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What Shorts are in Style for Women?

With warm weather fast approaching, many women want to update their wardrobe with fun, fashionable, and stylish shorts. With many options, including denim shorts, Bermuda shorts, cargo shorts, and chino shorts, women have plenty of options this season to look stylish and comfortable throughout the warm summer months.

A close look at a fashionable woman wearing a pair of khaki shorts.

As the summer weather emerges, many women are looking to update their closets with some stylish summer clothes. With so many different styles of shorts available, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what is popular and trendy at the moment.

Between tried and true denim shorts and super chic mini shorts, choosing which shorts are best for you can be difficult. Below, let’s take a closer look at what shorts are in style for women so you can make an educated and stylish decision on your next short purchase. 

Denim Short

This is a close look at a pair of women's denim shorts.

Denim shorts will always be a popular option when it comes to stylish shorts for women. Denim shorts are versatile, practical, comfortable, and affordable. Choose between short denim shorts with a high waist or a longer pair of denim shorts that give you plenty of coverage.

Plus, denim shorts are durable, and one pair can last for years. Choose tailored shorts or something more casual with a frayed hem. Find denim shorts that are mid-length shorts or some cute daisy duke shorts. The options are limitless when it comes to denim shorts. 

Bermuda Short 

A woman wearing a pair of Bermuda shorts.

One of the most popular short style options is the Bermuda short style. These shorts tend to be longer and will brush just to the top of the knee cap. Slim cut and somewhat fitted, the Bermuda short option is perfect for people of any age.

Bermuda shorts come in several different materials and patterns, allowing you to dress up or dress down your style. Find Bermuda shorts in pressed linen, or find athletic wear Bermuda shorts that are perfect for hiking or adventuring. 

Cargo Shorts

A woman wearing a pair of cargo shorts.

If you are looking for the ultimate in versatility, cargo shorts may be perfect for you. Cargo shorts by design have plenty of pockets and storage, making them handy for hiking or working on projects around the house. Plus, cargo shorts have a looser fit, making them comfortable to move and bend.

Cargo shorts come in several colors, cuts, and styles, but many are made of soft yet durable cotton materials. 

Chino Shorts

A close look at a pair of light blue chino shorts.

Made of soft cotton, chino shorts are a more formal yet casual style of shorts. The inseam of a chino short varies, but usually, they are about 4 or 5 inches. The chino shorts feature an excellent, flat front and look great with a shirt tucked in or left out. Chino cotton shorts can be dressed up or dressed down. 

Mini Shorts

A turquoise mini shorts for women.

Short, sweet, and sassy, mini shorts are fun and flirty. With a super short inseam, these short shorts are ideal for a fun night out or a day on the beach. Available with just an inch inseam, these shorts will show the majority of your leg.

They are regularly available in several different materials, including cotton shorts, spandex, khaki shorts, or even leather short options. Mini shorts are a fun way to enjoy summer and your time at the beach. 

Bike Shorts

A woman wearing an oversized shirt and a pair of biking shorts.

What was once a practical and purposeful style design to ride a bike, these shorts are coming into their own as a standalone style. Bike shorts are made of elastic spandex and fit close to the body. Biker shorts come in several different lengths, ranging from super short bike shorts to longer, utilitarian shorts that extend almost to the knee.

Bike shorts can be casual shorts, worn with a t-shirt, or dressed up for a fun night out on the town. Not only are bike shorts comfortable to wear because of the elastic waistband, but they are flattering for a large number of body types. 

Pleated Shorts

A woman wearing a pair of pleated shorts.

While pleated shorts may have been popular decades ago, the trend is coming back in style. Pleated shorts offer a fun, retro look that can be dressed up or dressed down. Pleated shorts can be shorter or longer shorts depending on your style.

These shorts come in a range of fabric and color options, giving you plenty of choices. The pleats are often featured at the front of the short and are sewn in with button closure. Pleated shorts are becoming more popular and also come in a high waist style. 

High Waisted Shorts 

A woman wearing a pair of denim high-waisted shorts.

As the name implies, high-waisted shorts feature a high waistband that will come up near the belly button. This design can give you more coverage and support while still looking super trendy. High-waisted shorts come in several inseam lengths and can be made of different materials, including cotton and denim. High waisted shorts are a new popular trend that will be here for years to come because of their flattering cut and comfortable styling. 

Athletic Shorts

A pair of dark gray athletic shorts.

Athletic shorts are comfortable and cool to wear and can be flattering on any body type. Many athletic shorts are cut short and wide, giving you plenty of room to move. These shorts usually feature an elastic waistband and are made of lightweight and breathable materials. Athletic shorts are perfect for the beach or for taking a jog outside. Athletic shorts are practical and all-purpose and look great with a simple t-shirt or crop top. 


When it comes to wearing shorts, it can be so tricky finding the right style that is popular and trendy, especially with so many available options. Below, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions surrounding what shorts are in style for women so you can make the best choice for your needs and style. 

Can you wear shorts with cellulite?

Of course! You can wear absolutely any pair of shorts as long as you feel comfortable and confident. If you are concerned about cellulite, especially on your legs, consider opting for a longer pair of shorts that give you more coverage. Bermuda short styles typically come down to the knee but give you a slim and modern cut. Longer denim shorts or chino shorts with a long inseam can also give you the coverage you need to feel confident. 

How do you make your legs look good in shorts?

Making your legs look good in shorts is easy, as long as you feel confident and beautiful. Any body type can fit well into shorts, so finding the proper cut and length is the name of the game. Try finding shorts that compliment your legs and body type. Longer legs tend to look better in longer shorts, like chino shorts or Bermuda shorts.

These styles tend to balance the leg and offer better proportions. Shorter legs tend to look better in shorter-cut shorts. Try to find shorts that fit away from the body and are not super snug. Choose colors and materials that compliment your skin tone. Bright summer colors are the perfect way to make your legs look more tan. 

How do you wear shorts over 50?

Shorts are appropriate for women of any age, as long as you feel good in the way you look. For women over the age of 50, try to find shorts that are cut looser to the body or longer in length. Shorts with a longer inseam or Bermuda-style shorts may be perfect for you.

Choose complementary colors and materials that flatter the body. These shorts can be dressed up or dressed down, allowing you to pair the shorts with the perfect top. Plus, Bermuda shorts can be made with athletic materials, or dress materials, making them versatile and practical for all your summer needs.