9 Different Types of Sleepwear for Men

A man wearing sleepwear drinking coffee in the bedroom.

When you go out to play some basketball with your friends, you don’t wear a suit and loafers. When you’re going to go to the office, you don’t put on sweatpants. So why are you going to bed in your boxer shorts? You dress for the occasion with everything else you do. It’s time to start dressing the right way when you go to bed, too. Find out more about the types of sleepwear you should be wearing instead and start getting better sleep when you go to bed at night.

Types of Sleepwear

Underwear isn’t really proper sleepwear. Up your comfort level when you go to sleep by dressing for the occasion. Start wearing actual sleepwear and start having something to wear when you’re getting ready to go to bed at night. With good sleepwear, great sleep is possible.

A man drinking coffee on the arm chair wearing two-piece pajamas.

Two-piece pajamas are probably what you imagine when you’re thinking about men’s sleepwear. The classic two-piece pajama set is made with loose-fitting pants and a loose, button-up, collared shirt in matching material.

Classic men’s PJs like these might be made with cotton, flannel, wool, or all sorts of materials to create a fabric of all thickness levels. They’re styled in all kinds of colors and patterns, from simple stripes and geometric shapes to all sorts of intricate designs.

A man wearing plaid pajamas sleeping.

That classic look of the past is still around, but there are many more options with men’s two-piece pajamas now. There are lots of different styles when it comes o two-piece men’s pajamas today. If you don’t like the classic button-up look, fine. You can find pajama sets made in all sorts of styles with all kinds of shirts. Two-piece pajamas made be made with T-shirt tops, long-sleeve crewneck tops, or many other different styles.

Man wearing Portugese flannel nightshirt from vermont country store.

Source: The Vermont Country Store

Nightshirts are a really classic sleepwear choice. Before there were two-piece pajamas, there were nightshirts. You know, it’s that long shirt that Ebenezer Scrooge wears to bed. But the same style has been worn by kings and everyone else throughout the ages. Nightshirts are designed to fit loosely down the body, hanging down below the knees. Nightshirts are made in a huge variety of designs, colors, and fabrics. They may be made in button-up styles, V-neck styles, or even crewneck styles.

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You’ve seen onesie-style pajamas before, even if only on a comedy series. Onesies have long arms and long legs and usually a zipper or button front or back so you can close them up all around you. This is a great way to seal in the heat on those cold nights. Onesies are perfect if you plan on going on a camping trip. Onesies may even have feet included so you can keep everything covered and warm except your hands and head.

A man wearing sweatpants asleep on the couch.

Sweatpants are ready-made for bedtime. They’re warm and insulating, they’re soft and comfortable and they’re available everywhere. You can always pair a comfy set of sweatpants with a matching sweatshirt or a plain T-shirt and be bed-ready and well-dressed for sleep.

Types of Sleepwear Materials

The style of what you’re wearing is important for sure because you need something that fits well and feels comfortable no matter what you’re doing and especially when you’re sleeping. But you should also pay close attention to the material that your PJs are made from. Even if you’ve got a great style of sleepwear, you want them to be made with material that’s going to feel good the whole night through.

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One of the most common sleepwear materials is cotton. A natural fiber, cotton is breathable and non-irritating on the skin. It’s not itchy and it’s naturally soft to the touch. Cotton can be thick and insulating or cool and lightweight. It’s machine-washable and highly durable, which makes it perfect for sleepwear and for clothing of all types. Most people have no trouble wearing cotton. However, it can shrink if washed in hot water and/or dried on a high heat, which is why some people don’t like cotton.

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Silk is another popular option in sleepwear. This material is considered luxurious because it’s so soft to the touch. Silk has such a distinct feeling that it’s actually correctly described as “silky.” There’s not even another word to describe how this material feels because it feels only like itself and like nothing else. Silk looks and feels very high-end and it’s very nice against the skin, so it is an ideal material for sleepwear.

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Linen is another high-end material. Linen fabric is incredibly durable and a little heavier than cotton. It has a very rich feel to it and it’s very soft to the touch. Linen is breathable, which makes it a good choice for sleepwear.

Pajamas may be made from a variety of synthetic materials, including rayon. Synthetic fibers are made to be tough and breathable, machine-washable, and wear-resistant. Often, synthetic fibers are woven together with cotton to create twill blends. Some people don’t like the feel of certain synthetic materials. Be sure to touch the material of your pajamas before you buy them. You’ll be feeling that material all over your body, so make sure you like the way it interacts with your skin.

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Satin is a woven material that’s prized for its sheen. Satin is a beautiful shiny material that feels incredibly smooth to the touch. Like silk, satin has a luxurious feel that can put you in a great mood when you’re going to sleep at night. However, it’s not always easy to keep satin clean and it wrinkles easily.

Choosing Your Sleepwear

Take the time to explore different types and styles of sleepwear to find what’s going to work best for you. Choose what you’re going to wear to bed carefully. You need something comfortable, something made with material that feels good on your skin, something you can wear all through the night and stay cool. Look for types of sleepwear that look good, because you’ll sleep better when you’re feeling good about yourself. Find the perfect sleepwear type for you and start finding a much better night’s sleep.

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