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You Can Buy Used Canada Goose Jackets & Coats at these 13 Websites (Women & Men)

Used Canada Goose Jackets

Did you know you can buy used Canada Goose jackets and other items by Canada Goose online?  

It’s true and it’s awesome.  It’s a lower-cost way to get one of the best jackets on the planet.  You don’t have to buy only new Canada Goose wear.

I shouldn’t be surprised since most expensive things have a secondary market. Think cars, boats, furniture so it stands to reason there are second-hand Canada Goose jackets available.  Moreover, Canada Goose never has a sale so the only way to pay less than retail is to buy it used.

Canada Goose Jackets

The question is… where can you buy used Canada Goose jackets, coats, parkas and more?

Your best bet is online. There are several portals for searching second-hand Canada Goose apparel. Here are the sites.

Vestiaire Collective

Used Canada Goose jackets for sale at Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective has a great collection of used Canada Goose apparel for sale.  Some of it has never been worn while other items have.  The site focuses on higher-end apparel and accessories.

The concept behind this second-hand apparel store is to offer pre-owned, covered and hard-to-find items.  Every item is curated by the folks running the website.  The way it works is once an item sells, the sellers ship the item to Vestiaire Collective which is how they can authenticate the items.

The only negative I’ll say is the discounts aren’t that great.  Yes, you’ll pay less than if new but it’s not like you’re saving 50% or more.


Poshmark is a huge used clothing website and includes a massive collection of second-hand Canada Goose items.  The discounts are significant.  Some items have been worn and others not (still has the tag… although I guess that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worn).

The seller ships directly to you.  Poshmark provides the seller a pre-paid, pre-addressed label for the box.

The number of brands is impressive. It’s not just luxury although you can definitely luxury brands for less there as well.


You can find some deeply discounted Canada Goose apparel on depop. The selection is pretty good so worth a look.

For sellers, the only fee is 10% of total sold.


Vinted is much like depop.  There are some really good deals for Canada Goose jackets and apparel.  Some is brand new and some isn’t.  Sellers ship directly to you.  The number of used Canada Goose items is impressive when I checked the site.


MaterialWorld is a subscription based used clothing website.  Your membership includes a stylish who finds pre-owned items that you indicate you’re looking for or that is a good match for you.  It’s more a concierge service.  The site focuses on designer brands that you get for much less than what you’d pay if new.

FYI, your subscription fee is waived if you buy one or more items in a given month.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace offers a lot of used Canada Goose items so it’s definitely worth a look.  You probably should inquire whether the seller will ship to you.  This is a laissez faire platform.  Facebook isn’t going to facilitate the sale or authenticate what’s being sold.  Caveat Emptor.

The plus side is you can find some great deals on Canada Goose wear.


TheRealReal caters to designer duds.  Moreover, sellers ship their products to the website who then lists it.  It’s a bit of a process for sellers but at the same time there’s more oversight ensuring buyers are getting the real deal instead of some knock off.  You can tell the site puts quite a bit of effort into selling because the product listing images look like a regular apparel shopping site.  I couldn’t tell if the Canada Goose apparel was brand new or used.

The downside is I didn’t find that the Canada Goose apparel was all that cheap. It’s cheaper than if you bought it at but not much.


Second Hand Coats for Sale at Tradesy

Tradesy is a luxury clothing resale website.  Tradesy uses technology to remove fakes with a 99.7% accuracy.  If you buy a fake Canada Goose item, you get your money back.  If you’re not sure, you can send it to Tradesy who will authenticate it.  Sellers ship directly to buyers.

The amount of Canada Goose wear on consignment at Tradesy is impressive.  When I visited, it showed over 1,800 Canada Goose items for sale.  Moreover, many of the discounts are huge… with some approaching 50%.


Ebay one of the first “buy used” websites and so it’s no surprise you can fine plenty of used Canada Goose jackets on the site.  Most of it is pre-owned but some is new.  The discounts are pretty good.


There’s quite a bit of second-hand Canada Goose wear in my area on Craigslist so I’m sure you can find it in your area.  Most sellers expect you to go to their place to pay and pick it up so you’re restricted geographically (although it might not hurt to ask if they’ll ship it).

There is no oversight when buying/selling on Craigslist.  It’s like Facebook Marketplace. You are on your own to authenticate any Canada Goose clothing you buy so be careful.


Second Hand Canada Goose at Grailed

Grailed is a used clothing store for men only and it does sell used Canada Goose items.  Grailed has an epic inventory of used Canada Goose items (over 1,700 items listed for sale when I checked).  The discounts are pretty substantial as well.

Grailed digitally authenticates all items.  If you buy a fake, you get your money back.


I include Kijiji because you MIGHT find some Canada Goose items for sale but when I checked in my area, there was nothing.  Probably not the best option but could be worth a quick search.


I’m including ThredUp because it’s a very popular used apparel store but when I checked, there were no Canada Goose items available so definitely not one of the better second-hand Canada Goose websites to visit.

Why do people sell their Canada Goose jackets?

It could be any number of reasons such as:

  • Doesn’t fit;
  • Didn’t like it when it arrived (or it was a gift)
  • Bought something else in the meantime and don’t need it anymore.
  • Stopped the activity that required it.

There could obviously be more reasons but those are your typical reasons for selling a used Canada Goose coat.

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