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Are Cargo Pants Out of Style?

Woman in cargos on the roof

Seriously, though it’s hard to tell what is in or out of style. Sometimes it turns on you so quickly that you haven’t even had time to pay off that credit card bill before you’re gutted deep in buyer’s remorse and it’s screaming a fashion no. In my rainbows and clouds world you’re only out of style if you’re out of style. You know what I mean Jelly Bean? It’s funny fashion has a lot of rules for something that’s whole foundation was built on no rules at all. Or maybe it’s just that we are just all too judgmental because dang it we are all in style!

I’m out of style? You’re out of style!

We all know that if something is in style it just means that it’s been adopted by the masses and, well, it’s popular. Who did not at one time or another in their life want to be popular? I did, my best friends did, and you know what happened? We all ended up looking alike because we all wanted to be in style and popular. And I was painfully reminded when my friend posted a picture from our sophomore year recently and oh did, we all have the same exact hairstyle and we all wore light-colored tops with our light-colored jeans. Trying to be popular in our popular clothes at a popular dance looking for popular friends. You know what didn’t try to be popular? Yep, you guessed it the Cargo Pant. Never, because it was just useful and it just became. When things are so logically made the need to be in style is never important well until it is.

I go you go we all go cargo.

Everything evolves out of a necessity…even the cargo pant.

The trusty old cargo pants have most definitely made a comeback, but don’t call it a comeback because it’s been here for years. No, not just back from the 90s either. Man did those dudes own that look back then. I would imagine for guys it was such a freedom slipping into the roomy, breathable pant and a far cry from the traditional, rigid denim they were used too. In fact, these classic gems are one awkward 16-year-old away from their centennial birthday. Party! Yes! Originally designed to outfit the British soldiers just ahead of WWII, the pockets were an integral component. Ah yes, of course there is a reason there is a million of pockets. No, they weren’t there to hold all your leftover tater tots. All jokes aside they were strictly utilitarian they were for holding ammo and bandages and rations, so I guess yeah maybe Napoleon did have it right after all and they were just right for the tot. This was all about function and it was all about practicality. Made from premium textiles they were able to withstand anything and literally war. They didn’t show much dirt as colors were mostly natural in appearance, super strong stitching to handle the rigorous movements of combat and well they just stood up during the test of time and have ever since 1938.

Time and time again.

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Oh, we dare ask again, are cargo pants out of style?

Spoiler alert.

No, if you’re looking for a short answer it’s no.

I love that the silhouette is one that is forgiving for all it’s no wonder we see them as often as we do. I love that they are back and in luxurious materials, patches and beads. Oh I’m a sucker for textures so anytime I get my hands on something classic and it has an indulgent approach I am here for it. I wore a pair of black satin cargo pants on a recent trip to NY and I am not lying when I heard some ladies whispering to each other “look at those pants, they’re so cute” as I passed them in the Bloomingdale’s shoe department. It was cute, it was a hot day for sure and if it wasn’t for the 10 miles of walking that day, I would have opted to wear them with something other than my Birks but I wasn’t mad and I didn’t look mad either. It was well the perfect travel day outfit. Cool enough to be cool enough and comfy enough to be comfy enough.

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No matter if it’s cotton, silk or hemp the more important thing is fit. Hands down fit is first and foremost everything. Nothing is worse than ill-fitting clothes, you don’t feel good you’re all bajigitty and that is no way to set the tone for the day. No ma’am.

For decades we’ve seen executions made in updated materials, more tailored than its original and either high waisted or low waisted. It’s more like an evolution that led to the revolution of sorts that it’s not just for soldiers on a mission, teens with bad attitudes, wanna be Spice Girls or fishing dads and hard-core hikers.

They are on runways, and they are at the thrift store so you do you however that may look. Just remember if it doesn’t feel right on you or for you then so be it. The cargo pant won’t miss you; you won’t miss the cargo pant and you know there will be another one when you’re ready.

What is style anyway?

Style itself has certainly morphed into a whole lot of whatever the hell you want. But if we are trying to define style, that my friend is the beautiful thing about it, style is undefinable. As far as I’m concerned either you got or you don’t. Plain and simple. Style comes from the soul. What is one person’s fashion statement is another one’s fashion faux pas. Yea it’s in style and I both love it and hate it. I love it when someone gets it right but man, I can cringe if it’s wrong. I know! I’m sorry that I will flat out SMH to myself but I’m nobody so you shouldn’t even care and I’m glad you don’t.

We’ve all gone mad.

Do I think it’s a coincidence that the cargo pant is back and we are all battling against each other these days, no not really because there is no such thing as a coincidence? Oops, I digress. I don’t think that anything with such strong purpose and heritage truly ever goes out of style. There’s something about the original construction and the thoughtfulness of it that you can’t just turn your back to. If you haven’t tried on a pair on you should. Grab your phone and your chihuahua because you’re in for a real treat.