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13 Brands Similar to For Love and Lemons

Person in high fashion floral dress

The flattering silhouettes, soft fabrics and bright colors of For Love and Lemons fashion has made the brand stand out to style watchers. A-list celebrities and fashion fans of all kinds have noticed this brand, a smaller fashion label that is growing. Are there brands similar to For Love and Lemons or does this label stand out and stand apart from others? Start exploring all the fashion possibilities that are out there if you like the boho look and great style.

Love, Lemons and Clothing

Wearing high fashion floral skirt

For Love & Lemons, FL&L, was founded by women and it’s run by women. The brand employs a small team of professionals, most of them women. The business is small but this brand is growing. The quality of the designs and the fun, flirty fashion here has helped FL&L stand out even among other brands that sell boho-inspired looks.

For Love & Lemons has all the hippest looks and latest fashions. The clothing here is made in lightweight fabrics with lots of color and interesting patterns in designs that put their own twist on boho chic. This is funky fashion with a ton of flair. You’ll see lots of florals and many figure-flattering silhouettes here in flowing, airy styles that are appealing to a huge range of women of all ages.

The brand might be small, but word has gotten around. Several celebrities have been spotted wearing the brand, including Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. As far as the world of fashion goes, that’s pretty good company to keep.

The brand was founded by Gillian Rose Kern and Laura Hall, who have been business partners since they were children. In fact, their first business was a lemonade stand. That’s a common story for many children, but few go on to create a world-famous fashion label with their lemonade stand partner.

Kern, a fashionista at heart, designed and made her own clothes because she enjoyed it. And the clothes she made looked great. Soon, she was making clothes for her friends, too. That’s when she and Hall realized they had another business on their hands. It was time for them to turn lemons into a fashion brand.

This is how For Love & Lemons was born. The brand has made a name for itself with its lightweight, vibrant fashions and the clothing here definitely stands out. But there are brands similar to For Love & Lemons, either in design style, pricing or some other aspect of the brand you like. Do you know them all?

Finding Brands Similar to For Love and Lemons

The fashion at For Love & Lemons has its own look that makes this brand stand out. That’s why even celebrities have noticed the clothing from this label. But there are brands similar to For Love & Lemons for various reasons. What you like about FL&L can be found in other brands, too. Start exploring all these different labels and start expanding your wardrobe with all the fashions you really like and really want to wear.

Alice McCall (Similar Pricing)

Alice McCall Womens Tie-Front Crop Top Blouse, Pink, 0

Like For Love & Lemons, Alice McCall focuses on women’s fashion for fashionable women of all ages. Both brands have a similar love for color and floral patterns. Many of the designs from Alice McCall are made in lightweight, boho-esque styles that appeal to all kinds of women, much like FL&L fashion.

Alice McCall’s clothing is a bit more conservative and a bit more retro than FL&L, though the two brands have a very similar overall design look. Alice McCall also has similar pricing to For Love & Lemons. The two brands have a lot in common. If you like the colors, lightweight fabrics and boho-inspired look of FL&L, you will feel comfortable shopping for style at Alice McCall.

ASTR the label (Less Expensive)

ASTR the label womens Astr Women's Sleeveless Lace Fit & Flare Midi Dress, Navy, Medium US

ASTR the label specializes in women’s fashion like For Love & Lemons and like the other brand, it appeals to women of all ages but particularly those in their 20s and 30s. This brand has a more modern, more sophisticated look that’s less boho and more everyday glam chic. The product line here includes lots of fabric textures, including silk, leather and soft knits.

The clothing here is perfect for daily wear and professional looks. ASTR the label’s brand is all about affordable fashion, so the prices here are less expensive than the fashions you’ll find at For Love & Lemons. If you need sophisticated and stylish looks that are affordable to buy, you need to start shopping at ASTR the label.

Bardot (Similar Pricing)

Bardot Womens Gemma Lace Ladder Stitch Cocktail Dress Black 6

The elegant fashion at Bardot is made with classic silhouettes in eye-catching colors and floral-themed designs, something the brand has in common with For Love & Lemons. Bardot sells clothing for women of all ages in classic styles that have a timeless look.

Bardot sticks to less vivid colors but there is a distinct boho vibe in many of the designs, thanks to elements like puffed sleeves, flared skirts and loose but flattering silhouettes.

Like FL&L, Bardot uses lightweight fabrics and flowing silhouettes that create comfortable high fashion. The pricing at Bardot is similar to the prices you will find at FL&L, so you can spend about the amount of money buying similar items at both brands.

The more muted colors and slightly more trendy look of Bardot fashion may just appeal to your sense of style.

Bohme (Less Expensive)

Generic Women's Spring Summer Party Casual Floral Striped Printed Elegant Beautiful Cute Mini Midi Maxi Dresses (GreenWhtFloral, x_l), X-Large

Bohme fashion puts a modern twist on classic styles of the past. Many styles here have a definite bohemian vibe, a design look the brand has in common with For Love & Lemons.

