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Are Overalls Good for Hot Weather?

You may wonder if you can wear overalls in hot weather, no matter how you style them. Although everyone's tastes differ, we'll address this and other questions in the post below.

A stylish photo of woman in wearing denim overalls partnerd with checkerd top hands on pocket.

They say that trends come back every two decades or so and overalls are certainly making a comeback this year. In case you missed it, these farmer chic pants-with-straps have gained popularity over the past few months among people of all ages and styles. 

For women, corduroy skirt overalls are paired with a plain black turtle neck for a classy fall or winter look straight out of the 90s grunge scene. A classic white t-shirt and denim bibbed overalls might make you look like a fashionable farmer if you rock them with confidence. 

No matter how you style overalls, you may wonder if you can wear overalls in hot weather. Although everyone’s preference is different, we’ll answer this question and more in the article below.

Are overalls good for hot weather?

Dickies Men's Denim Bib Overall, Stone Washed Indigo Blue, 40 x 30

The short answer is that it depends on a few factors. While long-legged overalls might seem like a sauna in the middle of the summer, overalls offer some key benefits during warmer weather, such as shielding the wearer’s legs from the beating sun and keeping bug bites down the legs to a minimum.

According to, “Millions of people love to wear coveralls because of their versatility. A great pair of coveralls for hot and humid weather is worth its weight in gold! Hot weather coveralls provide protection from the sun’s brutal rays and help to keep pesky summer bugs from biting.”

Depending on the material, overalls can also provide some welcome shade and cool comfort during warmer months. Stylish lining overalls or cotton overalls might be more breathable than thick denim overalls. At the same time, if you are doing heavy yard work or walking through a bug-infested area such as a forest, you may want to think about protecting your skin from sun and bugs more than style or coolness.

If you’re feeling cool but battling mosquitoes noshing on your legs and a developing case of sunburn, the temperature will be the least of your worries. 

If you plan to be in an area that is reasonably shaded and low on bugs, wearing overalls that are cropped into shorts or flared into a skirt might be a more comfortable way to enjoy overalls in the warmer months. 

Some overalls that are cropped into shorts are designed just like traditional denim overalls with a bibbed front pocket and adjustable straps. Others have a more minimalistic interpretation of overalls and simply feature a pair of suspender-style straps that connect from the front of the shorts to the back. Usually, you’ll want to wear some kind of shirt underneath your overalls.

When it’s sweltering outside, don’t be afraid to wear a tank top or even a strappy crop top underneath overalls if you’re a lady. 

Since your sides and back will be the only parts of your body that are visible in full length overalls, the shirt you wear underneath won’t matter as much. If you wear a graphic t-shirt, be prepared for the overalls’ bib to cover up the design. 

Are overalls hot in the summer?

Women's Summer Stretchy Bib Denim Overalls Skinny Distressed Ripped Adjustable Straps Jumpsuits Overall

Since overalls usually cover the whole body, you would think that they might be hot during the summer. However, overalls are surprisingly cool. They allow the body to naturally take advantage of its built-in cooling process by featuring open sides with several snaps and adjustable straps.

If you need to loosen up your overalls to let more air flow through them, the adjustment is a simple one to make.

What are advantages of overalls?

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Besides being fashionable and functional, overalls have several key benefits for wearers. Their adjustable side straps make them easy to shift for your comfort in terms of coverage and air flow. They also hold themselves up, so you don’t need to worry about wearing a belt with them.

If you gain or lose some weight, overalls are a very forgiving and flattering addition to your closet.

For workers, overalls have an extra level of usefulness. As points out, “Wearing overalls gives them an extra layer of protection from oil, dirt, and grime that go along with their job. In addition, wearing overalls helps protect their skin from getting scraped up when they must crawl around on their hands and knees or lie on the ground under cars.” 

This is why you might see those working in the nitty-gritty, hands-on fields such as welding, car repair, and painting wearing overalls. Overalls also protect the clothes underneath from getting splattered with different materials on and off the job. If you have a home DIY project, you may want to consider wearing overalls to avoid ruining your favorite t-shirt or getting scuffed up in the process. 

Why do farmers wear overalls?

A photo of female farmer in cultivated maize field wearing straw hat and jeans bib overalls.

Since much of the peak farming season for crops happens as the weather gets warmer, you may be curious about why farmers wear overalls. Although not all farmers wear overalls, the stereotypical pictures of farmers in overalls exist for a reason. Overalls tend to be a practical choice for farming work even if farmers may not always wear them out in the fields.

As points out, “Farmers wear bibs to protect themselves from accidental stains of dirt or oil. Farmers sometimes wear overalls while they fix problems with equipment. If a farmer’s clothing gets dirty while working on an implement, he can put on a pair of overalls to protect himself from becoming too dirty.”

They also might wear them because they look good and feel comfortable during all kinds of weather–we can’t know for sure without asking individual farmers.

Are overalls better than pants?

While overalls might not be better than pants on certain occasions, they do have a leg up on pants in certain ways (pun intended). Overalls offer protection to the torso and sturdy straps that keep them from slipping down the lower body throughout the day. Pants, on the other hand, only protect the legs from the sun and splatter from different materials. 

Style-wise, overalls make an outfit look out together and casual. Depending on the type of overalls you are wearing, they may be more formal than pants or more casual. 

The only downside to overalls is that they cover up tops that have intricate designs from the chest down. However, if you wear a plain shirt under overalls, the overalls might make an otherwise boring outfit look interesting. You can also look for overalls with less upper body coverage if you plan to wear them with interesting tops.

In conclusion

You can definitely wear overalls in warm weather and they can be good for warm weather because of their cooling, airy design, and protection from the elements or bug bites.