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14 Suit Accessories – Ultimate List

A fashionable, well-groomed brunette stands at a high-end men's clothes store wearing an elegant classic suit and eyeglasses.

We all want to look our best. No matter what we say, we want to look as good as we can all the time. Do you ever look at someone and think that they can just throw an outfit together and look amazing? Chances are they put a lot of thought into it than you think. Looking your best requires more than luck.

It requires a little bit of science and thought. Pairing the right accessories with your suit can put it on another level. It is not just the suit that matters, but also what you add to it. Consider these accessories the next time you put on a suit. 

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Suit Accessories

1. Belt

Close-up of man adjusting belt.

Whether to wear a belt or not has been a burning question for some for a long time. A belt is functional as it is intended to prevent your pants from falling down. A good rule of thumb is that if your pants do not fit, you should wear a belt.

A belt always looks better than you bending over and showing everyone more than you intended. If your suit, including pants, is custom made, they should fit you perfectly. In this case, you do not need a belt for functional reasons.

Instead, you may want it for style. Belts can be stylish and fun. If you plan to wear your shirt tucked in and your suit jacket unbuttoned, you may want to wear a belt to add an extra touch. Be careful, though; you do not want a flashy belt because that will attract attention away from your suit for all the wrong reasons. 

2. Bow Tie

Cropped image of a smart-casual ensemble.

If you want to wear a tie but do not like traditional neckties or just want something different, a bow tie is a great option. A bow tie is not as widely worn as a more conventional tie, which allows you to stand out. Black is a classic bow tie color. You should wear a black or white bow tie if you are wearing a tuxedo. 

A bow tie is a great finishing touch to any suit jacket or blazer with a dress shirt. When you are dressing for a formal event, consider a more subtle bow tie in black, grey, or navy blue. However, if you have a casual event, you can let your personality shine through with fancy material and bright colors.

You can find a bow tie in many styles. This includes knit bow ties, wooden bow ties, and silk bow ties. If you do not want to mess with them, you can find them pre-tied. Of course, you can always tie them yourself. You can find them in the shape of a butterfly, which is most common, batwing, or the diamond point.

3. Cufflinks 

A businessman fixes the button on his white shirt.

Cufflinks have been considered a sophisticated accessory for a long time. They have also been a source of confusion because many are not sure when or why to wear them. While cufflinks have always been considered an accessory for formalwear or evening wear, should they be worn in a business or more casual setting? They are often worn with French cuffs.

You can find them worn with business attire. Cufflinks are both decorative and functional. They can be found in various materials, shapes, sizes, and styles. The cufflinks are put through the buttons holes on the cuffs of shirts with long sleeves. Shirts, including those with French cuffs, do not have buttons and require cufflinks. 

The event you are attending dictates what type of cufflinks you want to use. When attending a black tie event, use understated cufflinks. Cufflinks that are more comedic than traditional should be worn at a more casual event.

4. Lapel Flower

Image of the orchid on the suit up close.

While a lapel flower is also considered a lapel pin, it really requires its own accessory category. There was a time when lapel flowers were common. Then you would only see them at weddings and proms. They are starting to come back in fashion as an everyday suit accessory. A lapel flower is also commonly referred to as a boutonniere. 

A lapel flower can be a live flower, but it can also be made from fake flowers that are silk or wool. These types of lapel flowers clip or pin to your lapel. In addition, you can find them made from metal and enamel. These lapel flower types add a layer of texture to your suit. Do not be surprised when you see lapel flowers in paisley, plaid, and stripes.

5. Lapel Pin 

Shirt and beige jacket with a lapel pin.

A lapel pin can add a touch of charm and novelty to a suit. When using a lapel pin, you can express your style without taking away from your entire outfit. A modern version of a lapel pin is one with a long-stem pin.

These pins are fastened with a stick pin and come in various designs, including arrows, geometric shapes, and metallic designs. A badge pin is another type of lapel pin. This option is intended to indicate affiliation with something, like a national flag, a family crest, or a military insignia.

There are some requirements when you wear a lapel pin. First, the pin should go through the buttonhole on your left lapel. If your suit jacket does not have a buttonhole, you can put the pin directly through the fabric. A lapel pin should be higher than your pocket or pocket square. It should also be at an angle that matches the angle of the lapel.

6. Neck Tie 

An individual in a tailored suit is seated in a coffee shop and has his phone in one hand.

A necktie is one of the most common and easiest suit accessories. Ties come in various fabrics, widths, and colors. Any time you wear a necktie, you must consider the shirt and the tie knot. Often, it is considered that a suit is not complete without a tie.

Ties are worn even in the most conservative settings. You should make sure the pattern and color of your tie should match your shirt, coat, and pocket square. There are some thoughts to consider when pairing a tie with your outfit.

