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12 Brands Similar to Madhappy

Beautiful person in streetwear close up

If it’s young and hip and fresh, it’s at Madhappy. This brand makes casual streetwear that appeals to young people and those who like youthful fashion. These clothes are cool and laid-back and fun to wear. But there are brands similar to Madhappy that capture this same sort of cool, young, trendy fashion energy. Find them and find many new ways to expand your wardrobe. By exploring these youthful brands, you’ll learn that the new generation of fashion is bringing much more to the table than cool style.

History of Madhappy

Madhappy stands out even among other streetwear brands. This brand was founded by four high school students in 2017. A group of teenagers selling clothing for teenagers? The story gets even more interesting from here.

Wearing streetwear against a blue sky and trees

The four founders decided to build the brand around a message of positivity. Mental health and optimism are the tenants of the brand.

In looking at the world around them, these teens learned that they could put good out into the world even while they were putting good fashion out into the world. Many young fashion brands are following this example and finding their own ways to put good out into the world. There are brands like Madhappy that have a clear message embedded into their fashion.

The world of style is changing. New brands like Madhappy are proof that fashion is something that continues to evolve and keeps on reflecting the current moods, trends and attitudes of the day in which they are worn.

Holding Up a Mirror

Looking cool in casual streetwear look

Fashion has always been a reflection of what’s happening in the world on social and cultural levels. Think of the short flapper dresses of the 1920s, a bold symbol of rebellion and freedom and independence for women that went hand-in-hand with sweeping social changes, such as giving women the right to vote in the U.S. and England. Think of the hippie styles of the 1960s, a clear and present representation of the antiwar and equal rights counterculture vibe that was growing so popular at the time.

Madhappy and some other clothing brands continue to be a mirror of society as a whole. Explore these other brands to see what their fashions are reflecting back to the world.

Finding Brands Similar to Madhappy

The clothes made for teens by teens quickly rose to fashion success and now, Madhappy is a brand that stands along with some of the giants in the business. There are brands similar to Madhappy that share some of the same features as the brand, and even some that also share a socially conscious message that reflect the current attitudes and opinions of the world today. Which of these brands will you be dressing yourself in soon?

Aries (More Expensive)

Aries has a ton of cool fashion that has a young, trendy sort of look. Shop here to find graphic T-shirts, jeans, dresses and everything you might want to wear from underwear on out. You can even shop for a big selection of shoes, jewelry and accessories at Aires, so you can put all the finishing touches on your looks.

Fila Women's Aries Bike Short, Peacoat, Small

Aires makes clothing for women and men, but it also makes unisex items as well. Genderless fashion is becoming big on the style scene and brands like Aries are right on the forefront of this style evolution.

The pricing here is slightly more expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at Madhappy. Both brands are trendy, casual streetwear looks that provide a broad range of products. If you like cool clothing, you’ll like Aries as much as you like Madhappy.

Blankverse Inc. (Similar Pricing)

Blankverse takes cool to a whole new level by offering the latest trendy styles while delivering a message of sustainability in fashion. Blankverse used certified materials that are sustainably sourced and makes clothing that is designed to be casual and fashionable. This is responsible fashion and this is a feature that some shoppers absolutely love.

Viatabuna Women's High Rise Straight Leg Y2K Streetwear Cargo Pants Baggy Boyfriend Pants with Pocket

Though the product line here is limited, the style are pretty universally appealing for their simple but high-quality style and overall trendy designs.

The clothes here are designed in simple styles with a neutral color palette. All the classic wardrobe staples are here in designs that are made for men and women universally. Blankverse Inc. has similar pricing to Madhappy and a socially conscious message about inclusion and responsibility in fashion. This fashion is genderless and ethical and made for everyone. It hardly gets more inclusive than that.

Cotton Citizen (Similar Pricing)

If you think fashion should be vividly colored, comfortable and classic, you’re going to think Cotton Citizen is pretty great. Gorgeous colors and traditional silhouettes give Cotton Citizen clothing a timeless look. These clothes are meant to feel good and look great everywhere you go, in styles that range from highly casual to smart casual designs.

Cotton Citizen Women's The Tokyo Crop Tee, White, S

Shop here to find clothing for men and women of all types. T-shirts, denim, sweatpants, all the stuff you wear on a daily basis is here. The styles here are simple and unembellished, which is cool in its own way. Beautiful fabrics and rich colors shine through in Cotton Citizen clothing.

