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When is the Best Time to Buy a Canada Goose Jacket (or Any Clothing from Canada Goose)?

Calendar day to buy Canada Goose clothing

The best time to buy a Canada Goose jacket or anything from Canada Goose is when you know what you want and it’s available in your size.  Do not delay. Do not wait.  Buy it because their stuff sells out all the time.

When do Canada Goose jackets and clothing go on sale?  

Canada Goose does not discount any of its inventory ever. That means no sales on jackets, coats, footwear, accessories, sweaters, etc.  They don’t hold sales. There’s no Canada Goose Black Friday sale. There’s no end-of-winter sale. There’s no getting rid of stuff that doesn’t sell sale.  The prices you see are the prices you pay.  If anything, with inflation and the passage of time, prices will go up.

Canada Goose Jackets

This means there’s no point waiting for a better deal because you won’t get a better deal than you can today.  The only thing that can happen if you wait is the item and size you want is no longer available.  It’s happened to me once. When Canada Goose launched its hiking boots, I was on the fence and didn’t buy the brown.  My size was available. I decided to wait. That was a mistake.  6 weeks later I decided it was time to buy them and my size was sold out.  I was choked.  In my case, it worked out well because I decided the grey and white Canada Goose hiking boots were a better color scheme for me so I bought those.

I like it that Canada Goose doesn’t have sales

Sales are annoying because we forever hold off buying in the hopes we’ll get a better deal down the road.  Now that I know Canada Goose never discounts anything, there’s no need to wait.  Today is the best price I’ll pay for anything they sell.  I won’t end up with buyer’s remorse.  It’s actually a very good customer experience policy.

What about waiting for new products and lines?

This is the only reason to wait.  For example, when it’s Spring you might want to wait until Fall before buying in the event Canada Goose launches new products and new product lines.  That way you get the latest and greatest that CG has to offer.

I buy so much from CG, I don’t really wait for that reason. If I like a new offering, I buy it. If I like one of their old-school lines or products, I buy it.  But I get that most folks aren’t buying 10 items from Canada Goose… so it’s good to choose carefully.

By waiting, you risk that Canada Goose might discontinue a product or product line

Just keep in mind that by waiting, you might lose out on what you want.  Canada Goose discontinues products and lines on occasion never to be seen or available again.  For example, I’m sure glad I bought the Elgin Sweater when I did.  The Elgin line is no longer available. I just checked because I love that sweater/hoody so much I wanted to buy the other one in a different color. I couldn’t find it on the Canada Goose site which sucks… but at least I bought one when I could.

Here’s the Elgin sweater I bought but is no longer available:

Elgin sweater by Canada Goose no longer available

That Elgin sweater is my favorite sweater I own. I think it’s the nicest sweater Canada Goose ever sold. I’m not sure why it’s no longer available on the Canada Goose website.

If you can’t pay full price, your only option for a discounted Canada Goose jacket is to buy one used

I won’t get into all the details here because I wrote about where you can buy used Canada Goose jackets and clothing here.  The good news is that there are a lot of options for getting good quality, well kept Canada Goose items used costing you considerably less than buying new.

So, when is the best time to buy a Canada Goose jacket or clothing item?

Now. If what you want is available in your color and size, buy it.  If you don’t, you risk it being sold out which means then you have to choose your second choice and when you’re spending almost $1,000 or north of $1,000 on a single item of clothing, you really don’t want to settle for your second pick.  I’ve learned this the hard way. Now, when I see something I want, I buy it.


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