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7 Different Types of Shirt Accessories for Women

Accessorizing is a technique for enhancing your shirt outfits by incorporating smaller pieces. Use these thoughtful shirt accessories to elevate your personal style.

Young woman wearing shirt with glasses.

Fashion is something that is always fluid and in motion. What is popular today probably wasn’t all that popular (or even known) in the past. However, what is popular in the future is something that may be completely foreign to us as a concept today.

That is just how fashion works, and it is something that we can all marvel out for years to come. However, we can dig in a little deeper to try to figure out how different aspects of fashion are playing out today and what it may mean for all of us.

Today, we want to take a look at what shirt accessories for women are by looking at the fashion accessories that women can wear to bring out the vibrancy of any shirt. 

1. Handbags/Purses

Anne Klein Woven Satchel, Harvest

Women have carried handbags/purses as a means of practicality and as a way of showing off the fashion of their shirts for many decades. In fact, it was towards the beginning of the 1900s that the handbag was given the name “handbag”.

It was seen around enough that people decided that they needed to have a common name for it that they could refer to it as. Thus, the concept of a “handbag” took off. 

There are as many different styles of handbag as there are types of people, but the fact that the handbag has remained as an essential accessory for women to show off their favorite shirts has remained strong over the years.

There is just no getting around the fact that handbags are incredibly important to women’s ability to show off other aspects of their fashion. 

Some of the popular brands of handbags today include: 

You will note that handbags are often purchased as much for their fashion attributes as they are for the other elements that make them so useful.

Thus, it is common for people to spend a great deal of money to obtain the types of handbags that they want to carry with them every day. That said, they can also provide a practical purpose of helping women carry their cash, credit cards, and other important documents with them wherever they are going to go. 

2. Glasses

livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Computer Reading/Gaming/TV/Phones Glasses for Women Men,Anti Eyestrain & UV Glare (Light Black+Clear)

Did you know that glasses may be used as a fashion accessory just as easily as they can be used for the practical purpose of being able to see the world around us?

That is why many women are known to use glasses as a means of adding them as an accessory to the shirts that they are wearing as well. It might sound kind of funny that some people do this, but they do.

It simply brings out the vibrancy of the shirts that they are wearing, and there is no reason not to add glasses to the overall outfit to really make it pop. 

Many people are also known to use sunglasses as a way to make their overall outfit look more appealing as well. Sunglasses are often thought to provide a certain “coolness” factor to proceedings, and that is exactly what some people are going for when they get the classes that they want.

You have to keep in mind that there are plenty of people who are most interested in how the fashion accessory makes them look instead of worrying about its intended purpose. Thus, you will see many women wearing sunglasses even when the weather conditions do not call for them. 

The dark-tint of the sunglasses can draw the eyes of others towards the shirt that a woman is wearing, and that is often the intention that one has when wearing sunglasses in the first place. 

There are many different designs of glasses including the following: 

  • Aviator
  • Cat eye
  • Horn rimmed
  • Lens-less
  • Rim-less
  • and more

People will need to try on the different designs until they find the type that they feel matches their face the best. After all, it is all about getting the kind of look that you want out of the glasses that you are putting on, so make sure you take a hard look at the types of frames you are putting on as well.

The last thing that you want to do is subject yourself to a less than optimal look because you didn’t take the time to figure out which kind of glasses look the best on you. 

3. Jackets

Levi's Women's Faux Leather Classic Asymmetrical Motorcycle Jacket, BLACK, L

You may start to notice a theme with the types of clothing accessories that are used to make shirts look great, and that theme is that most of the items are not necessarily being used for their original and intended purpose.

This is to say that plenty of people take things like jackets and make any excuse to put one on even when they don’t necessarily need to wear one.

If they think that it is going to look great over the shirt that they are wearing, then it just makes sense that they might want to add a great jacket to the overall look that they are going for with their shirt. 

Getting the perfect jacket and shirt combination is the way to go when it comes to making for an appealing look. One of the best looks that one can get with a jacket is to go with a leather jacket.

The most high-quality jackets for women are often leather jackets, and there is just something about the way a woman looks with a leather jacket over a great shirt that is a killer combo that cannot be denied. 

If one is going to accessorize their shirt, they might want to put on a leather jacket even if it doesn’t make perfect sense given the weather. Clearly, there are limits to this.

You don’t want to wear a jacket when the weather is scorching, but you can get away with it when the weather is mild, and it is certainly a great look when the weather is cold. Thus, this is one of the top accessories for women to add to the their favorite shirts. 

