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16 Brands Similar to Lululemon

Lululemon store at the mall.

The first time I bought myself a Lululemon outfit was quite the experience. I was a young professional with no financial obligations, and all the “fun money” you can imagine. I was overwhelmed by the literal wall of leggings, with different fits and fabrics. The first pair I tried on was so soft I couldn’t resist so I bought two pairs and a sports bra. 

I squirmed a bit when the cashier told me the total at the register. That was six years ago. I still wear those pieces regularly now, so I guess you could say it was worth the investment. They’ve been worn and washed regularly for six years. Six years! It would take me another five years before I bought any more leggings. They lasted that well! OK, you get my point.

I love my Lulus, but I don’t always have the budget to drop $200 on a new workout outfit, and sometimes I just want to try another brand. Whatever the case, here are 15 brands similar to our beloved Lululemon.

1. Fabletics (Less Expensive)

Fabletics Men The One Short (Lined), Yellow, Small

Fabletics is a fan-favorite, known for fun prints and beautifully designed pieces. With Kate Hudson at the helm of this company, you know you’ll be moving in style. Fabletics sells the same kinds of athleisure and exercise apparel as Lululemon, but its target audience is on a slightly tighter budget. 

I once had a roommate who was a sucker for Fabletics, and was sure to sign up for their infamous 3-pair leggings promotion even though she had to go through the inconvenience of calling to cancel her membership a few months later. She was less about the brand loyalty and more about the deal. Anything to save a few bucks!

Penny-pinching roomate aside, I love their business model and VIP membership program, which allows you to sign up for additional promotions, offers, free shipping, and guarantees 20-50% off everything. And they have new arrivals weekly! 

Fabletics sells activewear for both men and women. They also offer shapewear and maternity-friendly items for women.

2. Athleta (Similarly Priced)

Athleta Capri Stripe BLOUSY Tankini, 34B/C, Capri Stripe

I used to think Athleta was for older women, but I was so wrong! I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m a mom now, but I love this brand. As far as pricing is concerned, Athleta is pretty similar to Lululemon. They both sell high-quality activewear and athleisure wear. The main difference is that Lululemon’s clothing has more of a yoga aesthetic, while Athleta makes clothing for other activities such as weight training, hiking, running, and even street wear. 

Now, in today’s fashion world, you could easily wear a Lululemon outfit all day, to just about any ordinary activity. However, if you prefer the streetwear aesthetic to the yoga one, you may want to go with Athleta. 

3. Calia (Less Expensive)

Calia, originally promoted by country music superstar Carrie Underwood, is now owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods. She is no longer the brand’s ambassador, despite having been with Calia since its inception in 2015. It is beautifully designed activewear and athleisure wear, but at a friendlier price point. 

Calia has great leggings with stay-put waistbands and easy-to-wash fabric. This is one thing I could complain about with Lululemon–they recommend washing everything in cold water, and drying them without a dryer sheet. Calia targets a similar audience to Lululemon, and has sizes from XXS-3X to accommodate all shapes and sizes.

4. Nike (Similarly Priced)

Nike Pro Women's Mid-Rise Leggings (Small, Obsidian/White)

Some would argue that Nike has brand loyalty and global brand recognition like no other. It offers high quality athletic and performance wear, and is just as fashionable and durable as Lululemon. The only pair of exercise leggings I’ve had longer than my Lululemons are my Nikes. Even now, when I put them on, I still can’t believe they’ve held up this many years (10 and counting). 

Nike’s target audience is a much wider net than Lululemon, and they have unique clothing, shoes, and accessories for just about every sport imaginable. However, with Lululemon recently releasing its first workout shoe, some analysts are starting to speculate on how this could threaten Nike’s dominance in the shoe market. 

Budget-wise, you’ll be spending about the same on either brand, so it’s just a matter of style preference. I would argue that Nike is a bit edgier and sportier than Lululemon, but it depends on who you ask and what your personal aesthetic is. 

5. Under Armour (Less Expensive)

Under Armour Women's Play Up 3.0 Shorts , Black (001)/White , Small

Under Armour is underrated. There, I said it. I have an Under Armour outlet store an hour from my house, so perhaps I am biased, but I love my Under Armour shirts for cardio and conditioning workouts. 

This long-standing brand makes high quality pieces that are versatile for many different athletic activities. Unlike Lululemon, Under Afmour is priced lower, so you can buy more than two pieces for under $100. Under Armour has a larger and wider target audience, but it offers many of the same kinds of athletic wear as Lululemon. 

6. All in Motion (Less Expensive)

All in Motion Women's Medium Support Zip-Front Seamless Bra - (X-Small, Teal)

You’d never believe that a Target clothing brand is comparable to Lululemon, but it does! All in Motion has some really great Lulu dupes right now, especially in the athleisurewear category. The nice thing about Lululemon is its simplistic and clean design, which makes it easy to duplicate for brands like All in Motion. 

I recently saw an All in Motion half-zip pullover that was giving major Lululemon vibes with its similar zipper placements and bold stitching patterns. All in Motion is geared for women on a much tighter budget, but the quality for the low price is impressive. 

I have a few sweat suits from All in Motion and I love them! They’re soft, warm, and stylish for quick errands on cold days. Obviously, it’s not going to be the buttery-soft signature feeling that you’d get with Lululemon, but you’re also not breaking the bank, so it’s a worthy alternative for me.

7. Gymshark (Less Expensive)

This British brand started out as a bodybuilding supplement producer that mostly targeted male customers, but moved into sports apparel a few years later. They mostly sell clothing for women and are known for hoodies, t-shirts, workout vests, and leggings. 

Gymshark offers many of the same items that Lululemon does, but at a lower price. They also have more unique designs among their leggings, in my opinion. I especially love the design of their seamless leggings, and all the different prints they come in. 

