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12 Brands Similar to Kith

Streetwear in front of graphic wall

The cool streetwear fashion and casual everyday looks you can shop for at Kith have made this brand stand out. There are always seasonal and trendy items here, new items that reflect all the current fashions of the day. Cool graphic hoodies, pants, T-shirts, all the items you wear every day are at Kith…and it all looks really fashionable and cool. Are there brands similar to Kith that have the same sort of cool style you like about this brand?

History of Kith

Wearing streetwear look outside

Ronnie Fieg got started in fashion when he was only 13 years old. He worked with his cousin at a shoe store. By the age of 25, he was the head buyer for the store. Fieg started managing special collaborations and gained some media attention for the shoes at the store.

In 2010, Fieg was ready to branch out on his own. The very next year, he opened his own stores, named Kith, in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The stores sold popular streetwear and athletics brands like Nike, adidas, Clarks and Timberland, along with his own collaboration styles.

Streetwear style from behind

People even began sleeping in front of the store waiting for new shoes to drop. Fieg had a big hit on his hands. Kith was so popular, Fieg decided to launch his own clothing line and expand the brand.

The brand definitely made a huge splash on the fashion scene and now, Kith has become one of the most popular streetwear brands in the style business. Kith has made a big name for itself when it comes to casual style…but it’s not the only brand name out there.

Finding Brands Similar to Kith

Streetwear style artistic shot from below

If you like the hip streetwear style of Kith, you aren’t alone. Some of the world’s biggest stars have embraced the streetwear look, preferring to look casually cool and trendy. Who says being fashionable can’t mean being comfortable? Explore brands similar to Kith to find streetwear style and cool fashion that’s similar to the looks you already like.

Young person in cool streetwear

All of these brands appeal to buyers with a young sense of fashion, such as those in their 20s and 30s, who enjoy sporting activities…or at least, enjoy looking like they enjoy sporting activities. These brands use color, comfortable materials and looser designs to create clothing that feels good and looks trendy wherever it goes. These brands are all about casual style, not about professional or semi-formal looks. Streetwear is about what people are wearing right now, what’s hot and trendy on the fashion scene, and that’s exactly what these brands similar to Kith have to offer.

adidas (Less Expensive)

adidas Originals Kids' Trefoil Tee, Night Indigo, Medium

Though it’s best known for athletic wear and it famously began as an athletic shoe brand, adidas has come one of the most recognizable and popular brand names in the world for streetwear style. Like Kith, adidas has its roots in sneakers and footwear. And like Kith, this brand has popular streetwear styles that people like to wear.

Since the 1980s, adidas has played a big role in streetwear and everyday casual fashion. The signature tracksuits, the comfortable T-shirts, the sneakers, all of it has helped to not just reflect the current trendy styles but this brand has also set the tone for current styles, too.

Shop adidas to find clothing and shoes for men, women and children. This brand carries all types of casual and performance fashion, including jackets, jerseys, T-shirts and accessories. There are bags in every size and type here and, of course, sneakers for any occasion you could name.

The pricing at Adidas is less expensive, in general, than the prices you will pay for similar items at Kith.

Awake NY (Less Expensive)

Comfort Colors Mens Adult Short Sleeve Tee, Style 1717 T Shirt, White, Large US

Awake NY stands out for its graphic T-shirts and cool, casual streetwear style that honors multiple athletic teams. You can find all kinds of sportswear here, along with the casual clothing that shoppers love finding at Kith. Shop Awake NY for sweaters, bottoms, outerwear and all the accessories you need to complete your looks, like a huge range of baseball caps branded with all the popular sports teams.

Many favorite teams are represented at this brand, which creates apparel so you can show off team pride. Awake NY has a catalog full of bright colors and cool, laid-back style, something the brand has in common with Kith.

The pricing at Awake is less expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at Kith. If you like sports teams or just great-looking streetwear, take a look at Awake NY.

Deep (Less Expensive)

Amazon Essentials Men's Regular-Fit Short-Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt, Pack of 2, Charcoal Heather, XX-Large


Like Kith, Deep makes clothing for men, women and children. There’s a big selection of graphic T-shirts here in fun styles, along with all the wardrobe staples you need on hand: hoodies, tank tops, outerwear items and accessories like socks, drinking cups, decals and face masks. Deep honors the ocean, so you will see a lot of marine-like colors and fish graphics when you shop for style with this brand.

Deep’s catalog is not huge and its color palette is not varied, with clothes mostly designed in shades of blue and black with some designs in red. However, this clothing definitely has the cool, casual look that you can find at Kith.

