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How to Wear Platform Sneakers

Have you tried a pair of platform sneakers yet? You haven’t?? Well, what are you waiting for? They aren’t as intimidating as you may think, in fact they are what dreams are made of. I grew up adoring all the beautiful things and people in the 70s and no surprise for me that platforms in general had a big presence in the fashion scene back then so it’s no wonder that at any given time there are a couple of pairs in my active shoe wardrobe.

What is my fascination?

Call me crazy but I think they are so much more practical, statement making and safer than many of the platform options out there. I mean yeah if you are prone to falling or twisting an ankle here and there you would probably want to avoid a stacked heel if possible but, the beauty here is that you still get the durability of a sneaker as well as the super grippy outsole. See, safer. So yeah, that might be one reason I adore these kicks but there are so many cute ones, and all the major brands are bringing their best foot forward in this category. Oh my gosh, I can’t even believe I didn’t even shout out the bennies for us gals that are on the shorter side but that’s more than obviously. This is way less about us shorties and way more about versatility.

Oh the dramatics.

I really do think that the sporty spice version of platforms can really be your intro to this silhouette and it’s practically a seamless transition from your plain old trainers.

If there’s one that is a must have it’s a classic version of your basic white. I know you’ve seen them everywhere and in all different price points. I love these Keds because they will literally go with anything. You can wear this with almost any daytime dress, your favorite jeans, shorts, skirts, joggers and anything else you want. My first pair was the knock off version of this…hey I was young and broke but in serious need of all the “gotta have its”. Fun fact: I once caught a robber in a pair of platform heeled tennis. It’s true, pulled into my driveway after brunch with my girls and this joker is coming out of my side door with a bag of stuff. I saw a cord hanging out, my recyclables and my favorite UCSB tee shirt that I got when they still had the best Halloween parties ever, there was no way he was taking that. He took off down the road and I was not having that, so I started running after him while the boys went to get their bikes to try to catch up. I was in my platform heeled sneaks and ran with him for a few blocks so we wouldn’t lose him. The police came, he was arrested and somewhere in the San Luis Obispo newspaper there is a little article about how little, short me chased him and circled him until the authorities arrived. For the record, I do not recommend this whatsoever. Oh the youth.

Keds womens Triple Up Leather Sneaker, White, 9 US


I get it if white scares you. Honestly, it scares me too and I will stain something white within the first or second time I wear it, but I still try. So, if that’s the case try a pair like this.

J. Adams Hero Platform Sneakers for Women - Casual Lace Up Fashion Tennis Shoes

Fun, right? It’s like a party for your feet. You know footwear is the easiest way to transition into a style that gives you anxiety. You only feel that way because you secretly want wear it but you’re too afraid of the reactions to change you may encounter. You’ll probably find that you made a bigger deal out of trying something new that needed but that’s ok, that’s how we learn in life.

Everyone got the memo to sport the AirForce 1 and if you look at it, it gives the illusion of a thicker sole so visually you’re halfway there. I know I know they did launch their platform version, but I personally want to see something more interesting on yo feet. I mean I hear that’s it’s going to be one of the biggest trends in footwear this year, so get on it early!


Here’s a pair that I would love to sport with a pair of cropped, distressed straight leg jeans. Yes, I’m serious…it’s a good look. For as long as we’ve all been in skinny jeans anything goes because we are all used to it. So now it’s time to reach for something fresh. I would be effortlessly cute with a little tee or even a nice breezy linen button down.

J. Adams Hero Platform Sneakers for Women - Python Faux Snakeskin Shoes - 8


High enough

I am not discriminating over here there are some pretty fab contenders in the high top world too. Think about how cute this  would be with a frilly sock, slightly and loosely unlaced.  Go ahead wear  the heck out of your skinnies or even your mom jeans. Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Start Lift Hightop Sneakers, Black/White/White, 9 Medium US

I’m a sucker for red shoes.  Trainers, boots, sandals uh you name it and there it is, in my closet.  These embossed Adidas are something special.  This would be adorable with any outfit in nearly any mono outfit.  Ah I love it.


adidas Originals Women's Superstar Bold Sneaker, Scarlet/Black/White, 8



I get it, you might think there is a lot of redundancy here and really there’s not and that’s the whole look. It’s a minimalists dream, a fashionistas score and the introvert that secretly wants to be an extroverts’ fantasy come true.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel here, just get an upper that speaks to you.  You can literally wear this everyday, and stop wishing you were a little bit taller or wishing you were a baller.  

With how we have just merged our casual clothes with our office clothes with our going out clothes there are plenty of chances to find the ONE and no I’m referring to your future ex husband.  Have you seen the Gucci x Adidas collaboration that just launch uh sigh and nailed it I didn’t spy a stacked heel but it’s just so perfect I had to shout it out.  Seriously, though you can a style that will work with that satin trouser, blousy floral, or the striped tee and even the prairie dress.  

Black and white striped platforms

I know I’m not the boss of you and you don’t owe me a thing but I promise you I am your fashion friend and I would never steer you wrong.  Don’t be sad and wish you got a pair earlier than you did, spring is just a month away and you’re going to need to top off your lightweight footwear choices it’ll be like new shoes who dis?