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14 Top Smartwatch Brands You Need to Know About

Interested in buying a smartwatch? In the tech-driven world we live in today, there are many different brands that sell sophisticated smartwatches. From tracking your heart rate to sending you notifications about calls and texts, these smartwatches can do it all. Check out the different smartwatches on the market today!

Businessman wearing a smartwatch.

Are you looking to have the power of a mini-computer on your wrist? If so, then it may be time to get a smartwatch. These watches have become pretty sophisticated since the first models were introduced, and these watches can track everything from your heartbeat to what you had for lunch (ok, the last one might be a lie). Keep reading to learn about the various types of smartwatch brands on the market and what makes them a great choice no matter your lifestyle.

Smartwatch Popularity Chart

Below is a chart comparing the relative popularity of the leading smartwatch brands based on monthly search volume.

Chart showing popularity of leading smartwatch brands

1. Apple

Apple Watch Sport

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Apple has become the leader of mobile devices. From laptops to iPhones, the majority of humans on this planet have an Apple device. They have become one of the largest brands in the world and they are still growing.

Watch Options

The Apple Watch comes in different styles to suit the needs of everyone. Choose from the:

  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Nike
  • Apple Watch Hermes
  • Apple Watch Edition
  • Apple Watch Series 3

Where to Buy

Given the extreme popularity of Apple and their products, these watches can be purchased just about anywhere. Find these smartwatches at Walmart, Best Buy, and throughout e-commerce stores around the globe.

Unique Features

From millions of apps to the syncing capabilities, the Apple Watch stands out from the pack. These watches offer incredible features and their user-friendly interface can’t be beat. These watches track your heartbeat, miles walked/ran, and much much more. These also work on the iOS operating system and are only compatible with iPhones.

2. Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch

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Samsung offers a full-line of smartwatches that are stepping into the realm of the big-boy Apple Watch in terms of user-friendliness and compatibilities. Samsung is a trusted brand by many, and millions of people enjoy their TVs, phones, and now smartwatches.


Samsung offers four different types of smartwatches, which include the:

  • Galaxy Fit
  • Galaxy Watch
  • Galaxy Watch Active
  • Galaxy Watch Active2

Where to Purchase

Given the popularity of Samsung and its products, these watches can be found at most online electronic retailers, including big-name stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and more.

Key Features

One of the key features that make these watches a top choice for many is their ability to sync with other Samsung devices. These watches also allow users to stream Spotify, YouTube, and many other apps from this tiny device on a user’s wrist. These watches even include a personal coach that can push you to accomplish your goals (real humans not included). These watches work on the Android operating system.

3. Garmin

Garmin Venu smartwatch

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As you probably heard of Garmin back when those bulky GPS devices were a thing, they have recently made their resurgence in the smartwatch space. And when it comes to style and smartwatches that look like real watches, Garmin has some top options available.


Garmin has a wide section of watches that suit the needs of small children to older adults who don’t know anything about technology. Check out the various models below:

  • tactix
  • D2
  • Instinct
  • MARQ
  • Fenix
  • Approach
  • Forerunner
  • Garmin Swim
  • Vivo Series

Want to Buy?

Although Garmin isn’t as popular as the big dogs like Samsung and Apple, these smartwatches can still be purchased at most major retailers and throughout the internet.


What sets Garmin smartwatches apart from the pack is that they offer tons of choices. Are you a swimmer? World-renowned bicyclist? A short walk in the park kind of person? No matter your activity, Garmin has an option for you.

4. Fitbit

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

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Although Apple takes the cake when it comes to popularity (big surprise), Fitbit may be the reason why Apple got its fame in the smartwatch scene. Fitbit is a company that strictly focuses on fitness watches and their product line has really grown over the years.


Fitbit carries many different options of watches and fitness bands, which include models like the:

  • Versa
  • Versa 2
  • Ionic
  • Charge 3
  • Inspire HR
  • Inspire
  • Ace 2

Buy Them Here

Fitbits are found just about anywhere popular electronics are sold. Given that they’re still seen as an authoritative force in the smartwatch world, you can find these at Walmart, Best Buy, and all over the web.

Unique Qualities

Fitbit is the original fitness watch and they’ve kept pretty true to their ways. Although they have a few flashy, sophisticated models, many of their options are small, user-friendly, and have the same look as their watches of the past.

