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Can Cashmere be Worn in Summer?

Cashmere is a versatile material that is natural, soft, and durable. While traditionally worn throughout chilly winter months, cashmere also functions well as a lightweight and breathable summer fabric that can help dress up or dress down any outfit. Cashmere is a great addition to your summer wardrobe this year.

This is a close look at a woman wearing a brown cashmere sweater outside.

Cashmere is a luxury fabric that is highly prized for its natural fiber and durability. Cashmere is incredibly soft, with its close-knit design and thin yarn and thread. Although cashmere is an extreme insulator and warm, this fabric can also be worn through the hot summer months.

Below, let’s take a closer look at this incredible fabric and learn how cashmere is soft, versatile, and cool for the summer.

What is Cashmere?

A close look at a variety of cashmere socks.

Cashmere is a particular type of wool that comes from goats instead of sheep, like traditional wool. Either cashmere goats or pashmina goats are used to create cashmere yarn and thread. These goats like to live in higher elevation areas where it is cold. The goats have a thick wool coat that helps to protect them through harsh and cold weather conditions. In the spring and early summer, the goats shed their coat, and the wool is collected.

To prepare the wool, the coarse topcoat is separated from the soft and downy undercoat. While the coarse hairs are turned into paintbrushes, the soft downy fleece is spun to create cashmere fiber in the form of thread or yarn. This incredibly delicate and thin yarn is then woven by hand to make sweaters, shawls, scarves, or super-soft, warm, and lightweight blankets.

Can Cashmere Be Worn In the Summer?

A close look at rolls of cashmere scarves.

Although cashmere is a wonderful fabric to wear throughout the winter to stay toasty warm, it is also an excellent fabric worn in the summer. Compared to other wools, cashmere fabric is extremely lightweight. Whether you are wearing a sweater or a scarf, the cashmere fibers can breathe.

This natural material is made from wool from a cashmere goat. Similar to merino wool, cashmere is natural and breathable. The fabric is light and airy and allows the wearer to breathe. This fact means that the fabric stays warm through the winter yet cool in the summer.

If you want to wear this high-quality wool through the summer, be sure to look for lightweight designs or lightweight cashmere that is intended for summer wear. These clothing pieces are usually thinner and lighter and will help to keep you cool in summer temperatures.

How Can I Wear Summer Cashmere Fashionably?

A close look at knitted sweaters and balls of yarn.

If you want to wear cashmere through the summer months while still looking fashionable, you have several options. For cool summer nights when you need something to wrap around your shoulders, think about adding a lovely cashmere shawl or cashmere scarf. The cashmere fabric is a great way to stay fashionable and warm without adding too much extra bulk or thickness. The cashmere can also be a wonderful and dressy way to keep your shoulders warm for a formal event or summer wedding.

For more casual outings, consider adding a cashmere sweater to your wardrobe. A cashmere sweater designed for the summer can be lightweight, thin, and breathable. Look for a sweater with a cap sleeve or short sleeve design to mimic summer styles and fashion. Or, look for a lightweight cashmere cardigan to throw over the top of a shirt or dress. Cashmere sweaters, shawls, and scarves in lighter or pastel colors will also work well throughout the summer.

Where Can I Buy Summer Cashmere?

A close look at a variety of colorful cashmere hats.

Many stores will sell cashmere pieces that are specifically designed for summer wear. These pieces are often lighter weight and will have summer cuts and colors. Because cashmere is considered a luxury fabric, you will generally be able to find cashmere from higher-end stores.

Both traditional brick-and-mortar stores and online stores will carry cashmere through the winter and the summer. Look for cashmere sweaters or cardigans that are lightweight or that have short sleeves. Bright or pastel colors will also be an excellent style to wear through spring and summer.

If you do not want to spend a fortune on cashmere for a short spring or summer season, you can try to search for cashmere blends. These fabrics will have some cashmere wool mixed with other natural or synthetic fibers. While these clothing options may come at a lower price point, they may not be as breathable or as lightweight as pure, high-quality cashmere wool pieces.


A couple of folded cashmere cardigans.

Buying a cashmere garment is a significant investment and can often cost hundreds of dollars. Before purchasing a cashmere garment, it is essential to understand that you are buying a natural, versatile, and incredibly durable article of clothing. Many people have questions about cashmere before purchasing this fabric, so we are here to help answer your questions.

Below, let’s take a look at some common questions surrounding cashmere, so we can help you make a better decision when purchasing this highly prized and costly fabric.

Can you wear cashmere scarves in the summer?

Cashmere scarves are an excellent addition to any outfit in the spring or the summer. Scarves are the perfect way to dress up an outfit for a formal event or help to keep you warm on a chilly night. Adding a cashmere scarf to your outfit can help add a pop of color and be tied in decorative ways. A cashmere scarf is lightweight and easy to wear and a very practical article of clothing to add to your repertoire.

Can cashmere keep you cool in summer?

Cashmere is a natural material that is versatile and practical. While it is considered a luxury good, it is an all-natural material. The fact that cashmere is natural means that it is highly breathable. Not only will cashmere keep you warm through the winter, but it will also help to keep you cool in the summer. Of course, be sure to look for lightweight cashmere options to help you stay extra cool this spring and summer.

Can you wear a cashmere blazer in the summer?

Adding a cashmere blazer is a trendy and formal addition to any wardrobe. A cashmere blazer will look great as a light jacket at night or can be a perfect piece to throw over the top of a tank top or short sleeve shirt. A cashmere blazer can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the cut and color. Add a solid color cashmere sweater in a neutral color to work as an essential everyday piece, or choose a bold and bright cashmere blazer to stand out from the crowd.

Is cashmere warm or cool?

The answer to this question is both! Cashmere is a natural material that can help keep you warm in the winter or cool in the summer. The natural fibers are lightweight and breathable. This fact means that they can help trap warmth through the winter, keeping you warm, or they can help breathe and keep you cool for the winter.

Cashmere is truly a versatile option that can work with any season and with any purpose. Choose to dress cashmere up or dress it down to make a casual and fun piece. Remember to look for more wintery styles for winter pieces and shorter, lighter-weight styles for summer pieces. A lovely shawl or a scarf can be used for any season and is the perfect way to add a pop of color or stay warm on cold summer nights.