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14 Great Shorts Brands for Men and Women

Shorts are an essential part of the summer wardrobe for both men and women. There are a large number of shorts styles available for men and women making it a challenge to find the right pair for you. Check out all the options listed in this article.

A row of shorts on a rack display at a store.
  • Shorts are an essential part of your wardrobe, especially in the summer, to beat the heat. 
  • There are many different types and styles of shorts available for both men and women. 
  • Some shorts are brand names that are familiar to you, while others are lesser known brands, but they are just as durable and will go the extra mile. 

The temperature is getting warmer, and the clothes are getting shorter. The best way to keep yourself cool in the summer is to wear shorts. They are an essential part of your wardrobe. It is essential to have a great pair of shorts. You want a pair that fits well feels comfortable, and looks good on you. There are a large number of shorts options available.

You can find every type of shorts, from those with an elastic waistband to a perfect pair for yoga. Continue reading to find out the best shorts brands for men and women. 

Best Men’s Shorts Brands


This is the 505 Regular Fit Jeans Shorts from Levi's.

Source: Levi’s

Levi’s offers a wide variety of men’s shorts, including the classics you have come to love. They specialize in denim short options, which go beyond the typical denim shorts you are used to. They come in a wide range of sizes and inseam options, providing a comfortable fit for everyone.

They sit at your natural waist, allowing you to tuck in your shirt. Most of their shorts have belt loops so that you can wear your favorite belt. 

J. Crew

This is the 8 Inch Camp Shorts in linen from J. Crew.

Source: J. Crew

When you are looking for your old favorite chino short option, J. Crew provides comfortable shorts that remain stylish and cool. These shorts are a must-have for your closet as they are always in style. J Crew shorts are durable and will last forever.

They are constructed of a unique blend of cotton and elastane. You may be able to find organic cotton shorts. They have a zipper and button closure that will stay secure no matter what activity you participate in.

They even come with a gusseted crotch to keep you comfortable. You can walk, hike, and bike in them. They have a trim fit but a broken-in feel, so they are comfortable the first time you wear them. 

Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essentials Men's Slim-Fit 9" Short, Navy, 32

Amazon always understands what customers want, and their essential shorts are not any different. They are 100 percent cotton, with a slim fit and mid-length. They have chino-style shorts, which are affordable and sensible, making this a great purchase.

These shorts give you a great look with a zip fly, side pockets, and button closure. Amazon gives you countless color options so that you can always find the one you want. These shorts have a tapered leg and sit below the waist.

They are lightweight and soft, constructed from twill cotton that is breathable to keep you cool in any heat. 


The regular fit Cotton Shorts from H & M in khaki brown.

Source: H&M

H&M has created a staple that men will love. Those that lean more towards athletic wear, they will love H&M shorts. They have knee-length shorts giving you a classic chino style flair.

H&M shorts range from elastic waistband to button closure. The shorts stretch and move with you, leaving you feeling comfortable and relaxed. These are the perfect shorts for a Sunday stroll or a weekend hike.

They easily take you from relaxing at home to a game in the park. These shorts will be your go-to for all occasions, but also the perfect pair of hiking shorts. They have bright chino shorts, cargo shorts, and denim styles. 


Men's Sport Tennis Fleece Shorts from Lacoste in red.

Source: Lacoste

The Lacoste brand has been around for a long time and has changed a lot over the years. Tennis shorts, Bermuda shorts, golf shorts, and fleece shorts, no matter your style, Lacoste covers all your bases. They are comfortable and durable to meet all your needs.

Their shorts are constructed of polyester and cotton. No matter which style you prefer, they will all be comfortable and last a lifetime. 

Chubbies Shorts

The The Bushwoods 7" (Seersucker Stretch) from Chubbieshorts.

Source: Chubbies Shorts

These men’s shorts give you an old-school vibe with a seven-inch inseam. These longer shorts are versatile with a pocket lined in chambray to keep your items secure. Chubbies Shorts come in a seersucker style to give you a slightly tailored shorts look.

They may be old school but have an updated look providing stretch in all the places you need it. These athleisure shorts come in a variety of colors. Style meets comfort with these everyday wear shorts. 

Blue Organic

This is the organic ripstop jeans shorts in brown from Blue Organic.

Source: Blue Organic

Blue Organic offers a ripstop cargo shorts option. You may have realized by now that cargo shorts are here to stay, so you should check out this brand. They provide ample cargo pockets with enough space to hold on to your items without making you look terrible. They are created from a weave that is an organic cotton ripstop that is ultra-durable and will last a lifetime.

These casual shorts are the way to care for by tossing them in the washing machine. They are responsibly made making you feel even better about wearing them. Blue Organic offers the perfect lounge shorts but is also ideal for being on the go. 

Best Women’s Shorts Brands

Adidas 3 Stripe Shorts

The black Marathon 20 Shorts from Adidas.

Source: Adidas

Adidas offers you gym shorts that will become your new favorite. It will not be long before they become your favorite shorts. These Adidas shorts have spandex to provide extra stretch for maximum comfort. They can be worn as running shorts or just hanging out around the house for the day.

