15 Different Types of Socks for Women (Photos and Chart)

A variety of colorful patterned socks for women.

You might spend hours browsing through your wardrobe to select clothes that will make you look your best and shoes that will really set you apart from the crowd. You might also spend hours doing makeup that’s absolutely spot-on and ironing your clothes until all the creases are gone.

But while you put in all these efforts when dressing up for the day or any other special occasion, there is one aspect of fashion that is usually neglected by most women.

Did you figure out what it is?


The first thing that usually comes to mind when you hear of this word is a fluffy pair of socks that keep you warm and cozy while you snuggle into bed or sit by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate on a wintry night. But socks are more than that.

Be it thin or thick, short, or long; women wear different types of socks on different types of occasions.

However, many people don’t think much when buying a new pair of socks. They will pick up a pair that attracts the eye, is the cheapest buy, or sometimes merely the first pair that they come across. This is because they think that choosing a pair of socks is inconsequential. But the reality is just the opposite.

Socks are a lot more than a type of simple footwear.

The length of the socks, the material that they are made up of, and the type of socks impact your overall appearance and the impression that you make on people. Moreover, wearing the wrong types of socks can lead to smelly feet, calloused heels, and in severe cases, fungi and other skin infections as well.

Therefore, it’s important to know the different types of socks available so that your feet stay protected and you look gorgeous from head to toe.

And if you are already a lover of this apparel and are always buying new ones, then here are some pairs of socks to add to your collection.

Sock-length Chart

An illustrative chart depicting the sock lengths for women.

By length

Ankle-length socks

Copper Fit Women's Performance Sport Cushion Low Cut Ankle Socks w/ Heel Guard (5 pair),Black, Shoe Size 4-10
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As the name suggests, these socks cover your foot up to the ankle. They are also called ‘low cut socks’ because they are perfect to wear with low cut shoes such as loafers or any other casual shoes. Ankle socks are the best choice if you want to protect your feet during gym sessions, running, and other sports.

When made with a lighter material, ankle socks can be worn with casual shoes to protect your feet from dirt and dust.

Quarter length socks

Women's Athletic Low Ankle Quarter Cushion Socks
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Slightly longer than ankle-length socks, the quarter length socks extend above the ankles up to your shins. They are ideal for wearing in cases where your sports shoes can cause blisters or shoe bites or if you already have sensitive spots from blisters caused by your previous shoes.

Most women wear these socks to protect their feet from getting rough.

Crew length socks

Galsang 5 Pairs Womens Lightweight Cotton Casual Crew Knit Socks Solid Color,Size 5-10 A504 (pure color)
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Women who love to hike or enjoy other outdoor physical activities love to wear crew length socks. These socks are longer than quarter length socks and can vary from 6 to 8 inches in total length.

Sportswomen, especially tennis players, wear crew length socks during their games.

You can wear crew length socks during winters to keep warm because they provide more coverage as they reach just beneath your calf muscles.

Mid-calf length socks

Sonoma Women's Dress Crew Socks - Solid and Patterned - 6 Pairs - Size 4-10 (White on White - 6 Pack)
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As apparent by their name, mid-calf length socks are quite similar to calf-length socks except that mid-calf length socks do not cover the calf muscles completely.

Calf-length muscles

Doc Miller Premium Calf Compression Socks 1 Pair 20-30mmHg Strong Calf Support Graduated Pressure for Sports Running Muscle Recovery Shin Splints Varicose Veins Plus Size (Skin Sock, X-Large)
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These types of socks envelop your calf muscles. They reach just below your knee and are great for staying comfortable during winters. They are suitable for outdoor physical activities but are also often available in the net fabric so that they can also be worn with certain formal dresses.

Knee-length socks

Kayhoma Extra Long Cotton Thigh High Socks Over the Knee High Boot Stockings Cotton Leg Warmers, 2 pairs
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Whether you love winters or not, you must have knee-length socks if you live in an area that experiences snowfall or harsh winters. Covering your feet all the way up to the shins, calf, and then the knees, these socks provide a lot of protection and comfort in the cold season.

These socks also go greatly under long boots.

Since they provide a lot of coverage and look sophisticated, knee-length socks are common in the dress codes for female workers in the aviation and healthcare industries. The length stays the same but the material for the socks used for such purposes might be thinner.

Stewardess and air hostesses of various airlines wear plain knee-length socks as a part of their uniform.

Thigh-high socks

Zando Women Triple Stripe Over the Knee High Socks, 3Pair -White/Black/Gray, One Size : XS to M
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Thigh-high socks are the ultimate types of socks to pair with skirts.

Like all other socks, they come in a variety of different colors and different materials.

Plain thigh high socks with medium-sized checkered or even plain skirts are often a part of school uniforms for girls. Girls who love funky outfits combine colored thigh high socks with short skirts or miniskirts for an eccentric style. Besides being brightly colored such thigh high socks are also usually printed with different designs and patterns.

Slip-on padding socks

TETIBA Women’s Premium Cotton Mule Clog Toe Topper No Show Half Liner Socks With Non-skid Bottom 2 to 5 pairs (Shoe 8-11 (M/L), 2 Pairs_Beige)
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These socks are quite similar to ankle socks. The only difference is that slip-on padding socks are slightly shorter than ankle-length socks. Plus, slip-on padding socks are made from a much lighter material than any other type of socks.

