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13 Brands Similar to Peter Millar

Person in golf clothing on the course

If you’re a golfer or you like the look of golf fashion, you’ve probably heard of Peter Millar. This brand is famous for its golfing apparel and equipment for men, women and children. This label has a lot more than polo shirts to offer. You can shop here to create everything about your golfing look…well, a lot of different golfing looks. Peter Millar specializes in golf clothing but there are brands similar to Peter Millar where you can find sporting apparel you love. Explore these brands to expand your sporty fashion.

History of Peter Millar

Peter Millar is the name behind more than 1,000 different golf clubs and resorts all over America and the sportswear that carries this name is in hundreds of stores and retailers around the world. You can shop for Peter Millar clothing in South Korea or South Bend, Oregon.

Many of your favorite professional golfers are very aware of Peter Millar, a brand that has grown to huge global success. But where did this sports fashion juggernaut come from? Who is the real Peter Millar?

Who is Peter Millar?

Chris Knott was 14 years old when he began working at Ashworth’s Clothing, a North Carolina-based retailer making golf apparel. He launched his own sweater business on the side and was soon representing high-end clothing names, luxury labels like Hugo Boss and Burberry. Fashion was in his blood and it was all around him and his career took off.

Examining the green on a golf course

Meanwhile, his sweaters were selling. People loved the resort-like, beachy colors that he used for his designs. Pink, purple and tangerine orange were particularly popular. Soon, he started to make golf shirts as well.

The items he was making practically sold themselves. People could hardly buy his creations fast enough. Finally, Knott had a eureka moment: he could just start selling his own clothes as his own fashion label. Instead of working for someone else, Knott decided to launch his brand…just not with his own name.

He got the name Peter Millar from a lawn bowling ball and the brand was born. That was in 2001. A few short years later, the brand had ballooned into a serious player on the style game. Peter Millar expanded way beyond sweaters and shirts to include golfing clothes of all types for all ages and all people.

Finding Brands Similar to Peter Millar

Peter Millar offers colorful, well-made, beautiful golf clothing that appeals to people of all ages and all levels of golfing skill. This brand has made quite a famous name for itself in this market. But if you want to expand your sporty style to include even more labels, there are brands similar to Peter Millar you can explore to add more fashion to your closet.

Two people on the golf course

Maybe you won’t have the prettiest swing on the golf course. But you can very well have the prettiest outfit while you’re out there swinging. There are many brands that will help you make this happen.

Adidas (Less Expensive)

Few brands in the sporting fashion world are as famous as Adidas. Rather than specializing in one sport, Adidas chooses to provide apparel for them all. The company began as a shoe brand but expanded and exploded to include pretty much any type of sporting clothing you might want to wear for any type of sport you want to play.

adidas Men's Essentials Warm-Up 3-Stripes Track Top, Black/White, XX-Large

You can get every and any type of athletic clothing here. Shop Adidas to find all the tracksuits, T-shirts, hoodies, jackets and jerseys you might want. There’s an enormous range of fashion here, not to mention all the different accessories to go with it all. Bags, hats, socks, wallets, the list of stuff you can find here goes on and on.

Of course, you can get any type of athletic shoe at Adidas, too. There’s a much bigger range of products available at this brand but if you want to stick to golf clothing, no problem. Adidas carries an entire golf line that includes all the clothes, accessories and shoes you might need for the golf course.

The pricing at Adidas is less expensive, on average, than the prices you will pay for similar items at Peter Millar. However, Adidas considers itself to be a highly affordable fashion brand that provides an enormous range of clothing. Peter Millar seeks to provide a little luxury with its sporty clothing, so this is why the prices at Peter Illar are somewhat more expensive.

Bogey Boys (Similar Pricing)

If you like colorful golf clothing that’s fun to wear, the kind of style that Peter Millar is known for, you’re going to like Bogey Boys. This brand uses beautiful materials and gorgeous colors to create great-looking golf clothing. Unusual patterns and classic silhouettes give the fashion here a distinct look.

