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13 Brands Similar to Chrome Hearts

Wearing streetwear fashion sitting casual pose

Cool graphics. Comfortable designs. A brand name associated with style. Chrome Hearts definitely has it all. If you like casual streetwear looks, Chrome Hearts is a fashion label meant for you. This brand is famous for its cool, careless attitude and its Insta-worthy style but there are brands similar to Chrome Hearts that have the cool streetwear items you want to wear. This is fashion for when you want to look like you’re not all that worried about fashion. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of work to look like your style just comes naturally.

The secret is, no one’s style just comes naturally. They just know what to wear to make it look good. And when you wear Chrome Hearts and similar brands, you will look good.

History of Chrome Hearts

People wearing cool streetwear

The story of Chrome Hearts as a brand is steeped in sex, drugs and rock and roll. This label first became cool in the 1980s thanks to some of the hardest rockers on stage during the era. People remember yuppies and three-piece suits and catchy pop music but there was a grittier, edgier side to the 1980s. There was also heavy metal and hard rock and a fashion movement that would change the world. And it’s here that Chrome Hearts was born.

Being Cool in the 1980s

So go back to Los Angeles, 1988. Two friends named Richard Stark and John Bowman lived here. They had something else in common besides geography: leather jackets. Neither could find a leather jacket to buy that they wanted to wear. They decided they would just have to make their own.

That’s what they did. And this was the start of the Chrome Hearts brand. Once they made jackets for themselves, Stark and Bowman found that other people in the LA area wanted cool leather jackets, too.

Hooray for Hollywood

Wearing streetwear fashion sitting outside

Leonard Kamhout, a sterling silver jeweler, joined the budding brand later. Stark and Bowman had started making cool leather jackets, the kind of designs you’d actually want to wear, and gained the attention of Hollywood for their style. The jackets looked so good, someone wanted to use them in a movie that was being filmed.

It’s true that the movie in question was a low-budget horror comedy you’ve probably never heard of. “Chopper Chicks in Zombietown” isn’t exactly a mega-hit, but the small production tapped the two young designers and their cool leather jackets for some wardrobe pieces for the actors.

Are You Ready to Rock?

Wearing streetwear fashion in front of windows

It just so happens that an actress in the movie was also dating the lead guitarist of the Sex Pistols, Steve Jones. The Sex Pistols had rocketed to success with the rise of the punk rock music and fashion scene. Jones liked the leather jackets he saw on the set of the film and started to wear a Chrome Hearts jacket while performing on stage.

This, of course, made Chrome Hearts a rocking brand. Other hard-rocking bands of the day, acts like Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue, also started wearing Chrome Hearts items. The brand had started to expand to include other accessories and wardrobe prices made in leather, a look that appealed to all kinds of hard rockers. And once the hottest rock stars of the era were wearing Chrome Hearts, the brand was a guaranteed success.

Today, Chrome Hearts is a go-to source for cool streetwear looks. The brand is everywhere on social media, getting tagged in posts from A-list celebs and influencers of all kinds. The trendy, edgy style continues to make Chrome Hearts a cool brand.

Finding Brands Similar to Chrome Hearts

Women Men Rhinestone Hoodie Y2k Graphic Zip Up Unisex Sweatshirt Sparekly Oversized Pullover Jacket Streetwear(black two,Medium)

Chrome Hearts caught the eye of the coolest rockers decades ago and now it’s being posted on social media by the coolest influencers. The brand’s association with anti-fashion is what makes it stand out. This isn’t polished, pretty clothing. This is clothing that rocks.

But as unique as Chrome Hearts is, there are brands similar to Chrome Hearts that share characteristics with the brand. Discover these brands and start expanding your fashion knowledge and the selections in your closet.

Brain Dead (Less Expensive)

Zombie T Shirt More Brains Living Dead Horror Movie Tee (XXL, Sport Gray)

If you like the vivid graphic designs, bold colors, and cool hoodies you find at Chrome Hearts, you’re going to love the Brain Dead label. This brand is all about cool vintage and retro looks that have plenty of modern flair. All the items you need for casual, cool fashion are here.

