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17 Brands Similar to Kendra Scott

Wearing fashion jewelry close up

Some fashion experts say it isn’t the clothes that make the outfit, it’s the jewelry. When you want to adorn yourself with beautiful objects, it’s a good idea to turn to Kendra Scott. This jewelry label has it all. You can find a huge catalog of jewelry here, styles for men and women and all the different items you want to wear. This jewelry has just a little bit of color and whimsy and plenty of beauty. Accessorize yourself with this brand and with brands similar to Kendra Scott to decorate all of your outfits and make all your looks totally amazing. If jewelry makes the outfit, these brands are going to make your fashion incredible.

History of Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott grew up in Austin, Texas and she had a bit of a flair for fashion. She had her own kind of style. She wanted to wear colored gemstone jewelry to accentuate and accessories her clothes…but she couldn’t find what she wanted.

Lots of jewerly hanging

Others might have given up, picked something else perhaps, simply shrugged and moved on. Not Kendra Scott. This Austin girl simply started making her own jewelry out of a bedroom. That was in 2002. Now, there are more than 100 Kendra Scott stores. At each one, you can find a color bar where you can customize your own jewelry and get exactly what you want in the colors you like.

Wearing fashion rings

In 2016, the company was given an evaluated value of $1 billion. Not bad for a Texas girl making jewelry out of a bedroom. As it turns out, other people wanted to wear the same kind of jewelry that Kendra Scott wanted to wear back in the bedroom in Austin.

Finding Brands Similar to Kendra Scott

Pieces of jewelry on a wood table

Many brands can’t boast the same success as Kendra Scott jewelry, but there are brands similar to Kendra Scott that have some of the same styles and qualities you like. Discover the jewelry at these brands and you might soon add lots more pieces to your collection. Because here’s the great thing about jewelry: it always fits. Unlike clothes, you don’t have to get jewelry in a bunch of sizes that only fit some of the time. You can always wear jewelry. And when you know where to shop for it, you can!

8 Other Reasons (Less Expensive)

8 Other Reasons Signing Off Necklace Two-Tone One Size

If you’re going to wear jewelry, why not say something about who you are with your jewelry? That seems to be exactly what jewelry from 8 Other Reasons is trying to do: say something. The pieces here are typically larger in scale. Many pieces are colorful and all the pieces have a bit of a boho flair to them. This is casual jewelry with a cool look and color and bling. If that sounds good, 8 Other Reasons is the brand you should be wearing.

Shop this brand for earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets of all kinds, all in designs that draw the eye. You can also shop 8 Other Reasons for hats, bags, belts and anklets. This brand makes everything you need to really dress up all of your looks. If accessories make the clothes, 8 Other Reasons will make all your outfits better.

When you need casual jewelry pieces to match any clothing, pretty stuff with a lot of styles that you can wear every day, you need to shop at 8 Other Reasons. The pieces here are less expensive, on average, than the jewelry you can find at Kendra Scott. That’s because 8 Other Reasons, unlike Kendra Scott, does not make fine jewelry. This is everyday jewelry that looks great but won’t cost too much. Because even your casual outfits need some accessorizing, right?

Above Average Studio (Less Expensive)

fxmimior Dainty Boho Gold Silver Chain Bracelets Set for Women Adjustable Fashion Beaded Chunky Flat Cable Chain Punk Bracelets Jewelry for Women Girls Gift Set of 4 (Silver)

Don’t you think jewelry should be fun? That’s exactly what you’re going to find at Above Average Studio: jewelry that’s fun to wear. Cute charms, unusual materials, eye-catching colors and plenty of shine and sparkle fill up the catalog here.

Above Average Studio makes all the staples you need: earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. All the styles here have a little bit of fun to them, a little color, a little casual style. These are everyday pieces you can wear anywhere, any time. Classic shapes like horseshoes, animals, bows, hearts, stars and more give the designs here an eye-catching, cute look.

If you’re going to wear jewelry, you should have fun doing it. The pieces here are less expensive, on average, than the items you can shop for at Kendra Scott. This is easy-to-wear jewelry that you can put on whenever you want to inject some fun fashion into your look. This is not fine jewelry, it’s fine to wear with anything jewelry.

Alex and Ani (Less Expensive)

Alex and Ani Prints of Love Expandable Rafaelian Silver Bangle Bracelet

Jewelry has always carried a certain meaning. When a Queen or King wears jewelry, it has special symbolism. In ancient days, jewelry could be used to identify which tribe or clan a person came from. It could be used to display a certain skill or a specific status. And, like now, it was used simply to decorate and adorn. Alex and Ani focus on the earliest origins of jewelry by creating pieces that have special meanings and specific symbolism.

