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17 Great Pajama Brands

There's nothing like silky cool pajamas on a hot summer night or warm snuggly pajamas on a cold winter night. The comfort adds quality to restful sleep. There are many types of pajamas as well as materials to make them. What's your favorite pajama?

A family wearing pajamas and white shirts.

Who doesn’t love the primal feeling of warm, flannel pajamas on a cold winter night? Alternatively, who doesn’t love the luxurious feel of silk pajamas or satin pajamas against their skin in any season? Pajamas are every bit as important to restful sleep as soft pillows and warm comforters.

There are many styles of women’s pajamas, and we all have our favorites. Pajamas can be made out of any fabric at all, even bamboo. Here is a run down on the styles of pajamas, from what textile they’re made, and the best pajama brands. Ready to get into some comfy pajamas?

Shortie Pajamas 

A woman lounging by the living room wearing shortie pajamas.

These are the kind of jammies featuring shorts and a top. The top usually sports spaghetti straps, but some come as tanks or as short-sleeved, three-quarter sleeved, or long-sleeved shirts. There’s a lot of creativity in shortie pajama sets, because women especially love to mix and match shirts and shorts. I, personally, wear mine with a plain ol’ t-shirt, because it’s so comfortable that way.

Shortie pjs are made out of every fabric known to man. They’re made of silk, satin, linen, regular cotton, pima cotton, organic cotton, velour and velvet, as well as flannel. If the fabric breathes, the wearer is comfortable, which means restful sleep.

The Best Brands Of Shortie Pajamas 

1. Lunya 

Lunya thinks of things like awakening with your tank top beneath your chin and your shorts at your knees. This thoughtfulness results in breathable, silky pajama sets that won’t get spoiled in the wash, and they remain in place all night. You can find them online at

2. Joah Brown 

This designer was inspired by her husband’s over-sized leisure wear. Her lounge wear and sleepwear reflects this inspiration in over-sized shirts and shorts. The shorts resemble biking shorts, gym shorts, or just shorts. The French terry and rayon/spandex sets are comfortable and sexy. They’re available at

One Piece Pajamas 

Footed Pajamas - Family Matching Chocolate Brown Hoodie Onesies for Boys, Girls, Men, Women and Pets - Kids - Medium (Fits 4'6 - 4'8")

When we think of one piece pajamas, we visualize our babies in their terry footie pajamas. They’re soft and cuddly and cute as a button. Lots of people aren’t aware that we grownups can have footie pajamas, too. I used to have a pair of footie pajama bottoms that came in handy when I had to work during the snowy season.

The main fabric made into one piece pajamas is fleece. However, the pjs are also made from jersey cotton or a butter wash soft waffle knit textile which is trending now. Either way, the wearer is soft and cuddly, and imminently embraceable.

The Best Brands Of One Piece Pajamas 

3. Skarlett Blue 

Not all onesies have to be footed, hooded, or fleeced. This sexy onesie is fitted with a low-cut bodice, long sleeves, and the bodysuit ends at the ankles. You can see them at Bloomingdale’s.

4. Lunya 

Made from 46 percent cotton transdry, 45 percent supima cotton, and nine percent polyester, this cool jumpsuit is cut quite low in the back, nicely cut low in the front, is sleeveless, and comes down to mid-calf. Sexy and soft, you can’t go wrong with this onesie. You can get it online at

Classic Pajamas

This is a close look at a set of peach striped classic pajamas.

These generally come in sets of pants and shirts. There are as many styles of classic pajamas as there are wearers. You have your t-shirt style of shirt, the notched collar button down the front style of shirt, the tank top style shirt, and the turtleneck style shirt.

Pants come in waist-high styles, hip hugger styles, shorts, calf-length, and ankle length styles. They come in solid colors, stripes, polka dots, animal prints, cartoon character prints, and pretty much any characterization you prefer. Some have pockets on shirts and pants.

You’ll find classic men’s pajamas and women’s pajamas made from 100 percent cotton, silk, satin, velvet and velour, linen, as well as man-made textiles like nylon. They can be laundered normally.

The Best Brands Of Classic Pajamas 

5. Lunya 

There’s something silky going on over at Lunya. They’ve invented a washable thermoregulating silk that’s just amazing. The pajamas begin with a spaghetti strapped plunging neckline top over a wide-legged pant that looks like going out wear instead of nightwear. You can see them at

6. J.Crew

These short-sleeved pjs are reminiscent of bowling shirts from back in the day. One hundred percent cotton, they’ve flowers embroidered on the breast pocket. They don’t quite come down to the ankles, but they hit in the vicinity. They’re bright orange, and we think they’re just adorable. You can find them where J.Crew clothing is sold.