The pricing here is less expensive than what you will pay for similar items at Kith, so you can get even more bang for your buck when you’re shopping or clothing here.

FUBU (Less Expensive)


Marvel Black Panther X FUBU Mens Clothing Black Panther Shirt Black Panther Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt with FUBU Badge (Black, X-Large) is one of the best-known names in streetwear fashion because this brand has a reputation for being cool that stretches back through the decades. Bold graphics and simple color palettes featuring a lot of purple, teal and black give this brand its own signature look.

FUBU makes clothing and accessories for women and men, including all the cool T-shirts, denim, hoodies and jerseys you might want. The clothing here always reflects the current culture and trends, with new items appearing in the FUBU catalog frequently to reflect the changing trends and styles of the current day. This is fashion that is fashionable right now, so you can always shop at FUBU to see what’s new and hot in clothing.

The prices at FUBU are less expensive, in general, than what you’ll pay for similar items from Kith. FUBU is a highly recognizable and established name brand, so you get some cool points along with cool fashion when you’re wearing this label.

Golf Wang (Less Expensive)

Tyler, The Creator unisex adult Cmiygl Los Angeles Hoodie Hooded Sweatshirt, Brown, Small US

Don’t let the name fool you. This brand makes a lot more than golf clothing, though you can find plenty of course-friendly looks at Golf Wang if that’s what you’re looking for. Shop here for great knitwear, outerwear, button-down shirts, T-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants and all those items you want to wear as casual streetwear style.

Golf Wang clothing looks a little bit sporty, which is a popular look in streetwear, and the catalog is full of colors to suit anyone’s personal sense of style. The clothing here is unisex and made for anyone to wear. Along with casual clothing of all kinds, Golf Wang makes hats, socks and accessories you can use to dress up your look or enjoy sporting activities.

The prices you will find from this brand are less expensive than what you will pay for similar items at Kith.

Heron Preston (More Expensive)

CHAIGUI Heron Preston Shirt Men Logo Print T-Shirt Heron Turtleneck Hip-Pop Tee Tide Short Sleeve Tops Sweatshirt Women (Black,Large,Large)

Shop Heron Preston clothing to find looks for both men and women. This brand features the cuts, colors and designs that people are wearing right now in cities all over the world. Shop here for great knits, outerwear, T-shirts, denim, pants, activewear, swimwear and a huge range of accessories to go with it all.

The product catalog at Heron Preston is absolutely huge, so you can shop for all kinds of style here. Find bags, belts, hats, jewelry, underwear and socks, sunglasses and even shoes at Heron Preston. If you can wear it, you can shop for it here to get streetwear style and a cool fashion look from head to toe.

Heron Preston is all about trendy casual fashion. So if it’s hot in style, you will definitely find it when you’re shopping here. Heron Preston also carries clothing with a retro or vintage vibe that honors the streetwear looks of the past. If you think throwback fashion is cool, you’ll definitely like this brand.

The pricing here is more expensive than what you will find when you’re shopping for clothing at Kith.

Neighborhood (More Expensive)

Russell Athletic mens Performance Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt, black, L

Focusing on simple color palettes featuring mainly grays, blues and blacks, Neighborhood makes simple, casual streetwear that’s easy to wear. Shop here to find sweatshirts, button-down shirts, T-shirts, outerwear and pants, just for starters. Neighborhood also makes a huge range of accessories to help you finish off all your different looks. And with this brand, you can put together a lot of them. Neighborhood has a large catalog of items to browse.

Classic patterns like flannel are prominent in this catalog, along with graphic designs that make the simple T-shirt stand out as a work of streetwear art. Like Kith, Neighohrood focuses on classic wardrobe pieces and it focuses on making them cool and fun to wear.

Simple casual style ad strong branding set Neighborhood apart from other clothing brands. The prices here are slightly more expensive, on average, than what you will pay for clothing Kith.

Noah (Similar Pricing)

Stylish Noah Pullover Hoodie

Noah is a skatewear brand that creates cool, casual clothing with a religious theme. The catalog is full of interesting color combinations and sportswear like rugby shirts, baggy jeans and outerwear that’s made to be tough and work-ready. You can find sporting clothes, working clothes and casual items in the catalog here, too. Noah even makes a few luxury items, such as cashmere scarves, if you want to add a little bit of high-end style to your casual streetwear look.

Shop here for bottoms, shoes, shirts and all kinds of accessories, including sunglasses and items you might need to enjoy a little skateboarding or surfing. This is a varied brand with a lot of different items to offer and very interesting religious branding.

