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13 Brands Similar to Hollister

Casual fashion with sunglasses

The casual everyday style at Hollister has made the brand a go-to choice for many. Here, you’ll find traditional and trendy styles in a wide range of colors. This brand carries jeans, dresses, tops, jackets, bottoms and swimwear, all the staples you need to put together a great daily wardrobe of casual, effortless fashion. Hollister makes fashion for men and women to give everyone the cool, trendy looks they want to have. This is also a brand with a mission that puts money into projects that promote the health of the planet. But are there brands similar to Hollister that share some of these same qualities?

History of Hollister

Many people know Hollister for its great fashion, affordable prices, massive selection and trendy clothing. They know they can trust the brand to deliver the hot looks in all the latest styles and to update the catalog as new trends break out in the fashion world.

Casual fashion outfit

What people don’t know is that this brand is somewhat controversial, though not for the usual reasons that make a fashion house controversial. No, this brand got headlines for lying about something altogether different. When most fashion labels get caught lying, it’s usually for some pretty bad stuff. But Hollister got caught lying about something that lots of fashion buyers can actually relate to. This brand got caught lying about its past.

And really, who hasn’t been there?

The Big Lie

The official story of the Hollister brand, the one shared by the brand itself, is that Hollister was actually founded over a century ago in 1922.

The way the story was told, John M. Hollister, Sr. grew up in the eastern U.S. before ultimately moving to California in 1919 and opening up his own company. From his Laguna Beach shop, he sold furniture, jewelry, linens and other items from the South Pacific. His son, John Jr., came on board with the business later and added surf clothing to the store. This change is what made Hollister a brand name with global recognition.

However, journalists found that this story isn’t true. At all. Like, none of it is true in any way.

The Real Story

Actually, the brand was founded in 2000 in Columbus, Ohio. This is when the fictitious story of the brand was created, along with Mr. Hollister himself. It was thought that the story of the brand would make it appeal more to teen shoppers interested in southern California and surfing fashion.

Casual fashion riding a bike

Perhaps they were right. The brand became a huge success, expanding to locations around the world and dressing people of all ages. Hollister has taken its cool, casual fashion everywhere. Though this probably isn’t because of the fake story put out by the company, as it’s much more about the styles that Hollister offers.

Hollister is actually owned by Abercrombie & Fitch, a company that knows how to sell fashion to a lot of people. There never was a J.M. Hollister. At least, not one associated with the brand. The name Hollister was completely pulled from nowhere, picked because it sounded good.

But there’s nothing false about the brand’s success. Hollister’s clothing and pro-Earth messaging have struck a chord with many.

What Sets Hollister Apart

Hollister has actually made a commitment to doing good for the world. This brand support ethical sourcing and other ethical business practices that promote a healthier planet overall. This feature of the brand is something that has appealed to many shoppers. Others may come to Hollister just for the fashion.

Whatever your reason for loving the brand may be, you don’t have to restrict yourself to the clothing at Hollister when it comes to building your personal style brand through fashion choices.

Finding Brands Similar to Hollister

Casual fashion with jeans

The Hollister brand has caught a lot of eyes and gained a lot of shoppers for various reasons. Whether you like the company’s commitment to doing good for the world, the laid-back fashion styles or the affordable pricing, there are brands similar to Hollister that offer some of the same stuff you like about this brand. Discover these brands and you may find lots more fashion to add to your closet.

Aeropostale (Similar Pricing)

Like Hollister, Aeropostale makes casual, fashionable clothing for women and men. There’s a big selection of jeans here but Aeropostale also makes a huge range of clothing items. Shop here to find hoodies, sweats, sweaters, polos, dresses, loungewear, bottoms and all the wardrobe staples you need.

Aeropostale Women's Polo Shirt Small Navy 404a

Aeropostale also makes underwear and fragrances, along with plenty of accessories. This brand makes just about everything you can wear. The clothes here are trendy and fashionable, with a lot of cool and funky flair. Aeropostale makes clothing in all colors and offers many items with multiple color options. You can find cool graphic designs here, great baggy or fitted styles and all the vintage looks that are in style right now.