If you like cool style that’s not fussy and feels comfortable, you’ll like Cotton Citizen. The pricing here is similar to what you’ll pay at Madhappy, so you won’t spend more if you add this label to your shopping rotation.

Daily Paper (Similar Pricing)

Daily Paper has a huge selection of all the casual clothing items you might want to wear. Shop here for jeans, sweatpants, T-shirts, hoodies, outerwear and plenty of styles for both men and women. You can get all the accessories you need to finish off your looks here, too. You can shop for entire outfits at Daily Paper and dress yourself in cool, casual style from head to toe and layer by layer.

OQQ Women's 2 Piece Yoga Leggings Ribbed Seamless Workout High Waist Athletic Pants Black Beige 

Pricing at Daily Paper is similar to what you will pay for fashion from Madhappy. Both brands create cool, casual fashion that’s easy to wear and comfortable while you’re wearing it. Daily Paper’s look is about neutral color tones and distinct branding in classic styles that have a timeless, highly stylish look.

Golden Goose (More Expensive)

When you want to look like you don’t care about being stylish while being super stylish, you want to shop at Golden Goose. This brand is all about casual clothes that aren’t fussy. It’s just a lot of soft and neutral colors with cool branding in simple, straightforward designs.

Golden Goose Super-Star Leather Upper and Heel Suede Star and Heel Womens Sneaker GWF00102-F002181-10509_37 Ice Blue

And yes, it looks super cool…but in that way of not caring how cool it looks sort of super cool way. You get it. And Golden Goose gets you if your style is totally laid back and really good about being that way.

That’s what Golden Goose is all about, cool clothing. Shop for fashions for women, men and children here to find all the classic wardrobe staples, including T-shirts, jeans, dresses, knitwear, outerwear and all the accessories to go with it. You can even get fragrances here, not to mention a really huge selection of sneakers. Everything you need to look casual and stylish is here.

The prices here are more expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at Madhappy. It costs money to look this carefree about trendy style.

Happiness Project (Less Expensive)

If socially conscious streetwear is your thing and you like companies that have a clear message at heart, like Madhappy, explore the Happiness Project label. This brand donates 15 percent of all profits to mental health resources. That’s just the beginning of the interesting story behind this brand, which actually started with a tragic loss.

happiness project T-Shirt

The Happiness Project is all about promoting happiness around the world. If clothing with unique graphics and neutral colors makes you happy, that’s how you will feel shipping here. The catalog here is full of T-shirts, hoodies, pants, hats and accessories. It’s casual clothing with unique branding and artwork that makes Happiness Project clothing stand out. Spreading happiness can sometimes be as simple as wearing something that makes other people smile. If you believe that fashion has power, you believe in brands like Happiness Project.

Once you get a look at the fashion here, you’ll see how Happiness Project distinguishes itself from other clothing labels. The prices here are less expensive than what you will pay for similar items at Madhappy, so you can help support a good cause and get cool fashion without expanding your wardrobe shopping budget or breaking the bank.

Krost (Similar Pricing)

The completely cool and casual clothing you can find at Krost has a slightly sporty look to it. Shop this brand for all the classic pieces of fashion you want, including hoodies, T-shirts, knits, sweatpants, shoes and the accessories to go with it, including socks and sunglasses. This brand is all about creating a super chill fashion vibe through effortless style.

MAGCOMSEN Polo Shirts for Men T Shirts Golf Shirts Fishing Shirts Military Shirts Tactical Shirt Short-Sleeve Work Polo Performance Quick Dry Jersey Polo Shirt

The clothes are designed in simple colors and styles with very little branding. The pieces here are built on classic silhouettes. Krost makes clothing for everyone in unisex designs that are so cool they don’t even have to pick a gender. The prices here are similar to what you’ll pay for like items at Madhappy.

The genderless fashion here is designed to appeal to all and to give everyone a cool, casual, trendy look without worrying about labels like male or female. With this brand, the only label you need worry about is Krost.

Pangaia (Similar Pricing)

T-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, activewear, knits, pajamas and denim for men, women and kids are what you’ll find when you’re shopping at Pangaia. The clothes here are made in all color shades and all the straightforward, simple styles you want. Pangaia clothes have unfussy designs with little branding and clean, classic silhouettes. When you like casual clothing with an elegant design, you’ll like Pangaia.

