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Are Platform Shoes Comfortable?

Platform shoes may provide you up to 2 inches of added height over a single-sole heel, as well as a boost in confidence. Here is why they are an amazing alternative to high heels.

woman wearing black platform shoes

Not only are platform shoes comfortable, but they are an amazing alternative to high heels. If you have to wear high heels as much as I do, you understand that even the most comfortable pairs will start taking a toll on your legs and back. 

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Platform shoes, on the other hand, are a little less chic but stylish enough and comfortable. By the way, platform shoes are for every occasion, from formal to sports.

Let’s take a look at, Platform Shoes including sneakers, how they’re worn, and whether they’re good for you.

Platform Sneakers

Turquoise platform sneakers with purple background

Despite their athleisure allure, doctors recommend that you don’t wear these shoes in the same way as the athletic sneakers you wear to the gym. Platform sneakers have a lot in common with athletic shoes because of their similar style and materials.

Is It Safe to Walk Around in Platform Sneakers?

Even though platform sneakers are typically heavier and taller, this does not mean that you must stop wearing them entirely. Podiatrists recommend platform sneakers over stiletto, slippers, and sandals because they are healthier for your feet.

As a result, platform sneakers may be more comfortable than ballet slippers since they have a thick rubber sole that provides arch support, shock absorption, and overall comfort for your feet.

The distinction between the front and rear of the sneaker should never surpass 34 inches if you would like to maintain a fashionable appearance. This will affect your stance and body movements.

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Wearing Platform Shoes to Make a Statement



Source: Steve Madden

Platform shoes are simple to create a statement with. Therefore, it might be tricky to decide what to pair them with and when. 

However, if you want to wear platform shoes right now, you’ll have to understand how to arrange them properly. It’s a long cry from the ‘seventies and ‘nineties fashions. Today’s platforms are more refined and sexy than ever before!

Wearing Platform High Heels for Women

Adding height to her thighs with a pair of women’s high heel platform shoes is a great way to stand out on a night out. 

Allow your thighs to look incredibly long by pairing the platform shoes alongside dresses or skirts!

Wearing Platform Sandals Correctly

KINGOLDON Womens Wedge Open Toe Platform Sandals Flat Comfortable Elastic Band Ankle Strap Shoes Black

Platform slippers with a wedge or heel are ideal for wearing throughout every day in the summer. Patterns and baggy clothes can be used to produce a boho, 1970s-inspired style.

During summer, platform pool slides are a trendy sandal type with a low platform sole as well as a flat, gripping sole. Platforms can now be worn in a more relaxed and casual setting, such as with a swimsuit or workout gear.

Platform Shoes for Winter

Womens Snow Boots Fur Lined Slip Resistant Warm Winter Boots Outdoor Ankle Booties Beige Size 5

Try a bulky boot if you’re searching for platform shoes for the winter. Platform boots come at a variety of heights, including ankle, calf, and even knee-high.

Dress casually in platform ankle boots and a chunky knit or pair of jeans in fall and winter to keep your look warm and cozy!. Platforms are an excellent choice for winter because of the high sole, which keeps your clothing off the muddy ground.

To make your feet the focal point of the outfit, pair knee-high platform boots with skirts and tights. Feel confident in your outfit by pairing a little skirt with boots and a trench coat and a warm scarf. Each season has its platform!

Comfort and Fit of Platform Shoes

Many individuals are concerned about how platform shoes would feel on their feet because they might be too high. They can be a more comfortable option than a normal heel for gaining height. It’s common for flat platform shoes to feature a broad toe box, which makes them highly comfy. You shouldn’t go wrong with these wide-footed platform shoes!

As the higher toe section helps balance the load more equally across the feet, heeled platforms might just be more comfortable than normal high heels. Sizing is the foundation for comfort, as in all footwear. How the toe box fits one’s feet, the elevation of the heel compared to the bottom of the foot, as well as the overall design of the shoe must all play a role in this.

It’s always a good idea to try on a pair of shoes before you buy them so you can make sure they fit properly. If you can wait until later during the day to do it because your feet tend to swell, throughout the day.

Wearing Your Platform Shoes For A Long Period

Shorter platforms are safer for the feet if you plan to wear shoes for an extended period, as you might imagine. You can put your foot’s ball under a lot of strain when wearing high-heeled platforms. 

Platform shoes, on the other hand, tend to be fairly rigid and don’t enable your legs to flex or bend as they normally would. Shoes with lower heels or flat platforms relieve some of the strain on the bottom of the foot. However, the foot is still held rigidly in place.

Walking in Your Platform: A Quick Guide

How to walk on platform shoes can be a mystery to those who have never done so before. Maintaining a healthy stance and shifting your pressure from heel to toe when you walk is the best way to avoid injury. 

Slowing down and taking a few smaller steps may also be useful. If you’re unsure, do them around the house several times before venturing out.