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9 Different Types of Tank Tops for Women

Find the best tank top fit for you by learning the types of tank tops for women. Check out this article to learn more.

Woman leaning on brick wall wearing grey tank top.

There are many different types of tank tops for women that can be worn for any purpose or weather. It is all how you pair the tank tops that will make them work. Tank tops may seem like a top or blouse that comes off as casual but can be very formal under the right circumstances.

Learn more about the different types of tank tops for women here.

The different types of tank tops for women include muscle shirts, racerback tanks, spaghetti strap tanks, wide sleeve tanks, dressier tank tops, athletic tank tops, and more. There is a tank top for women for every occasion and climate. When you are choosing a tank top, choose the one that makes you feel good and you will look good in it every time.

History of Tank Tops

Swimming tank top.

Tank tops aren’t such a significant fashion staple that they need their own historical timeline, however they have not been worn by women for that long. Historically, women would wear long sleeves and high necklines to match hemlines. Today, the opposite is the case as society has changed so that women feel more freedom to dress as they please.

Tank tops have been worn by women since the early 1920s when the Olympic Games allowed them for athletic purposes in swimming. At the time, swimsuits were referred to as tank suits, as the pool for the Games was known as the swim tank. This is when tank tops first came into history to be worn by women as functional garment.

It was during the 1930s that this kind of top became known as a “wife-beater” after people accused of domestic violence in the film were characterized with this kind of attire. The theme then was that those in low-income families were the most commonly accused of this crime. It was not until the late 1960s and 1970s that tank tops for women became a fashion staple.

Today there are many types of tank tops for every occasion.

Athletic Tank Tops for Women

Female runner wearing a tank top.

Athletic tank tops for women are tank tops that fit on the snug side, and they will frequently come with built-in support. They are used in almost every single sport that women engage in, which is every sport that men play today. These are tank tops that are recommended for women due to their built-in support, as they are more comfortable but also safer to wear when women are on a court, rink, or field.

Another key marker in this style of tank top for women is their stretch material. These tank tops will typically fit tight and have a stretch to them for comfort and safety as well. They are also often designed with moisture-wicking of some kind in mind so that athletes can sweat it out in the gym or in a game without worrying about excessive perspiration.

This kind of tank top can be worn on or off the ice or field and can be the most comfortable piece of attire to wear for women.

The Backless Tank

The backless tank top is a tank top with no back to it, and sometimes a fabric accent or strip on the back of the tank. Overall, it is a tank top that has little to no back on it, revealing the back in a fun and sexy way for many. This top can be dressed up or dressed down, and it will all depend on the fabric that is used to make material.

There are a few places where this top can’t be worn, but the office would be one of them unless you are wearing a jacket or sweater over the top. That would defeat the purpose of the backless tank top. However, they can still be worn when they fit the workplace’s dress code policy.

These tops can be worn with either skirts or pants, or even leggings if you want a casual look.

The White Tank Top

White tank top.

The white tank top is a wardrobe staple for many people, and there is something exciting about this look. This look can be ribbed white cotton or a plain white that pairs well with almost anything else in your closet. Again, the white tank top can be worn for almost any occasion.

How you choose the occasion for your white tank top will depend on the fabric that it is made of, and its cut. Some elegant white tank tops will work for a night or dressier styles if they are made with a fabric such as a chiffon or silk, while a white cotton tank top is a wardrobe must-have that you will wear all summer long. The white tank top is its own type of tank for women because it is one that every tank top wearer wants to have in their closet.

The Cut-Out Tank Top

 The cutout tank top is in line with the trend of cut-out garments where sections of the garment are cut out to add texture and style to the piece. For the modest one, this is a tank top that needs to have something underneath, as the cutouts can lead to revealing more of the body than the wearer wants. Still, this can be a very sexy look with sections of the tank cut out, such as rips along the ribs, to provide a unique finish to the everyday tank top.

In some cases, the cut-out tank top is very loose-fitting, so they have the sides and the back worn low. This is another reason that many people choose to add an additional tank top or top underneath the cutout, to show off the cutouts, without revealing too much. Prints and designs that include motifs such as skulls or animals are also a part of this kind of tank top.

Designer Tank Tops

Young woman on yellow background wearing red tank top.