Shop Brain Dead to find jackets, T-shirts, sweatpants, sleepwear, knits, accessories and shoes. All the wardrobe staples are here and they all have that cool, casual look that you want in your streetwear. Brain Dead clothing has a lot of interesting graphic imagery, eye-catching colors and lively patterns.

The clothing here is less expensive than the prices you’ll find for similar items at Chrome Hearts, so it won’t cost you more money to add this brand to your shopping rotation.

Golden Goose (Similar Pricing)

Golden Goose Super-Star Leopard Horsy Quarter Leather Star and Heel Womens Sneaker GWF00101-F000565-80189-38

Golden Goose makes casual fashion for men, women and children. You can find all the everyday style items here in all the hot looks that people are wearing right now. If you like the trendy, casual streetwear styles you find at Chrome Hearts, Golden Goose should definitely be on your shopping list.

Golden Goose is casual fashion but with a little less edge than the styles at Chrome Hearts. It’s a little less leather and a little more knitwear. You can find pastel colors here and seek out styles that are a little less casual, ranging more toward professional and smart casual.

Fashion with an edge is great but sometimes, you’ve got to learn more toward preppy and be a little less punk rock. Golden Goose is a great brand to choose if you want to mix and match some of your wardrobe items and inject a little bit of pretty into your Chrome Hearts outfits.

Shop here for jackets, T-shirts, dresses, jeans, leather jackets and shoes and accessories of all kinds. True to its casual style roots, Golden Goose makes cool sneakers and lots of sunglasses, hats, belts and jewelry that look great with casual clothing. You can even shop here for bags and scented candles, because Golden Goose is a lifestyle brand.

The pricing here is similar to what you’ll pay for fashion items at Chrome Hearts.

Heron Preston (Similar Pricing)

Heron Preston X Bape Shirt Men's Women Bape Print T-Shirt Heron Cotton Hip-Pop Tee Tide Short Sleeve Tops Clothing White

Shop Heron Preston to find cool streetwear styles for men and women. This brand definitely takes trendy casual clothing to a new level of coolness thanks to graphic images, distressed designs and a simple color palette of mostly neutrals and Earth tones.

You can find all the classic wardrobe items here: T-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies, jackets, denim and activewear. Heron Preston also carries accessories of all kinds, including bags, belts, jewelry, hats and shoes. You can even get underwear here. This brand carries everything you want to wear, right down to your socks. If you want, you can dress entirely in Herson Preston. Talk about branding yourself.

Heron Pricing has a similar cool, trendy vibe as Chrome Hearts and this brand has similar pricing, too. If you like the casual streetwear fashion you find at Chrome Hearts, you will like the style you see at Heron Preston, too.

The Hundreds (Less Expensive)

Amazon Essentials Men's Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt, Black, X-Large

If you like pop culture and comfy clothing, the Hundreds was tailor-made for you. This label is full of branded items that pay homage to pop culture franchises. Shop here to find jackets, sweatshirts, shirts, and bottoms of all kinds, including denim. The gorgeous designs are like tributes to recognizable pop culture people and moments.

You can also shop for accessories, like bags and hats, at the Hundreds. Honor the pop culture icons you love and wear the comfortable, casual clothing you like when you shop at this brand.

The pricing here is less expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at Chrome Hearts, so you can add this fashion to your wardrobe and still stay well within your shopping budget.

Jaxxon (Less Expensive)

JAXXON Cuban Link Chain - 3mm | 14k Gold Bonded Over 925 Sterling Silver Chain Necklace for Men - Gold, 22 Inch

Jaxxon makes jewelry that has a definite streetwear look. If you’re looking for a jewelry brand to set off all your cool, casual streetwear clothes, Jaxxon is perfect. Shop here to find chains and bracelets made in silver and gold, all at highly affordable prices and simple, elegant styles that are perfect for embellishing all your cool clothing.

