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3 Main Types of Onesies for Babies

Keep your newborn child toasty and comfortably warm with these onesies and their three different types so you can take your pick which one fits best.

A baby wearing a white onesie on a shag carpet.

It’s really no secret that babies are demanding. There are about a hundred comedy movies about parenting a baby and you’ll face about a hundred nights of no sleep before you even halfway figure out what you’re doing.

Every parent knows that the secret to surviving is eliminating steps and making things as easy as possible. The onesie does that for you. This baby garment seems to be everywhere, but what do you really know about the onesie? How many types of onesies are there and which ones will work best for your little one?

Are There Types of Onesies?

The onesie is a pretty straightforward design, which is why it’s so absolutely perfect. But within the basic design of a single-piece bodysuit for your baby, there’s a lot more going on with the onesie. Find out more about the different types of onesies out there so you can make better dressing decisions for your baby.

Onesies brand onesies are actually trademarked by none other than Gerber. That means that actually, only Onesies brand onesies can truly be called onesies because Gerber has trademarked the name. That’s why onesies are also called bodysuits because not all onesies are the Onesies brand by Gerber. However, many similar baby bodysuits are made that are very much like the Onesies brand onesies.

The Onesies brand onesies are made with snaps at the crotch so they can easily be unsnapped for diaper changes. Usually, there are only two or three snaps. Onesies brand baby bodysuits are made with cotton fabric so they are breathable and machine-washable, a very important feature. The basic onesies design, inspired by the Gerber brand Onesies, are one-piece bodysuits that are typically crew-neck style with leg holes.

Gerber Baby 5-Pack Solid Onesies Bodysuits, White, 0-3 Months

Shoulder snap onesies, or baby bodysuits, have an extra snap closure on the shoulder, in addition to the snap closure at the crotch. This actually makes it much easier to get the onesie on and off of your baby. With a shoulder snap closure, you can take the onesie off over the baby’s head or pull it down and take it off from the bottom. This is extremely useful.

Gerber Baby 6-Pack Long-Sleeve Mitten-Cuff Onesies Bodysuit, white, Newborn

Wraparound onesies are also designed for on-off ease. The kimono or wrap-style onesie is made to be wrapped around your baby. It will have snaps in the front or in the back, in addition to the snaps at the crotch, to create the wraparound design. This onesie is made to be as easy as wrapping your baby in a blanket, meaning you just place your baby on the onesie and snap it around them.

Onesie Style

Because Gerber has trademarked the distinct Onesies brand look, which is a one-piece bodysuit with open leg holes and a crew neck, this is the most popular style of the onesie. This type of onesie may come in short sleeve, long sleeve, or even tank designs. They are often made in cotton or cotton blends, but can also be made in wool, polyester, linen, and synthetic materials.

Some one-piece bodysuits for babies may also have long legs and may even be footed. These may be classified as pajamas, bodysuits, or even as onesies, depending on the brand and the store. When you’re shopping for onesies, pay attention to the style and the fabric to be sure you’re getting exactly what you want for your baby. Look for fabrics that are going to be breathable and non-irritating for babies, such as cotton and linen.

A row of four babies wearing white onesies.

Onesies are considered an absolute must-have for newborn babies because they’re so easy to work with, they’re so easy to buy and they’re super easy to wash, too. Again, that’s essential. But onesies can be worn by older babies and even toddlers. They come in a huge range of sizes, so you can keep using these very easy one-piece bodysuits on your little one for the first couple of years.

Because onesies are really the go-to baby garment, you can find them in just about any color or pattern you can imagine. They come with all sorts of fun phrases, words, and graphic images on them, too. If you can dream it up, they probably already make an onesie that looks like it.

Dressing Your Baby

Onesies are perfect when you’re at home with your baby. But if the two of you are going out of the house, you’ll want to add clothing to keep your baby warm. Onesies are typically made in lightweight, breathable fabrics. This allows them to serve as insulating underwear when you’re taking the baby out of the house. Add a pair of pants, a shirt, a jacket, or anything else needed to protect your little one from the weather.

Many parents keep several onesies within easy reach at all times. They have prominent placement in the nursery and there are often at least a couple of them in the diaper bag. This is a very versatile go-to garment that’s available from many different brands, not just the Onesie brand that has been trademarked by Gerber.

A baby sitting up wearing a white onesie.

It’s the snap closure between the legs that make onesies such a lifesaver for parents. You’re going to be changing diapers. A lot. Really, a whole lot. Onesies can very easily be unsnapped and raised up so that diapers can be taken off. You change the diaper, you snap the onesie and you’re done. That’s a lot easier than taking off a pair of pants while the baby is squirming and uncomfortable in a messy diaper.

You really can’t have too many onesies. Things are going to get messy with a new baby and you may end up changing onesies multiple times a day. You’re not going to have a ton of time on your hands to do laundry, so you’re going to want to have a pretty good stockpile of onesies ready to go.

Onesies are priced to be very affordable and they are available anywhere you can purchase baby items, so it’s easy to stock up on this must-have item. Get several different types of onesies because you’re probably going to use them all. Soon, you’re going to love having plenty of them around for your baby.