20 Different Types of Shorts Which Actually Annoys Me

A rack with various colorful shorts on display.

Shorts were once considered only for young boys and an improper attire that women who wore them risked being sent to prison. It all changed, however, after the British soldiers assigned in Bermuda introduced to the world the Bermuda shorts.

During the World War 1, Rear Admiral Mason Berridge adopted the style for his fellow officers after he noticed how the owner to the only tea shop in Bermuda cut off the khaki trousers for his staff just above the knee. This way, the tea shop owner kept his staff cool in the tropical climate.

Soon, the tailors and civilians copied and modified this summer version of the khaki military uniform. Shorts became part of school uniforms in England’s prestigious schools. The Boys Scouts founder Lord Baden Powell also picked up the style as well as Britain’s top-ranked tennis player, Bunny Austin.


Bermuda Shorts

A pair of Bermuda shorts.

Bermuda shorts are also called walking shorts or dress shorts, and they end about an inch above the knee, so they are fairly long. They usually have a cuff in the hem, and they are extremely comfortable. Bermuda shorts are semi-formal but can be worn in a casual setting as well.

In fact, Bermuda shorts can be worn during most activities, from shopping to running errands or going to outdoor parties or the movies. The shorts can be made of denim, twill, or even cotton, and they come in a variety of colors. They are both comfortable and practical to wear, and it seems that this fashion will never go out of style.

Board Shorts

A pair of orange floral Board shorts.

These are very similar to swim trunks for men and are often worn as a swimsuit; however, there are a few differences. Board shorts have drawstrings at the waist instead of an elastic waistband. They are also longer than regular swim trunks and have no lining on the inside.

Boardshorts are often worn as swim trunks, which is why they are made in so many interesting and eye-catching colors and patterns. In fact, there is so much selection when it comes to board shorts that it is possible to research hundreds of them and still not find two pairs that look alike. They can be solid and neutral or printed in neon colors, and most of the big-name stores carry them.

Booty Shorts

Two women wearing Booty shorts.

Booty shorts are barely there because they are low-rise shorts and are very short in length as well. Although some women wear them out in public with a t-shirt or other type of blouse, most of them wear them under short skirts. In fact, booty shorts are often prohibited by some stores and restaurants, especially if they are high-end facilities.

Some booty shorts come with a push-up feature that makes your buttock muscles look bigger, which is something that a lot of women want. These types of shorts leave nothing to the imagination and are never worn by modest individuals. However, if you’re very young or have a near-perfect figure, booty shorts can actually look good on you.

Boxer Shorts

A pair of gray Boxer shorts.

These shorts are called boxer shorts because they very closely resemble the shorts that are worn by boxing professionals. They have elastic waistbands and are loosely fitted, sometimes having a bit of a flare towards the bottom of the pant legs. Boxer shorts come in a wide variety of materials, most notably cotton, as well as dozens of designs and colors.

You can buy boxer shorts in solid colors or prints, and even in materials such as silk, wool, and polyester. Boxer shorts offer the ultimate in both comfort and style, and they are so comfortable than many men end up sleeping in them night after night.

Boxer shorts can refer to both regular shorts and even underwear, but one thing is clear – boxer shorts are some of the most comfortable shorts worn by men, which is the main reason why they are so popular.

Boy Shorts

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Boy shorts are similar to booty shorts in that they are rather skimpy; however, there are some differences between these two types of shorts. Boy shorts have a little more material than booty shorts, and even though most of them are low-rise in design, they do come up a little bit higher than the low-rise type of shorts.

They are also a tad bit longer in length, although they are still very short. Boy shorts also tend to offer more style than other types of shorts, coming in dozens of colors and designs. If you like sexy but don’t want to show off every part of your body, boy shorts are for you.

Boyfriend Shorts

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The main characteristic of a pair of boyfriend shorts is their looseness and bagginess, which makes them extremely comfortable regardless of what they’re made of. Usually made of denim, boyfriend shorts come in various short lengths and can have a regular or elastic waistband. They almost always have pockets, and they can open and close via zippers or buttons.

Boyfriend shorts are so named because they are loose in fit, similar to how most men’s pants are made. In fact, these shorts can even resemble shorts that are made for men, but they are, in fact, made for women.

Boyfriend shorts are comfortable and fashionable, and they look great with sneakers or sandals. They are made for more casual events, in part because they are made out of denim more often than other types of materials.