Lounge Pants 

This is a close look at a man wearing lounge pants at the foot of the bed.

We’ve all seen pictures of guys stretched out on the floor in front of the couch with a laptop on their laps, a cup of coffee on the floor beside them, and either a baby crawling up their knees or a cute dog angling for the coffee. The guys are wearing lounge pants, usually in a plaid of green, red, or blue.

The guy is wearing a form-fitting t-shirt that shows off his six-pack abs. We all rushed right out to get a pair of our own (mine are red.)

These lounge pants are generally made of 100 percent cotton, but they are sometimes made of flannel, supima cotton, or knit. They can be cool and comfy, or they can be cozy and warm. Many people wear them all day and night, out doing their errands, or catching up on the latest Netflix drama. The cute dog is optional.

The Best Brands Of Lounge Pants 

7. Nautica

This 100 percent cotton men’s lounge pant features an elastic waistband with drawstring. They have side pockets and are washing machine friendly. You can find these lounge pants on Amazon.

8. Polo Ralph Lauren

Also made of 100 percent cotton, this plaid lounge pant has five star rave reviews on Amazon. The pant also features an elastic waistband with drawstring. It’s not clear if there are pockets, though, so you’ll have to order a pair to find out. Available on Amazon.

Night Shirts

Lazy One V-Neck Nightshirts for Women, Animal Designs, Tired, Sleepy (Otterly Exhausted, L/XL)

Ladies have a choice in night shirts between cartoon characters, solids, stripes, dots, zigzag lines, and pretty much any pattern you could wish. Sleep shirts can come down to mid-thigh, knees, calf-length, or ankle-length.

Sleepshirts differ from nightgowns in that they’re usually made of 100 percent cotton, feature a t-shirt type neckline, can have no sleeves, short sleeves, or long sleeves. Nightgowns are sexier in cut, see-through, and made of silky materials.

The Best Brands Of Night Shirts 

9. Disney

Macy’s is the place to go for the cutest sleep shirts for ladies. This Minnie Mouse night shirt features the slogan Boss Lady on a t-shirt neck, short-sleeved, mid-thigh length sleep shirt. Made of brushed jersey, the neckline and sleeves feature red piping.

10. Charter Club

Also available at Macy’s, this long-sleeved, V-neck mid-thigh sleep shirt is made of 100 percent cotton. The shirt has a kind of multi-colored marbled print.


Eileen West 100% Cotton Sleeveless Ballet Nightgown Light Yellow XL

Ladies can get old-fashioned Victorian nightgowns complete with ruffles and lace, with neck-high, long-sleeved, and ankle-length styles. Ladies can find silky smooth, shorty, or long nightgowns with spaghetti straps or other types of straps over the shoulders. Nightgowns come with cutouts, lace-edged openings down the front, and other variations on sexy.

Nightgowns have been made from nylon, cotton, silk, satin, and velvet or velour. They come in all colors, patterns, shapes, and styles. Don’t you just hate tough decisions?

The Best Brands Of Nightgowns 

11. Lucu Vakker

This sexy little red number features spaghetti straps, plunging neckline, fitted waist, slit up the side, and with ribbons and lace in the right places. Available at AliExpress.

12. Vintage Victorian Nightgowns

Remember the old-fashioned Victorian nightgowns we were discussing above? Etsy offers several, but this one is every woman’s dream nightgown. Made of 100 percent cotton, this white, lacy floor-length gown has gauzy long sleeves, a scoop neckline, and a deep lace and gauzy ruffle at the bottom. Sizes run small, say the reviews, so order one size up.

Robe And Gown Sets 

Amoureuse Women's Plus Size The Luxe Satin Long Peignoir Set Pajamas - 2X, Fresh Aqua Floral

Also known as peignoirs, robe and gown sets are very popular. Here, women have a great many choices between short and long, silky or cotton and linen, filmy or solid, printed, solid, or patterned.

Robe and gown sets are often made of silky, satiny materials. Many are made of cotton or linen. Some are trimmed in feathers like a boa, some in fur, and some in layers of lace. Some can be nice and warm, while others are designed for another purpose.