5. Fossil

Fossil Q Explorist HR Smartwatch

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Known for their wallets and standard watches, Fossil is taking a shot at the smartwatch space. Their watches look like your standard watch but can do much much more.


Fossil Smartwatch options include the:

  • Fossil Sport Smartwatch
  • Hybrid Smartwatch Gen 4 Commuter Venture HR

Where to Buy

Fossil smartwatches are a little harder to find, so you’ll have to do your research to see if they’re available at any major retailers. Your best bet is to visit the Fossil website and buy directly.

Are They Unique?

Fossil smartwatches are unique because they still look like an actual watch. While many smartwatches of today look like an alien on your wrist, Fossil keeps “watch” vibes relevant with their many models. There are also many colors and styles available, so you can find one to suit your needs perfectly.

6. TicWatch

TicWatch Pro

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Another contributor to the smartwatch game is the TicWatch. Powered by the Google operating system, these watches are made by a company called mobvoi.

Their Product Line

Many TicWatch products are available, including options like the:

  • TicWatch Sport
  • TicWatch Express
  • TicWatch Pro
  • TicWatch C2
  • TicWatch E2
  • TicWatch S2
  • TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE

Where to Find Them

The TicWatch can be found at most major retailers throughout the web. The mobvoi website is the more direct source to find these, but you can find them throughout many online sources.

Various Styles

The TicWatch works like the standard smartwatch, but there are many unique styles to choose from. Choose from an ever-so-cute gold option or a sleek, sporty model—there is an option for everyone.

7. Motorola

Moto360 Smartwatch

Motorola has been around for decades, but they’re just getting their feet wet when it comes to the smartwatch game. Motorola is known for offering some of the first Bluetooth devices we’ve ever known, but they have grown their product line to include phones and now even smartwatches.


Given the short timeframe that Motorola has offered a smartwatch, they currently only offer the Moto 360 smartwatch.

Buy Them Here

These watches are fairly popular, so you can find them at Best Buy, Target, and throughout the online space at eBay and beyond.

Key Aspects

From getting phone call notifications and tracking your commute to even taking out the trash for you (ok, that’s not true), the Moto 360 is loved by many. But one of the most popular functions of this device is that it easily syncs with Google. Just say “Ok Google, what is a black hole?” Then you’ll get confused within seconds.

8. Huawei

Huawei GT 2 Smartwatch

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Huawei is another brand taking a shot at smartwatches. Huawei is pretty invested in the tech scene by offering phones, laptops, tablets, mobile services, and—you guessed it—smartwatches.

Smartwatch Products

From small, sleek options to large, sophisticated models, there are many options to choose from. Check out the different models below from Huawei:

  • WATCH GT 2
  • Band 4
  • Pearl Black
  • Black
  • Band 3 Pro
  • Band 4e
  • Band 3e
  • Color Band A2
  • WATCH 2

Where to Find

The best resource for finding a Huawei smartwatch is on their website, but these can also be found on eBay, Walmart, and throughout online e-commerce stores.

What Sets Them Apart?

While other smartwatches look like a big ole’ computer on your wrist, some of the Huawei smartwatches actually look like a real watch. So while you may like a bulky device on your wrist, Huawei keeps it more practical. Another cool feature is that these watches include power-saving technology that makes the watch last for over two weeks on one charge!

9. Michael Kors

Michael Kors Smartwatches

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Known for their fashion, Michael Kors is now jumping on the bandwagon of selling smartwatches. For decades, the brand has been known for selling handbags, wallets, jewelry, and other fashionable items.

Product Options

Michael Kors sells a variety of different smartwatch styles, including the:

  • Lexington 2
  • MKGO
  • Sofie Heart Rate
  • Sofie Heart Rate Pavé
  • Bradshaw 2
  • Runway Heart Rate Acetate and Rainbow Pavé
  • Sofie Pavé

Buy Them Here

These watches are becoming pretty well-known and can be found at Best Buy, Amazon, eBay, and even at fashion stores like Dillards and Bloomingdale’s.


If you’re looking for pretty sweet smartwatch features but you still want to impress that girl at the office, then a Michael Kors smartwatch may be perfect for you. The brand doesn’t stray away from their style with these watches, so you can still look great while being tech-savvy.

