12 Types of Gloves for Women to Complement Any Outfit

A stylish woman wearing black gloves.

Gloves are a wonderful accessory. They are not only worn for protection, but they also accentuate the beauty of any outfit you wear. A nice pair of gloves doesn’t only cover your hands and save them from the sun and environmental damage, but it also makes you look extremely elegant.

There are various different styles and fashionable ways to sport a pair of gorgeous gloves. Just because they were a traditional accessory and an absolute obsession back in the 90s, it doesn’t mean they’re any less charming now.

In fact, if you’re into vintage fashion, a stylish pair of gloves embellished with delicate beads are an excellent choice. It really gives off a regal vibe to your look. With so much to experiment with gloves, here are the 12 different types you can wear for each look.

1. Touch Screen Gloves

Gelanboo Womens TouchScreen Gloves Winter Gloves Warm Windproof Mittens Black+Grey
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Touch screen gloves or touch-capacitated gloves are wind-resistant and made for maximum functionality and agility. They are knitted using an incredibly lightweight, thin, and stretchy fabric to protect your hands from extreme temperatures.

You can text all you want during winters, and use your phone even during a heavy downpour because the touch screen gloves offer ample protection. The gloves are lined with silicone grips to protect your phone from slipping out of your hands. With these gloves, you can easily use the knuckle, fingertip, and palm of your hand while using your touch phone.

2. Silk Glove Liners

Silky Affection - Women's Short Mulberry Silk Gloves | Sun and Cold Protection, Versatile – for Driving, Fashion or as Liners
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Among all the natural fibers, silk is one of the best insulators. Silk glove liners are the only accessory that can single-highhandedly give your party outfit the most royal and majestic look. They are breathable and have good wicking properties.

You can even pamper your hands after a fresh pedicure by slipping into silk glove liners. Acting as glove inserts under thick mittens and fleece gloves, these gloves are extremely delicate and soft.

While gold and silver are the most popular choices, deep maroon and copper look equally beautiful. If you’re wearing a long formal dress, then wear silk gloves that go up to your elbow. Silk gloves are usually snug-fit, which makes them perfect to flaunt your delicate fingers and slender arms. You can even try wearing a shimmering diamond or pearl ring over it to add to the regal look.

One surprising fact about silk gloves is that over time they can reduce signs of aging and hyperpigmentation on your hands. Don’t believe us? Well, the science is quite simple. Plenty of research has shown that wearing raw silk significantly reduces signs of red, itchy, and pigmented skin. Silk isn’t just a gorgeous fabric to wear; it is also extremely classy and soothing.

A woman putting on her white silk gloves.

3. Thermal Insulation Mittens

Metog Suede Thinsulate Thermal Insulation Mittens BGray S
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Thermal insulation mittens are made of 50% wool and 50% nylon, one of the best fabric insulators. The added layers of deer leather palm help keep your hands warm for longer periods.

When your fingers are all frozen up and stiff, wear mittens to beat the biting cold. They keep your delicate fingers intact, cozy, and warm. Mittens aren’t exactly the best choice for winter fashion, but when it comes to providing warmth, they are your best choice.

A pair of warm gloved hands holding a plastic heart.

Nylon and wool are two warming materials that don’t cause any time of irritation or itchiness. They’re usually thin and easy-to-wear, so you can also wear multiple layers of mittens if it gets too cold. The best thing about mittens is that you can make them out of recycled materials.

If you have an old hoodie, wool jacket, or socks that you’re planning to chuck away, use itas mittens. Cut out the right size for your hands and attach a string at the wrist to keep them intact.

4. Black Leather Gloves

OZERO Winter Gloves for Women/Girl, Deerskin Suede Leather Cycling Bike Thermal Glove - Sensitive Touch Screen Fingertips and Silky Velour Fleece Lining - Warm Hand in Cold Weather (Black,Medium)
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Leather gloves were worn by the Joker in the popular film, Batman, after which they quickly gained attention. There is nothing more alluring and enrapturing than a smooth pair of leather gloves. If you’re a fan of leather, you probably anticipate the winters because that’s the perfect time to flaunt leather.

Whether it’s a leather jacket, a leather hat, or leather gloves, this fabric will never fail you. Not only is it super-smooth and sleek to touch; it can also give you a super-stylish and edgy look.

