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Tall vs. Short UGGs – What Should You Wear?

Uggs and dresses

The first pair of UGGs I remember seeing was a tall pair boots in their classic color Chestnut. It wasn’t love at first sight and in fact it was more like ugh at first sight. When I say they were tall I mean they were knee high and they were on a guy. This was high school and in the late 80’s, at the time they were a 10-year-old brand and didn’t have any of the following that they do today. They were started by an Aussie surfer for his surfer friends and well it makes sense that they were gaining some momentum in that circle. We lived in a small rural town in Northern California and 15 miles from the ocean and while we certainly didn’t have the warm Southern California weather and soothing ocean temps, we did have a small group of die-hard surfers. He got made fun a lot of for those boots, but he had zero fucks to give. That’s probably right around the time I said yep, I heart him.

You can pop onto now and find all the usual suspects but you’ll also find almost everything else.

I’m a truth teller and I have said at one time that I wouldn’t wear those boots but I’m also a big fat liar and well I have learned to love them, wear them and gift them. No stopping me now.

How do you choose? Tall or short is quite the dilemma but then again is it really?

More cowbell please

We all want a little more cowbell these days and we don’t stop at boots. I know, that doesn’t really make any sense but y’all know what I’m talking about. We want the tall boots! My whole entire life I’ve been cold and make no mistake during the winter months I am unrecognizable. I’m bundled up from my head to my toes and it always means a tall pair of softy lined boots. I’m over here swooning over the Bailey Button over the knee boot. Are you kidding me, this boot is gorgeous and honestly you better be wearing these with just a bikini because I don’t know anyone that is really going to wear this much less wear it well. I know that they are the extreme and something more basic like their Classic Tall II is much more sensible. You are wearing the boots instead of the boots wearing you, and you have a lot of ways to wear it. Remember when it was all about wearing them with shorts and denim skirts? I think it both made them wildly successful yet completely annoying, but we all got over it and embraced them. I say if you live in a cooler climate and a little more prone to some chills here and there go for the taller pair. Opting for a taller version you’ll be a bit more limited to some classic executions but if you’ve got it on the brain keep checking back in early fall, you’ll start to see some eye candy.

UGG Women's Bailey Button Triplet II Winter Boot, Chestnut, 9 B US

Nobody is getting shortchanged here

Let’s talk about shorties and no, I’m not talking about myself. Well, I probably will talk about myself but what the heck is new? We are chatting about boots though and that is always my favorite subject. Not only do I love the short ones because they don’t make my little legs look like tree trunks, but I love them because this is where all the fun happens. Um, this is a perfect introduction to any fluffy boot. It’s doesn’t seem as overwhelming if you’re just dipping your toe in for the first time especially if you’re grabbing the mini. UGG are pretty durable, and they are my favorite travel shoe, remember my cold issue and airplanes are always cold. They are a bit more friendly for running around and besides shorter boots mean less sheepskin which means not as hot for you guys that tend to run hot. I’ll go into more in a bit on that point. The choice in outside materials is exciting, they tend to have all the sparkles of sequins, the flash of color and even fun satin trims. You tend to find more seasonal injections like did you see the cute pink V-Day ones recently? This height is easier to wear more day to day and are besties with jeans.

Rainbow of uggs

Tall Paul or Short Mort

I don’t care if you like tall guys or short ones and I really wish we had time to go into that but maybe one day over drinks we’ll discuss it but for now it’s all about las botas. I preach to the choir peeps, so you feel pain and you feel my joys over the tall and short of it all. They are both there to give you a giant, welcoming hug like no one else can.

Sheepish grins

Honestly the thing that makes them give us all the feels is that lovely sheepskin interior. Did you know all the amazing attributes of this luxe component? The surfer designed a special boot that not only is moisture wicking but it’s also water resistant. This thing is so durable it can stand the test of time. So, remember when I said something about you hot folks, well a little-known fact is that it actually has self-regulating capabilities. That’s right, in the elements it can aide in controlling your body temperature. This is almost a near perfect boot as sheepskin goes above and beyond it’s like magic with its resistance to dirt and anti-bacterial benefits. It’s not going to stop you from getting the bird flu but still pretty cool.

Shearling uggs on mtn

No shoes no shirt no service

The ultimate surfer Jeff Spicoli once said “All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine” but if the movie came out any later, he would have included “and a pair of UGGs” in this line. If you don’t know who Spicoli is, shame on you. I’m not typically a shamer either however, I pretty much think that Sean Penn has spent his entire career playing everything that he could to counter this iconic character.

Fast Mr Surfer Tasty Buzz Gnarly Ridgemont Waves High Movies 80S Cool Jeff at Hand Times Spicoli - Sticker Graphic - Vinyl Waterproof Sticker Decal Car Laptop Wall Window Bumper Sticker

Anyway, it’s worth a little investment for a quality pair of boots that you can really do a lot to, and it doesn’t hold a grudge. We need more of this in our life these days. I mean things are hard enough why buy boots that are so unforgiving?

Oh, and yeah the surfer boy did heart me back but in the end he wasn’t worth it, just like those knockoffs.