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What Color Shoes Go with Yellow Dress? Yellow Pants?

It can be a little tricky to complement yellow dress and pants with color shoes. Here are some tips on how to pull off this outfit showcasing different shoes styles and colors that would go perfectly with yellow dress and pants.

Close-up of woman yellow dress and red heels.

So, what shoes go with a yellow dress or pants? I presented several options to you, but I personally like the contrasting black and yellow look and prefer to wear flat dress shoes or sandals instead of heels. However, you’re not me, so you might choose different shoes, but that’s okay.

With a Yellow Dress

Woman in yellow dress and heels posing against the pink backdrop.

“Yellow is a notoriously tricky color to pull off, so we rounded up a handful of celebs who’ve mastered the look to prove that there are no rules to follow when wearing the color,” wrote InStyle’s Alexandra DeRosa.

This slideshow features dresses in canary, mustard, marigold, buttercup and other popular shades. It shows multiple shoe types and colors to match, but I also took the time to find examples of my own that I would prefer to wear with a yellow dress. You will find similarities between my list and what’s shown in this production.

Gold Pumps

Reception Cascade Ruffle Strapless Cocktail Dress

Source: Nordstrom

Yellow and gold complement each other well. The only thing I’d want to do differently is maybe to add a wide gold choker that could enhance the neckline and hide some open “skin space.” However, the choker and shoes should match as closely to the same shade as possible, in my opinion.

I’m not sure if yellow would suit my personal body type unless I arrive at a place that features low lighting, such as in a nightclub. However, some people could pull it off, especially if they have dark hair that contrasts it. One reason I might not wear this one is because I have freckles on my shoulders.

Black, Open-Toed Pumps

ROTITA Long Sleeve Faux Two Piece Contrast Dress

Source: Rotita

This outfit may have a business appeal, and I’d wear those shoes if I don’t have to walk that much. Otherwise, I’d choose some basic, black flats or sandals with a little more material and sole support. However, the black pumps shown in this picture accent the black dress trim “just right,” at least according to me.

White Close-Toed Heels

Surplice Neck Bishop Sleeve Belted Dress

Source: Shein

I’m not sure what “innocent” should look like, but I’d wear this outfit in situations that call for modest dress. Not only that, but the A-line dress would accentuate the parts of my body I like the most and hide what I feel self-conscious about. White or neutral-colored shoes would work well with this dress, and I like the bit of accent on the close-toed uppers.

Neutral Opened-Toed Heels

Ruffled Mini Dress - 100% Exclusive

Source: Bloomingdales

I like the fringed trim on these shoe uppers. You might become annoyed with me repeating myself, but I would take a moment to find ones with no heels if I can, especially if spending time outside.

After all, the yellow sundress worn with sandals seems perfect for a casual gathering. I’d probably have an easier time walking in those thick heels than stilettos or pumps, however.

Black Strapped Sandals

Amazon Essentials Women's Surplice Maxi Dress, Dark Yellow, X-Large

Now, if you’ve seen my commentary on not showing my toes, I’m going to contradict myself now. For the right occasion, I wouldn’t mind taking time to maintain my toes just to have the chance to wear these black strapped sandals.

On the other hand, fastening the straps to the ankle looks like it takes a bit of effort. In any case, this outfit looks comfortable enough for casual wear but has just enough formality for some “dressier” events, such as a family party or work picnic.

With Yellow Pants

Woman wearing yellow pants and dark high heels.

As a bonus, you might want to check out Diane Kruger’s outfit featured on All Women’s Talk, Just Jared and other sites. I like the sandals she’s wearing with a strap that covers the length of her foot upper to the ankle. If I could find a pair like that, I might buy them.

I like this outfit, and in particular, I’d still wear the shoes even though this ensemble dates back to the 2012 New York Fashion Show. I might have a bias but would call this outfit a “timeless classic.” Besides, All Women’s Talk says that “Actress Diane Kruger is a favourite with fashion critics.” She’s wearing them in this photo with a dress, but I believe they would coordinate with yellow jumpers or wide leg dress pants.

I picked out a few more choices of shoes to wear with yellow pants just to give you more options. You might not agree with all my decisions. If not, you can explore what’s out there further until you find what fits your preferences.

Strapped Black Sandals

SHEIN Tall Zipper Back Solid Palazzo Pants

Source: Shein

These sandals do have a heel, so I’d probably find a flat shoe with a similar upper, but the heel could add some inches to a short person. The Zipper Back Palazzo Pants also complement the strapped shoes well, and it might end up becoming one of few occasions when I would wear dress sandals instead of close-toed shoes with this style of dress pants.

Alternative colors for strapped sandals may include white, beige or brown. For special occasions, you might find gold-trimmed strapped sandals. 

Transparent Pumps

Knot Your Girl Pants - Mustard

Source: Fashion Nova

I don’t think I’d wear the transparent pumps unless I have my toes manicured, and that would take some work. I’m just not one to show off my feet unless by myself or with people who would love me anyway. Black, gold, gold neutral or white pumps also might work well with these pants. Otherwise, I’d maybe try a pair of white canvas flats or high-tops.


BDG Low-Rise Corduroy Skater Pant

Source: Urban Outfitters

I’m partial to corduroy when done right, so I like these yellow pants, and it’s one time when I probably would wear white sneakers or canvas shoes instead of black ones. Worn with the right cotton top, it creates an outfit acceptable for times when “smart” or business casual dress is appropriate.