Leather gloves work amazingly to keep the cold. They perfectly complement your holiday fashion and look wonderful with a long winter coat.

5. Cycling Gloves

K-mover Outdoors Camping Half Gloves Tactical Fingerless Gloves Durable Cycling Gloves (Black, Large)
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Cycling gloves for women have microfibers, which makes them strong and sturdy. Their pads are comfortable and conveniently slip on the fingers. Wearing these gloves during cycling protect your wrists from strains and damage.

Cycling gloves are made with a breathable, hard-wearing fabric, which makes them easy to take on and off. You can even use them to protect your knuckles and wrist during camping, hiking, or when riding an automated bike.

6. Skiing Gloves

Aisprts Ski Gloves, Warmest Waterproof and Breathable Snow Gloves for Mens,Womens,Ladies and Kids Skiing,for Parent Child Outdoor (Rose, S(Fit Kids 6-8 Years Old))
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If you’re a fan of the sport itself, then chances are you already own skiing gloves. Skiing gloves are made of high-quality cotton, which makes them perfect for triple-insulation. Inserted with a thick fleece fabric inside, skiing gloves readily absorb sweat, while keeping your hands super-warm.

They are windproof and usually have an elastic wrist strap to fasten them nicely on your hands. Perfect for winter fishing and snow activities, they are one of the sturdiest and strongest pair of gloves you will find.

7. Fingerless Gloves

A woman wearing fingerless gloves.

Fingerless gloves are essentially worn for sun protection. They are lightweight, thin, and stretchable, adding an edge of comfort. Fingerless gloves are made of cooling fabric that blocks the sun rays while making your hands agile when using your mobile or touch screen.

Fingerless gloves are also a good choice for outdoor leisure time. Wear them when you’re out for gardening, a thrilling ride, or even some fun hiking.

Fingerless gloves are a little bit different from wrist warmers. They are the difference between the simple and feisty fashion. While wrist warmers partially cover your palm and the entire length of your wrist, fingerless gloves have cut-out finger shapes that look absolutely chic.

EachWell Women Girls UV Protection Long Lace Solid Fingerless Gloves Sunblock Arm Sleeves Beige
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If you’re into the “good girl gone bad” concept, fingerless gloves in dark colors can really bring feisty personality. They are also more practical than normal gloves because the fingers are still exposed.

Many people don’t wear gloves because they make it difficult to perform certain tasks. For example, if you want to operate your touchphone, you may need to take off your gloves. Fingerless gloves, on the other hand, not only keep your hands warm but also allow agility and convenience.

8. Christmas Gloves

Women's Christmas Gloves,Jushye Fashion Girls Knit Wool Women Girl Snowflake Winter Keep Warm Mittens Gloves (Pink)
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Christmas gloves intricately knitted and hand-sewn. They are a good choice for a festive, holiday fashion, which is why Melania Trump chose to wear them, right when she began decorating a Christmas tree.

No matter how low the temperatures get, Christmas gloves will always keep you warm. They are versatile and retain their quality even after the toughest washes. Being slightly thicker, they keep the spaces between your fingers extra-warm.

Traditionally knitted by hand, so you can also get your initials or an attractive holiday pattern stitched into it. While black and grey are the most commonly worn shades, navy blue and maroon look lovely too.

A warm and comfortable pair of knit Christmas gloves holding a knit snowflake.

You can feel the chunky knits and cashmere-soft texture of these wonderful gloves. They’re easy to wear and take-off and keep out the roughest of colds. These gloves are knitted by hand, so you can gift them to a loved one.

9. Button Gloves

Button gloves are tailor-made for every-day winter wear. Even when button gloves aren’t really a popular choice, they can easily help you pull off a stylish urban look if paired with the right outfit.

You’ll probably be a fan of these if we told you they’re Meghan Markle’s favorite. Button gloves are traditionally hand-knitted and therefore extremely soft. They look extremely appealing in shades of grey, brown, green, and camel.

YISEVEN Womens Winter Dress Leather Gloves Touchscreen Wool Lined Flat Design Classic Genuine Sheepskin Warm Fur Lining Long Cuff Ladies Driving Work Accessories Thanksgiving Gifts, Brown Small/6.5”
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If you’ve been facing allergies or irritations between your fingers and on your hands lately, then button gloves are a wonderful choice. The material is not only calming against the skin but will also keep your hands warm and snug.

