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Suunto 7 vs Ticwatch C2 (Which is right for you?)

The Ticwatch C2 is a fantastic smartwatch that's really a general purpose smartwatch whereas the Suunto 7 is whatever the C2 is but sportier.

Suunto 7 vs Ticwatch C2 main screen

I’ve just reviewed the Ticwatch E2 and S2. Now it’s on to the Ticwatch C2.

But let me recap what the differences between the C2 and the E2/S2 are. They look different with the C2 being more compact and urban. The C2 also has two buttons on the right side rather than one on the E2 and S2.

Other than that, there really isn’t much difference.

So does it mean the Suunto 7 will steamroll over the Ticwatch C2?


Suunto 7 vs Ticwatch C2 apps

You pay for what you get

This statement is mostly true in the world of smartwatches, but every incremental improvement cost much more than the previous one.

The makers of the Ticwatches, Mobvoi, have always set the bar for good entry level smartwatches. The Ticwatch C2 is no different.

The Suunto 7, however, is at least an intermediate level smartwatch. It’s the Ticwatch C2, but has a few extra features that sets it apart from typical Wear OS smartwatches like the Ticwatch C2.

Suunto 7 vs Ticwatch C2 sports

Sports sets the Suunto 7 apart

The biggest difference is that the Suunto 7 has a really elite sport tracking app called the Suunto app.

The Suunto app is amazing for two reasons: the offline maps and the depth of analysis that it offers.

Suunto 7 vs Ticwatch C2 maps


Offline maps are really rare on smartwatches. Most map apps that are available on smartwatches need to be downloaded separately and you also need a connection to your smartphone to see the maps.

Not the case with the Suunto 7, though.

What I really like about the Suunto 7 is exactly this. Having a smartwatch with a map is really beneficial if you are out in the woods, water or somewhere far away from home and don’t know your way around the trails, rivers or roads.

For example, I was out in the water a few days ago and I took a new route down a river that I have never been before.

As I was wearing my Fitbit, I had to pull out my smartphone in order to see where I was.

If I were wearing my Suunto 7 (or Garmin Fenix 6), I wouldn’t just have to angle my wrist to my eyes and I’ll be able to see where I was.

This is pretty convenient, in my opinion.

With the Ticwatch C2, you could download Google Maps for Wear OS and it’ll work as long as you have a smartphone with a data connection. But there are no offline maps by default.

Winner: Suunto 7 

Suunto 7 app

Workout analyses

You get a better workout analysis with the Suunto 7 than you would on the Ticwatch C2.

The Suunto app provides details that Google Fit or TicExercise don’t, including a suggested recovery time, a Peak Training Effect number that tells you whether your workout has improved your ability, and an Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) figure that measures intensity.

The two app suites on the Ticwatch C2 offer up some analysis data but nothing that’s this detailed.

So, if you care for a smartwatch that advises you on your workout’s intensity and how to care for your body, then you would be better off with the Suunto 7.

If a smartwatch’s data is a “nice to have” but not very important, then the Ticwatch C2 offers some basic information (distance, time, location data) that should be enough.

Winner: Suunto 7 

Hardware differences

The Suunto 7 has superior hardware as compared to the Ticwatch C2.

It has a more advanced processor, the Snapdragon Wear 3100, while the Ticwatch C2 has the older Snapdragon Wear 2100.

The Suunto 7 also has 1GB of RAM as compared to the 512MB on the Ticwatch C2.

The integrated GPS on the Ticwatch C2 takes very, very long to get a lock. Normally, the Ticwatch would use your smartphone’s GPS and if your smartphone isn’t within range, it will use its internal GPS.

Whereas the Suunto 7’s internal GPS takes only a few seconds to get a lock.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Ticwatch C2 is good enough for a day’s use, whereas the Suunto 7 is good for two days.

When working out, I managed to get about four hours from the Suunto 7 before it went into power saving mode. This includes usage of the Suunto’s offline maps

If you use the internal GPS of the Ticwatch C2, expect about 2-3 hours of battery life.

Winner: Suunto 7 

Suunto 7 vs Ticwatch C2 rear

Style and size

The Ticwatch C2 is a compact smartwatch and that’s a really great thing about it. It is just a bit bigger than Fossil’s compact smartwatch, the Sport Smartwatch.

Small watches give me a bit of anxiety because they can sometimes have poor battery life, as is the case with the Fossil Sport Smartwatch. Luckily, this isn’t the case with the Ticwatch C2.

Compared to the Suunto 7, the Ticwatch C2 is so much smaller. If miniaturization confers a “modern” look to it, then the Ticwatch C2 looks much more 21st century than the Suunto 7, given that it also has a chrome-like circumference. Bling, bling!

The Suunto 7 is huge in comparison to the C2. It’s like a chocolate coin candy versus a real coin. Mine also came with a really garish lime green strap which adds to the perception of its presence.

If you could put the Suunto 7’s features into the C2, I’d definitely prefer that. But as it is right now, the style and size award goes to the Ticwatch C2

Winner: Ticwatch C2


Both watches come with the Wear OS operating system which means you get access to the great suite of tools offered by Google.

It all begins with the superior speech to text system.

Texts and emails

When you receive emails and text, they are forwarded to the Ticwatch C2 and Suunto 7 as a notification. You can reply to these notifications using the speech to text system.

It’s honestly the only input method I’d consider aside from the pre-composed replies that Google generates based on the text you received.

That said, you could use the keyboard or draw letters to form words, but those are very inefficient input methods and I generally just go straight to the smartphone.

Winner: Tie

Suunto 7 vs Ticwatch C2 google assistant

Google Assistant

A great speech to text system helps make the voice assistant a breeze to use.

On both smartwatches, you get the fantastic Google Assistant which can do many things right on your wrist.

You can check the weather, set a timer and find information on the internet.

This is great because it reduces a lot of tedious tapping and scrolling that you would otherwise have to do.

A great speech to text system makes the whole experience so much smoother and I am glad this fantastic experience exists on both the Ticwatch C2 and Suunto 7.

Winner: Tie

Suunto 7 vs Ticwatch C2 watch face


The Ticwatch C2 is a great smartwatch for people seeking an entry level smartwatch that offers the main productivity enhancements a smartwatch can offer.

The Suunto 7 is the Ticwatch C2 but on nitrous/steroids/caffeine. Specifically, its sports functions, better battery life and better hardware really creates the differentiation between the C2 and the 7.

Most people would be fine with the Ticwatch C2, but if you are a sportsperson who wants a watch for a long time, go straight for the Suunto 7.

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