The cool, casual style at Aeropostale is similar to Hollister and so is the pricing you will find at this brand. You will spend about the same amount on similar items when you’re shopping at either brand, so it’s easy to add Aeropostale to your shopping rotation.

American Apparel (Similar Pricing)

American Apparel Women Gabardine Tennis Skirt, Black, Small

American Apparel has a few characteristics in common with Hollister. This brand makes a huge range of fashion for men, women and children. American Apparel carries tons of athleisure, underwear, jeans, dresses, tops, hoodies, pants of all kinds. The styles here are classic and cute, made more for timeless style than trendy in-the-moment looks.

If you want to build a lasting wardrobe of casual clothing that’s cute to wear, American Apparel is a great brand to try. Many items here are available in multiple colors and all the items here are made to look and feel good.

Another thing that appeals to some American Apparel shoppers is the fact that this clothing is ethically made. This brand has taken a sweatshop-free stance to differentiate itself from other brands and to stand out as an industry leader that’s leading with ethics. Shoppers who look for responsible brands, like Hollister customers, often find this to be highly appealing.

The pricing at American apparel is similar to what you will pay at Hollister, so you won’t have to increase your clothing budget to add this ethical brand to your shopping rotation.

American Eagle (Similar Pricing)

American Eagle makes clothing to appeal to young teen shoppers, making fashion for the same buyers as Hollister. American Eagle clothes are highly colorful and cool, made in casual styles for all occasions and activities. Shop here to find all the cool, trendy fashion for men and women you want. American Eagle has an enormous catalog of items to shop from and plenty of styles to suit anyone who likes young, trendy fashion.

American Eagle america T-Shirt

Shop this brand for jackets, tank tops, T-shirts and graphic T-shirts, hoodies, flannels, jeans, dresses, sets, underwear and loungewear. American Eagle also makes shoes, accessories and perfume. If you can wear it, this brand makes it.

The pricing here is similar to Hollister, too. You can get the same sort of cool, hip fashion at very similar prices when you shop at American Eagle. So if trendy and casual clothing is your thing, this is definitely one of your brands.

Charlotte Russe (Less Expensive)

Do you want your fashion to be simple, flattering, comfortable and very affordable? You want to start shopping at Charlotte Russ. This is casual everyday fashion that captures the streetwear styles that people are wearing right now. Charlotte Russe makes clothing that keeps up with the trends and it makes it in styles that are highly wearable.

Charlotte Russe Refuge Perfume 1.7 Ounce Blended Pink Box Retired Version Raspberries Peach Green Apple and Sandalwood

Shop here to find fashion for men and women, including essential wardrobe items like tops, bottoms, jeans, sweaters, jackets, dresses, sleepwear and activewear. Charlotte Russe also makes shoes and accessories to help you complete all of your looks.

Many items here have multiple color options and all of the items here are very affordable prices. The pricing here is less expensive than what you will pay for similar items at Hollister, so you can get even more fashion here for less. This is comfortable, casual everyday style that’s highly trendy and made to appeal to young shoppers, which is just what you’ll find when you’re shopping at Hollister.

This brand is more general U.S. streetwear looks than the surf-centric style of fashion you can find at Hollister, so Charolotte Russe is perfect when you want to inject a little cool activewear and casual style into your wardrobe.

Express (More Expensive)

Do you need to up your sophistication game with your wardrobe? If you’re seeking out great professional and smart casual looks, you should be shopping at Express. This brand makes great fashion for women and men that has a more professional look. You know how they say dress for success? You can do that with the clothing from Express.

Trendy Queen Fall Fashion 2022 Womens Long Sleeve High Neck Mock Turtleneck Stretch Tight Lightweight Trendy Basic Layering Slim Fit Soft Thermal Underwear Shirts A-Beige

This label makes clothing for young professionals in their 20s and 30s, targeting a slightly more mature shopper than Hollister. However, anyone who likes smart casual and sophisticated fashion can shop here for the looks they want.