If you have a solid shirt in a classic color that is white or a light blue with a navy suit, you can choose for any pattern or color for your tie. However, if you are wearing patterns, there is a rule to consider. You do not want your tie pattern to match the pattern of your suit. Instead, you want the sizes of the patterns to be different sizes. 

7. Pocket Square 

Man posing inside his custom-made outfit.

A pocket square is a fantastic accessory. It is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your suit. A pocket square I spaced in your breast pocket. It is versatile and a great way to add some personality to your suit. Some consider a pocket square to be an essential accessory.

A pocket square can be a solid color or a pattern. If your suit has a distinct pattern, you should consider a solid color for your pocket square. If you have a solid neutral suit, you can select any pattern or color for your pocket square.

If you are dressing for a formal event, you must have a pocket square. For example, with a tuxedo, you want your pocket square to be silk and white. If you routinely carry a handkerchief, be sure to keep that separate from your pocket square.

A pocket square is not a handkerchief and should not be used like one. A pocket square does not have to match your tie. You want to have the primary color of your coat, shirt, or tie and have that be the secondary color for your pocket square.

A pocket square can elevate your suit for more casual events. Folding your pocket square is critical. There are a number of ways you can fold it; some are simple and understated, while others stand out more.

8. Shoes

Male clothing with shoes, white background.

We all know that shoes can make your outfit or completely ruin it. No matter how sharp your suit is, if you are wearing the wrong shoes, your outfit will look like a disaster. Formal shoes come in many styles and colors. Not only do you want a stylish pair of shoes to match your suit, but you also want them to be in good shape. 

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9. Socks

Men's legs in close-up wearing dressy shoes and amusingly bright socks.

Socks are often ignored as an accessory for a suit, but they should not be. Socks are the accessory where you can really let your personality shine. You can go bold with bright splashes of color. This works well if you have a suit that is understated. When deciding on socks, thinks about bold prints and stripes.

10. Sunglasses

Standing against a wallpaper studio backdrop, a dapper fashion groom fixing his collar while donning sunglasses and a suit.

Sunglasses are a complete option accessory, but they are a great option to make your suit pop. You can wear them on your face or hanging from your front pocket on your suit jacket. The best part is there are no specific rules when it comes to sunglasses. 

You want to select a pair that works for you and fits the shape of your face. You may want to avoid plastic, colorful sunglasses. Think of the sunglasses that you get free with something. Those are the ones you want to avoid. 

11. Suspenders

Manned with a jacket, bow tie, and suspenders.

Suspenders tend to be a forgotten accessory today. When you think of suspenders, you probably think of the kind with metal clips at the end of them that clip onto the waistband of pants. TheseUnfortunately, these types of suspenders do not usually secure well to pants.

Traditional suspenders, or braces, were buttoned to pants with leather ends and thick cloth. The cloth was thick, so it would not stretch. These suspenders were much more durable and stayed in place.

When you have a quality pair of suspenders, they can make a statement with your outfit. They can also help pants hold onto the crease, so they drape properly. You should wear suspenders or a belt, but not both together. Both of these accessories are intended to keep pants in place and are not needed to be worn together. 

12. Tie Clip

Men's hands in closeup attaching a groom's tie on his shirt with a silver clip.

A tie clip is most often the smallest accessory that you have for your suit. A tie clip, tie pin, and tie bar all can add a touch of class to your suit. They are also incredibly functional and popular. A tie clip works to secure your tie in place to your dress shirt. 

When you wear a sweater or vest, you do not need to use a tie clip. You will find tie clips in various different colors, sizes, and styles. It is important that your tie clip is not wider than your tie.

The best placement for a tie clip is between the third and fourth buttons on your shirt. If you are wearing a straight tie, you can use almost any type of tie bar or tie pin. When you opt for a tie bar, it should be about 3/4 the width of your tie. 

13. Umbrella 

Beautiful man in suit and glasses holding umbrella in low perspective against blue background.

An umbrella is a unique accessory that you can pair with your suit. If you are facing bad weather, an umbrella becomes a functional accessory. You can choose to carry an umbrella when it is not raining. While it may not truly be a suit accessory, it can make a statement. To really make a statement, choose an umbrella with a wood handle. 

14. Watch

A man wearing a blue blazer and a white shirt watches the time on a hand-held clock while wearing a chic mechanical watch.

A watch is an essential and easy accessory for your suit. Most of us have our phones in our hands all the time, which puts a clock at our fingertips. Unfortunately, this accessibility to clocks has made watches not as necessary as they once were. 

However, a watch is still a nice-looking accessory to have. If your budget can handle it, it is always a good idea to have several nice watches available. Watches have now become statement pieces.

When you plan to invest in a watch as a statement, you want it to be well crafted. You can choose a watch that truly reflects your personality.