4. Matching Shoes

Women Premium Orthopedic Casual Sneaker, Women Platform Sandals Orthopedic Slip-on Walking Shoes Fashion Flat Casual Shoes

If your shoes don’t match up with the color of your shirt, it can prove to be very distracting to people. You might not think that something like this would matter as much as it does, but it clearly does.

You need to get those colors to match up together just perfectly if you are going to get serious about the fashion that you have going for you at this time. 

The biggest thing to remember is simply that you do not want your shoes to stand out in any way that will make you appear to have a major mismatch between the colors that you are wearing.

Sadly, this happens to many people, and it can definitely put them in a spot where they stand out in ways that they would rather not. 

Lining up your shoes with the rest of your outfit doesn’t have to be that difficult, and you can probably pull it off by simply paying attention to the colors of shoes that you select for yourself compared to the color of your shirts.

Choosing neutral colors for both is preferable, and you will get a nicer look overall if you can keep things from clashing. 

5. Stylish Hats

DOCILA Womens Sun Protection Hats Stylish Winter Spring Foldable Checks Bucket Cap Casual Daily Sombrero De Copa Femme Fashionable Fisherman Hat (BeigeKhaki)

There is something just perfect about getting a hat that matches up to the shirt that you are wearing in all the ways that you want it to.

It is true that some hats are a bit unusual and don’t necessarily make the most sense for the shirt that one is wearing, but there are many more stylish hats that are perfect for the outfit that one selects. 

It is a challenge to find a hat that can act as a great shirt accessory for some women, but it isn’t impossible. You just need to think carefully about the size of the hat that you are thinking about going for and if you can manage to make it work for you.

Try to keep your hat in check and you should be just fine. What many have discovered is that they can and should go with a hat that is white in color. White goes with virtually everything, and this is a good enough reason to go ahead and stock up on white hats.

You can mix and match them up just how you need to in order to get the looks that you need, and certainly the looks that will match up with any shirt that you can imagine. 

Another thing to think about when buying a hat as a shirt accessory is that you may want to get a brim on the hat that also looks beautiful with it. This is not always easy to do, but there are people who can get the kind of hat that they are looking for when they are committed to doing so.

6. Belts

JASGOOD No Show Women Stretch Belt Invisible Elastic Web Strap Belt with Flat Buckle for Jeans Pants Dresses

There are fashionable belts for women that can help draw attention to the shirts that they are wearing as well. Yes, the belt is meant to be used to help hold pants in place where they need to be, but that is not the only purpose that one may have for a belt.

The truth is that it can also be used to draw attention to the shirt that one is wearing as well. As funny as that may sound, it is something that is effective and works well for many people. 

The best colors for belts are: 

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Red

These colors are good enough to mesh in with the pants that one is wearing, but they don’t necessarily draw away from the shirt that one is wearing. The red belt may be the one that poses the most risk of that, but even the red belt is not known for making that happen in most cases.

You can trust that the belt options that are available out there will be a great compliment to almost any shirt. Think of them as an accessory to the shirts that you decide to wear and you will known which belts you need to pick up. 

7. Gloves

SIMARI Winter Gloves Men Women Touch Screen Glove Cold Weather Warm Gloves Freezer Work Gloves Suit for Running Driving Cycling Working Hiking 102

It doesn’t get much better than wearing a pair of comfortable gloves when the weather makes it optimal to do so. Throwing on those cozy gloves when the weather is bitter cold is a great way to warm up in a hurry.

However, it is also possible to wear gloves even when the weather isn’t too bad at all. You just need to make up your mind about if this is something that you want to do or not.

Gloves can add a lot of style to the wearer, and you will want to use them as a great way to compliment the looks that you have come up with for yourself. Gloves can help amplify or highly the shirt that one is wearing.

They are a distinct piece of clothing themselves, but they tend to add a little extra something to the shirt that one is wearing.

Choosing gloves that are designed with fashion in mind is probably a better choice than ones that are purely functional if one wishes to look their best when they select gloves to wear. The functional gloves are often not great looking, and that is why they should be avoided. 

Finding Just the Right Combination

There are many choices that one can make regarding the clothes that they will ultimate wear in combination with their favorite shirts, but certain pieces work better than others.

We have detailed above many of the fashion choices that people make when looking for great accessories for their shirts. You can mix and match these options up with some of your own favorites.

No matter what you decide to do, the important thing to keep in mind is the fact that there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” way to do things. The important thing is simply that you find the combination that works best for you. 

You will discover that there are many experiments attempted to get the right shirt accessories. This means that you shouldn’t be afraid to try things that are a little outside of the mainstream.

If you hit the right combination, you may end up with your new favorite outfit just like that. It is at least worth the effort to see if you can find that homerun outfit that you love to wear going forward!