Skull and Crossbones Adjustable Golf Hat - Perforated Trucker Hat for Men and Women, Universal fit Head Skeleton Embroidered Cap, Made of Durable Non Fading Polyester Material - Black

Shop here to find button-downs, polos, T-shirts sweatshirts, sweaters, hats, socks, even golf gear. Like Peter Millar, Bogey Boys focuses on providing golf-ready fashion. Even the pricing here is similar to what you’ll pay at Peter Millar. Both brands are committed to providing high-quality, great-looking clothing that features colors and lots of style.

Like Peter Millar, Bogey Boys focuses on golf fashion of all kinds. If you’re looking for another brand that’s committed to gorgeous golf clothing, look no further than Bogey Boys.

Bogner (More Expensive)

Bogner is best known for providing cold-weather activewear, all the items you might need to keep warm while skiing. But this brand carries all the clothing you might wear indoors in the snow, too, stuff like polo shirts and T-shirts, knits and pants that would fit right in on the golf course, not to mention a huge range of shoes and accessories to go with it.

Bogner Fire + Ice Pascal 1/4-Zip Mid-Layer Mens Blue Large

The clothing at Bogner is made in simple, elegant designs in mostly solid colors and standard, classic designs. There’s a figure-flattering, slim-cut look to many of the clothes here, a distinctly more European fashion style, and lots of navy blues, blacks, browns and sedate colors that give these clothes a beautiful traditional look.

If you think clothing quality speaks for itself, Bogner is the brand for you. This is high-end golf clothing made to look and feel like luxury fashion. As such, the prices at Bogner are more expensive, on the whole, than the items you can buy at Peter Millar.

Castore (Less Expensive)

If you like to shop, add Castore to your list of favorite brands right now. This label carries an absolutely staggering amount of fashion in all styles and types you can imagine, all of it very sporty and branded with the fancy-looking Castore logo.

Castore 2022 England Cricket Trousers

The styles here are sporty and casual, designed for performance and made in a huge range of different color shades. You can find every color here, from electric blue to pumpkin orange to dazzling white. Shop Castore for hoodies, jackets, polo shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits and all kinds of accessories to go with them.

Castore makes sporty clothes created for all kinds of athletic activities, including cricket, soccer, loungewear, rugby and more. Of course, there’s a huge selection of golf clothing here. All the warm weather activities are represented at Castore. The catalog is full of options if you like that preppy sporty look.

These clothes are designed for performance and they’re made to fit well. The styles at Castore are classic and traditional, made for function rather than fashion. That’s why the prices here are less expensive than what you’ll pay for similar items at Peter Millar.

Galvin Green (Similar Pricing)

When you think of classic golf clothing and a long tradition of hitting balls around on beautiful green grass, you probably picture fashion a whole lot like the stuff you can shop for at Galvin Green.

Galvin Green Drake Golf Pullover Navy Small

This brand’s catalog is full of classic patterns and silhouettes and all the golf course staples you want. The colors, the designs, everything about these clothes just looks like classic golf fashion. These styles are timelessly fashionable, permanently stylish and not at all worried about being trendy…sort of like the game of golf itself.

Shop Galvin Green for polo shirts, jackets, pants, short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts, hoodies and all the accessories you want to embellish everything you wear. Many items here are available in multiple color options, so you can truly design a look that suits you.

The pricing at Galvin Green is similar to what you will pay for like items at Peter Millar, so you can add this to your shopping rotation without paying any more toward your shopping budget.

Holderness & Bourne (Similar Pricing)

With a catalog full of gorgeous colors and beautiful, soft fabric, Holderness & Bourne offers golf clothing of all kinds, including pullovers and jackets for those cooler days on the course. There’s a huge range of accessories you need to enjoy the game as well, including belts, hats, bags and more.