10. Elastic Velvet Gloves

Women Velvet Gloves Elastic Stretchy Velours Flannel Royalblue Silver 22cm Gift
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Velvet gloves are known for their regal soft touch. They are elastic, stretchable, and breathable. they are the most stylish and chic winter accessory, velvet gloves perfectly complement the Christmas theme.

If you’re ever invited to a costume holiday party or are planning to host a festive dinner yourself, make sure to sport a pair of velvet gloves. They’re not just the softest and smoothest to touch but also look gorgeous in a short dress.

11. Arm Warmers

Women Arm Warmers- Winter Warm fingerless gloves knit hand warmers Crochet Thumb hole wrist warmers mittens (black+red)
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Sometimes a simple fashion choice can make you look elegant; a pair of jeans, a favorite side-cross-bag, or a pair of simple wrist warmers can look absolutely lovely.

The easy-to-wear wrist warmers keep the delicate part of your arms super-warm and cozy. If you’re feeling fancy, you can stick a few sparkly beads on your wrist warmers and wear them outside.

A pair of hands wearing wrist warmers and holding a ball of yarn.

The best thing about a pair of simple wrist warmers is that they complement every outfit – from a simple sweatshirt and jeans to a fancy dress.

Wrist warmers are the perfect choice for those not-so-cold winter days when the breeze is gentle enough to stroll the streets.

12. Driving Gloves

Lavany Women's Girls Winter Driving Sports Fingerless Imitation leather Gloves (Black)
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Driving gloves give your hands superior control over the wheel of the car. You have more grip and agility, which can make driving on the highways a super-fun experience. By preventing your hands from sweating and getting oily, they also help you preserve the wheel.

Driving gloves can make the job extremely easy even during extreme temperatures. And above all, they give off a daredevil look and are extremely stylish.

13. Weightlifting Gym Gloves

BEACE Weight Lifting Gym Gloves with Breathable Leather Palm for Workout Exercise Training Fitness and Bodybuilding for Men & Women
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If you’re a rough and tough girl who likes to work out frequently, then weightlifting gym gloves are your ideal workout accessory. Wear them on your trip to the gym or any high-intensity workout. They give you a strong grip over objects, protect your hands from injuries, and help increase your muscle mass.

Don’t try to lift heavy things without a comfy pair of gym gloves. They can protect your hands from strains and help them maintain a good posture. As they are made from thick cotton pads, they keep your hands safe from dangerous impact.

14. Faux Fur Gloves

Women Winter Cold Texting Color Faux Soft Suede Gloves with Faux Rabbit Fur (Grey, Free size)
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Faux fur gloves usually have the main material around the wrist of the glove. The fur trim gives off quite a cozy look and is perfect to pair with a formal party dress. Although you may need thicker gloves to beat the harsh winter spells, faux fur gloves are ideally worn during temper climes.

You can pair them up with a draping cape coat or a long trench coat. These gloves are both sophisticated and fancy.

15. Fish Neon Gloves

Fingerless Fishnet Neon Gloves for Parties, Costumes (12pk)
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Fingerless fishnet gloves are perfect to wear for those indoor, cozy parties in the winter. You can conveniently wear them when the temperatures are pleasant. They’re super-thin and woven with a delicate net giving off an alluring yet elegant look. Thinnet gloves can be paired with a long cock-trail dress or can be worn over a formal skirt and blouse.

They have fishnet cutouts and perfect holes for your fingers and thumbs to stick out. Giving off an 80s vibe, fishnet gloves are wonderful for enhancing your costume style. You can wear them for dance events and retro parade celebrations.

They are stretchable and glow in the dark, making them perfect for Halloween.

16. White Parade Gloves

5 Pairs White Cotton Women Gloves for Formal Parade Marching Costume Party Dress
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White costume gloves are worn by women participating in royal parades, funerals, and other royal services. If you’re a fan of the Macy’s Day Parade or wish to join a marching band to express your patriotism, then white parade gloves are an excellent choice.

So, here it is—all the different types of gloves for women that you could possibly find. Pair all these gloves with just about any look and people will love you for your unique, stylish taste.

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