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What Types of Rain Gear Should I Get for Riding a Motorcycle to Stay Dry?

When you are an avid motorcycle rider, you expect to ride in all types of weather. If you do not prepare for it, you might get caught without the right equipment or protection in case you get caught in the rain. Check out all the rain gear options available.

This is a close look at a biker riding in the rain.

If you love riding your motorcycle, at some point, you will get caught in the rain. Perhaps, you may even plan to ride in the rain. Many riders enjoy riding in the rain. Some riders do not ever want to ride in the rain and will do anything they can to avoid it.

If you enjoy riding your motorcycle in the rain or are a new rider, you want to make sure you are prepared for anything. This includes getting caught in the rain. Continue reading this article to find out everything about what types of rain gear should I get for riding a motorcycle to stay dry. 

What is the Purpose of Motorcycle Rain Gear?

This is a motorcycle delivery worker in the rain.

There are many reasons why you should consider wearing wet weather gear while riding your motorcycle. Motorcycle rain gear will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable while riding. Motorcycle rain gear is made for men and women and keeps you dry in the heaviest rain. One thing that you want to remember is that it is hard to see motorcyclists most of the time, but it is even more challenging in the rain.

The harder it is raining, the harder it is to see someone on a motorcycle. Rain pants and rain jackets often have reflective capability, including a reflective strip, and lots of colors, so you can be more visible in the rain. The rain makes everything slippery. When you wear the proper gear like boots and gloves, they help you keep your grip on the brake, shifter, and clutch. 

Types of Motorcycle Rain Gear

There are multiple types of rain gear that can help you while you are riding in the rain. Consider these types of waterproof gear when you are motorcycle riding or riding a dirt bike. 

Motorcycle Helmets

This is a close look at a wet black motorcycle helmet.

While there may not be a specific helmet for wearing in the rain, a helmet is something that you should always wear regardless of the weather. A full face helmet provides optimal protection from cold weather, rain, and wind, in addition to the protection it provides during a crash. Some full face helmets have vents built into the helmet. It would be best if you remembered to close them before you get caught in the rain. If you close the vents when you are reminded to because of the rain, it is too late; you are already wet.

An open-face helmet does not provide you with a lot of protection from the rain. If you have an open-face helmet, you should get a visor to help keep the rain off your face. A half helmet provides protection in the event of a crash, but it provides next to no protection from the rain. If you want to wear a half helmet, then get a pair of goggles to keep the rain from your eyes. 

Motorcycle Rain Jackets

A family of three riding on a motorcycle through the rain covered with a pink tarp.

There are two different types of rain jackets that you can use while riding in the rain. One is a heavy-duty and waterproof jacket, while the other is a lightweight motorcycle rain jacket. A lightweight motorcycle jacket is worn over a regular motorcycle jacket. No matter which one you pick, make sure you select one with a high collar.

You want it to seal against your neck to prevent water from dripping down your neck and inside the waterproof cycling jacket. In addition, both types of jackets should have sleeves that are secure around the wrists. This prevents water from coming in at your wrist and down your hands. 

If you opt for a lightweight rain jacket, you want to make sure that it fits properly. Remember, it goes over your regular motorcycle jacket. It cannot be too small or tight in order to be able to slip easily over your regular jacket. It may be so difficult; you do not even bother with the rain jacket. If the rain jacket is too big, you may flap around while you ride, and water may be able to get in. 

Motorcycle rain jackets offer you a minimal amount of protection from stormy weather. It does not feel good to feel the rain pelting against your body. You will be happy to have a protective covering. If you opt for this type of jacket, you may want to use a spray to help it repel water to ensure you stay dry in the rain. You may also consider using the waterproof spray on any jacket that claims it is waterproof. 

Motorcycle Rain Pants

This is a couple on a motorcycle riding through the flooded street.

Motorcycles with windshields offer you some amount of protection against rain, wind, and cold temperatures. In addition, the windshield provides some protection for your upper body. However, your legs are going to get wet, even if you have a windshield. Even if your bike has a full-fairing, like fenders, to protect your legs and feet, road spray and mist are still going to get your legs wet. Many riders choose not to wear rain pants, but they can do a great job at keeping you dry. 