Holderness & Bourne Golf Mens Short Sleeve Polo Pembroke S

Shop Holderness & Bourne for simple, elegant clothes in form-flattering, unfussy designs. Most of the items here are solid colors and simple silhouettes that allow the quality of the fabric to shine through. There are a lot of pretty knits and soft fabrics here, gorgeous materials that have a style all their own.

The pricing at Holderness & Bourne is similar to what you will pay for like items at Peter Miller, so you won’t have to take any extra from your shopping budget to shop here.

Lacoste (Less Expensive)

Though another brand later became more famous for its polo shirts, Lacoste is the first brand to ever carry polo shirts. That’s because an actual person name Lacoste invented this style of shirt. He was a professional athlete and in his day, it was common to wear long-sleeved, button-up shirts, which were a lot like dress shirts. Can you imagine wearing an office shirt while trying to play tennis?

Lacoste Mens Short Sleeve L.12.12 Pique Polo Shirt, Bordeaux Red, XL

Well, Lacoste thought doing that was stupid, too. So he invented the polo shirt and his brand has gone on to become one of the biggest names in athleticwear. Lacoste continues to make polo shirts and everything else you might need to wear on the golf course, all of it available in a range of color options in gorgeous, lively designs.

True to Lacoste’s original polo shirt idea, the brand continues to design clothing made for performance and comfort in every activity you do. Shop here for T-shirts, jackets, pants, sneakers and activewear of all kinds. The clothing here is designed particularly for tennis and golf, sports that are known for a certain sporty but pretty look that Lacoste’s clothing captures well.

There’s also a big range of accessories, bags and jewelry here, all the items you might need to complete your favorite golfing outfit. Lacoste prices are less expensive, in general, than what you will pay when you’re shopping at Peter Millar.

Nike (Less Expensive)

If you had to name just one brand in athletic wear…well, it would probably be Nike. This is the biggest name in athletic shoes and one of the biggest brands in the entire world. Nike is literally everywhere and has been worn by people from all walks of life. The most famous athletes, the most fabulous royals and the most normal school children on the planet have worn Nike. It is one of the most-worn brands in all the world. Chances are, you’ve worn Nike a tie or two in your life.

Nike Team Club Pullover Hoodie (Royal/White, Large)

You could shop Nike products all day and still not even get a chance to see half of what’s available. The product line here is positively gigantic, as Nike makes absolutely everything in the way of sporting fashion. You won’t get bored shopping here because new items are getting added to the catalog all the time.

When it comes to golf, shop Nike for sporting underwear, T-shirts, hoodies, pants, tracksuits and much more. There are clothes for men and women here, along with children. Nike also makes unisex designs that suit either gender. Nike clothes are available in a huge range of colors, every and any shade you might want to wear, and there are plenty of options here.

Whether you want solid colors, classic patterns, lively designs, graphic illustrations or anything else, Nike has got it. This isn’t the biggest activewear brand in the world for nothing, after all. Nike, of course, also makes shoes for every golf occasion you might want. You could buy different golf shoes for every hole at Nike, if you like.

The prices at Nike are less expensive than what you will pay for similar items at Peter Millar.

Public Rec (Less Expensive)

Offering neutral colors and simple, unbranded designs, Public Rec has a huge catalog of clothing styles available for men and women. Shop Public Rec for all the athleticwear you want, right down to the underwear.

PGA TOUR Men's Flat Front Golf Pant with Expandable Waistband, Asphalt, 38W x 32L

This brand carries pants, T-shirts, polo shirts, jackets and the accessories you need to finish off your looks: hats, bags and belts to match all of your outfits. Public Rec creates simple everyday athleticwear that is comfortable, sporty and classic in design. When your personal golf style is simply elegant and effortlessly fashionable and casual, Public Rec is the brand for you.

The pricing here is less expensive than the prices you will find when you’re shopping at Peter Millar. This is highly affordable golf fashion and there’s a big range of products to choose from.

