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12 Brands Similar to H&M

Inside an HandM store

H&M is known as a go-to source for affordable fashion of all kinds. This brand makes clothing in every style, from the most casual stuff to professional clothes to cocktail dresses and formal wear. You can even shop for bridal wear here. You can shop for anything here. H&M has it all: the huge catalog, the affordable prices, the trendy fashion. But there are brands similar to H&M that have the same qualities you like. Find these brands and fill your wardrobe with even more fashion.

History of H&M

HandM logo on store

H&M has become a global brand, with stores in locations all over the world. But once, this was a small clothing retailer in Sweden. H&M was founded as Hennes in 1946. The word “hennes” is Swedish for “hers.” The store was founded by Erling Persson as a women’s clothing store.

Two years later, Persson purchased a hunting and fishing store that sold outdoor-ready clothing, along with gear and equipment. The name of the store was Mauritz Widforss. Persson combined the two stores into a single brand: Hennes and Mauritz, or H&M.

Just like that, the brand started selling clothing for both men and women. H&M expanded from there and now, this brand has physical store locations in 50 countries and maintains a huge online presence. Many people are familiar with H&M and the fashion clothing you can find under this label. H&M has become a full lifestyle brand offering all kinds of items beyond cute fashion.

People shop H&M for clothing in a huge range of styles, from casual to professional to semi-formal and even formal looks. The brand sells accessories, shoes and all the items you need to complete your outfits, too. H&M is an all-inclusive brand that offers a complete range of fashion, so you can shop here to get any kind of look you like.

Finding Brands Similar to H&M

Person wearing fashion casual outfit day

H&M’s brand of trendy fashion has definitely made this label stand out. But there are brands similar to H&M that have some of the same qualities you like. Learn more about these brands and fill your wardrobe with all the trendy, fashionable styles you want to wear.

Dynamite (More Expensive)

Dresses for Women 2023 3/4 Sleeve Vintage Print T Shirt Dress Summer Fashion Casual V Neck Loose Mini Beach Sun Dress Vestidos Casuales para Mujer Sky Blue XXL

The trendy, pretty fashion you can find at H&M looks a lot like the clothing you’ll find at Dynamite. The stylish clothing here is designed for women who like trendy casual and semi-casual looks. Shop here to find stuff to wear to work, jeans that flatter your shape and items to wear on vacation. Like H&M, Dynamite sells clothing in a wide range of different styles.

Dynamite has a big selection of fashion and sells all the items you want to wear, including blazers, T-shirts, sweaters, leggings, jackets, dresses, plus all the stuff you wear under your clothing. You can shop Dynamite’s online catalog by activity or even by color to find exactly the right thing to wear for whatever you have planned.

The pricing at Dynamite is slightly more expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at H&M. However, Dynamite hosts frequent sales events that offer deep discounts on fashion, so you can shop the bargains and end up paying the same amount or even less than you pay for fashion with H&M. Smart shopping is always fun shopping, and Dynamite makes it easy to shop for discounts that let you buy even more great clothing.

Guess (More Expensive)

GUESS mens Mid-weight Puffer Jacket With Removable Hood Down Alternative Coat, Black, Small US

If you want a vast selection of highly fashionable styles to choose from, you’re going to love Guess. This brand is associated with trendy style and it’s a famous label that’s recognized everywhere. Shop Guess to find fashion of all kinds for men, women and children.

The brand is famous for handbags, and you can definitely find a big selection of them with Guess, but there’s a huge range of fashion to enjoy here, too. Shop Guess for jeans, dresses, tops, jackets, sweaters, activewear, swimwear, intimates, shoes, accessories, you name it. Guess makes it all. You can put together any kind of look you want in any style, from the most casual to truly formal looks like long evening gowns and gorgeous men’s suits.

Guess is a designer label with huge brand recognition. It’s known for being high-quality, highly trendy style. Because this is a designer label, Guess is more expensive than H&M. However, Guess is a highly affordable fashion brand compared to other designer labels. When it comes to designer fashion that’s recognized around the world, Guess is by far one of the most affordable brands.

Add some Guess pieces to your H&M outfits and you’ll inject a little bit of designer flair to everything you wear.

Hello Molly (More Expensive)

Hello Molly Midi Dress, Summer Dresses for Women 2022 Flowy Dress Fitted Women's V-Neck Loose Batwing Sleeve Elastic Waist Printed Dress Mini Dresses Ladies Sundresses Maxi Plus (L, Red)

Say hello to colorful, eye-catching fashion for women when you shop Hello Molly. This brand makes affordable everyday fashion in casual, professional, semi-casual and formal styles. Hello Molly specializes in dresses, but you can find all sorts of fashion here. The catalog has plenty of fashions to choose from in styles that suit any occasion. Many shoppers come to Hello Molly for dresses and end up shopping for all kinds of fashion here.