Many items at Express are available in more than one color option. Shop here to find dresses, matching sets, jackets, blazers, suits, blouses and jeans for all occasions. Express also carries a big line of accessories, jewelry and shoes so you can finish off all of your looks.

The clothing items you can find here are more expensive, on average, than the items you will find at Hollister.

French Connection (More Expensive)

Add European flair and sophistication to your wardrobe with clothing from the French Connection. The clothes here have a lot of trendy, high-fashion flair but without the high-fashion price. Shop French Connection for clothing for women and men that has international flair and tons of style.

French Connection Womens Teddy Faux Shearling Faux Fur Coat Black XS

This brand makes dresses, blouses, sweaters, jackets, pants, swimwear, jeans and all the stuff you need to go with it. The French Connection makes a big selection of extras that will enhance everything you wear, items like bags and purses, shoes, jewelry and sunglasses. You can even get fragrance here. Use this brand to build complete looks that are going to look great everywhere you go.

The style here is full of color and texture. French Connection uses a variety of materials, including vegan leather and faux fur, to create styles that pop. Find looks in lace, soft knits and gorgeous twill blends. French Connection makes a huge range of clothing that’s suited for casual everyday style, professional looks and semi-formal attire. Wherever you’re going, this brand makes pretty clothing so you can do it while looking great.

The clothing here is more expensive, on average, than similar items will cost you at Hollister. Shop here when you want to add a lot of high-fashion style to your look without paying a big price.

Garage (Similar Pricing)

Garage is a Canadian fashion brand that makes young, trendy casual styles. The fashion here looks a lot like the stuff you will find at Hollister, in fact. This brand makes clothing for women and it makes a lot of it. Shop here to find styles for every occasion, from a casual day at the gym to a great cocktail dress that will turn heads.

Garage Shirt Nova SS V8 350 396 Logo Badge Sweatshirt - Large Charcoal

The styles here are fresh and young, a little bit sexy and perfect for any occasion. Shop Garage to find dresses, jeans, leggings, hoodies, sweaters, T-shirts and everything else you might want to wear. Clothing here comes in multiple color shades and there are styles here to suit anyone.

The pretty, trendy clothes at Garage have similar pricing to the items you’ll find at Hollister. You can mix and math your pieces from Hollister with items from Garage to create completely trendy outfits.

H&M (Less Expensive)

H&M is a well-known name in trendy, affordable fashion. This brand specializes in making clothes that are not expensive, in styles that are highly desired. This is the cool, trendy stuff that everyone is wearing and H&M offers a catalog that’s constantly filling up with new items as the popular styles change.

Amazon Essentials Boys' Fleece Jogger Sweatpants, Grey Heather, Medium

If it’s in style, it’s at H&M and it’s affordably priced, too. Shop this brand to find clothing for men, women, children and babies, not to mention a ton of home goods. H&M is a big lifestyle brand that sells all kinds of items. And when it comes to clothing, the catalog of stuff you can find here is absolutely huge.

Browse the H&M catalog to find dresses, blouses, pants, jeans, hoodies, loungewear, sleepwear, activewear and anything else you want to wear. You can even shop here for maternity wear, swimwear, lingerie and basically, everything you can put on your body. Find shoes, accessories and even beauty products here.

The prices at H&M are less expensive, on average, than the items you will shop for at Hollister. The style is casual and cool and young and trendy, which is exactly what you’ll find at Hollister. If you like one of these brands, you will probably like shopping at them both.

Lands’ End (More Expensive)

Lands’ End is famous for making preppy, casual clothing that’s optimized for outdoor weather. If you’re going to get active but you want to look totally fashionable at the same time, Lands’ End is the perfect brand for you. The catalog here is positively massive, offering a huge range of styles and colors so you can create all sorts of different looks.

Lands' End Women Relaxed Supima Long Sleeve Crew White Regular Medium

Shop Lands’ End for clothing made for men, women and children. You can find all kinds of outdoor and outerwear here, along with swimwear. This label makes dresses, jeans, leggings, pajamas, blouses, sweaters, T-shirts, all the wardrobe staples you need. You can find underwear and socks here, too, along with shoes to finish off all your outfits.

