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13 Good Backpack Stores Online

Whether you are in need of a laptop backpack for work or a fun and cute animal shaped back deck for your child, there are tons of stores on line that offer amazing deals on backpacks. Here are backpack stores online to assist you in your search for the perfect backpack.

This is a close look at a bunch of colorful backpacks on display.

The world is slowly recovering and pretty soon, we will all be back to our personal pursuits without fear of catching a deadly disease. This also means we can go back to traveling and discovering every exotic place our world has to offer. The very thing that would complete your travel gear is a trusty backpack that you know would not fail you and, you know, will always have your back. Here are a few good backpack stores where you can safely purchase your backpack online. We also have a variety of backpacks for every purpose you might need, not just for traveling.

K9 Sport Sack for Pet Owners

The K9 Sport Sack® Air 2 for Dog Owners.

Source: K9 Sport Sack

You may enjoy walking your dog every day but what do you do when you have to carry other things in your hands from place to place but your best friend wants to come along for the trip? You carry your little pooch in a backpack made just for him and the K9 Sport Sack has all the different types of backpacks for dogs that you would need.

In addition to backpacks, this store offers tons of accessories Anne has worldwide shipping on all orders. These doggy backpacks run from about $70.00 to $130 and are sold at K9 Sport Sack or on Amazon.

Forever 21 Because You Are

The Unstructured Canvas Backpack from Forever 21.

Source: Forever 21

When my daughter was still in high school, she was a model for the Forever 21 stores in Ohio. This store offers an array of different backpacks, both online and at their brick-and-mortar stores. She garnered several outfits and backpacks from her modeling stints there and even pulled a four-hour shift in which she was a mannequin model in the store window boasting one of the store’s cute dresses and, you guessed it, a backpack.

She still has it a decade later since it has a drawstring closure, is easy to handle, and very durable. It is also pink and cute and this store’s prices are wonderful since you can pick up a cute backpack for under $40.

The store offers a variety of different types of backpacks, including faux leather backpacks, mini backpacks, a fanny pack, and even a quilted mini backpack that is soft and cute. You can only buy the store’s backpacks through their website or at a physical store.

Chrome Industries for The Biker

The Night Barrage Cargo Backpack from Chrome Industries.

Source: Chrome Industries

If you are a part of the cyclist community, you realize the importance of having a great commuter backpack with you when you ride. Most cyclists know all about Chrome Industries since the company offers a wide range of bike-commuter backpacks as well as camera backpacks for photographers, roll-top backpacks, and even cargo backpacks from about $80 to $350.

You can snag a canvas backpack or a waterproof backpack with a water bottle or hydration pack area already built-in for a decent price from the Chrome Industries website or through Zappos.

The Cambridge Satchel Company Brings the Bags

The brown leather vintage satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company.

Source: The Cambridge Satchel Company

Made with British craftsmanship, these amazing backpacks are high-end but very stylish. You will be the envy of all of your friends and co-workers when you step out into the world with one of Cambridge Satchel Company backpacks.

Lo and Sons Bring The High-Fashion

The Hakuba recycled poly onyx backpack from Lo and Sons.

Source: Lo and Sons

Not only will you step out in style with one of Lo and Sons backpacks in tow, but they are also crafted to be strong and durable so they will last a long time to come.

Nomatic So You Can Roam

This is the Navigator Travel backpack Bundle from Nomatic.

Source: Nomatic

From travel packs to backpacks to messenger bags, Nomatic has every type of backpack you can think of in an array of colors and styles.

CalPak Can Pack It Properly

The Glenroe Backpack from CalPak Travel.

Source: CalPak

The many features of this brand’s backpacks, including their backpack-style laptop bags, are amazing. The CalPak company offers a wide selection of bags and apparel.

Monos on the Go

This is the Metro Backpack in black from Monos.

Source: Monos

If you are looking for the best type of metro backpack to take with you on the go, Monos is the brand for you.

