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11 Ways To Style a Jean Jacket for Women (Plus Dos and Don’ts)

Woman wearing jean jacket

Stylish. Trendy. Awesome. These are just some of the words to describe jean jackets. They come in all shapes and sizes. And, you can get a pair that suits you despite your preference.  For these jackets to bring out your best qualities and make you the envy of your buddies, you need to know how to wear them and what to pair them with.

It might seem tricky, considering there are countless clothes currently on the market.  Perhaps you’re a jean jacket lover, but you’ve got no idea how to rock them like a pro. Don’t fret. The post below will turn you into a jean jacket stylist guru in seconds. Ready? Let’s get into it.

What is a Jean Jacket?

Chances are you’ve seen them before: You know, those cute jackets made from denim that both men and women wear.  They usually have a blue color like that of jeans.  Their rise in popularity makes them a must-have among guys and chicks of all ages.

Jean Jacket Wearing Guidelines

You’ll never go wrong with the following simple laws:

  • Wearing a longer jacket over shorts or minidresses is a wardrobe faux pas- a coat that hits higher at your natural waist or right at your hips attractively maintains your sexy proportions.
  • Use your coat as an inner mid-layer- consider layering your jean jacket beneath your floral trench coat or plaid blazer instead of on top.
  • Don’t worry, you’ll still be warm and get a bonus of a sweet pop of blue.
  • Rock different blue washes at the same time- get creative (and crazy) if you’re going for a head-to-toe denim look.
  • Consider a matching set in anything apart from blue- if a monochrome look is more your thing, go for pieces from a similar label in the same wash or hue.
  • Roll the sleeves of an oversize jacket- you wouldn’t want to look like a kid playing dress-up, would you? Aim to roll the sleeves between your wrist and several inches above your hands.
  • Match slim-fit bottoms with oversize cuts- no matter what pants you wear, they must fit pretty close to your leg to help maintain your shape even with the denim magic going on.

How to Style a Jean Jacket (11 Jean Jacket Outfit Ideas)

Where do we begin? Alright, here are some picks that you’ll love and want to try:

1. Jean Jacket Plus Jumpsuit

Woman wearing jean jacket with jumpsuit

This look is awesome and cute for a summer date night.  Consider matching the pair with wedges and sunglasses for that fierce yet flirty appearance.

2. Jean Jacket With Joggers

This is the ideal combination for grabbing a latte with friends or running errands.

Joggers are casual and cozy, and, of course, the jean jacket adds style and class to your outfit.

3. Jean Jacket With Leggings

Woman wearing jean jacket with leggings

If you’re not much of a skirt or dress girl, but you’d like something flexible to move in, ding ding ding! You have a winner- leggings!.

The above outfit is comfortable and sleek, making it an excellent choice for making your way around town in.

4. Jean Jacket Plus a Dress

Jean jacket with dress

If you’re going for a friendly yet comfortable outfit, this is the outfit for you.

It makes for a more dressy summer or spring outfit.

You could wear it to lunch with a friend, on a date, to church, or even to work. 

5. Jean Jacket with White Pants

Woman wearing jean jacket with white pants

This is an outfit with a girlie vibe while maintaining an eye-catching brightness.

It’s ideal for lunch with your girlfriends in the spring or summer.

For an extra fabulous look, the coat should be well-fitting, and you should roll its sleeves up to your elbows.

6. With Miniskirt

Woman wearing jean jacket with miniskirt

It’s a great rocker look. Classic.  Mix and match colors – blue denim goes with anything.

7. With Jeans (classic look)

Woman wearing jean jacket with skinny ripped jeans

8. With Trousers

Woman wearing jean jacket with trousers

9. With Baggy Khakis

Woman wearing jean jacket with baggy khakis

10. With Flared Skirt

Women wearing jean jacket with flared skirt

11. With Shorts

Woman wearing jean jacket with shorts

Source: Revolve

Fun Facts About Jean Jackets

How well do you know your jean jacket? Sure, the basics are at your fingertips, but here are some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about them:

  • A jean jacket plus denim pants equal a ‘Canadian Tuxedo’- American actor and singer Bing Crosby was part of the reason why the name came about. The combo got its name when people saw him in a denim jacket and jeans.
  • Google helped develop a high-tech jacket- the search engine joined forces with Levi Strauss to come up with the clothing. The coat had a touchscreen panel, a built-in computer processor, and a battery. Go figure! 
  • You can find them in custom sizes.
  • Some of them have a quilted or padded interior- they provide unmatched warmth, especially during winter.
  • They provide a timeless and classic style.
  • They gained popularity in the 1970s- by the end of this decade, countless men and women wore them.
  • Levi Strauss created them in the 1800s- at first, Levi Strauss created denim jeans. He produced a jacket using a similar fabric approximately ten years after the jeans.
  • They can last for years, if not decades- thanks to their strong, durable denim material, these babies can withstand years of usage with zero to little indicators of wear.
  • Designers usually make them from washed denim- washed denim is just like its unwashed cousin. The difference is producers wash the washed denim in water during manufacture.

Benefits of having a jean jacket in your wardrobe

There are plenty, but here are the main ones:

1. Low-Maintenance

Should your precious garment get dirty, all you have to do is either spot clean or wash it. Spot cleaning is quicker.

Put a tiny quantity of liquid laundry detergent in the dirty place to spot clean. Then, blot it with a wet washcloth.

This pulls out the stain, bringing your jacket’s fresh look back.

 2. Durable

Try pulling them apart with all you’ve got. It’s impossible, we know.

Jean jackets are impressively strong. There’s only one catch, though: It has to be made of a hundred percent original denim for it to be uber-durable and strong.

3. Resistant to Wrinkles

They can stay wrinkle-free for years if you take proper care of them.

A key tip to keeping your jacket looking super is not leaving it to sit in the washing machine.

Remove and shift it to a dryer’s line once it’s finished washing.

4. Easy to Layer

You can make a layered look with them with a level of ease. Layered outfits are attractive and versatile.

Plus, you can use the outfits to include new styles and colors to your outfit as you maintain a high degree of comfort.

5. Easy to Clean

You can wash most jean jackets in washing machines without freaking out that your device will rip it to shreds.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should toss your coat in the machine. Please check if it’s ‘washing machine safe’ on its care label first.

6. Available in Many Colors

You can find a coat that matches your personality, whatever your style may be.

You can find the coat in bold alternative hues such as yellow and red or traditional colors like indigo and light blue.

What’s more, you can also find a jacket with a cropped design called a cropped denim coat. It stops around the midsection.

7. Wear Them No Matter The Time of Year

You can wear most coats at different times of the year. However, jean jackets are a thumbs-up no matter the season.

Their physical characteristics provide a balanced degree of insulation that’s neither too cold nor too hot.

8. Long-Lasting

Because of denim’s tough feature, you can bet anything that your cute jean jacket won’t break down anytime soon.

One More Thing

Jean jackets are cool garments that can bring out the best in you. The key is to pick one that rhymes with your personality.

And, style it with the right clothes. If you were grey in the style area, we believe you’ve found the suggestions above wonderful and worth your time.

Try them today and add some confidence to them for maximum attention and envy in equal measure. You go, girl!

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