10. Guess

Guess Connect Smartwatch

Out of all of the watches on this list, the Guess brand is probably the leader when it comes to standard watches. And as everyone else is hopping on the bandwagon of developing smartwatches, Guess wanted to join the party.


From flexible options to more sturdy models perfect for a night out on the town, Guess offers a variety of smartwatch styles. Check out these options below:

  • Logan Unisex Digital+
  • Rex Mens Digital+
  • Ace Mens Touch
  • Cassidy Unisex Touch
  • Jemma Ladies Touch

Where to Purchase

Given the high level of fashion involved with Guess smartwatches, these can be found at stores like Macy’s, Dillards, and other fashion stores. These can also be found on the Guess website and throughout online retailers.

Are They Different?

One aspect that makes these watches unique is that they work with the Google operating system. Like other smartwatches, simply say “Hey Google, how many grains of sand are in the world?” Then take a second as your mind is being blown.

11. Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer Connected Modular Smartwatch

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Being a luxury watch brand, Tag Heuer provides the most expensive smartwatches on this list. Design by seasoned Swiss watchmakers, the brand sells some of the finest smartwatches on the market today.


According to the Tag Heuer website, they only offer one smartwatch at this time. The watch costs over $3,000 and comes in many different styles and color variations.

Where to Buy

This watch has been discontinued for sale in the United States through their website, but you can find these watches on many online stores.


If you’re a high-roller and you got some extra change in the bank, then a Tag Heuer smartwatch is for you. This is a very luxurious brand with watches built way high up in the Swiss Alps (ok, I’m not sure about that), but they are made in Switzerland by watchmaking traditions that have been around for many decades.

12. ASUS

ASUS Zenwatch 3

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ASUS is known for their economy computers, gaming cards, and PC monitors, but they have recently taken a shot at the smartwatch scene. While they couldn’t fit a laptop on a wrist, they managed to create a pretty sophisticated smartwatch that is loved by many.


ASUS is currently only offering their ASUS ZenWatch 3. This watch looks and feels like a normal watch, but includes many customization features.

Find Them Here

The easiest place to find the ASUS smartwatch in on their website, but they can also be found at Best Buy, Walmart, and other major retailers.


The ASUS smartwatch looks very luxurious and has a detail-faced design. So whether you’re running up a mountain or going on a hot date, this watch is perfect for you (you could even use the heart rate monitor to see if you’re into them). The watch even comes equipped with a leather strap, which is pretty fancy.

13. Sony

Sony Smartwatches

Sony is a brand that has been around for decades and they’re known for its breathtaking TVs, sophisticated phones, and now useful smartwatches.

Product Options

Sony currently offers their SmartWatch 2 and the SmartWatch 3.

Where to Buy

Sony Smartwatches are a little harder to find compared to other brands, but you can find them throughout many online retailers like eBay, Amazon, and many others.

What Makes Them Different?

The Sony SmartWatch 2 is happy to be the world’s very first Android-compatible SmartWatch. In addition, these watches are perfect for any lifestyle you live. Whether you’re an office guru or you like to climb rocks, the Sony SmartWatch is perfect for you. You’re also able to use a wide variety of apps right on your wrist!

14. Suunto

Suunto Fitness 3 Smartwatch

Suunto is a brand that is quickly becoming very popular among fitness enthusiasts. While other brands have options focused on everyday life, Suunto has smartwatches more focused on active lifestyles. Yes, now you can finally climb Mount Everest.


Suunto offers many different models, which include the:

  • Suunto 7
  • Suunto 5
  • Suunto 9
  • Suunto 9 BARO
  • Suunto 3 Fitness
  • Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR
  • Suunto Spartan Sport
  • Suunto Spartan Ultra
  • Suunto Ambit3 Peak
  • Suunto Traverse
  • Suunto Traverse Alpha
  • Suunto Ambit3 Sport
  • Suunto Ambit3 Run
  • Suunto Ambit3 Vertical
  • Suunto Core

Find Them Here

Suunto is becoming very popular, so these watches can be found at Walmart, Best Buy, and throughout many online retailers.

What Makes Them Different?

Compared to other smartwatches, the Suunto models are more geared towards your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re trying to catch that massive bass or you’re trekking up the tallest mountain in the world (no, seriously), Suunto smartwatches are ideal for you.

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