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What are Deadpool’s Shorts?

The world of comics and video games is a world of challenge, of good and evil characters, of fun, and of laughs. Meet Deadpool, a Marvel Comics character who embodies all of the above in the coolest fashion. Play along as he vanquishes opponents, and, oh, yes, salute his shorts.

This is a close look at a Deadpool action figure.

Those of us who don’t follow comics are often bewildered by conversations in which we can take no part. This piece, for instance, will discuss what are Deadpool’s shorts? In video games, players go through steps to attain a reward. Finding and saluting comics character Deadpool’s pants is a step that must be completed in order to gain a reward.

Who Is Deadpool?

Anyone who can go up against DC Comics’ Superman, The Flash, Batman, Aquaman, or Wonder Woman must come from Marvel Comics. Even the bad guys like Deathstroke have their Marvel counterparts. His name is Deadpool.

Deadpool began his life as Wade Winston Wilson, who was a mercenary with a problem. He was disfigured. This was overcome by Deadpool’s power to regenerate as well as possessing superhuman physical prowess. He’s a likable antihero because he talks a lot and cracks jokes constantly. According to Wikipedia, Deadpool jokingly describes his disfigurement as “Ryan Reynolds crossed with a Sharpei.”

This is a close look at a Deadpool cosplayer posing on a building rooftop.

Deadpool has the endearing quality of interacting with the reader. He knows, for instance, that he’s a comic book character. He carries on conversations with his two alter-egos in caption boxes instead of thought clouds or balloons.

His regenerative ability creates havoc in the neurons in his brain, though, which forces him to make up his fighting moves as he goes along. This irritates his foes, who can’t copy them to defeat him.

Since Deadpool is a mercenary, he’s highly qualified in the use of martial arts, guns, katanas, and pretty much any type of weapon. This makes him invincible, but he can be killed. He’s been killed a couple of times, but his regenerative powers bring him back.

He’s even been brought back to life by his foes in return for him finding someone the foe wants to be brought to him. Deadpool’s knowledge of his own creation gives him insight into his foes, which gives him the power to defeat them.

What Are Deadpool’s Shorts?

The video game presents Fortnite Deadpool Challenges to the player. Each Fortnite chapter contained a different challenge. For instance, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season is all about an island on which 100 players can join forces to defeat the others. They build walls and battle the elements in what’s called a “battle royale.” The last team alive wins the game.

The Deadpool Week 9 Challenge involved gaining entry to the area of the game that contained Deadpool’s pants. The player was to salute the pants. The salute was facilitated by an emote given in earlier incarnations of the game. If the player didn’t have the salute emote, he was to go through several steps to gain entry to the highest roof of the Sweaty Sand hotel.

There, the player would find a flagpole. Attached to the flagpole would be Deadpool’s pants. Other rooms in the hotel would contain Deadpool’s shorts. However, it was the pants the player was trying to approach. The reward was the Deadpool X-Force skin option.

Deadpool Movies

This is a close look at a coming soon wall display at a theater featuring a Deadpool 2 poster.

The last Deadpool movie was in 2016 with Ryan Reynolds leading the charge. He’ll be doing it again, but no one knows when the movie will begin shooting. Reynolds is a very busy, very popular actor, so when he gets a break in filming, we just might see the beginnings of a Deadpool 3 movie.


Where Is Deadpool’s Pool Floaty In Fortnite?

Deadpool’s Unmasked Challenges are part of Deadpool’s weekly challenges. This one is part of Week 8, in which the player is to find the pool floaty before he can dance at the yacht party.

Before you can dance, though, you have to access Deadpool’s computer. Go to the left side of the menu and access the pool floaty and the yacht party. The yacht is plainly marked on the map with Deadpool standing at the bow.

Take the Agent elevator left of the Challenge Table. Select Skye. Deadpool’s pool floaty is beneath her computer on the floor.

Where To Land On Different Bullseyes On Fortnite

Several sites online offer a Fortnite map upon which to locate the bullseyes on which to land. According to Forbes, there are only three. The most important caveat is that you must land on them from the air.

You can’t simply walk to them. Additionally, you’ll have to land on all three in additional games to fulfill the challenge. Oh, yes, and be prepared for the pickaxe battle coming upon landing.

Bullseye 1: On a mesa south of the desert and on the water, which is quite visible

Bullseye 2: Southeast of the Frosty Flights to southwest of the Polar Peak

Bullseye 3: Southwest of Gotham City and north of Greasy Grove. This one is difficult to spot from the air.