Shop Hello Molly for tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, swimwear, knits, underwear and of course, dresses of all kinds. The selection of dresses Hello Molly makes is absolutely huge. You can find prom dresses, formal dresses, cocktail dresses and any type of dress you want to wear for anything that might be happening in your life.

Hello Molly clothing is colorful and trendy. You can shop here to see all the latest styles and hot looks. The pricing here is slightly more expensive, on average, than similar pieces you will find at H&M. However, the clothing from this brand is still highly affordable.

I.AM.GIA (Similar Pricing)

Daily Ritual Women's Jersey Standard-Fit Short-Sleeve Scoopneck T-Shirt Dress, Black, Medium

I.AM.GIA wants to remind you that you are sexy. The clothing you find here is flirty and colorful and many designs show a little skin. I.AM.GIA makes a big catalog of clothing, including denim, sets, outerwear and dresses. You can find activewear, swimwear and cute casual wear here.

Shop I.AM.GIA for a look for date night or a night out with the girls, maybe something that will turn heads at the pool or the beach. There are plenty of fashions to choose from here and all the styles are trendy, sexy and fresh. This is fashion that has a young look. It’s cool and fashionable and it’s what people are wearing.

The pricing at I.AM.GIA is similar to what you’ll pay for the same type of items at H&M. The styles are similar to what you’ll find at H&M, with a little more edge and a little more sexiness.

Los Angeles Apparel (More Expensive)

Women's Oversized Sweatshirt Los Angeles California Crewneck Long Sleeve Casual Loose Pullover Tops

Los Angeles Apparel has all the trendy, casual fashions that you want. That’s because the catalog of items here is positively enormous and the fashion is always trendy and chic. Most options are available in a huge range of colors, so you can truly customize your style.

Los Angeles Apparel has a catalog full of casual, everyday clothing and activewear styles. Shop here to find clothing in styles for men, women and children, along with unisex designs. Browse the catalog to find tops, dresses, pants, sweaters, jackets, professional clothing, swimwear and lots more. You can shop here for underwear and accessories, too, including bags and watches. Don’t forget shoes. Los Angeles Apparel has plenty of them to finish off all your looks.

This brand has all the young, trendy fashion for young, trendy people. The prices here are more expensive, on average, than what you’ll pay for similar items at H&M. However, the fashion here is still highly affordable and priced reasonably. Los Angeles Apparel, like H&M, believes in affordable, trendy fashion that anyone can afford. The style here is more active and casual, in general, than the catalog of items you’ll find at H&M.

Massimo Dutti (More Expensive)

Amazon Essentials Women's French Terry Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt (Available in Plus Size), White/Navy, Stripe, Medium

Want to add some chic, sophisticated European flair to your closet? Do it with the clothing from Massimo Dutti. Shop this brand for jackets, blazers, sweaters, T-shirts, dresses, jeans, shoes and accessories.

Massimo Dutti makes clothing for men and women. The styles here feature a lot of classic silhouettes, stripes and conservative designs. The clothing here is more smart casual than everyday casual and made in a lot of neutral colors and black and white designs. This is a perfect place to shop for professional and dressier everyday looks.

The pricing at Massimo Dutti is slightly more expensive, on average, than what you’ll pay for similar fashion at H&M.

Monki (Less Expensive)

Amazon Essentials Women's Lightweight Vee Cardigan Sweater (Available in Plus Size), Black, X-Large

Monki makes clothes in bright colors and loose, comfortable designs. This is women’s clothing that’s made to feel good and look good. The silhouettes are loose and easy to wear. The styles are fashionable and trendy. And the colors are bright and attention-getting, Most pieces here have multiple color options, because you want to express your own personal style.

Shop Monki for jackets, dresses, jeans, T-shirts, knits, blouses, hoodies, even underwear and nightwear. This brand makes all kinds of different fashion and has a huge range of styles. You can wear casual, semi-casual, professional and formal looks using the items you’ll find at Monki.

The prices here are less expensive than what you’ll pay for items at H&M. When you’re shopping for affordable fashion, you want to add Monki to your rotation to fill your closet with fashionable clothes for all occasions.

Nap Loungewear (More Expensive)

Sweat Sets for Women 2 Piece Outfits Pants Sets Soft Lounge Set Winter Camel L

You know the tight, restrictive high-fashion clothing you’ve seen on Instagram? That is totally not what you will find at Nap Loungewear. This clothing is loose and soft and flowing. Shop this brand to find comfortable, great-feeling fashion for men and women.