8. Kiava (Less Expensive)

Kiava has a very similar audience to Lululemon. It’s ideal for bustier women because their pieces are designed to keep everything in place so you can move without worry. I own a Kiava sports bra, and it’s hands down my most supportive one (and I have a couple from Lululemon as well!). It has a more shiny and spandex fabric than a typical Lululemon bra, but the fun strap designs make it stand out at the gym.

Kiava’s sports bras and swimwear are especially designed for women of all shapes and sizes. Lululemon has a larger variety of clothing types, while Kiava focuses on all the basics of activewear (and swimwear). A pair of Kiava leggings runs about $60, which is significantly less than a $118 pair from Lululemon.

9. Adidas (Similarly Priced)

adidas Women’s Essentials 3-stripes Tricot Track Jacket, Black/White, Medium

Like Nike, Adidas has a global brand recognition that is hard to ignore, especially in sports like tennis and soccer. Adidas has similar offerings as Lululemon, but it also has a wider variety of offerings than Lululemon. 

If you’re after a sportier, more unique look, I would recommend Adidas. It has plenty of accessories and sports shoes to choose from. From a price point, Adidas is pretty similar in pricing to Lululemon. Again, it depends on which pieces you are purchasing, but tees run about $45 and leggings are about $100, so they’re slightly less expensive but still pretty expensive, if that makes sense! 

10. Allbirds (Similarly Priced)

Allbirds has a minimalist, simplistic aesthetic similar to Lululemon. It also boasts eco-friendly and sustainable materials as a regular part of the clothing it makes. It is known for its ultra lightweight shoes, but also offers activewear like Lululemon. 

From a pricing standpoint, a pair of capri leggings from Allbirds, for example, cost $120. So it’s very similarly priced to Lululemon, and the quality is on par. 

Allbirds’ target audience is a bit more earth-minded than Lululemon. It’s kind of like the offspring of a Lululemon and Patagonia crossover. Allbirds focuses heavily on climate change, regenerative agriculture, and responsible energy. 

11. Outdoor Voices (Less Expensive)

Outdoor Voices is a sexier, more playful athletic wear brand, but its high quality and beautifully designed pieces make it very comparable to Lululemon. It’s less expensive than Lululemon, with leggings running about $70-$90 per pair. 

The brand has really honed in on exercise and activewear basics, while still maintaining a unique aesthetic with fun colors, prints, and details in its pieces. The target market for Outdoor Voices is, well, normal people. People who like to be out and about, but are not aiming for an Olympic gold medal or national championship. One writer described it as being for people who are “moderately active and actively moderate.”

If you decide to buy something, refer a friend! Their “Give $20, Get $20” referral program is a great way to save money on a future purchase.

12. Sweaty Betty (Less Expensive)

Sweaty Betty Power 7/8 Workout Leggings

Sweaty Betty is such a fun brand. It has trendy patterns and bold designs, and, like Lululemon, its clothing is very high quality. It is all about color, and the founder is known to use fun designs to motivate women and help them feel empowered in their fitness journeys. 

Sweaty Betty is (slightly) less expensive than Lululemon. They have better sales and promotional deals, similar to Fabletics. If you want high quality, fun and colorful pieces, but want a good deal, go with Sweaty Betty. 

For example, you can get 2 or 3 sports bras for the price of one Lululemon bra, but their leggings are north of $100. So the pricing is comparable or less expensive, depending on what you buy.

13. Girlfriend Collective (Less Expensive)

Girlfriend Collective is ethically made, and who doesn’t love a socially conscious brand? Like Lululemon, it offers many of the same items at a lower price point. Both brands target the same audience of active women, but Girlfriend Collective seems a little more inclusive if you look at the models on their site. 

As mentioned, their pieces are all ethically made, which means they are highly recyclable in their manufacturing operations. Their maternity line, for example, is made from recycled plastic that would otherwise be dumped into a landfill. Pretty innovative, right?

14. Aerie (Less Expensive)

My younger sister told me about Aerie’s leggings and how soft they were–as soft as Lululemon–so I had to try a pair. She wasn’t kidding! I couldn’t believe how high quality they were for the price. Over time in the wash, however, they didn’t hold up as well as my Lululemons did. Aerie’s yogawear is comparable in design and feel to Lululemon. I think Lululemons are more durable (I’m talking years, here, people!), but for the low price, the quality of Aerie leggings is just right.

15. Everlane (Less Expensive)

Everlane sells many of the same pieces as Lululemon, but it is less expensive. They are similar because of the style and function of their athletic wear. Both brands are simple, modern, and trendy. Everlane is a clothing company first, and an athletic wear company second, while the opposite is true for Lululemon.

Everlane’s target market is described as “ conscientious young people” and has very transparent pricing as part of its business model. 

16. Reebok by Victoria Beckham (Similarly Priced)

Reebok Women's Crossfit ACTIVCHILL Tank, White, Medium

If you grew up in the 90s, chances are you knew about the Spice Girls before they were a throwback. Victoria Beckham’s husband is a sports icon, but that’s not any reason or credit for her need to support a clothing brand. She is a fashion icon in her own right, and I love that she partnered with Reebok for a collaboration.

Like Lululemon, Reebok by Victoria Beckham offers many of the same pieces and accessories relevant for any workout. The price is similar, so you won’t be saving any money, if that’s your goal. Because this was a specific celebrity/brand collaboration, there are many fewer pieces specific to Victoria Beckham, but the muted color palette and adorable sneakers are such a fun look.

Reebok, as a brand in general, is a fantastic alternative to Lululemon. It’s a longtime favorite, and well-known brand, similar to Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour. Reebok is known for high-quality products, making it comparable to Lululemon.