Lands’ End also makes a huge selection of plus sizes, tall sizes and petite sizes. You can even find petite plus sizes here. This brand offers items in a gigantic selection of sizes that are made to suit all different body types and shapes. After all, beauty isn’t restricted to just one size.

The clothing at Lands’ End is somewhat more expensive, on average, than the similar items you will find at Hollister.

Miss Me (More Expensive)

As you might have guessed, Miss Me makes clothing only for women. However, this brand makes a lot of clothing for women in a big range of styles. You can spend plenty of time shopping here and still find more stuff to see.

Miss Me Women's Loose Saddle Stitch Border Boot Cut Jean, Dark Blue, 34W x 34L

Browse this brand to find jeans, tops, pants, dresses and accessories to help pull all of your looks together. Miss Me’s catalog is full of distressed jeans, cool patterns and great styles that are vintage-inspired. Miss Me has an amazing laid-back casual sort of vibe to it. This clothing says you’re just too cool to worry about style…and by the way, your style is totally amazing.

Miss Me’s catalog is full of loose, flowy fabrics and classic designs, along with plenty of trendy styles. The clothing there is slightly more expensive, on average, than the price you will pay for similar items at Hollister. Like Hollister, Miss Me offers young and trendy fashion for those who like young and trendy styles.

Summersalt (More Expensive)

Is your style casual and timeless, rather than trendy? If you like classic looks that are comfortable and highly wearable, take a look at Summersalt. This is a sustainable clothing brand, a feature that appeals to customers who seek out more ethical fashion, like the Hollister brand.

SUMMERSALT The Sidestroke One Piece Swimsuit, Sea Urchin, 16

Shop here to find soft cashmere knits, dresses, loungewear, pajamas, activewear, tops, bottoms and outerwear of all kinds. You can also look for accessories here, items to finish off all the looks you create. This brand specializes in women’s clothing in gorgeous casual styles in a beautiful array of mostly neutral and soft colors.

This is timeless casual clothing that’s easy to wear and sustainably made. That means you can feel great about wearing Summersalt in more ways than one. The prices here are slightly more expensive than the similar pieces you can purchase at Hollister.

Vetta (More Expesnive)

The styles you find at Vetta are easy, breezy and timeless. This is classic style that looks good any time for anything. Vetta uses lightweight, beautiful fabric and clothing in neutral color shades to create a catalog of lovely clothing in pretty styles that are flattering but comfortable and easy to wear.

Verdusa Women's Adjustable Straps Jumpsuit Overalls with Pockets Black XL

This is smart casual clothing that’s perfect for everyday looks, professional looks and semi-casual looks. As long as you want to look timelessly classic and stylish, you will like the clothing you find at Vetta. This brand makes two-piece sets, T-shirts, pants, dresses, jackets and a big catalog of pretty items you’ll like to wear.

The prices here are slightly more expensive than what you will pay for similar items at Hollister. Vetta is a sustainable brand, something that attracts eco-conscious buyers.

Wildfox (More Expensive)

When you like activewear that has a lot of style and casual clothing that’s ready to be active, you’re going to love shopping at Wildfox. The catalog here is full of great colors and soft materials. There are lots of beautiful styles at Wildfox.

Wildfox Women's Deep V-Neck Baggy Beach Sweatshirt, Clean Black, Medium

Shop Wildfox to find sweatshirts, casual tops, pants and all the everyday items you want to wear. Many items here are available in multiple color options and they’re all made to be loose and comfortable and easy to wear.

The prices are more expensive than the items you will shop for at Hollister but this is still affordable everyday fashion.

Wearing Brands Similar to Hollister

Two people outside casual fashion

Hollister offers a ton of trendy, casual fashion for those who like youthful, fashionable style. Hollister also promotes better health for the planet by making ethical decisions. There are brands similar to Hollister that have some of the same qualities as this brand. Get to know all of these brands and you will get the chance to fill your wardrobe with all the styles you really like from brands you can really enjoy.


Business Insider – Hollister’s elaborate history was completely fabricated by the company