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I Spent $4,000 on Lululemon Men’s Clothing… Was It Worth It?

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I’m penning this Lululemon review for men while wearing Lululemon joggers and quarter-zip shirt.

I’ll tell you straight up. I won’t buy any loungewear, athleisure wear or athletic wear from any place other than Lululemon anymore. At least for the foreseeable future.

Lululemon for men is by far the best store and brand for all athletic apparel.  Especially tall men.

Yes, it costs more but it costs more because everything is superior and people who try their apparel notice the difference right away.

I did.

And no, I’m not rich.

What I am is discerning.

I’d rather have fewer items of clothing that are high quality, stylish, comfortable and function well than a closet full of mediocre clothes.

What do I know about Lululemon?

Lots. I live in the same city where it was founded which is Vancouver, BC.  Haha, that doesn’t qualify me.

What does qualify me is the fact I’ve bought entire wardrobes there for summer and winter.  Here’s what I’ve bought from there so far.

I’ve bought:

  • 8 pairs of pants,
  • 4 pairs of regular shorts,
  • 3 pairs of athletic shorts,
  • 4 athletic t-shirts,
  • 2 quarter zipper long-sleeved shirts,
  • 1 hat,
  • 3 hoodies, and
  • 2 vests.

Total spent is in the neighborhood of $4,000.

And this is just the beginning.  I’ll spend more there.

Isn’t Lululemon just for women?

Nope.  Not even close. I know Lululemon is famous for making yoga pants fashionable for women but they are way more than tight yoga pants for women.

Sure, plenty of women shop there but they have great selection of athletic and leisurewear for men. By great, I mean great.  I’m a big fan of athletic wear these days for work, play, around-the-house, shopping – pretty much everything so I’ve looked for the very best in many stores.

I don’t pay attention to the women’s apparel but there is plenty for men… pants, shirts, jackets, hats… head to toe.

What do I like about Lululemon?

Overall, their clothes look good, fit very well and are comfortable. What else could you ask for?  Let’s break it down generally:


Go into a Lululemon store and feel the clothing.  You can tell right away it’s superior materials.  You notice it, even more, when you put it on.


I’m a fairly tall guy coming in at 6′ 3″ and 220 lbs. I have a somewhat athletic build so I suppose I’m a good candidate for Lulu.  What impresses is they actually make a lot of clothes that fit tall men.  The arms are long but torso not baggy.  Pant legs long but waist not gargantuan.

I suppose Lulu clothing doesn’t fit all body types or men, but it sure works for me.

In-store shopping customer service

Every time I’ve shopped in a store, the service is exceptional. Someone greets me quickly. I explain what I want and they show me what they have.  They don’t bail on me either. They become a personal shopper.  In other words, the stores are well staffed.

They reserve a changing room for me and run around finding different sizes.  All in all, they make shopping a great experience and help me get in and out as quickly as possibly.  Few stores these days offer the customer service they do.

Online shopping experience

I made my last round of Lulu purchases online.  I knew exactly what I wanted because it was just more (different colors) of what I had.

The website worked great. I found exactly what I wanted in seconds.  I was able to check out quickly and efficiently.  Clothes were delivered to my house within a few days as promised.  Absolutely no complaints.  And I like the fact there are physical locations in the event I need to return something.

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Individual clothing item reviews

Lululemon Men’s Pants Review

This pants review applies to their pants generally. I own 5 different lines of pants so I have a very good idea about their pant offerings.

Overall, the pants and how they fit and look are my favorite item at Lululemon. The same fit and style and quality cannot be bought elsewhere.  The t-shirts and hoodies I can find close to as good elsewhere but I’ve never bought pants (non-jeans) I love so much from anywhere else.

I own two pairs of track pants, one cuffless athletic pant and five pairs of joggers.  They all fit beautifully.  The joggers are my favorite though.  Specifically the Tech Pant line.

Lululemon Men’s Shorts Review

I bought four pairs of dress shorts and three pairs of athletic shorts.  On the balance, I think the dress shorts are better.  Again, I’ve bought plenty of dress shorts from other stores but I wear my Lulu shorts the most.  They don’t wrinkle.  The length is perfect. The waist to leg girth ratio is perfect.

The athletic shorts are also excellent.  They’re designed to be a bit more snug than you’d find from other brands who sell baggier athletic shorts.  I have several Under Armor athletic shorts and they’re looser, which isn’t bad actually for comfort.  But when it comes to style, Lululemon’s athletic shorts look the best.

Lululemon Men’s Joggers Review

Instead of repeating myself, read my expansive best men’s joggers article here in which I go on and on about how great Lululemon’s men’s joggers are.