These shorts are available in a slim fit, athletic fit, and regular fit. The fabric is moisture-wicking to keep you dry and comfortable while you work out. These are great shorts to pair with sneakers. 


Womens' Garden Island Shorts in black from Patagonia.

Source: Patagonia

Patagonia has a versatile and stylish collection of shorts that are constructed of organic cotton, hemp, and other recycled materials. They are ready for anything you want to do and built to last. They are made responsibly.

The Patagonia Baggies collection is lightweight and has a durable water repellent making them perfect for swim trunks. Patagonia has shorts with a liner to give you all-around protection. 


Relaxed Denim Shorts in black from Madewell.

Source: Madewell

Madewell specializes in denim and denim shorts but makes other options also. They take timeless denim and turn it into a modern and stylish look. All their clothes are made at a fair trade certified factory because not only do they make shorts that look good, they do good, too.

Their shorts have an easy and roomy fit. Madewell has a high rise, mid-rise, and slouchy look. Their shorts come in a relaxed fit and slim fit. Some of the high-rise shorts are 11 inches, which is so high it will be above your belly button. 


The Curve Flippy Shorts from ASOS Design.

Source: ASOS

No matter what kind of shorts you desire, ASOS has them all. They have the cutest shorts from all your favorite brands. Anything you want, they will have from athletic style shorts to denim to dressy and business style shorts.

They offer free shipping when you spend more than $50 and free returns. ASOS does all the work for you, so you do not have to search for the best styles. Their website features names like Nike and Puma in lightweight linen to jersey shorts. They have petite, tall, and maternity options.

You will find your favorites in classic cut-offs, booty shorts, and high-waisted styles. All the comfortable clothing is available to you all in one place.

American Eagle

The Stretch Denim Mom Shorts from American Eagle.

Source: American Eagle

American Eagle offers you just about any denim shorts you want. They are your go-to for denim. They have many options, styles, and washes.

American Eagle also offers free shipping when you spend more than $50 and have free returns. Their shorts are flattering and comfortable with stretch material and come in a curvy fit and a slim fit. They have all types of rises, including super high rise, high rise, and low rise.

Even the slimmest fit denim jeans have a comfortable and perfect fit because of the amount of stretch that a jean short can offer. 


The High Rise Button-Fly Denim Shorts from Gap.

Source: Gap

Gap offers a wide range of shorts options to fit every need.  They are relaxed, adjustable, and give plenty of stretches. They have a five-inch inseam means they are not short shorts making them acceptable to wear in public, but still be short enough to look youthful and not like something your grandmother would wear. You can cuff them to give them a little more flair and create a slightly shorter look.

Leaving them uncuffed provides maximum coverage for your legs. They are relaxed but not baggy shorts. Gap shorts fit well around your hips highlighting your curves. They come in a range of colors, as well as tall, regular, and petite. 

Universal Thread

Universal Thread Women's High-Rise Shortie Jean Shorts Black Denim 4 Black

Universal Thread has made Bermuda shorts look cool again. They have given them a style makeover with eye-catching details and a fit that hugs your curves. These are a longer version of the denim shorts you are used to seeing.

Universal Thread focuses on a deconstructed finish, which is all the rage today. They are frayed just enough to give it a cool look, but not so much that you have more skin showing than not. These do not look like business casual pant options that were cut and hemmed.

They do not look like something your dad would wear. They are fitted right where they need to be. They have a high waist and longer length providing you coverage in all the places you want it.

They are made from recycled polyester and cotton. They do not have an elastic waist or leg gripper option. 


What Are the Best Jean Shorts for Women?

The best denim shorts for women are denim shorts are from H&M. The vintage high shorts are a timeless and classic look. They are affordable and look great. 

Do Baggy Denim Shorts Look Good?

While the way you wear your denim shorts comes down to personal preference, you may want them slightly looser around the leg. You probably do not want them to be completely baggy. You do not want them to be super tight like skinny jeans. They can be either high-waisted or low-waisted. 

What is a Good Length for Women’s Shorts?

Your personal preference and judgment matter when it comes to selecting the length of your shorts. Even if you have perfectly toned legs, you may not want to show off your entire leg. The best length for shorts for women is around two inches to four inches above the knee. This is especially true for a tailored or pleated short. If you are interested in workout shorts, especially running shorts, you may want your athletic shorts to be a little shorter to let you move freely. 

What Are the Best Khaki Shorts for Men?

Bonobos stretched wash chinos are one of the best khaki short options for men. While they are on the slightly pricey side, they are versatile and ready to go whenever you are. They come in many colors so they can match anything in your closet. They come in athletic, slim, and standard fits. 

What Are the Most Comfortable Shorts for Men?

Nike double mesh shorts are the most comfortable shorts option for men. They are basketball shorts in the old-school vintage style but are still in style. This version is durable, comfortable, and has easy-care material. They are ideal to be worn on the basketball court, but also comfortable for lounging at home. 

Are Cargo Shorts Still in Style?

While cargo shorts hit the peak of popularity during the 2000s. They remained popular in the early 2010s, but now they are not as popular as they once were. There are a large number of people that still enjoy wearing them.