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Can You Wear a Hoodie with Overalls?

A hoodie sweatshirt is a fashionable way to wear overalls. A hoodie can be worn with overalls. Continue reading for nine different ways to wear this look.

A fine young man posing for a photo wearing white T-shirt and denim overalls.

If you grew up in the 90s, chances are you owned at least one pair of overalls. I remember having a few pairs over the years of my childhood, and you had better believe I still own a couple of pairs today! Overalls have come a long way since the 80s and 90s.

It seems nowadays there’s a pair for every occasion, from fishing in Alaska to a date night in New York City. They are a versatile wardrobe item and can be worn in a number of settings. Overalls are a fashion favorite, especially with the recent popularity of brands like Carhartt. 

One trendy way to wear overalls is by adding a hoodie sweatshirt. Yes, you can wear a hoodie with overalls. Keep reading to see nine different ways to style this look.

Over the overalls

This seems like the most obvious way to style your overalls, right? Just throw on a hoodie and go! Because it’s not going to be under your overalls, you can opt for a bulkier hoodie.

This would be a great style choice for the winter time or colder weather because you could wear your overalls and still stay warm with a thicker hoodie. You may even consider adding a beanie and some warm boots to top off the cozy look!

Under the overalls

A brunette girl leaning to the countertop infer denim overall.

If you have a thinner hoodie that you’re just living in 24/7, you can throw on a pair of overalls no problem. If you’re wearing your hoodie under the overalls, I would suggest a non-zip hoodie to clean up the look.

A hoodie with a zipper may distract from all the hardware that usually comes standard on overalls. Make sure to pull the hood out behind you so you can still keep your head warm as desired.

A short-sleeved hoodie for transitional weather

Sometimes in between those seasonal transitions, like when it’s May and winter just won’t quite end, or when it’s late October and still occasionally sunny, a short-sleeved hoodie would be a fun way to wear your overalls. It’s the best of both worlds; you keep your core and legs warm, but your arms are free to adjust to the temperamental weather. 

Utility overalls for a heavy-duty look

A couple resting from painting wearing carhartt overall.

You’ve probably noticed utility clothing making a comeback in some scenes. If you want to jump on this trend, swap your jean overalls for some heavy-duty ones from brands like Carhartt or Duluth. While these used to just be popular among tradesmen in fishing or lumber, these overalls have become more mainstream in recent years.

They are definitely warmer because of their thicker material, so you’d probably want to save this look for a snowy or rainy day. 

Add a pop of color 

Another easy way to style a hoodie with your overalls is to focus on the color! Overalls come in all kinds of colors and print designs. You don’t want to overwhelm the look, so if you do pick a printed/graphically designed pair of overalls, stick with a solid-colored hoodie. Choose a color for the hoodie that really helps the print to pop. Or vice versa! 

You may, for example, have a hoodie that features the logo or mascot of your alma mater. Pick a solid pair of overalls that goes well with it. When in doubt, you can always choose jean overalls and a super bright hoodie for a more timeless look. 

Mix up the textures

A carpenter woman front view shot hands on waist.

In addition to colors, overalls also come in many different fabrics and textures. This is one styling technique I especially love to implement in the fall. There’s just something about jeans with a cozy knit or cashmere material that is so classic to me.

If you already have jean overalls, keep an eye out for a pair of velvet or corduroy ones. Paired with a soft knit hoodie, this would be a perfect look for any fall occasion.

Dress up your hoodie with some fitted overalls

I know it seems impossible to dress up a hoodie, but it can be done! Look for a more fitted pair of overalls to wear with a tight shirt, and then add a zip-up hoodie as an outer layer. Add a pair of high heel boots, some fun earrings, or a sparkly watch, and you’re good to go. You could even roll up the hoodie sleeves to make sure your watch or hand jewelry doesn’t go unnoticed.

This would be a fun way to wear your overalls for a date night with your significant other. I don’t know if I’d recommend it for a first date though! 

Unbutton one strap for a sporty look

A photo of two girls under the tree taking pictures wearing denim overall unbutton one strap for a sporty look.

For a sportier look, or to show off more of your hoodie, unbutton one strap of your overalls. This obviously is not a very functional look, but it makes a statement. Because the purpose of an unstrapped overall is to look like you’re literally rolling out of bed, you can get away with a baggier or even an oversized hoodie. 

Tie it around your waist

Finally, you could use your hoodie as more of an accessory and tie it around your waist. This is ideal for those days when it’s hot during the day and then it gets chilly at night. Wear a light t-shirt or even tank top with your overalls, and then tie your hoodie around your waist for convenience. 

I’d also recommend this option for when you’re at a theme park or traveling in a city where you’re not as familiar with the weather. Any time you just can’t quite predict how the weather will be that day, this look will have you covered. You’ll be warm with the overalls and hoodie, but then you can take them off if it gets too hot.

And you’ll still feel more put together in an overalls look than your classic jeans/t-shirt combo!


Can you wear a sweater with overalls?

Absolutely, 100%. I’d say this is one of my favorite looks for overalls, especially because there are so many kinds of sweaters. I personally love a thin turtleneck with a pair of overalls and boots in the wintertime. I like the contrast of the high-neck sweater with the low neck overall. 

You could even soften the look by choosing a pair of overalls that are made of linen or even sweatpants material. I had a pair of black maternity overalls that were the same material as my sweats, and I lived in them for the better part of my second trimester!