Designer tank tops are a league of their own when it comes to tank top. When you wear a designer tank top with something simple such as jeans or leggings, the top becomes the conversation piece. Designer tank tops will be a little more expensive than your average white cotton tank top for women, but they will be worth the expense for today’s fashionista.

These designs are typically developed with seasonal trends in mind. That includes seasonal colors and cuts, and the textures added that are on the runways. So you might see designer tank tops with fur, jewels, even zippers that stand out.

The designer tank top is a type of tank top all on its own, but will also implement some of the other types of tank tops, such as a cutout tank, when the designer is so inspired.

The Double Layer Tank Top

The double-layer tank top is a tank top that many people enjoy, as it offers the unique look of two tank tops at the same time. It can sometimes be made as a top layer over a hem that looks like two tank tops in one. It can also be designed to be two tank tops in one, which brings new color into any outfit.

These tank tops can be styled with almost anything, depending on their fabric and cut.

A double-layer tank top looks adorable with a pair of jeans or denim cut-offs. Adding elegant shoes will dress up that look. Or, with the right fabric in mind, you can add a double-layer tank top to an evening look that can be very eye-catching.

This is a stunning style to wear to add color to your style, or just texture to break up the lines of color in any outfit.

Tank Tops With Different Backs

The most common style of tank top is the tank top with a different back, and there are many different styles of tank tops with different backs. One common tank top is a halter style tank top, that can still have straps on the shoulders, and different strapping on the back along with a halter neck.

The racerback tank top is another very popular tank top that will have a t-shaped back and require a strapless or racerback bra. These are straps that meet in the middle of the back of the top, and the shoulder blades are shown. These are common tops to wear during workouts, as they will offer more support to the athlete, depending on what kind of fabric is used for the tank top.

These are a more casual kind of tank top that isn’t typically worn in the evenings or with dressier attire.

The Spaghetti Strap Top

Spaghetti strap tank top.

The tank top with spaghetti straps is a sexier style of tank top with a more feminine look. In this tank top, the straps are thin like spaghetti, and the top is typically a tighter fit. The spaghetti strap tank top is usually made of fabric such as spandex, lace, or cotton-polyester blends.

However, looser fitting tank tops with spaghetti straps can also be made with silk or even satin.

This is a cute tank top worn sweetly all on its own but also works well under a number of everyday items, such as a flannel or plaid shirt, a coat or sweater for work, or a sheer T-shirt. This tank, when paired with the right coat or top, can have a number of different styles for you.

Thick Strap Tank Tops

Thick strap black tank top.

Thicker strap tank tops are tops with wider bands on the shoulders. This is a more comfortable look for women that want to bare some skin but still need some shoulder coverage. These tank tops are also often more supportive for women.

The thicker strap tank tops also often have more coverage in the front and are designed with a V-neck, but can also be cut with a sweetheart neckline or a scoop-neck.

These are very comfortable tank tops to wear and can be worn with almost anything. Where some tank tops are not comfortable due to their fabric selection or coverage, the thicker strap tank tops can give those who don’t like to bare skin a little more confidence in their appearance. This is a tank top that is often suitable at work or in the office but also works at the mall with a pair of leggings.

How to Wear a Tank Top

Tank top outfit idea.

There are no hard and fast rules on how to wear a tank top. You can wear them anywhere that you want to. Tank tops have been work as lingerie, in daily wear, at the office, and are even styles used in elegant formal wear.

Tank tops can also be worn at cocktail parties with the right styling, or worn on a date or out with girls. If you have one that you like, it won’t be difficult to find the right styling to go with it.

For lingerie, tank tops come in every pretty fabric and print that you would enjoy wearing as lingerie. Tank tops can be satin or silk but can be as cute in a pretty colored cotton and the right pair of shorts.

For your everyday wear, tank tops can be as dressed up or dressed down as you want them to be. Tank tops pair well with denim, leggings, or pants or skirts of any style and fabric. They also work well for the office and can pair easily with a blazer or sweater if your work has a dress code.

When you are wearing tank tops to an evening function or for a dressier look, you can still work with simple tank but styled-up accessories. Add some bling to your look, dress up your shoes in metallics, or wear a glitzy handbag with you to the event, or, all of the above. Tank tops are versatile clothing items that can and are worn everywhere.