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What Can You Do With an Apple Watch?

Is the Apple Watch a piece of technology you need? It depends if you want to track workouts, accept calls from anywhere, and leave your phone behind from time to time. Find out more about what the Apple Watch can and cannot do by clicking here.

A man synchronizing his phone and apple watch.

Receive call and text notifications. Track your workout. Monitor your heart rate. These are all things your Apple Watch can do. Oh, and it can tell you what time it is too.

I’ve had my Apple Watch for years now, and sometimes I wonder how I used to live without it. Of course, I made it to work on time, looked at my texts on my phone, and simply worked out without tracking every calorie. However, my Apple Watch has become an accessory I use daily and hardly ever remove. I could live without it, but I don’t want to.

The following are some of the most popular uses and features of the Apple Watch as well as areas where the Apple Watch has limitations. This guide is designed to help you, whether you’re in the market for a smart watch or have just purchased an Apple Watch and want to use it to its full potential.

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What Are the Uses for an Apple Watch?

The latest Apple Watch series can cost you anywhere from $349 for the basic Sport model to upwards of $17,000 for the highest-end edition. You’re probably wondering, why this watch is so special. After all, the Apple Watch does tell time. However, the Apple watch is unlike any traditional watch, because it uses Bluetooth and WiFi to communicate with your iPhone. That means it can send and receive text messages, phone calls, and more, so you don’t always have to reach for your phone to accomplish such tasks.

The Apple Watch is wearable technology that is functional and stylish. It may not be an essential piece of technology to have, but it can make your life easier and serve a variety of unique purposes, from helping with workouts to searching the web and more.

Unlike traditional watches, telling time isn’t the main drawpoint for those purchasing this timepiece. The Apple Watch is able to make many of the features of your smartphone available by simply glancing down at your wrist. It’s ideal for anyone who wants or needs to maximize their time with a convenient, comfortable accessory.

What Are the Features of an Apple Watch?

A close look at an Apple Watch showcasing the apps.

The Apple Watch is so desirable, because it’s loaded with features, from customizable watch faces and high-performance bands to an ultra-intelligent screen. The following are some of the top features of the latest Apple Watch series.

Customizable Watch Face

The look of your Apple Watch can change every day or every minute if you please. Choose a watch face that simply tells time, or choose one that provides the temperature, UV index, chance of rain, and more. Your watch face can be customized to display the apps you prefer and use most.

Interchangeable Bands

Turn your gym watch into dapper-looking timepiece in a matter of minutes. Apple Watch bands are available in a variety of materials, ranging from nylon weaves to metal and leather to suit your individual wants and needs. Change the color of your watch band to match your outfit in seconds.

Ultra-Low-Power Display

You may be concerned that your Apple Watch will constantly run out of battery, but that doesn’t happen often. This watch is equipped with a low-temperature poly-silicon and oxide display that is unbelievably efficient in managing power. This unique display can stay continuously “on” for up to 18 hours.

What Are the Limitations of the Apple Watch?

A man monitoring his heart rate with an Apple Watch and iphone.

The Apple Watch isn’t for everyone, and if you’re desiring certain features or operating systems, you may want to wait until technology advances. The following are a few common limitations you’ll find when using the Apple Watch.

It’s Not Always Compatible

Right now, the Apple Watch is best for Apple product users. That’s because it can only be paired with an iPhone. Android and Windows phone users will want to seek other options.

It Lacks a Camera

Most Apple Watch users love that this accessory can take the place of their phone in many instances. However, the Apple Watch does not include a camera, so you’ll still need to pull out your phone to snap photos or videos.

It Doesn’t Have a Keyboard

It’s easy to read notifications on the Apple Watch but not quite as easy to reply to them. Wearers must dictate messages into the watch’s microphone or choose from a variety pre-written responses.

What Can You Do With an Apple Watch?

A man sitting on his office desk and adjusting his Apple Watch.

Your average watch may tell you the time and possibly the date, while the apple watch can tell you your heart rate, stream songs, search the internet, and even control smart accessories in your home. The list of things the Apple Watch can do is much longer than the list of things it can’t do. The following are several incredible things you can do with your Apple Watch.

Track Your Health and Fitness

The Apple Watch is ideal for athletes or anyone concerned about their health. It features a variety of built-in sensors that can track heart rate, heart rhythm, calories burned, and even how long you’ve been sitting or standing. It can even provide graphs of data, so you can see short or long-term results.

Stream Your Favorite Music

The Apple Watch allows you to stream more than 60 million songs as well as audiobooks and podcasts. You’ll never be bored on your commute again.

Shop Without Your Wallet

The Apple Watch allows you to pay instantly and securely anywhere that accepts Apple Pay. You can also send money to friends in a matter of seconds.

Tell What Time It Is

An often overlooked feature of the Apple Watch is that it tells time. In fact, the Apple watch can tell you what time it is on more than 100 watch faces, so you can change the look of your watch face any time you please.

It Lets You Leave Your Phone Behind

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 44mm) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

One of the biggest perks of the Apple Watch is that when you’re wearing it, you won’t always need your phone in your pocket. Send a text from your kayak in the middle of the lake, answer a phone call on a hike, or ask Siri any question you please at any time. Leave your phone behind without completely disconnecting from work or the ones you love.