Shop here for T-shirts, knitwear, dresses, pants, sweats, coasts, leggings and fashion of all kinds. You’ll find accessories to finish off all your looks, too. The clothes here are made in a range of soft, touchable fabrics, including silk, cotton and linen. The styles here are casual and laid-back and loose and easy to wear.

Clothing items are more expensive here, on average, than similar items you can shop for at H&M. This is loungewear with a designer look and feel and a comfortable, highly wearable style.

Quince (Similar Pricing)

ANRABESS Women Dresses Sleeveless Split Long Maxi Beach Dress for Beach with Pockets A19ganlanlv-M

When you want fashion that looks like luxury but doesn’t cost you like luxury fashion will, Quince is your brand. The Quince catalog is full of gorgeous cashmere clothing. The items here are available in multiple color options, sometimes in a huge range of color options. That means you can get the same item in lots of different colors if you really love it.

And if you like cashmere, you’ll really love the fashions you find here. Quince fashions are classic and beautiful. All the staples are here in comfortable, flattering silhouettes. Shop Quince to find fashion for men, women, children and babies. This brand carries dresses, tops, activewear, sweats, jackets, loungewear, T-shirts, intimates and shapewear. You can also shop here to find fine jewelry, bags, accessories of all kinds and maternity clothing styles, too.

Quince carries a huge range of fashion in all kinds of colors in beautiful, traditional styles. The styles here range from casual to everyday casual to smart casual. You can shop for professional looks here, too.

The clothes at Quice have similar pricing to the items you will find at H&M.

Room502 (More Expensive)

Fashion Mens T Shirt Muscle Gym Workout Athletic Shirt Cotton Tee Shirt Top Large

How does elegant, comfortable, beautiful everyday style sound to you? Do you like clothing that’s professional enough for the office, cute enough for a night out and comfortable enough to wear while you’re grocery shopping? Room502 is the brand for you.

The catalog here is full of elegant, easy-to-wear styles that are made to be fashionable but also comfortable. The dresses, tops and beachwear looks you’ll find here really are all-occasion, go-anywhere designs that will look great no matter where you go or what you’re doing. Shop here to find belts and scarves to complement all your looks.

The color palette here is simple, built around mostly stunning Earth tones. Shop Room502 for clothing in shades of black and white, khaki, pink, dark red and deep blue. These elegant styles don’t need a lot of colors to stand out.

Clothing at Room502 is more expensive than the prices you’ll pay at H&M. The clothes here definitely have their own unique look and stand out for their distinct style. This brand might be the perfect way to show off your own distinct style.

Rue 21 (Similar Pricing)

pink clothes for women hop up rue 21 clothing women rob light off shoulder club tops for women city top lightweight shirt for women black sweater jacket for women

If you like the young, fresh fashion you can find at H&M, you are going to like what you find at Rue 21. The catalog here is full of fun fashion with great graphics and colorful designs. Shop here to find all the cool, trendy casual wear looks you want. Rue 21 has a big catalog full of all the latest looks and the hot fashion styles.

Shop here for T-shirts, jeans, sweaters, hoodies, dresses, jackets, activewear, sleepwear, shoes and accessories to finish off all our looks. You can even get perfume here. There’s always something new and cool at Rue 21. The catalog is updated frequently to feature all the newest design and style trends. Rue 21 makes clothing for men and women.

The clothing style and prices you’ll find here are similar to the catalog at H&M. You won’t spend any more to get as much fashion with this brand, so feel free to add Rue 21 to your shopping rotation for cool, trendy, hip, young styles.

Storets (More Expesnive)

24000PKHA-1X Just Love Women's Utility Scrub Pants / Scrubs, Khaki Utility, 1X

Do you like your fashion with a little colorful, chic flair? This is fashion with a bit of a European look, sophisticated designs that range from casual to smart casual with just enough sex appeal to be fun.

Storets makes a huge range of fashion for women that includes dresses, swimwear, jeans, knits, blouses, tops and outerwear, among other items. Use this brand to put together looks for work, looks or everyday casual wear, looks for dates and all the trendy looks you want to wear.

You can also find accessories to finish off all your looks here. The pricing at Storets is somewhat more expensive than the amount you’ll pay for similar items at H&M. But like H&M, this brand is all about casual, cool fashion that’s trendy and fresh and young.

Wearing Brands Similar to H&M

Person with fashion dress and HandM shopping bag

H&M makes trendy, fashionable clothing in a huge range of styles that will look great anywhere and keep your looks head-turning everywhere you go. The fashions here are affordable, the catalog is big and the style is young and fresh. But there are brands that have some of the same qualities as this brand you love. Explore these other brands and you might just find a few more go-to brands to help you fulfill all your shopping needs.