This is where sophisticated style and funky fashion collide. Bohme has a softer color patellate than FL&L, with many neutral shades. There are floral patterns here, along with classic patterns and clothing textures. Bardo has a more classic look overall, fashion without the trendiness. This brand appeals to professional women in their 20s, 30s and 40s who like to dress stylishly in head-turning, sleek fashion.

Bohme is less expensive, on average, than similar items you can get at FL&L. If you want a less vibrant design style with a slightly boho fashion vibe, Bohme is a perfect place to shop.

Cleobella (Similar Pricing)

Cleobella Women's Adalee Mini Dress, Ivory, White, XS

The soft, flowing silhouettes and lightweight fabrics at Cleobella have a lot in common with the boho looks at For Love & Lemons and both brand appeal to the same demographic of stylish women. You’ll find a lot of patterns here and classic silhouettes, along with ruffles and embellishments that strike a definite boho vibe and create fun, stylized fashion.

You can find lots of vibrant colors here, too, something else Celobella has in common with FL&L. The fashion here is just a little bit edgier but the style is still classic and a little bit fun and funky. The pricing is similar to what you’ll find at FL&L, so you can spend the same amount of money shopping for similar items across both brands.

Elliatt (More Expensive)

Elliatt Women's Apparel Women's Long Sleeve Embroidered Floral MIDI Flare Sheath Dress, Lilac Multi, M

Bold prints, ruffles, flaring skirts, flattering silhouettes. Elliatt has a lot in common with For Love & Lemons. Both brands have a boho vibe, with lots of puffed sleeves and floral patterns and maxi dresses. Elliatt sticks to a color palette featuring a lot of neutral tones and soft pastels.

The pricing here is slightly more expensive, on average, than the pricing you’ll find at For Love & Lemons. These clothes appeal to professional women in their 20s, 30s and 40s who want to showcase their sense of style.

Hello Molly (Less Expensive)

Hello Molly Midi Dress, Summer Dresses for Women 2022 Flowy Dress Fitted Women's V-Neck Loose Batwing Sleeve Elastic Waist Printed Dress Mini Dresses Ladies Sundresses Maxi Plus (L, Red)

Hello, fashion. The clothes at Hello Molly have vibrant colors and they’re made with beautiful fabrics in classic silhouettes that have a distinctly modern, trendy look. The fashion here is made for everyday to professional looks, with some semi-formal styles and even evening gowns. The styles here are trendy, with a modern flair and they appeal to women of all ages. However, the fashion at Hello Molly has a touch of that boho look, too.

Bright colors and flattering fashion. Hello Molly has this in common with For Love & Lemons. The pricing here is less expensive than the clothes at FL&L, because Hello Molly’s brand is fashion that anyone can afford. If you like the boho look but also like modern, trendy flair, you’re going to like the catalog of fashion your find at Hello Molly.

LoveShackFancy (More Expensive)

LOVESHACKFANCY Women's Natasha Dress, Blueberry Cloud, XS

Color. Texture. Ruffles. Bows. Puffs. Fringe. This is what you’ll notice with the line of clothes from LoveShackFancy. This brand has a strong boho flair, something people like about For Love & Lemons. Floral patterns, bright color and texture fill up the LoveShackFancy catalog, which creates a lot of visual similarities between these clothes and the items you find at For Love & Lemons.

This is vintage-inspired fashion and this is a look that many lovers of FL&L can learn to like. The prices at LoveShackFancy are somewhat more expensive than at FL&L but the look of these clothes shares a lot of similarities with the fashion at For Love & Lemons. Both brands appeal to women of all ages who have a bit of fun flair to their style.

Needle and Thread (More Expensive)

Needle & Thread Women's Valentine Ruffle Gown, Porcelain Blue, 6

Needle & Thread creates boho fashion with glam appeal. These clothes have a little bling, a lot of embellishments and a flowing, flattering, boho look that’s like the more formal version of the clothes you can find at For Love & Lemons. This is everyday fashion if your every day includes looking like a style maven with very posh places to go.

Needle & Threads is noticeably more expensive than similar items of clothing at For Love & Lemons. This brand responsibly sources all fabric and components of the clothing and many designs are made with organic cotton and recycled elements to further the company’s eco-friendly goals. This extra attention to detail costs extra money for the consumer.

But the high fashion look and the responsibility Needle & Thread provides appeals to customers who want to shop and dress in a more Earth-friendly way…while still looking super high-end, of course. Professional women in their 30s and 40s are often drawn to this brand.

Princess Polly (Less Expensive)

Women's Summer Shorts Romper Ruffle Hem Chiffon Flowy Casual Mini Jumpsuits Off Shoulder Swiss Dots Smocked Double Layer Rompers Apricot L

Princess Polly appeals to young fashionistas who like a boho look with a bit of a modern, trendy edge. These are the boho looks of right now and Princess Polly mixes classic silhouettes with new trends to create a unique catalog of fashion.

