market too.

Pair your mom jeans and a tweed jacket and a simple white tee or a solid-colored turtleneck for a lovely daytime look. For a nighttime outfit, you can pair your tweed jacket with black mom jeans and stiletto heels.

4. Get Inspired by the 90s

Mom jeans were initially made famous in the 90s, so why not wear them how women wore them back then?

Creating a mom jeans outfit inspired by the 90s is simple: tuck a washed-out graphic tee into a pair of baggy, balloon-legged mom jeans. Finish the look off with a pair of Converse, and you’ll be good to go! To kick things up a notch, you can also add 90s inspired accessories to your look, such as a scrunchie or a choker.

Add a cropped jacket or blazer over your graphic t-shirt, or switch out the t-shirt for a long-sleeved sweater, jumper, or oversized sweatshirt in the winter months. Add appropriate jewelry and complete your look with ankle-length boots or sneakers.

5. Style Your Jeans with an Oversized Sweater

Oversized Sweaters for Women Tunics for Leggings Stretchy Tops Khaki L

Who says you should always tuck your top into your mom jeans? Rock your look with an oversized sweater or a cozy tunic that falls just below your hips. Oversized is the new skinny fit and if you want to stay with the times, pair your mom jeans with oversized tops.

An oversized sweater or tunic looks best with mom jeans with a slightly more fitted leg. You can finish off your look with a pair of pointy-toe shoes or mules, either heeled or flat, to look polished and chic.

6. Add a Turtleneck

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One of the easiest ways to style mom jeans is with a fitted turtleneck that tucks into the high waistband. This outfit is perfect for the fall and winter months. The turtleneck will keep you warm without compromising the silhouette of your mom jeans.

I like to pair my mom jeans with solid-colored turtlenecks. Sometimes, I also throw over a jacket with detailing as a statement piece when it gets really cold. It may seem like too much, but the look turns out pretty chic and casual.

You can style a pair of mom jeans with just about any colored turtleneck you can think of. Turtlenecks are effortlessly classy, and you can pair them with simple white sneakers or heeled boots to complete your look.

7. Wear Your Jeans with a Leather Jacket

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If you want a cool, laid-back look, you should pair your mom jeans with a leather jacket. Wear a plain, solid-colored tee and throw over a leather jacket. To complete the look, add boots that match the color of your leather jacket. This will tie the entire outfit together.

A leather jacket is a timeless piece of clothing, perfect for styling your mom jeans. It adds of pop of edge to any outfit. A cropped leather jacket also works well with mom jeans as it accentuates the high waistline.

My favorite winter fit is a pair of acid-washed mom jeans with a black leather jacket and black ankle-length boots. With all of that black going on, I always opt for light-colored, earthy-toned tees so as not to take away from the mom jeans and black leather jacket.

8. Experiment with a Cropped Jumper

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Want to achieve a trendy silhouette? Style your mom jeans with a cropped jumper! Let your low-rise jeans sit in the closet, and opt for high-waisted mom jeans and a long-sleeved cropped jumper. Cropped jumpers are a staple in most women’s wardrobes, and you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble finding good-quality ones.

A cropped jumper looks excellent with the loosely fitted mom jeans because both pieces of clothing draw attention to the waist and create an hourglass shape. I prefer cropped jumpers that have a slightly longer fit, so they meet the waistband of my mom jeans. Too much skin poking out makes me feel chilly!

Shoes that Complement Mom Jeans

Now that you know what kind of tops you should style with mom jeans, let’s talk about the type of shoes that go well with mom jeans:

1. Sneakers

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Sneakers are always a safe and guaranteed match with denim. You can never go wrong with your favorite sneakers, regardless of the type of jeans you wear. Whether your sneakers are minimalistic or make a bold statement, you can effortlessly pair them with your mom jeans for a casual look. If you want to create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette, you can opt for chunky sneakers with raised platform soles for extra height. Sneakers are a perfect choice if you plan to spend your day running errands or doing chores.

2. Ankle-Length Boots

GLOBALWIN Fashion Ankle Boots for Women Black 7.5M

The shoes that I like to wear most often with mom jeans are ankle-length boots. They are highly edgy and stylish. They can be worn on special occasions and as everyday shoes. A staple for your closet, ankle-length boots will add a chic feel to your outfit. With mom jeans, choose ankle boots with a mid-height heel. The proper ankle boots will accompany you all year round and look stylish come rain or shine.

3. Sandals

Steve Madden Women's Donddi Dress Sandal, Tan Leather, 10 M US

If you like to keep your toes out, you should invest in minimalistic sandals that are perfect for the summer months. The best sandals you can buy to complement your mom jeans are easy slip-on flats in a neutral color palette.  If you want a style that will take you from day to night in no time, you should look for chunky platform sandals. While they’re no longer the most trend-worthy shoes, they’re still a must-have for mom jeans.

4. Strappy Heels

Over the Toe Strap Ankle Wrap Strap Heel Open Toe Medium Heel, Black, 10

While strappy heels might not be ideal for your daily walk or to pick up dry cleaning, there’s no denying that they look incredible when paired with mom jeans. Strappy heels are a total summertime must-have. There are super minimal and won’t steal the limelight from your mom jeans. For a casual daytime brunch look, throw on your mom jeans, button-up a collared blouse, and put on your strappy heels. Grab a small leather handbag, and you’re good to head out!

Accessories that go with Mom Jeans

Here’s a list of accessories that go well with mom jeans:

1. Leather Handbag

The Sak Ashland Crossbody Bag in Leather, Spacious Purse with Adjustable Strap & Fringe Accent, Handcrafted & Sustainably-Made, DenimA leather handbag that matches the dark elements of your outfit will bring your entire look together. It needs to catch just the right amount of attention to not divert it from your favorite pair of mom jeans. Besides being stylish, a leather handbag is also practical and the perfect option for casual and semi-formal occasions.

2. Minimal Earrings

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The days of chunky statement earrings are long gone. Pair your plain or patterned tops and mom jeans with minimal gold or silver earrings. Square-shaped hoops, rhinestone studs, ear cuffs, and huggies are very trendy these days.

3. Chunky Necklace

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Make a statement by pairing your mom jeans and solid tees with chunky metal necklaces. Metal necklaces will add heaviness to your outfit and make you stand out. They can instantly transform your look from daytime casual to nighttime party animal, so grab a few pieces today!

4. Belt

JASGOOD No Show Women Stretch Belt Invisible Elastic Web Strap Belt with Flat Buckle for Jeans Pants Dresses

Lastly, belts pair pretty well with mom jeans. This is because mom jeans have a high waistband, and belts draw attention to the waist. You can add a belt as a statement piece if your outfit is neutral. It will bring your look together in a cohesive way.

Wrapping Up

Styling your favorite pair of mom jeans is all mixing and matching and staying true to yourself. Once you have an idea of the look you want to achieve, you can throw items around to create the perfect outfit. The best tip I can give you is that don’t be afraid to experiment! Don’t let the pressure of looking perfect hold you back. Have fun playing around with different tops, shoes, and accessories, and you’ll create the best possible outfit with mom jeans.