The Best Brands Of Robe And Gown Sets 

13. KAFemme

If you ever wanted to luxuriate in silk, satin, and lace, then this is the brand of robe and gown set for you. Made of French lace and a silk and satin blend, this Santorini Luxury set will remind you of the Greek isles. It’s a seafoam blue reminiscent of a light teal located in the right places with sheer lace in the other places. You will find this stunning set at

14. Solar Water

Amazon gives ladies a sexy little navy blue number edged with lace, spaghetti straps, mid-thigh, and cut down to there. The matching robe is also lace-edged. Both are made of midnight blue velvet. A belt wraps around the robe.

15. Eileen West

For the times when you’re Netflixing and not expecting company, there’s a gorgeous gown and robe set with roses, lace, and ruffles. It’s an ankle-length set with a scoop neckline on the sleeveless gown and three-quarter-length sleeves on the robe. The robe features pockets and buttons down the front. The set can be seen at


Avidlove Women's Sexy Lingerie Lace Chemise Babydoll Sheer Mesh Sleepwear(Purple,M)

This is the sleepwear women wear when sleep isn’t an option. Filmy in places and solid in other places, these lacy sets are suggestive and sexy. They come in open-front styles, one-piece bodysuit styles, cut-out styles, and shorty styles among others.

Babydoll nighties are usually made of filmy materials such as organza and net, with the discreet parts made from satin or jersey. Today’s lace used in nightwear is generally machine-made and of two types: Raschel, which uses a jacquard machine weaving multiple rows of thread into lace, and Leaver’s lace, which is technically an antique machine, but is still in use today. Other types of “lace” are actually embroidery.

16. Bombshel

Every woman should have a little black nightie. This babydoll nightie is lacy and filmy and comes with a panty. Stretchable fabric in mesh with a polyester/spandex combination makes the babydoll comfy. It can be seen on Amazon.

17. Xs And Os

For the more demure lady who still wants to look sexy, Amazon offers this red babydoll nightie. Spaghetti straps hold up a lacy bra beneath which falls a sheer material edged in red satin ribbon. A red satin ribbon in the princess style nestles beneath the bra. A panty comes with the nightie as well as a separate bra and panty. The set can be seen on Amazon.

A Brief History Of Pajamas 

When the British were in India, they picked up on a trend that continues to this day. Everyone wore pajamas beneath their smoking jacket or other public fashions. When the British brought pajamas back to the West, they were embraced by everyone from Coco Chanel to Greta Garbo. Soon, they were part of the Western lifestyle.

Designers began making pajamas for sleepwear as well as for evening wear. In the early 20th century, the pajama was worn by the jet set as beachwear. Women coming into their own in the early 20th century wore the pajama as a matter of fact as well as fashion.

Today’s pajama remains both a fashion statement on runways everywhere and simply comfortable clothing for everyone.


Which Is Correct: Pajama Or Pyjama? 

Most people are brought up short by “English” English such as the trunk of a car being the “boot” to the English. Pajamas are simply “American” English, with pyjamas being “English” English.

What Is The Softest Pajama Material? 

Supima cotton is grown in the United States, and makes up less than one percent of cotton grown here. Its extra long fibers give it strength, softness, and the retention of color. It’s the softest, extra breathable material for cool pajamas, lightweight and fitting the body like a second skin.

What Are The Warmest Pajamas? 

Thermal, flannel, fleece, and cotton are the warmest materials made into pajamas. The material you choose depends on whether you’re warm-natured or cold-natured, the climate you live in, and just how cold it gets there. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference.

What Is The Best Temperature For Sleep? 

Restful sleep is necessary for an all-round healthy body and mind. The best temperature for sleep, therefore, is thought to be between 60 and 67 degrees, with 65 degrees being a comfortable medium, say the doctors.

What’s Better: Silk Or Satin Pajamas? 

Silk is a natural fiber as opposed to satin which is generally made from polyester. Silk is thinner and more breathable than satin. Silk therefore takes on the body’s heat, whereas satin is cooler on the skin. Again, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Is It Okay To Stay In Pajamas All Day? 

Why not? During this pandemic, many of us work remotely at home. That being the case, we can wear pajamas, a suit and tie, or just our undies, if that’s what we feel like. Comfort is the name of the game, and nothing on the planet is more comfy than a pair of soft, cool pajamas.

Does The Brand Of Pajamas Really Matter? 

Some folks can only afford clothing available at thrift stores. Some can afford to shop Walmart for their clothing. Others find JCPenney and Sears within their budget. Then there’s the small percentage that can go to New York (or they could in days past) to buy what’s shown on the runways.

Money isn’t all it’s about, though. Why would anyone spend less on pajamas that will shred in the wash inside a month? If we want quality clothing, we have to pay the price. I, personally, would rather pay a hefty price once and have the item last for years. Personal preference? Yes.


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