There are two types of rain pants. One type is a regular motorcycle pant that have a primary purpose of protecting you in a crash. This riding gear option is also waterproof. The other type is a lightweight pair of motorcycle rain covers that you can pull over your motorcycle pants when you need them. No matter which type of pants you choose, they should both have an elastic cuffs that seal around your ankles and elasticized waist to prevent water from getting in.

Some rain pants are a bib or coverall style, meaning they cover the area that includes the front of your torso. They provide you a little more protection from a wet road and rainy weather. Some motorcycle rain pants have stirrups, which are elastic straps that keep your pants in place by connecting underneath your boots. This stops them from riding up your leg and leaving it unprotected. Finally, there are waterproof pants that have suspenders.

These stirrups help to secure your pants in place, no matter if you are standing, walking, or riding. You want to make sure your motorcycle pants fit properly. If they are too tight, you probably will not want to wear them. If they are too big, they will flap while you ride. Not only are they a distraction, but also likely to let in water. 

One-Piece Motorcycle Rain Suits

This is a rider with full gear standing under an umbrella.

One-piece suits give you the advantage of not allowing rain to enter, especially at the waist. You do not have to worry about an elastic waist on these pants. Because these pants are one-piece there is no part that might be too tight. Since you only wear this while it is raining, you must store it on your bike when not in use. A one-piece suit is easier to fold and is more compact.

This motorcycle rain suit saves room when stored on your bike. A one-piece suit is not as bulky as a two-piece suit. A two-piece suit is not as easy to put on and remove as a two-piece option. You may have to take off your boots to put on a two-piece suit. You may want to consider this when you have to stop for a bathroom break. You also have to be mindful when you put on this suit. If you notice some drizzle, you want to pull over and put on this suit. A one-piece suit is going to keep you warmer. 

Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

This is a rider putting on his motorcycle gloves.

As with other types of motorcycle rain gear, there are two different types of gloves from which you can choose. First, there are motorcycle gloves that are made for everyday wear while riding your bike. These gloves are also waterproof. Second, there are also motorcycle covers for your gloves to wear in the rain. You wear them on top of your standard gloves, and you store them on your bike when you are not wearing them. 

When gloves are labeled as waterproof, they will still benefit from a waterproofing spray. In addition, rain covers that you put on over your gloves give you better protection from rain and wet weather, especially when the rain is heavy. These are a great option when you take a long ride and be exposed to the elements for a long time. 

Gloves have a gauntlet that extends far over your sleeves. One thing to consider is if you have fairings on your bike, the dynamics of the wind create a force that drives rain down your sleeve and in your gloves. You do not usually find this out until it happens. If you have these waterproof gloves, and you find your fairings are pushing water down your gloves into your sleeve, you can put your glove under the sleeve of your jacket.

It is critical to keep your hands warm and dry when riding to ensure that you remain in control of your motorcycle. When the roads and weather are wet, it is even more important that you precautions to ensure your ability to stay in control. If your hands are cold and wet, they are probably numb. When they are numb, you are not able to respond quickly. If you have to brake in the rain, you need more dexterity and skill. 

Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

This is a close look at a rider wearing a pair of black leather riding boots.

Just like all the other rain gear options, waterproof motorcycle boots come in two different options. Regular motorcycle boots are naturally waterproof. They automatically protect your feet from getting wet. You can also find rain covers for your motorcycle boots. You can store them on your bike until you need them. You only have to pull them on over your boots before they get wet.

You should take regular care and maintenance of your motorcycle boots to ensure they remain waterproof. The rain covers for your boots are made from rubber or nylon and provide a great deal of protection from water. The covers made from rubber are more durable but do not stretch over your boots as well as nylon ones. These covers provide sufficient coverage from a heavy downpour. 

Waterproof Motorcycle Luggage

This is a rider riding his motorcycle through the rain.