Fixmatti Hooded Pullover Jogger Suits for Women Two Piece Hoodie Set Oversized Jogging Sweatsuit Green XL

All the wardrobe staples are here, all the items you wear all the time. Once you see the cool and casual streetwear at Pangaia, you will want to wear this brand all the time. The pricing here is similar to what you’ll pay when you’re shopping at Madhappy, so you won’t have to pay more to give the clothing from this brand a try.

Raeburn Design (Similar Pricing)

With a catalog full of distressed, casual clothing in neutral color tones, Raeburn Design has definitely captured that too-cool-to-care sort of look. Shop here to find outerwear, shirts, hoodies, knitwear and plenty of accessories to go with it all. Raeburn collaborates with many designer labels in the streetwear fashion world, including brands like Timberland and Vans, to provide even more fashion selections.

UAURORAO Women Streetwear Sweatpants Elastic Waist Loose Wide Leg Joggers Y2k Star Print Baggy Cargo Pants Punk Harajuku 90s(Drawstrings Navy Blue,S)

The catalog of items here is huge and Raeburn makes clothing for men and women in a big range of available styles. The cool style, the classic silhouettes, the trendy looks and the affordable pricing, Raeburn has it all. This brand even has similar pricing to Madhappy, so you won’t spend more here when you add this label to your shopping rotation.

Stone Island (More Expensive)

Colors. Graphics. A huge product line. Stone Island is cool, casual clothing at its best. Shop here for outerwear, knitwear, fleece, T-shirts, pants and much more. Stone Island sells accessories, bags and shoes to suit every outfit. You can find every piece of everyday wear here, all those items you grab for when you’ve got to run up to the store or go to a friend’s house to hang out.

Niepce Inc Streetwear Men's Dragon Embroidered Heavyweight Graphic Hoodies (black-dragon, Large)

This clothing is highly colorful and full of graphic designs that make each piece stand out. The pricing at Sone Island is more expensive, on average, than the prices you’ll pay for similar items at Madhappy. Sometimes, it costs a little more to look like you don’t care about how cool you look.

Sunspel (More Expensive)

When you want casual style that’s a little bit polished, casual style that’s more like dressy casual than typical streetwear, turn to Sunspel. This brand has clothing for men and women, including sporty items like polo shirts and track pants and casual items like T-shirts and hoodies. Shop here for activewear, swimwear, loungewear, suits and everything else you want to wear, including underwear.

Sunspel Men's Short Sleeved Riviera Polo Shirt in White Small

You can find a big selection of accessories here as well, plus an entire line of cashmere clothing. Sunspel is pretty, highly stylized casual clothing. It’s streetwear if your idea of streetwear is suitable for the country club. Sunspel is slightly more expensive, on average, than the prices you will pay for similar items at Madhappy.

The catalog here is full of lots of colors and classic fashion. You’ll find lots of traditional looks with a slightly trendy spin at Sunspel, items that are smart casual and yet still cool about it.

Teddy Fresh (Less Expensive)

Do you think fashion should be fun, whimsical, colorful? You’re going to like Teddy Fresh. This is fashion that definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously. The catalog here is full of bright colors and cute images, including hearts and kittens and teddy bears.

SOCKSFOR1 Teddy Fresh 3D Hoodie Sweatshirt Men/Women Casual Hoodie Tops (1,XL)

Maybe your casual style is cute and fun. If it is, Teddy Fresh is the brand for you. Teddy Fresh believes that youthful, fun energy can be a part of fashion. After you see the clothing here, you might agree with that fashion philosophy.

Shop here to find fashion items for men and women, including hoodies, T-shirts, pants and jackets in classic silhouettes that have fun designs and lots of splashes of color. Teddy Fresh carries a big selection of accessories as well. You need something to complete your cute outfits, after all.

The prices here less expensive, in general, than the prices you will pay for similar items at Madhappy.

Wearing Brands Similar to Mad Happy

There are brands similar to Madhappy that capture some of the same things you like about the brand, whether you’re searching for socially conscious fashion, very cool casual style or a huge selection of different items to choose from. You can find exactly what you want in the way of casual style with brands similar to Madhappy and fill your wardrobe with the styles you love.

Wearing colorful streetwear outfit

Fashion serves as a reflection of the world and of you. The brands you wear mean just as much as the styles you choose to put on. What do the labels you wear say about you? How do your fashion choices matter? In today’s fashion world, style says a lot more than whether or not you like the color blue.

Today, style can be used to improve the world, send a message or bring everyone together in a new way. What can your fashion do for the world? Start exploring Madhappy and brands similar to Madhappy and start to find out!