Jaxxon looks like the streetwear jewelry that’s supposed to go with the clothes you can find at Chrome Hearts. The pricing here is less expensive than the cost of accessories at Chrome Hearts, so you won’t break the bank getting jewelry from this label. If you need a little something to embellish all your outfits, Jaxxon is the perfect brand for you.

Kith (Similar Pricing)

Men's Women's Embroidery Black Red Pink Kith Sweatshirt Casual Loose Pullover Thick Kith Frame Logo Hoodie (Color : Black, Size : XX-large)

Bright colors, trendy designs, an overall cool look. If this sounds good to you, Kith is a brand for you. This brand makes fashion in a wide range of styles, everything from casual wear to semi-formal wear to great professional looks. There are times when you need to take your style up a notch or two from casual. For those times, there’s Kith.

You can shop for everything at Kith, including fashions for men, women, children and babies. Find swimwear, underwear, jeans, hoodies, dresses, pants, knits, pretty much every type of clothing you can possibly wear at this label. You can find it all at this brand, which has an extensive catalog of items to choose from.

Kith style has an edgy look to it. This brand isn’t afraid of color and glitz and patterns and fun designs. It has a trendy, cool look to it that’s similar to the hot styles you can find at Chrome Hearts. Kith even has similar pricing to Chrome Hearts, so you will spend about the same amount of money shopping at both brands.

Neighborhood (Less Expensive)

Amazon Essentials Men's Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt, Black, X-Large

Neighborhood is a Tokyo-based brand that has gained a lot of popularity in the U.S. This brand has all the essentials you need to look cool. That means T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, button-up shirts, pants and of course, hats to complete your looks.

Neighborhood clothing has a cool, casual, trendy look to it that matches the cool style you can find at Chrome Hearts. This brand is full of neutral colors and simple, branded clothing items that don’t have a lot of frills. It’s just elegantly casual, cool clothing you can wear for all your everyday tasks.

The fashion you find under the Neighborhood label is less expensive that the similar items you will find to buy at Chrome Hearts.

Obey (Less Expensive)

Obey Men's Idlewood Sweater, French Navy Multi, M

Colors. Patterns. Whimsical images. You can find all of this in the fashion at Obey, a trendy brand that has fun experimenting with streetwear style. You’ll find clothing with interesting textures and fabrics here, along with unusual colors and funny graphic images. If you thought an outline drawing of a cow couldn’t be cool, you’ve got to get a look at the fashion of this brand.

Shop here to find fashion for men and women and all the casual wardrobe items you need. Find T-shirts, knits, jackets, sweatshirts and accessories of all kinds here. Obey uses patterns and graphics to add color and life to designs, creating clothing that’s fun to wear and eye-catching, as well as it is comfortable and casual.

The pricing at Obey is less expensive, on average, than similar items you can find at Chrome Hearts.

Palm Angels (More Expensive)

PALM ANGELS Men Sweatshirt Off White - Black S

The catalog at Palm Angels is full of vivid colors, distressed clothing, cool leather items and styles that echo the tropical designs you find in beachwear. This is a brand that seems to scream Los Angeles and southern California culture. It’s the stuff you see surfers and skaters and other cool types wearing. And if your style is cool with a bit of a beachy vibe, Palm Angels is your brand.

Palm Angels carries fashion for men, women and children. Shop here to find jackets, sweatshirts, tracksuits, activewear, T-shirts, denim, beachwear, even the underwear you need to start off your outfits. You can shop from a huge selection of shoes and accessories here as well, including jewelry. Palm Angeles carries a huge catalog of fashion items, all the stuff you need to put together great looks.

If you like the cool and somewhat edgy look of Chrome Hearts but you wish it had more colors and palm trees, you’re going to like Palm Angels. The pricing here is a little more expensive than the items you’ll find at Chrome Hearts, but aren’t things usually more expensive in LA? Joking aside, this is a super popular streetwear brand that’s highly trendy and in demand, so the pricing matches this popularity.