The catalog of jewelry here is full of cute charms and meaningful talismans. The items here can be used to help you express who you are or what you believe. You can even shop the jewelry here based on meaning. Certain pieces might stand for love, strength, wisdom and other special meanings that you want to keep close to you. There are also zodiac-based designs here.

Shop here to find bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, charms and jewelry sets. There are several collections here based on different themes and even on jewelry designs from popular culture. Alex and Ani makes highly wearable everyday pieces that have pretty, colorful designs that are full of color and charm and meaning.

The jewelry you find at Alex and Ani is less expensive, on average, than the price you’ll pay for pieces at Kendra Scott.

Brilliant Earth (More Expensive)

14k Gold Over Sterling Silver Multi Pressed Flower Teardrop Pendant Necklace, 16"

The Kendra Scott brand began with a designer who wanted to find more colored gemstones in her accessories. And if you also like colored gems, you’re going to love the styles you find at Brilliant Earth. This is fine jewelry with a lot of bling, a lot of colorful gemstones and a classic, elegant overall design.

The catalog of items here is extensive. Sop here to find earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings of all types, including engravable pieces. There’s a big selection of fine jewelry here, including engagement rings and wedding rings.

This jewelry is made with fine metals, like gold and silver, and lots of gemstones. The designs are classic and beautiful, made in more delicate styles rather than in big statement looks. Brilliant Earth jewelry is more expensive than the average price you’ll pay when you’re shopping at Kendra Scott.

Camille (Less Expensive)

Sea Glass Necklace, Wire Wrapped Beach Necklaces with Starfish Pendant, Freshwater Pearls, Sea Glass Jewelry, Handmade Necklaces Gift for Women Girls

If you like your jewelry simple but daring, Camille is where you should be shopping. This label makes trendy jewelry in unexpected designs. The pieces here have a non-traditional look thanks to eye-catching designs. If you like your jewelry to stand out and be a little bit different, you’re going to like the jewelry you find at Camille.

The jewelry here is made with fine metals and many items are decorated with diamonds to create sparkle and shine. Camille makes bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings in bold, cool styles that really make each and every item here stand out. When you want to add some daring flair to your wardrobe, add some pieces of Camille jewelry to your outfit.

The prices here are less expensive and a little more affordable than the price you’ll pay for similar pieces at Kendra Scott.

Catbird (More Expensive)

Dainty Real Turquoise Crystal 925 Sterling Silver Choker Collar Necklace and Women Spiritual Healing Chakra Crystal Stone December Birthstone Necklace Box Chain Jewelry Gift for Women Teen Girls

Catbird makes a huge selection of jewelry items to choose from. This brand sells everything and all the pieces here have a classic but modern look. This is fine jewelry with all the gleam and sparkle you want, in designs that are timeless and elegant. This jewelry isn’t going to go out of style. These designs are always beautiful, always fashionable and always enjoyable to wear.

Shop here to find wedding and engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, charms, chains, anklets and personalized pieces, just for starters. Catbird makes a huge range of jewelry in fine metals like silver and gold. You can also find pieces containing gemstones here. Diamonds, pearls and color gemstone designs are all in the Catbird catalog.

This is fine jewelry with a beautiful design and a delicate look. Catbird pieces can truly be worn with anything, from casual to formal wear. The prices here are more expensive, on average, than what you’ll pay for similar pieces at Kendra Scott.

Ettika (Less Expensive)

Ettika Galileo in Gold Choker Necklace, 10" + 5" Extender

Ettika makes jewelry for every part of your body. You can even find decorations for your hair here. Ettika’s jewelry is trendy and full of beautiful shine thanks to metal plating and gems. The jewelry here is a little bit edgy, a little bit cool and still has some classic good looks. Delicate designs and unusual style fill up the catalog here.

Shop here to find body chains, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and hair jewelry. Ettika keeps jewelry prices low by using fine metal plating on top of more affordable metals. The gems are a little more affordable, too. Many pieces here are made with opal, pearl, crystals and emeralds.

Thanks to the less expensive gemstones and metal plating used in the jewelry designs here, Ettika is less expensive than Kendra Scott. You can get similar pieces here at a more affordable price. This has the look of fine jewelry but it’s priced like everyday jewelry. Ettika’s bold, edgy designs can be worn anywhere with anything and you can afford to wear them.