Lululemon Men’s T-Shirts Review

Two years ago I about my first batch of Lululemon athletic wear. This spree included 4 athletic t-shirts. To this day, they are my favorite athletic t-shirts.  They wick sweat away, fit perfectly and are longer than most other t-shirts for men.  I know because I’ve bought inferior athletic t-shirts from other brands.

I loathe short t-shirts for sports.  For example, if too short, when I serve in tennis, the ride way up above my shorts.  While I’m not overly modest and don’t care if folks see my stomach, it’s just not how I like my t-shirts to fit.

They also are form-fitting without being too tight.  The material stays close to my body without being tight.  It’s a perfect design.  It’s like they designed their shirts for me specifically.

Lululemon Men’s Long-Sleeve Shirt Review

I own two quarter-zip long-sleve shirts that I absolutely love.  They fit as well as the t-shirts.  The sleeves are long enough while the torso portion fits nicely instead of being too baggy.  I’m 6′ 3″ so often clothes with long arms end up being way too baggy elsewhere.  I swear Lulu designs clothes for big and tall which I appreciate.

Lululemon Men’s Hoodie Review

I own a variety of hoodie style outwear from Lululemon and again I love it. These are not your slovenly over-sized hoodies where the torso makes you look like a fat grizzly.  Instead, all outwear clothing is designed look sleek and stylish… and it does.

Most includes zipper pockets that are large and cavernous which I love. These days we haul a ton of stuff with us… phone, keys and wallet just for starters.  Therefore, big pockets that can accommodate a large iPhone is key.  And yes, I can fit my large iPhone in my Lulu outwear pockets.

Lululemon Men’s Vest Review

I own two Lululemon vests and they are fabulous.  Like all their other clothes, it fits so that you look lean and mean.  I’ve tried vests on from many other retailers and brands only to look fat in them because they aren’t as form-fitting as they should be.

One way Lulu achieves this sleek, lean look is the pocket zippers are vertical instead of diagonal.  It makes a big difference.  That said, when the zippers are vertical, they are a little more difficult to access because we move our hands into pockets from an angle.  However, in this case, I’ll take a little more inconvenience for accessing pockets in favor or looking better.

Lululemon Men’s Hat Review

I own one toque which I bought as an impulse buy… you know the point of purchase buy.  It’s a thin, tight toque favored by runners.  It’s great. It does the job.  It doesn’t itch.  Fits snugly. Keeps my head warm. Rolls up into a tight roll that I can fit in a pocket.  All-in-all a good toque.

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What don’t I like?

There’s only two minor thing to complain about and it’s cost.  Their clothes are expensive; much of it double what you’d pay elsewhere.

But it’s worth it because it’s infinitely better apparel.

If you don’t have money, don’t shop there.  It’s not like it’s Lululemon or bust.  It’s a store for folks with extra money to be sure.  I didn’t shop at Lulu when drowning in student loans making peanuts each year.  But once my career took off and my balance sheet mightily improved, spending an extra $60 for mens joggers is not a problem.

The other issue is color.  Lulu’s clothes are very conservative when it comes to colors.  Most of their apparel is white, grey, blue and black.  If you like to wear colorful clothes, Lulu is not for you.

What I haven’t bought but probably will?

I’ve yet to buy men’s underwear at Lululemon but probably next time I’ll give them a try.  I recently bought dozens of new underwear and penned an extensive article on the best boxer briefs here.  I think I really should give Lulu underwear for men a try because it just might change my conclusion for favorite boxer briefs.

I also haven’t bought men’s socks at Lululemon.  Again, that’s on my list to get.  I’ve been buying mostly Under Armor athletic socks which are good but I have a hunch Lululemon socks for men might change my sock buying habits.

Do I only wear Lululemon clothes?

No. I still wear jeans.  I wrote about my favorite jeans for men here.  I still wear button-up-and-down shirts.  I’m not all athletic wear but it is definitely more than it used to be.

As for athletic wear, my wardrobe is now about 90% Lululemon.  I’ve tried other store’s and brand’s athletic wear and it simply does not compare.  I recently bought some cool-looking Under Armor joggers.  They’re pretty cool but they don’t quite fit as nicely as Lululemon joggers.  Hence, when I grab for a pair of joggers, it’s one of the five I have from Lululemon.  I can’t help myself.   It’s like going to a buffet.  I’m not going to eat my lessor preferred food just because it’s there.  I eat only what I really like and eat a lot of it.

Will I buy more from Lululemon?

Unless I end up broke, you bet I will. I’ll probably go a couple of times every year for both summer and winter wear.