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What to Wear with Black Shorts?

With summer right around the corner many people are looking to update their wardrobe and buy some of the season's hottest trends. Black shorts are versatile, pairing well with just about anything. Wear several tops, jackets, and shoe styles with your black shorts to stay on trend this season.

This is a close look at a pair of black denim shorts.

Summer is upon us, and nothing is better than putting on a cute pair of black shorts to relax in the summer heat. Black shorts are versatile and practical and can pair with just about anything. Mix and match different tops and accessories to make your black shorts the star of the show. If you need help figuring out what to wear with your black shorts, we have you covered. Below, let’s look at the various types of black shorts available right now and learn what looks best paired with them.

Types of Black Shorts

Just like any shorts, black shorts come in several styles and cuts. Much of what will go with your black shorts depends on the style of black shorts. Below, let’s take a look at the various types of popular shorts.

Bermuda Shorts

Naviskin Women's Bermuda Shorts Workout Athletic Yoga Shorts with Pockets Knee Length for Fitness Walking Gym Homework Black Size S

Slightly longer in length, Bermuda shorts usually hit just to the knee. These longer shorts are an attractive option for people of any age and can be sporty and athletic or dressy and formal. Bermuda shorts come in any number of colors, patterns, and styles, including black shorts. 

Biker Shorts

Amazon Brand - Core 10 Women's Midweight Onstride High Waist Workout Biker Short 9.5", Black, X-Small

Biker shorts are made with flexible and stretchy spandex material. These shorts fit close to the body and come in several colors, including black. Bike shorts are growing in popularity and are the latest summer trend. 

Denim Shorts

LilyCoco Women's Juniors Mid Rise Ripped Denim Shorts Stretchy Frayed Distressed Jeans (Medium, Black)

While denim is traditionally blue, it is possible to find black denim shorts. These shorts are not only casual but go with just about anything. Black denim shorts can come in any cut and any length, making them a popular and versatile option. 

Chino Shorts

Volcom Men's Frickin Chino Short, Black, 36

Chino shorts offer a soft fabric with a dressier option. These black shorts are made with soft material that can be worn in more formal settings. Chino shorts come in many styles and various lengths, allowing you to find a fit that works best for you. 

What To Wear With Black Shorts

Once you decide which style of black shorts you want to wear, you have to figure out what to pair with your shorts. Black shorts look good with several shoes, tops, and accessories. Below, let’s look at some popular options to pair with black shorts. 


This is a close look at a woman with an all-black outfit and black shoes.

Finding the right summer shoe to go with your black shorts can be a challenge but is mainly dependent on the occasion. Sandals are always a popular choice for shorts because they exude summer vibes. Try to wear a flat sandal, wedge, or summery espadrilles with your black shorts. A flat sandal can make your outfit more casual, while a heel might add more formality to your black shorts. Any sandal color goes well with black shorts, including nude, black, or metallic-colored sandals. 

If sandals aren’t your style, boat shoes will look great with black shorts. A boat shoe will give you a closed-toe shoe that is comfortable to wear. Boat shoes are practical for a casual outing or a more formal setting. 

Depending on how casual your shorts are, you can even pair sneakers or tennis shoes with your black shorts. Tennis shoes can be simple, like a nice pair of white Keds, or more ornate and colorful, like running shoes. Many athletic-style shorts are available in black, making them a perfect match for white sneakers. 


This is a close look at a woman wearing a white shirt with her black shorts.

Probably the most important part of your outfit is the top that will go with your black shorts. Choosing the right shirt can be difficult and will largely depend on the type of shorts you are wearing. Dressier shorts, like chino shorts or Bermuda shorts, will often call for a more formal shirt. Consider pairing a collared shirt, like a polo shirt or a traditional button-down shirt. Adding a nice linen top can give you a different texture and material to complement the short black bottoms nicely. 

A simple cotton shirt can also look great with a pair of black shorts. Consider a t-shirt style cotton top that has a close fit to the body. Or, choose a summery sweater-style cotton top to give your shorts a dressier look. A nice, close-fitting top can really help to pull together an outfit when paired with black shorts. Because black shorts are so versatile, just about any color top will work well with them. Consider pairing your black shorts with a black top, white top, jewel tone, pastel, or even a fun metallic colored top. 


This is a front and back view of a woman wearing a black hoodie with her black shorts.

To pull together your look, you will want to add some accessories. A great-looking and practical accessory for your outfit is a jacket. Adding a simple jean jacket to your outfit is the perfect way to make black shorts pop. It can add a fun and casual element to your wardrobe while being practical and useful, working to keep you warm on chilly summer nights. 

Or, choose to add a blazer-style jacket with your black shorts. A blazer is a great way to make your outfit look more formal, and it can pair well with chino shorts or Bermuda shorts. A blazer can be a modern and open style or a formal buttoned style option. The blazer can be black to match your black shorts or can be a complementary color, really pulling your outfit together. 

Lastly, if you want something that will simply pull together your outfit and give you something to keep you warm on chilly nights, consider adding a light sweater cardigan. A cardigan is a perfect way to keep your shoulders covered if the temperature is supposed to dip and can really complete your look. A black cardigan will always work well with black shorts or consider adding a complementary color that works with your shorts or your top. 


Choosing black shorts that suit your style can be difficult but not as complicated as finding something to complete your outfit. It can be hard finding something to wear with black shorts, especially with the various available options for shorts, tops, jackets, and shoes. Below, we try to answer some of your most frequently asked questions surrounding what to wear with black shorts to give you an outfit idea this summer season, hopefully. 

What color shirts go with black shorts?

Luckily, because black is such a universal and versatile color, just about any color shirt will work well with black shorts. Choose to keep your outfit dark by pairing your black shorts with a black shirt, or opt to lighten your outfit with a contrasting white top. Any bright color, pastel, or jewel tone will work well with black shorts. The options are endless, and really, just about any color shirt will work with black shorts. 

Can you wear black shorts with a black shirt?

Yes! Wearing black from top to bottom is a great way to create an elegant look. Be careful pairing a black shirt with black shorts, though. While the two pieces may be both black, there are many shades of black fabrics. Finding two blacks that don’t really match one another can cause your outfit to clash. 

Can you wear a black hoodie with black shorts?

Wearing a hoodie is a great way to stay warm and casual at the same time. A hoodie is a practical top that is versatile and comfortable. Adding a black hoodie with your shorts is a great way to keep warm and cozy. Black hoodies look best when paired with more athletic shorts, creating a casual outfit.