If Only Pretty (Less Expensive)

Amazon Collection Sterling Silver Oval Hand-Engraved Locket Necklace, 18"

Going back to the history of jewelry, the earliest pieces weren’t made with shining gold and silver and copper. Gemstones weren’t added to the designs. The earliest jewelry was made with stuff like animal teeth, pieces of bone, shells and rocks and things that could be harvested from nature. In a way, If Only Pretty taps into these ancient origins of jewelry. The designs here are deceptively simple, made mostly with metal and engraving in designs that look both vintage and modern at the same time.

There’s a little bit of edginess to these shiny metallic designs, lots of cool shapes and unique designs. Shop here to find cuffs, necklaces and earrings in cool designs. Find pieces made with hammered metal and unique looks. You can also shop for jewelry in different colors here.

The prices here are less expensive than the price you’ll pay for items at Kendra Scott. These designs are simple and casual, modern and cool but with definite ancient and vintage design inspiration. If Only Pretty doesn’t use gems and diamonds, instead allowing the simple beauty of good design to speak for itself.

James Avery (Less Expensive)

Sterling Silver Multi Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings

Cool charms, chains and fun designs fill the catalog at James Avery. This label carries a lot of colorful charms that help you express your personality, elegant designs embellished with interesting little details and colors. Different enamels and gemstones and finishes are used to give the pieces here texture and multi-layered designs.

Some pieces here are available in multiple color options. Shop here to find charms, rings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, earrings and designs made just for men. James Avery specializes in artisan jewelry. That means cool designs that are fun and casual and colorful and charming.

If you like the fun jewelry designs you find at Kendra Scott, you’re going to like the jewelry you find at James Avery. The prices here are less expensive than the items you find at Kendra Scott.

Lisa Angel (Less Expensive)

CDE Angel Wing Pendant Necklace White Gold Plated Women Jewelry Heart of Ocean Embellished with Austrian Crystals Necklaces Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift for Women Mom Her

Lisa Angel makes a huge product line that includes children’s and men’s jewelry, along with all the staple pieces you need for your own collection. Shop here to find bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, anklets charms and even stuff to store your jewelry in. This label makes ear cuffs and vintage-inspired pieces as well, along with wedding jewelry and pieces you can personalize.

The designs here are made in silver, gold and rose gold. Crystals and colored gems add embellishments to the designs. The styles here are simple and elegant, made for casual, everyday wear. These items can be worn with anything to any occasion.

Lisa Angel jewelry is less expensive than the prices you’ll pay at Kendra Scott thanks to the simple, elegant designs that don’t use a lot of fine metals or gems. Lisa Angel also hosts sales events where items are deeply discounted, so you can get great bargains on items when you look for good deals.

Moon Magic (Similar Pricing)

Moon Magic - Authentic Moonstone Necklace - Crescent Moon / 18k Rose Gold Rainbow Moonstone Necklaces for Women / Genuine Moonstone Jewelry

Though not every style in the Moon Magic catalog is made with moonstones, there are many designs that are. You can also find pieces here made with diamonds, raw crystals, opals, quartz, pearls and other colored gemstones and birthstones. The designs here are made with crystals and moonstones and designs that have a bit of cosmic flair to them.

There are unusual designs here and interesting shapes that set Moon Magic apart from other jewelry brands. You can also find designs here that take an unconventional route. Mixed metal finishes, gems you don’t often see and curves, rather than straight forms, are included in many designs. Some pieces here are available in multiple metal color options.

Moon Magic makes rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and lots of different items for you to wear. These pretty, everyday designs have a fine jewelry look but thanks to the less expensive gemstones used, the prices don’t match those of fine jewelry. The prices you’ll pay for pieces here is similar to what you’ll pay for jewelry at Kendra Scott, so you can get beautiful embellishments without spending a ton of money.

Pandora (Similar Pricing)

PANDORA Jewelry Sparkling Paw Print Cubic Zirconia Charm in Sterling Silver

Pandora is famous for its charms, a little jewelry additive that is a lot of fun. The jewelry from this brand is totally in keeping with the fun, casual style you can find at Kendra Scott. Like Kendra Scott designs, Pandora jewelry is made with different colors and it’s available in multiple metal finishes. All sorts of different materials are used to give Pandora jewelry a unique look.

Along with charms, Pandora makes a huge selection of jewelry in all the latest cool and trendy styles. This brand makes bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings, along with different accessories to add sparkle and shine everywhere.

You can find jewelry in any color here and in almost any price range. Pandora’s gigantic catalog includes all kinds of jewelry designs, from casual and simple styles to fine jewelry made with precious metal and precious gems. The pricing here is similar to what you’ll pay at Kendra Scott, though prices vary depending on how many gems and diamonds feature in the designs.

