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What Type of Shoes Go with Leggings?

Leggings have been a staple for many due to their comfort and versatility. Pairing them with the right type of shoes that are appropriate for your outfit and occasion will surely elevate your look.

A group of women wearing colorful leggings and heels.

Without fail, the first garment I reach for in my wardrobe on a weekend is leggings. In fact, they are my ‘go-to’ item for comfort or physical activity. That’s not where it has to stop, though. Leggings go with a lot of different types of shoes, which can create either a dressed-up or casual look.

You can choose from a range of shoes to wear with leggings for different looks.

1. White or Black Fashion Sneakers

PUMA Women's Carina Sneaker, Puma White-puma White-puma Silver, 8 US

These sneakers, with relatively thick soles, can be worn with either three-quarter or long leggings. The look with three-quarter leggings is sporty and easy-going, especially if you wear a vest or sports top. With longer leggings, you can create a relaxed, everyday look, by pairing them with a vest and loose blouse over it.

2. Women’s Loafers (Black, Navy, Tan, Burgundy)

Hey Dude Women's Wendy Funk Chambray Navy Size 7 | Women’s Shoes | Women’s Lace Up Loafers | Comfortable & Light-Weight

Loafers always speak comfort when they are worn, especially with leggings. You can keep the look casual, or you can dress up a bit with loafers and leggings, by wearing a short-sleeved button-down shirt and soft jacket with them.

3. Women’s Slip-On Loafer with Heel

Clarks Women's Ashland Lane Q Slip-On Loafer, Black, 8 M US

Closed shoes are always popular in winter, but can as easily be used in summer. The slip-on loafer with a heel can create the base of an in-between look for fall. Wear a tailored jacket to keep the look slightly formal.

4. Big Buckle Sandal

Birkenstock Women's Madrid Big Buckle Cognac Leather Sandal 40 (US Women's 9-9.5)

What speaks about comfort better than a sandal. And big buckle sandals are just about as comfortable as you can be. Don’t wear them with three-quarter leggings, though. Pick long leggings in the same color as the shoes, so that there is a sense of flow in your look.

5. Kia Sandal

Kia Sandal

Source: Revolve

Strappy sandals and leggings may seem to be an unusual combination, but they can work together, given an overall look. Use sandals with an ankle strap with three-quarter leggings in summer, which will emphasize your calves and draw attention to the shoes.

6.  Bubblegum Mule

Bubblegum Mule

Source: Revolve

For a fun look, pair pink bubblegum slip-on mules with a slight solid heel with three-quarter leggings in pastel, or a dark pink. Add a light, fluffy blouse, and you will be a delightful spring attraction.

7.  Laguna Ankle Boots

Laguna Boot

Source: Revolve

Ankle boots and leggings are a match made in heaven, especially in winter. Choose a black boot with dark leggings and a mid-thigh length coat. Or you can choose light beige leggings and black boots, paired with a leather jacket and black vest.

8.  Coco Sandals

Coco Sandal

Source: Revolve

Three-quarter leggings and flat sandals will give you a summery feel. Choose the Coco sandal in white with a bright red or blue pair of leggings and a white lacey top.

9.  Square-Toed Mary Jane Flats

Jeffrey Campbell Square-Toe Mary Jane Flats

Source: Anthropologie

Either three-quarter or long leggings work with Mary Jane flats to create a retro look. I enjoy bright colors, so will wear a pair of green checked flats with pastel three-quarter leggings and a loose, bright scarf over a gingham blouse.

10.  Platform Sandals

Paige Rory Platform Sandals

Source: Anthropologie

You can wear platform sandals with leggings on their own, or create a layered country look. Wear brown platform sandals with cream three quarter leggings and a loose, short peasant-style dress over them.

11. Sports Sandals

Silent D Friand Sport Sandals

Source: Anthropologie

I enjoy creating a sporty look through the summer and leggings allow me to do just that. I don’t always want to wear closed shoes, though, so a pair of sport sandals is a perfect choice. You can always take a demanding walk in the correct pair.

12.  Ankle Length Uggs

UGG Classic Ultra Mini

Source: Zappos

In so many ways, Uggs are the answer to just about any wardrobe option with leggings. I really like to wear long leggings with Uggs, but you can always pair three-quarter leggings with the shorter version of Uggs for some comfort around the home.

13.  Full-Length Uggs

UGG Classic Short II

Source: Zappos

Keep your toes, feet, ankles, and calves warm in winter with a pair of cozy Uggs. Paired with leggings, these wonderfully versatile boots make sure you are warm and fashionable. Make sure that you use a padded jacket over a warm shirt and the look is complete.

14.  Gym Shoes

Bobs B Flex - Color Connect

Source: Zappos

When I go to the gym, leggings are the first piece of clothing I reach for. Then, of course, it’s the gym shoes that go with them. In this case, shorter leggings are usually preferable, because gym tends to become quite hot. For a statement, choose a pair of shoes in the same color as your sports vest.

15.  High-Heeled Court Shoes

COACH 85 mm Waverly Pump with Beadchain

Source: Zappos

Don’t think that leggings cannot be dressed up to be smart, even relatively formal. To enhance the look, wear black or dark leggings with high-heeled court shoes. You will need to complete the look with a sparkly blouse in a light color. You can add chunky jewelry.

16.  Silver Strappy Sandals

Allegra K Women's Strappy Crisscross Strap Block Heels Silver Sandals - 7 M US

While we are talking about making leggings more formal, why not look at a pair of silver strappy sandals with a mid-heel. Alone, these shoes are both glamorous and practical. Paired with leggings, they become part of a look that just screams party.

17.  Crocs

Easy Spirit Travelclog

Source: Zappos

Practical, slip-on clogs from Crocs go very well with long leggings to create a look that is both funky and practical. Make sure the shoes are a pale color that will link to your favorite t-shirt, which you can pair with leggings for a casual, fun look.