Urban Outfitters Backpacks Bring the Durability

The Fjallraven UO Exclusive Kanken Big Backpack from Urban Outfitters.

Source: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters offers an array of backpacks and even offers some specifically for writers. Many fashion-conscious people enjoy shopping for a stylish backpack at this store since you can pick up one in any color or style with over 3,000 designs to choose from. Whether you want a duffel bag, a daypack, or simply a bookbag for your kid that is the perfect size for their school books, you will be able to find a design you like at this store for a decent price.

Target Hits the Target with Backpacks

The Backpack Black - All in Motion from Target.

Source: Target

From women’s backpacks to laptop bags and a school backpack for your kid, Target offers something for everyone in your family. The backpacks offered are very affordable and come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles. Whether you are in need of a travel backpack, a messenger bag, or a laptop backpack, you will probably be able to find what you are looking for on Target’s website.

eBags are Easy to Order

The Mother Lode Travel backpack from Ebags.

Source: eBags

If you are a jet-setter and need the type of backpack or other luggage that makes it easier to travel, eBags will become your new best friend. You can pick up a laptop bag with a padded laptop sleeve or even a tote bag to assist you in getting your items home safely from your amazing trip.

The store offers plenty of backpacks with a large main compartment for all of your business paperwork and other devices you need while traveling for business. They even offer a professional laptop backpack that already includes an amazing organizer system now will just make your life easier and their prices are affordable. You can only buy their backpacks through their store.

Skip Hop’s Zoo Collection but for Kids, Not Animals

The Zoo Little Kid Backpack from Skiphop.

Source: Skip Hop

If you and your family love animals, this is the online shop for you. You can pick up adorable animal-shaped backpacks they even include lunch bags and straw bottles for not only your toddler in other little kids but for adults who want a really cute backpack. There is even a side pocket included for your juice box. You can purchase these adorable backpacks at Skip Hop, Target, Nordstrom, Jet, Koh’s, or even Amazon for an inexpensive price.

Amazon Backpacks Bring it Too

Modoker Vintage Rucksack Backpack for Men, Canvas Laptop Backpack Fits 17/15.6 Inch Computer, Large School College Bookbag with USB Charging Port, Travel Daypack in Brown

We cannot have a list I’ve online stores to purchase backpacks from without including Amazon. They have just about every type of laptop you could possibly think of from rock bottom prices to extremely expensive ones. You can pick up an adorable dream backpack for a preschooler that includes unicorns and rainbows or an anti-theft backpack that includes a laptop compartment and even a USB charging port which would be similar to the one I just purchased.

You can even grab a hiking backpack that will make it much easier and safer to climb a mountain or hike through beautiful trails while taking all of your gear with you. Whatever type of backpack you’re looking for can probably be found on the Amazon website And if you are a Prime customer, you will get free two-day shipping for your backpack.

FAQs About Backpacks

What is the most popular school backpack?

While younger children simply want a cute backpack, high school-age kids are a different story and want the most popular school backpacks on the market. Currently, one of their top favorite backpacks Is the North Face Recon with the North Face Jester rising in popularity among college students.

What is the best laptopbackpack to buy?

The eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack is very popular among not only business travelers fur business owners and their employees. As a writer and reporter who needs to take my laptop along with me to a lot of different locations, this one seems like a great option. The North Face Recon Backpack is not just popular among high school students because it made the top ten list for the best laptop bag to purchase also.

How do I choose a laptopbackpack?

You will need to consider several factors when choosing a laptop backpack. First of all, size really does matter because you need to make sure the laptop bag you purchase will fit your laptop appropriately. You will also want a professional-looking bag if you are using your laptop for work or you can get something really cute and fine if you are just going to be taking it with you on personal errands and trips.

You will want the laptop bag to be of good quality since you will want it to last several years and it’s a bonus if it has extra storage so that you can take business files in your laptop bag or other accessories that you need. You also want a laptop bag that both your personal style so you can really make it your own.