Capri Shorts

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Capri shorts are not always considered shorts, and they usually end roughly three to five inches below your knee. They are extremely popular nowadays because they fit just about any occasion, including dressy occasions. They also provide many advantages over other types of shorts, including the following:

  • They are not too long or too short
  • They protect your legs in the winter and keep them cool during the summer months
  • They are perfect when you wish to show off cute shoes
  • They can be both attractive and comfortable
  • Their bottom hem never gets wet if it starts to rain

Capris are perfect because they are made in hundreds of designs, styles, and colors. Some even have slits on the pant legs at the bottom of the pants, and they can come with a drawstring or elastic waistbands, making them very comfortable all year long.

Cargo Shorts

A pair of khaki Cargo shorts.

Much like Chino shorts, cargo shorts are loose and baggy. The main difference is that, while Chinos may or may not have pockets on the pant legs, cargo shorts always do.

Cargo shorts always have a lot of baggy pockets and in fact, this is their main characteristic. Also called combat shorts, cargo shorts come in various lengths and can be found in colors such as khaki, navy blue, brown, and even olive green.

They are very fashionable and can be worn on both semi-formal and casual occasions. Men especially like them because they look great and are very comfortable, and most of the big-name stores carry them.

Although they sometimes have just one pocket on the side of the pant leg, most cargo shorts have these pockets on both sides, giving them their signature look.

Chino Shorts

A pair of khaki Chino shorts.

Chino shorts are made of a cotton twill material and are knee-length shorts. They open and close with a zipper, and they are often considered walking shorts because of their comfort. Although they are normally made in a khaki color, Chino shorts can be found in colors such as black, blue, and even printed materials. They often have large pockets at the top, as well as pockets on the sides of the pant legs.

They sometimes have cuffs at the bottom of the legs, and occasionally they have a few small pleats near the waistband. Chinos are both comfortable and fashionable, and they are appropriate to wear to both casual and semi-formal occasions. They are fun and fashionable, which are two of the main reasons why these shorts are so popular.

Cut-Off Shorts

A pair of denim Cut-off shorts.

Cut-off shorts are simply denim jeans or other pants that have been cut off to the length you want them to be. They have a rough edge at the bottom of the legs because they are unhemmed and are simply cut off from the rest of the pants. These are definitely very casual shorts and are only worn for informal occasions, but they are extremely comfortable and customized to the wearer’s preferences and tastes.

Regardless of how short you cut them, the fact that you can cut them to your satisfaction means you’re all but guaranteed to love them once you’re done cutting. In addition, the rough, uneven look is attractive because it presents a less stoic and more natural look. Cut-off shorts are perfect when worn with t-shirts or over swimming suits, so they are popular for a number of reasons.

Jamaican Shorts

Jamaican shorts have lengths that sit in between the crotch and the knee, so they are not too short and not too long. Some of them have a few pleats near the waistline, but many have no pleats.

Jamaican shorts are comfortable and made for both men and women, and they often come in the colors of the Jamaican flag, although the term “Jamaican shorts” refers more to a style than it does to the colors used in the shorts. Jamaican shorts are fashionable and fun to wear, and because of their perfect length, they can be worn by almost anyone.

Knee-Length Shorts

A man exercising while wearing a knee-length shorts.

Unlike the Bermuda shorts, which end just above the knee, these shorts end right at the knee. Many people confuse the two and consider knee-length shorts to be the same as Bermuda shorts, but they are slightly different. While both of these types have lengths that are long, knee-length shorts end at the knee and not above it.

Knee-length shorts are great for picnics and other social outings because even though they are considered shorts, they can be a little on the dressy side when made in the right materials. They are both comfortable and fashionable, and this is perhaps the reason why they are so popular these days, especially with people who are not teenagers or very young.

Low-Rise Shorts

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you have a pear-shaped or hourglass figure, low-rise shorts will complement your shape, and they are usually very short in length as well.

Although often made of denim, low-rise shorts can be found in other materials as well, including twill, and many people consider them a little sexy or even risqué. This is one of the many reasons why teenagers and young people like to wear them, and also why these shorts look so good on those types of people.

Pedal-Pusher Shorts

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Pedal-pusher shorts end about two inches below the knee, so they are in between capris and knee-length shorts. They are considered a little dressier than other types of shorts and depending on the type of shoes you’re wearing, they can be worn to either dressy or casual events.

If you wear pedal-pushers with flats, you can attend events that are a little on the dressy side, and they instantly become more casual-looking when worn with a pair of sneakers or sandals. Pedal-pusher shorts are not quite as long as Capri shorts, but they are longer than Bermuda shorts and other types, so many wearers consider them the perfect length. They can be made of denim, twill, or many other materials, and they can also be worn into the fall months because of their length.

Pleated Shorts

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Shorts with pleats in them provide a more attractive look than other types of shorts, and they add a little volume and fullness to your figure. This is why people with wide hips or thighs should steer clear of this style of shorts, but if you’re thin or slim-figured, or have narrow hips, pleated shorts will make you look great.