This is casual, everyday fashion that’s perfect for going out shopping, for having a night out with friends or just making everyone eat their heart out for your chic, fun boho-inspired fashion. If For Love & Lemons isn’t quite hip and trendy enough for you, Princess Polly might just be the brand you’re looking for. This brand appeals to women who like head-turning style.

The prices here are more affordable, on average, than what you’ll say for similar items at FL&L. This brand appeals to a young demographic of customers in their late teens and early 20s, who don’t always have the bucks to pay for high fashion. However, you can still get high-style looks with Princess Polly.

Spell (Similar Pricing)

SPELL Women's Freda Boho Mini Dress, Amber, Orange, Print, M

Flowing fabrics, loose and flattering silhouettes, bright colors and floral patterns. You can say all this about clothing from For Love & Lemons. Well, it applies to fashions from Spell, too. This brand is all about boho style, from everyday wear to office wear to semi-formal styles you can wear anywhere.

The clothing from this brand is all about pleasing colors, soft ruffles and embellishments and comfortable, pretty fashion, all aspects that appeal to women of all ages who like the boho look.

These are clothes that are meant to feel good and look pretty. The design style is something Spell has in common with FL&L. Even the pricing here is similar, so you can spend about the same amount of money buying items from either brand. If you like FL&L, you’re going to like the clothes you find at Spell.

Tularosa (Similar Pricing)

Dress the Population Women's Blair Plunging Fit and Flare Midi Dress, Navy/Nude, M

The casual, vintage-inspired looks at Tularose definitely invoke a bit of a boho fashion feeling. The distressed leather, faux fur, rich velvet and knits at Tularose create a product catalog that’s full of texture and life.

Bright colors and floral patterns are all over the catalog as well, elements that Tularosa has in common with For Love & Lemons. Both brands appeal to the same customer base and clearly share the same overall style plan.

Like FL&L, Tularosa creates fashion for women in a huge range of everyday styles that have a fun, flirty, high-fashion look. The pricing at Tularosa is similar to the pricing you will find at FL&L. If you like the boho styles at For Love & Lemons, you might also like the funky, flirty fashions you can find through the Tularosa brand.

We Are Kindred (Similar Pricing)

Plus Size Summer Dresses for Women 2022, Dresses 2022 Resort Dresses Cotton Tank Dress Women's Casual Fashion Print V-Neck Two Piece Set Maxi Dress Women's Spring Dresses Long Boho (XXL, Blue)

We Are Kindred specializes in boho fashions, creating everyday and professional looks that can go anywhere and look good everywhere. Like For Love & Lemons, We Are Kindred has many designs in floral styles with flowing, flattering silhouettes that are made for comfort as well as for fashion. Both brands appeal to women of all ages, from young 20-somethings to professionals who have honed their style over the years.

We Are Kindred has a catalog full of boho fashion in soft colors. You’ll see lots of pastels here, along with ruffles, lace and all the other elements you can expect from boho fashion. The pricing here is similar to the cost of items at For Love & Lemons, so you can spend about the same amount of money shopping at either brand.

And if you like shopping under the FL&L label, you will like clothing from We Are Kindred.

Wearing Brands Similar to For Love and Lemons

Wearing a fashionable vintage outfit

There’s lots to like about the fashions at For Love & Lemons. But the things you like about the brand can be found in other brands, too. Start exploring all these brands similar to For Love & Lemons and start playing around with your boho style. You might want to put a sophisticated twist or add some glamor to your boho looks using fashion from other brands.

Have fun with your style and experiment with different but similar brands that have some of the stuff you like about For Love & Lemons.


For Love & Lemons has taken the fashion world by storm and there’s still a lot to learn about this growing brand. Lots of people have questions about this label that appeared out of nowhere and suddenly became a favorite of some of the most stylish celebs. We looked for the most frequently asked questions bout FL&L and we got the answers, so you know all the information about this brand and the clothes it sells.

Is For Love & Lemons owned by Victoria’s Secret?

For Love & Lemons and Victoria’s Secret are two separate companies and two separate brands. However, the two have collaborated. Victoria’s Secret is the exclusive retailer for FL&L lingerie. The items from FL&L are sold both online and in Victoria’s Secret stores.

Where is clothing from For Love & Lemons made?

All clothing sold under the For Love & Lemons labels is made in a factory owned by the company in Suzhou, China. However, the brand itself is based in the U.S. and the owners live in the U.S.

Why is For Love & Lemons so expensive?

Love & Lemons owns and operates a dedicated factory that manufactures all the clothing from this label. This factory is operated under ethical standards to provide employees with fair wages and a good work environment. Not all fashion labels have made this commitment because it does end up costing more to produce clothing than using sweatshops. For Love & Lemons is committed to never using sweatshops, which does make the clothing here cost more than some other brands.

A lot of time and attention goes into the clothing designs at Love & Lemons, which also costs more money. The brand is also committed to sustainability and takes extra measures to ensure the health of the planet. All of this does make the clothing cost more than brands that do not use these same types of practices.



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