SeaSpray (Less Expensive)

14KWhite Gold Plated Initial Heart String Bracelets for Women Men Teen Girls Boys Handmade Rope Braided Bracelet Minimalist Jewelry Matching Couple Bracelets (A, One Size)

If you believe that each piece of jewelry you wear should be a conversation piece, SeaSpray is the brand for you. SeaSpray believes that jewelry doesn’t have to be serious. Simple shapes, geometric designs and cool, trendy pieces set SeaSpray apart from other jewelry brands.

Shop SeaSpray for earrings, rings and necklaces made with sterling silver and gems like pearls, cubic zirconia and colored gemstones. There are many cool, colorful designs here and attention-getting statement pieces. SeaSpray uses design to make a statement and draw the eye, rather than relying on expensive metals and gems.

The jewelry here is more affordable and less expensive than the pieces you will find at Kendra Scott. This is casual, everyday jewelry that you can wear anywhere, from the gym to a fancy evening out.

Short Story (Less Expensive)

Spiral Threader Earrings 925 Sterling Silver Handmade Twisted Curved Pull Through Earrings

What’s the story with Short Story jewelry? It’s unique and fun and made with lots of different shapes and designs inspired by nature, the zodiac and celestial objects. This is simple, affordable jewelry that’s fun and whimsical and cute. And there’s a lot of it. The catalog at Short Story is full of stuff to buy.

Shop here for earrings and necklaces in a ton of fun designs. Pendant necklaces, studs, dangling earrings, colorful and crystal-studded designs, you can find it all here. Short Story makes everyday styles that are just fun to wear. If you’re going to embellish your look with jewelry, why not do it with jewelry that has some personality?

The prices at Short Story are less expensive than the prices you’ll pay for the more fine jewelry styles you’ll find at Kendra Scott. Short Story doesn’t use a lot of fine gems and metals, which helps to keep the price low.

Studs (Similar Pricing)

Stud Earrings White Round Earrings for Girls Fashion Cubic Zirconia Halo Earrings for Women Men

Shop Studs to find earrings and body jewelry of all kinds. This brand makes it all: studs, huggies, flatbacks, hoops, chains, cuffs, clickers and dangles. And if you know what most or all of that means, this is definitely a brand you should be shopping at.

Studs makes many items in multiple metal finishes so you can get the color you want. This brand also makes items in a range of styles, from fun and whimsical to elegant and classic. Whatever your style is, Studs makes earrings to match it.

The jewelry here is made with gold and silver with lots of different gemstones, including opal, pearl and turquoise. The prices at Studs are similar to the prices you will find when you’re shopping Kendra Scott jewelry.

Tai (Less Expensive)

SWAROVSKI Women's Symbolic Evil Eye Bangle Bracelet, Blue Crystal, Mixed Metal Finish, Medium

Tai jewelry is a mixture of elegance and fun style. There’s a little bit of non-traditional design injected into the classic styles you can find here. Shop Tai to find earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets in beautiful designs featuring cubic zirconia, opals and colored gemstones with gold and silver plating, sterling silver and gold metal options.

There are some bohemian-inspired designs here made with elements like organic stones and cool, simple forms. Tai’s mixture of classic and trendy style gives this brand a unique look that stands out among other jewelry brands.

The pricing here is less expensive, on average, than what you’ll pay for similar items from Kendra Scott. The gold and silver plating, along with minimal use of fine gemstones, makes the pieces here less expensive.

Yam (Less Expensive)

14K Real Gold Plated Thick Hoops Earrings 50mm for Women Lightweight Gold Hoops Chunky Real 14k Gold Hoop Earrings for Women 14k Real Gold Filled Earrings

Jewelry doesn’t have to be elaborate. Yam’s designs focus on simplicity and classic jewelry design with a modern twist. Shop here to find earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings in pretty, highly wearable everyday designs. This is casual jewelry that’s made to go anywhere and look good everywhere.

Jewelry from Yam is all handmade and made to order, founded ad operated in the U.S. Using playful design and drawing inspiration from vintage jewelry designs, Yam’s jewelry stands out as a fun accessory option to help you embellish all of your looks.

The pricing here is less expensive than the amount you’ll pay for similar items at Kendra Scott, because Yam believes in creating affordable pieces that just about anyone can afford to wear.

Wearing Kendra Scott Similar Brands

Person wearing jewelry neck close up

The fun and causal designs at Kendra Scott, the colors and fine materials, have made this brand famous. But there are brands similar to Kendra Scott and designs from other jewelry makers that are just as fun to wear. Explore these other jewelry brands and fill your jewelry collection with the styles and designs you really like.


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