The pricing here is similar to what you will find for items at Kith. This brand stands out for its graphic images and its classic, simple casual style. This is clothing that looks classic and timeless, rather than the super trendy looks you can find with other brands. If your style is built on cool, casual and classic looks, Noah might just be the brand for you.

Off White (More Expensive)

Summer Short Sleeve Off White Tshirt Cotton Off Letters Hip hop t Shirt for Men Women

Off-White makes clothing for men, women and children…and a whole lot more. This is a lifestyle brand with a huge catalog of products and a wide range of fashion. Like Kith, Off-White has a huge selection of fashion to choose from.

You can buy everything in the way of fashion here and you will find that the designs definitely stand out. Off-White makes outerwear, leather items, knitwear, sweatshirts, T-shirts, denim, swimwear, underwear and a pretty varied selection of activewear that includes skiwear items. This brand also makes a huge selection of casual footwear and all kinds of different bags to help you carry all your gear. Off-White also sells accessories like belts, wallets, jewelry and more.

There’s a lot to shop for at this brand, including eyewear and homewares. You can shop here for beauty items as well. Off-White truly has a huge selection and new fashions appearing in the catalog all the time, so you can shop here for all kinds of items you want for yourself and for your home. You can always find more to buy here. If you like having a huge selection, which is something you can find at Kith, you will enjoy shopping with Off-White.

The fashion here definitely reflects the current trends and the hot looks in fashion, with some styles that are right on the cutting edge and very modern. This is the brand to go to if you want the absolute latest looks and you want to really experiment with your style. For the young and the young at heart who want truly eye-catching streetwear style, Off-White is the right brand. This is bold fashion that’s for those who don’t mind being seen. Because if you’re wearing hot clothes, why wouldn’t you want people to notice?

The pricing here is more expensive than the pricing you will find at Kith because Off-White is more of a high-fashion streetwear brand.

Palace (Less Expensive)

Palace - Triangle Designer 2021 Black Edition T-Shirt

Palace is a skateboard brand that branched out into casual fashion and now, there’s an entire catalog of cool streetwear styles available here…along with all the stuff you need for your skateboard, of course. Shop here to find outerwear, shirts, tracksuits, hoodies, hats, footwear and accessories of all types.

Palace focuses on a color palette filled with neural and Earth tones with styles that showcase all the latest in casual design. The clothes here are made with classic silhouettes and the items are standard wardrobe staples that everyone wants. Colorful graphic images and bold branding make the clothing from this label stand out, along with the use of bright colors. Palace makes clothing for all sexes in gender-neutral designs that anyone can wear.

The prices at Palace are less expensive, on average, than what you will pay for similar items at Kith. That means you can buy even more fashion when you shop here.

Stussy (Less Expensive)

Stussy - Mens World Tour T-Shirt, Size: X-Large, Color: Navy

Stussy uses bright colors and casual style to set itself apart from other brands. Eye-catching outerwear, cool denim and flannel designs, button-down shirts and T-shirts are just the beginning of what you’ll find here. Shop Stussy for knitwear, pants, sweaters and all sorts of accessories and eyewear that can be used to finish any look you create.

Simple T-shirts and classic silhouettes fill the Stussy catalog, which has tons of different color options and plain, unfussy designs. This is traditional casual wear without branding or a lot of graphics, for those who prefer a more straightforward type of style. If you like casual wear without a lot of bells and whistles and graphics and branding, Stussy is the right brand for you.

The prices here are more affordable than what you will find for similar items at Kith, so you can get a lot of fashion here without spending a lot of money.

Supreme (Less Expensive)

Supreme T Shirt Rogue Bad Boy Tee Military Style Tshirt

Supreme is a skate brand with a whole lot of fashion and accessories to offer, items like jackets, shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shoes and hats. You can find all the classic skater items here, including the brightly-colored knit caps and baggy pants that seem so associated with the sport.

Of course, you can also find skating accessories and equipment here. Supreme isn’t afraid to use colors and a lot of branding on its items. So if you like to tell people that your style is Supreme, you might just love wearing this skate brand.

Many items in the Supreme catalog are available in multiple color options and lots of designs here feature bold patterns, stripes and extra elements to make each item stand out on its own. The pricing here is somewhat less expensive than what you will find at Kith.

Wearing Brands Similar to Kith

Streetwear style dramatic black and white

Kith is a streetwear brand that stands out for its cool style but it is not the only brand out there that offers great casual fashion. Explore all of these bands similar to Kith and expand your personal style using brands that are similar to the looks you already like.


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