Not wearing socks leads to foul-smelling feet and even cracked heels over time. Therefore, no matter how thin the socks are, there must be some layer between your foot and the shoe. These socks are the go-to for all women who don’t want to wear socks except when its winter.

It is always handy to keep a pair or two of slip-on socks handy because they are barely noticeable and therefore, go well with all formal and even fancy shoes.

Ballerina dancers especially wear slip-on padding socks because their light and elastic material complement their thin, almost cloth-like ballerina shoes and also because these socks do not hinder the ballerinas’ swift movements.

Furthermore, these socks are the first choice of all women who want to wear socks to protect their feet but don’t want the socks to be visible.

Pain reliever socks

Physix Gear Plantar Fasciitis Socks with Arch Support for Men & Women - Best 24/7 Compression Foot Sleeve for Heel Spurs, Ankle, PF & Swelling - Holds Shape & Better Than a Night Splint - Pink LXL
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These types of socks are specially designed for female athletes who often suffer from Arch Pain, Heel Spurs, Heel Pain, and other similar foot aches and problems associated with fast movement or wearing tight sports shoes.

Pain reliever socks use extra soft and comfortable material that provides compression zones to reduce the pain and prevent the pain from occurring again.

Antimicrobial fibers in these socks not only absorb sweat but they provide a clean, dry, and fresh feeling throughout the training sessions or the sports activities. As a result, not only is the foot odor reduced but skin infections such as fungal growth resulting from wet and sweaty socks are also avoided.

Knitted socks

JOYCA & Co. 3-5 Pairs Womens Multicolor Fashion Warm Wool Cotton Thick Winter Crew Socks (4 Pairs Mix 1)
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Needless to say that knitted socks are made from wool.

Not only do they keep your feet warm but different types of knit coupled with crocheted designs make really traditional yet stylish socks.

Women who know or love to knit often make one for themselves while others are eager to buy some pairs off the shelf because knitted socks are a must-have in every woman’s winter wardrobe.

Legwarmer socks

Bestjybt Womens Short Boots Socks Crochet Knitted Boot Cuffs Leg Warmers Socks (5 Pairs-Style A)
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Legwarmer socks are usually made from natural cotton yarn but commercially available types can also use synthetic cotton.

These types of socks are commonly preferred by young girls of school-going ages because leg warmer socks always look trendy. Embellishing these socks with large buttons, laces, or any other accessories and wearing them with jeans or skirts gives a truly chic and fascinating look.

Transparent socks

INTRIGUE Sheer Ankle Socks - 8 Pairs Pack - Cute Hosiery For Women, Beige, One Size
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Made from a combination of polyester, spandex, and cotton, transparent socks have become the latest summer trend.

They are almost completely transparent and function a lot like a pantyhose – except that these only cover your feet. Do you know a lady who doesn’t want to wear the long net tights in summer but wants her feet to look smooth and fairer?

Then the transparent socks are the perfect fit for them.

These socks also come decorated with different designs and patterns at the toes, feet, and ankles. Also, the designs are printed in various colors to match different outfits.


Split-toe socks

TeeHee Flip Flop Big Toe Cotton Socks 3-Pairs Pack (Mini Stripe)
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It is said that the trend for split-toe socks originated from Asia or to be more specific, India. But whatever the case might be, women all over the world are really grateful for this genius invention.

Split toe socks have a self-explanatory name. Instead of one continuous stitch like in all conventional socks, split-toe socks have a separate compartment for the big toe thumb and another compartment for the remaining toes. Quite similar to the mittens worn in hands.

Designed or colorful split-toe socks can be worn casually with toe sandals or slippers while plain and decent split-toe socks are now increasingly being worn by women even with fancy slippers.

Fishnet socks

Abollria Girls Ladies Casual Mesh Fishnet Short Socks Ankle Knee Black Medium Hole
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Fishnet socks are so-called because they are formed from the net that looks similar to a fisher’s net.

Unlike all other socks that usually come in various different colors and designs, the fishnet socks are only available in black and white colors.

The length of these socks and the wideness of holes in the net that is used can vary from one manufacturer to another. However, one thing is certain: the fishnet socks are a unique festival accessory that can pump up any simple outfit. Also, these socks are highly versatile by their very nature. Quarter length fishnet socks can be worn with most sandals, crew length fishnet socks can be worn with canvas shoes whereas thigh high fishnet socks can be worn with dresses to casual and semi-formal events.

Fishnet socks look great will all open-toes sandals.

Fence net socks

Leg Avenue 9037 Women's Fence Net Thigh High Stockings With Lace Top - One Size - Black
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Enlarge the gaps in fishnet socks a couple of times and you get fence net socks.

It goes without saying that these socks hardly provide any coverage. Rather, they are a part of exotic apparel and are normally worn by ladies to clubs, dance parties or to other entertainment events like a Saturday night out with friends.

Fence net socks come in one size that fits women of all heights and ages because they are manufactured from highly elastic yet durable materials – a mixture of spandex and acrylic.


So, now that you are aware of all the different types of socks available for women, make sure that you select the right ones to compliment your outfit.

After all, an outfit coupled with spot-on socks can knock the socks off others.

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