Radmor (Similar Pricing)

Shop Radmor to find clothing for men and women, but only if your style is just a little bit different. This brand infuses some rebel coolness into its clothing. You can find a lot of graphic T-shirts, fun color combinations and simple designs here. If you want to add a little edginess to your golf style, you want to add some pieces from the Radmor catalog to your closet.

Golf Shirts for Men Dry Fit Short Sleeve Moisture Wicking Print Performance Sport Casual Men Polo Shirts

Radmor doesn’t carry a huge range of products but it does carry the items you need: pants, shorts, T-shirts, jackets, polo shirts and hats. Designs with stripes, patterns and color blocking are common in the Radmor catalog, which is full of traditional silhouettes in classic cuts. This is comfortable, casual athleticwear that will suit you when you’re on the green or out running errands.

The pricing here is similar to what you will pay when you’re shopping at Peter Millar.

Ralph Lauren (More Expensive)

When athleticwear and designer fashion meet, you get Ralph Lauren. This is one of the most famous brands in the world and this is a go-to source for any type of golf clothing you might want. Ralph Lauren carries a huge range of clothing, all of it designed to be somewhat sporty and casual in nature. This is smart casual style at its very best. Ralph Lauren is definitely a go-to brand for preppy style…and isn’t preppy style exactly what you want on the golf course?

POLO RALPH LAUREN Men's Long Sleeve Oxford Button Down Shirt (L, BasicBlue)

Shop Ralph Lauren for clothing for all ages. The brand carries styles for men, women, children and babies. Browse this brand to find polo shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts, jackets, pants, swimwear, underwear, the list goes on. Ralph Lauren carries every item of clothing you might want to wear, including shoes and accessories to go with it all.

The pricing at Ralph Lauren is more expensive than what you will pay when you’re shopping at Peter Millar. Designer labels often cost a little more and Ralph Lauren is a brand associated with luxury, so you end up paying a bit more for the quality materials and craftsmanship associated with luxury clothing.

Tory Burch (More Expensive)

Tory Burch is a designer luxury brand that makes clothing for women, lots of high-end high fashion that would look amazing at the office or on the red carpet. But Tory Burch also makes a line of clothing known as Tory Sport, items designed for athletes and getting sporty. Shop this line for gorgeous knitwear, jackets, pants, jackets, sweatshirts, leggings, loungewear and tracksuits, to name just a few.

Tory Burch Women's 0TY6051 Light Gold/Olive Horn/Brown Gradient Polarized

Tory Sport makes designs just for golf, in fact, an even includes sports bras and other essentials you need when you’re getting athletic. There’s a wide selection of gorgeous fashions in a big range of color shades available in this catalog.

Tory Burch is more expensive than Peter Millar, as this is a designer luxury brand known for fine materials and fine style.

Travis Mathew (Less Expensive)

Clothing at Travis Mathew is designed with distinct sporty appeal in a range of soft color shades and classic styles. All the staples are here: T-shirts, polo shirts, button-downs, pants, jeans, hats, shoes and a big range of accessories. Travis Mathew carries a line of golf fashions as well.

Travis Mathew Men's Stopover 2.0 Jacket, Micro Chip, Medium

These are elegant and simple clothing designs available in multiple color options with small to o branding. It’s just classic clothing that looks good, which is just what you need when you’re on the course golfing.

The prices you’ll find with this brand as less expensive, on average, than what you will pay for similar items from Peter Millar. This brand is a great option if you’re looking for highly affordable golf fashion.

Wearing Brands Similar to Peter Millar

Striking a ball on the golf course

Peter Millar has made a name for itself as a brand dedicated to golfing fashion but there are brands similar to Peter Millar that specialize in sporty clothing of all kinds, or casual style or the preppy look you want when you’re on the golf course. So whether you play all the time or you just like looking like you do, expand your brand knowledge and your clothing collection to fill your wardrobe with all the sporty style you like. If golf fashion is your thing, these are the brands you’re going to love.


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