While waterproof luggage on your motorcycle may not protect your person from getting wet while riding, it can protect items you are carrying. You want to make sure that you have dry clothes waiting for you when you stop. When your luggage is waterproof, if you are taking a long trip, you may want to pack your items in plastic bags that are sealed and waterproof.

This helps to keep your things safe and dry, just in case the luggage does not remain waterproof. You can also purchase large plastic bags that can be compressed and have the air removed. This allows your items to be more compact and take up less room. 

What Materials is Rain Gear Constructed?

A rider wearing a full suit made of waterproof materials.

While waterproof motorcycle gear is important, not all gear is made the same. It also depends on how long you will be riding and how severe the weather will be. The cost should not be the only item to which you pay attention when it comes to gear, but in this case, you get what you pay for. The more an item costs, the more likely it will keep you comfortable and dry.

Breathable and Waterproof Textiles

Textiles that are breathable and waterproof have small pores in them that are smaller than drops of water. The holes are larger than water vapor. The size of these pores keep water out while evaporated water escapes at the same time. You remain dry and comfortable. There are many different companies that make this type of material.

PVC Material

There are many rain pants and jackets made from PVC. PVC is short for polyvinyl chloride. This material is a polymer that is easy and entirely waterproof. This material is not that breathable.

Taped and Sealed Seams

When the seams are stitched together makes small holes in the gear. This makes it easy for water to get into the gear. The seam is chemically sealed, taped, or welded to make sure they are waterproof. It does not matter if the seams are sealed or taped, one of the above methods is used.

DWR Material

DWR stands for durable water repellent. Most of the gear you find is treated with DWR to keep water from building up on the outside of the gear. When there is a lot water on the gear, it can weigh it down, and it will cling to your body. When the gear has been treated with DWR, it makes the water bead up on the outside of the gear, so it can roll off easily. As time passes, the DWR does wear off, but it can be treated with a new coating.

Heat Resistant Panels

When you find a good pair of pants intended for rain, they will have panels that are heat-resistant. These panels are in the inside of the lower leg. They prevent melting that can be causes by the motor and exhaust.

Storm Flap or Rain Gutter

When you have zippers on your motorcycle gear that are not covered, they can allow water to enter your gear. The speed at which you are riding can cause force on the rain that will push it through the zippers. If you have a storm flap, it will cover the zipper, so the water does not directly hit it. There are rain jackets that have rain gutters on the inside of the zipper. These gutters funnel water away from the zipper.


What Should I Wear When I Go on a Motorcycle Trip?

There are some items that you want to wear every time you get on your motorcycle for a trip. You must wear a helmet, protection for your eyes, jacket, gloves, pants, and boots. You want to make sure that you have rain gear on your bike so that you have it available if you find yourself in bad weather. 

Is There Anything That I Should Not Wear While Riding a Motorcycle?

When you are riding a motorcycle, you should not wear a skirt or a dress. There are so many reasons why they are a bad idea. If you were in an accident while wearing a dress or a skirt, you will definitely get road rash. While the idea of wearing a skirt on a motorcycle may sound romantic, it is dangerous. When you are riding on or driving a motorcycle, the only safe thing to wear is pants.

There are no laws that legally prevent you from wearing clothes other than pants when on a motorcycle, it is not a great idea. You should not consider wearing shorts while on a motorcycle, even though you are sure to see people doing it. If you wear shorts, your legs are exposed, and it is possible they will get burnt from the engine and exhaust pipes on the motorcycle. 

Can I Wear Sneakers While Driving a Motorcycle?

It is not a good idea to wear sneakers, or really any other shoe that is not a motorcycle boot, while driving a motorcycle. The reason why this is a bad idea is that in the event of an accident, your feet and ankles are the first things to hit the ground. It is highly likely that the bike is going to fall on your foot or ankle.

If you are wearing shoes that are not motorcycle boots, the laces of the shoes could easily get caught in the brake or the lever to shift gears for your motorcycle. While you might want to wear a stylish pair of shoes, you should opt to stick with motorcycle boots.