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Are All Canada Goose Jackets Waterproof? Can You Wear them in the Rain?

I'm wearing three different Canada Goose jackets

Short answer: No, not all Canada Goose jackets are waterproof or even water-resistant.

Here are the details about waterproof Canada Goose jackets.  I know this topic very, very well.  First, I own pretty much every type of Canada Goose coat they sell (parka, puffer, down, rain and a variety of hoodies and sweaters).  Second, I live in North Vancouver where it rains an awful lot.  I’m not one to avoid the outdoors when it rains otherwise I would not ever go outside for many months of the year.

When it comes to talking about whether Canada Goose jackets are waterproof or resistant, I’m about as qualified as anyone.

Canada Goose Jackets

Which Canada Goose jackets are waterproof, water-resistant and not good in the rain at all?  I answer all of these questions below based on personal experience wearing every type of Canada Goose jacket in the rain.

The most waterproof Canada Goose jackets are the raincoats

I have a Canada Goose raincoat. It’s the best raincoat I’ve ever owned.  It’s almost as waterproof as you can get short of buying a full rubber poncho.  I’ve worn this jacket in the rain for prolonged periods and it kept me dry.  It also breathes which means in time, if you’re in rain long enough, it will start seeping through.  The first area of weakness is at the cuffs… water curls around and starts seeping up the inside of the wrist cuff area.  Other than that I have not been in rain long enough for water to seep through any other areas of the jacket (and I’ve spent 3 hours in pretty heavy rainfall with this jacket).

The problem with the raincoats is they are a shell which means they aren’t warm on their own.  When cold and rainy, I combine it with another Canada Goose jacket (down puffer usually) and/or a Canada Goose hoodie.

The technical details: These coats have Canada Goose’s three-layer Tri-Durance® fabric designed for repelling water but remaining breathable. Design-wise, they are longer than bomber coats to protect waist area from water a well.

The second most water-resistant Canada Goose jackets are any with an outer shell (the parkas).

These include the parkas and outer shell bombers.

I have the Brockton parka which has a water-resistant shell.  It does a reasonable job at keeping moisture out.  Not as good as the rain jacket but it’s decent.  The plus side is there’s a lot of material water must soak through before it reaches the wearer.

The least water-resistant Canada Goose jackets are the down puffer jackets.

I have a Canada Goose down puffer jacket.  It’s the first Canada Goose jacket I ever got. It’s awesome but it’s not good in the rain.  Okay, it’s fine running from the car to a store; it’ll be fine for short periods in the rain.  I’ve actually gotten it pretty soaked and it dries out just fine. It’s not damaged but I’ve also soaked it through in the rain so I know it’s not waterproof or resistant.  It soaked right through to my skin.

Combine Canada Goose jackets for the ultimate waterproofing.

If it’s not cold enough for my parka, my favorite method for staying warm and dry with Canada Goose jackets is to wear my rain jacket on top of my down puffer jacket.  It works great.  I stay warm. I stay dry.  Yes, the rain jacket, which is not too large on me, fits nicely on top of the puffer.

The hoodies and sweaters are NOT water-resistant.

I love my Canada Goose hoodies and knits but they are certainly not waterproof.   They are, however, ideal to wear under my Canada Goose raincoat, which is also a combo I use regularly.

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