Primitive (Less Expensive)

Primitive Pablo Script Hoodie Tan, X-Large

Simple patterns and branding, meaningful graphic imagery and classic silhouettes fill up the catalog at Primitive. Shop here to find T-shirts, bottoms, jackets and accessories of all kinds to finish off all of your outfits. Primitive doesn’t carry a huge range of products but this brand does have plenty of cool items to choose from if you like T-shirts and basic wardrobe items you wear every day.

That’s exactly what you’ll find here: cool everyday style. The casual streetwear you find here has a lot in common with the trendy items you can find at Chrome Hearts but Primitive clothing is more simple and classic in design. This style is made to be both fashionable and timeless, so it doesn’t have to follow all the trends to look cool.

Primitive clothing is less expensive than the price you’ll pay for similar items at Chrome Hearts, so you can get even more fashion here for less.

Puma (Less Expensive)

PUMA Mens Rebel Crew Neck Short Sleeve Bt T-Shirt Casual - Red - Size LT

When it comes to streetwear, Puma is definitely a leader in the game. Puma has been a popular streetwear brand for decades because this label truly creates what people are wearing everyday. Tracksuits, T-shirts, cool sneakers, sweats, hoodies, Puma makes it all.

Shop here to find casual and athletic clothing for men, women and kids. Puma carries polos, pants, loungewear, underwear and all the shoes and accessories you might want to complete all of your looks. If your look is slightly sporty, super casual and really cool, Puma is definitely the right brand for you. This clothing can be active or relaxed but it’s always in style and it always looks trendy.

Puma is less expensive than Chrome Hearts, so you can get a lot of fashion here and still spend less. Puma is also a highly recognizable brand but unlike Chrome Hearts, this is not considered to be a luxury brand. Puma is everyday clothing and this is an everyday brand that just about anyone can afford to wear, which is all part of the appeal of this label.

Stone Island (Similar Pricing)

Amazon Essentials Men's Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt, Black, X-Large

When you shop at Stone Island, the first thing that’s likely to leap out at you is the bright colors. The catalog here is full of color, bold graphics and classic silhouettes. This brand is constantly offering new fashions to reflect all the current trends, so you can always stay in style and keep your look up-to-date.

Shop Stone Island to find fashion for men. There’s plenty of it here. You can find jackets, knits, polo shirts, T-shirts, pants and shoes and bags to complete your looks. If you like classic fashion that’s going to turn heads, you will like Stone Island. The style here is simple, without a lot of graphics, and it’s made in classic designs that are highly comfortable and wearable.

Stone Island has a similar cool, laid-back sort of style vibe that’s a lot like the fashion you can find at Chrome Hearts. Even the pricing at both brands is similar, so you won’t spend more if you do some of your shopping here.

Vitaly (Less Expensive)

6MM Miami Cuban Chain Rope Necklace 16" 18" 20" - White Gold (18)

Vitaly is mostly a jewelry brand but there are some cool streetwear clothing items here, too. Rely on Vitaly to get the essentials, like a great-looking hoodie or a T-shirt. But mostly, you can find great jewelry to go with all your trendy streetwear here. Shop Vitaly for rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and eyewear that will beautifully finish any cool, trendy casual look you want to wear.

This is jewelry that looks like it belongs with Chrome Hearts clothing and similar brands. Explore the Vitaly catalog to get all the little extras you want to make all your outfits look complete. The pricing here is less expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items and accessories at Chrome Hearts, so you don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy the fashions here.

Wearing Brands Similar to Chrome Hearts

Wearing streetwear in front of graffiti wall

Chrome Hearts is cool, comfortable fashion that’s stylish because it doesn’t care about being stylish. Chrome Hearts is fashion with a little bit of attitude and that’s why people are so drawn to the brand. But there are brands similar to Chrome Hearts that have some of the same qualities. Find and wear these brands to expand your wardrobe and explore your own unique sense of style.