Some pleated shorts made for men have an expandable waistband, and whether they’re made for men or women, these types of shorts can also come with a drawstring at the waist. Pleated shorts are good for both casual and formal occasions because, in addition to fullness, the pleats add a little style and class as well.


A woman playing tennis wearing a pair of skorts.

At one time, skorts were called culottes, and they refer to a pair of shorts that have a skirt placed over them, which means people will think you’re wearing a skirt only because they’ll never see the shorts underneath. Skorts allow you to walk around comfortably and feel just like you’re wearing shorts, but since they have skirts over them, you can wear them anywhere you would normally wear a skirt, including dressy occasions.

They can be made out of various materials, including cotton and twill, and they come in a wide range of colors and designs. Skorts are fun to wear and can be worn with everything from t-shirts to nice blouses, and because they can have either a casual or formal look, you can wear them just about anywhere you like.

Slip-Short Shorts

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Although these can be worn as shorts, slip-short shorts are most often used as a replacement for a slip and are worn underneath a dress or skirt. Slip-shorts are usually made of a stretchy fabric made out of a spandex blend that usually includes cotton, which means they are extremely comfortable. They come in many different lengths, and they are very lightweight.

They combine the convenience of a slip with the comfort of a pair of shorts, so unlike some slips, it is very easy to move around in them. The shorts are specifically made not to chafe, and they give you a complete range of motion without feeling constricted in any way. Best of all, when they’re worn underneath a dress or skirt, there are no panty-lines visible, because instead, they present a very smooth and even look.

Swimming Trunk Shorts

A pair of Swimming trunk shorts.

These are swimming suits for men, but because of their design, they can also be worn as regular shorts. Swimming trunk shorts usually consist of an elastic waistband, side pockets, and a special lining on the inside that makes them especially comfortable when swimming.

The materials used for these types of shorts include materials that dry quickly and are lightweight, such as polyester and nylon. In addition, their lining is usually a little more tight-fitting than the outside of the shorts, mainly because the material used on the outside is usually very thin and lightweight. Best of all, swimming trunk shorts come in hundreds of colors and bold designs, making the wearer very popular when he’s by the pool or on the beach.

Toreador Shorts

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While many types of shorts come in a specific length, toreador shorts are considered any shorts that end somewhere between the knee and the feet, so they are not always a particular, set-in-stone length. They can be solid-colored or printed, and they can be made of materials such as cotton, silk, cotton blends, or even materials such as wool and spandex.

They can be either casual or formal, and they can even be considered workout clothes when made of spandex or other stretchy materials. Whether you’re jogging, doing yoga, or attending a girls’ night out, toreador shorts can be perfect because they keep you both comfortable and fashionable the entire time you’re away.

Wrap Shorts

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These shorts have a wrap-around look and therefore, they are usually made of light material such as cotton. They come in a variety of styles and colorful designs, and like wrap-around skirts, they are often made of one long piece of material that wraps around your waist several times. Because they wrap around your body, they do not use buttons or zippers to close but instead, they usually use a thin strap or drawstring.

This drawstring is visible before you even wrap it around yourself, and helps guide you in the right direction while doing so. The drawstring is sewn onto both ends, and when you’re done wrapping the shorts, you simply tie the strings together so the shorts will close. Wrap-around shorts and skirts were very popular in the 1970s and can still be found in stores today.

The Best Shorts for Your Body Type

All Body Types

The good news is, there are shorts that look good on anyone, and they are shorts which are mid-length, meaning they end somewhere between the crotch and the knees. This is because they do not make your legs look longer or shorter, so they are perfect for everyone.

Legs That Are Short

If your legs are short, try a pair of shorts that end as far from your knees as possible – in other words, a short pair of shorts. These shorts immediately elongate the legs and make them look longer, slimmer, and of course, more attractive.

Plus Sizes

If you’re a little larger than you’d like to be, try a pair of Bermuda shorts for an attractive look. Shorts with longer cuts tend to be a little more forgiving when it comes to the wearer’s size, covering up the spots you don’t wish to accentuate. If you also wish to make your legs look longer, wear these shorts with a pair of wedges to help elongate your legs.

Tall and Thin Figures

If you are tall and thin and wish to accentuate all of your positive attributes, wear a pair of shorts that are rolled up at the hem. These shorts not only make your legs look a little curvier, but they also break up the look of your legs so that they do not look too long or skinny.

Upper Legs That Are Flabby

If your upper legs are flabby, try wearing knee-length shorts. The length of these shorts covers up most of your legs, and if you try this and it makes your legs look too short, try wearing them with a pair of wedges for a longer look, or choose slim-fit shorts that make your legs look slimmer and longer.

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